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Introducing QConnectivityDaemon
This change enables ethernet support on embedded android and provides DHCP info for other processes. Now we can simply plugin an ethernet cable and start browsing a network, for this we use netd events - netd is a network manager daemon, it opens android's "reserved" unix domain socket on /dev/socket/netd and listens for connections and commands. QConnectivityDaemon listens for DHCP requests on android's "reserved" socket /dev/socket/qconnectivity which can be used by other processes to do dhcp requests on different network interfaces (wifi, bluetooth, etc.). QConnectivityDaemon uses line-oriented protocol and expects requests to be "\n" terminated. Change-Id: I6d52619d27685650a155141bf09191e5a56914df Reviewed-by: Eirik Aavitsland <>
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