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Rename DroidUtils -> B2QtUtils and refactor the API
Preparing this module for being documented and presented for external users. - Renamed since this is for eLinux as well as eAndroid - Provide all settings as proper Q_PROPERTYs for easy QML access - Hide all the detailed audio stuff that's not useful for users - Implement a getter function for current backlight, so that we don't have to reset it to full every time this module is loaded - qmake now groks this as internal module, so get rid build kludges - hostname setting on eLinux fixed - getIPAddress() now returns ALL active addresses, and implentation is simplified Task-number: QTEE-704 Change-Id: I9f22d5531b5963ae7e78c840bcfe1edd6197f82a Reviewed-by: Samuli Piippo <>
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%modules = ( # path to module name map
- "QtDroidUtils" => "$basedir/src/utils"
+ "B2QtUtils" => "$basedir/src/utils"
%moduleheaders = ( # restrict the module headers to those found in relative path