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* Fix QNetworkSettingsManager usage from the C++Teemu Holappa2016-11-171-2/+7
* Make bluetooth support optionalRainer Keller2016-11-011-1/+2
* Doc: Document QtDeviceUtilitiesTopi Reinio2016-09-066-21/+455
* Fixed WPA supplicant and made it default backend for wifi settings.Kimmo Ollila2016-06-061-1/+1
* Replaced license headers with GPLv3Kimmo Ollila2016-06-027-127/+92
* Replaced Device Utilities import uris to QtDeviceUtilities.xKimmo Ollila2016-06-0115-19/+19
* Use qmlRegisterSingletonType instead of setContextProperty in pluginsKimmo Ollila2016-03-165-46/+22
* Refactored Qml plugins into modules.Teemu Holappa2016-02-1725-174/+673
* Merge Boot2Qt Wifi module into Network Settings Plugin.Teemu Holappa2016-02-085-469/+1
* Remove eAndroid specific modulesEirik Aavitsland2015-07-1017-5863/+0
* Fix signal calculation for WEXT-based driversGatis Paeglis2015-04-161-7/+7
* Add support for hidden SSIDsGatis Paeglis2015-02-091-0/+9
* B2Qt.Utils: Update plugins.qmltypesGatis Paeglis2014-12-051-0/+54
* Wifi: Update plugins.qmltypesGatis Paeglis2014-12-051-60/+90
* Wifi - c++/qml getting started guide and wifi doc updateGatis Paeglis2014-12-052-1/+308
* [Wifi] graduate from Qt.labs.wifi 0.1 to B2Qt.Wifi 1.0Gatis Paeglis2014-12-0213-1780/+28
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into devaavit2014-11-1422-103/+167
| * Change copyright noticeRainer Keller2014-10-0621-42/+42
| * Fix timing issues in wifi libraryGatis Paeglis2014-09-195-65/+129
* | Doc: Document B2Qt.Utils moduleTopi Reinio2014-11-121-0/+103
* | Rename DroidUtils -> B2QtUtils and refactor the APIaavit2014-10-083-15/+11
* Fix #ifdef for Android detectionGatis Paeglis2014-06-301-1/+3
* Fix Wifi issues on Android 4.4.2Gatis Paeglis2014-06-131-2/+7
* Add plugins.qmltypes for Wi-Fi libraryGatis Paeglis2014-05-262-0/+61
* Build wifi also on eLinuxGatis Paeglis2014-05-201-2/+1
* Don't show Wi-Fi group box on iMX6-eAndroidGatis Paeglis2014-05-191-8/+9
* Set initial "backend ready" state.Gatis Paeglis2014-05-161-3/+5
* Port QtWifi to eLinuxGatis Paeglis2014-05-157-30/+433
* Merge branch 'stable' into devKalle Viironen2014-04-168-105/+478
| * [Wifi] Add new enums and make some API changesGatis Paeglis2014-04-076-85/+152
| * Doc: Create QML Type reference pageTopi Reinio2014-04-023-4/+8
| * Add documentation to QtWifi libraryGatis Paeglis2014-03-193-0/+318
| * Rename misleading class nameGatis Paeglis2014-03-185-19/+19
| * Remove unnecessary roles from QWifiNetworkListGatis Paeglis2014-03-181-18/+2
* | Compilation fixes for Android 4.4aavit2014-04-011-6/+68
* [Wifi] Fix initialization codeGatis Paeglis2014-02-191-11/+11
* Don't use wifi on EmulatorGatis Paeglis2014-02-131-11/+17
* Update copyright yearaavit2014-02-1217-17/+17
* Re-enable the wifi plguin now that toolchains have been updatedaavit2014-01-301-1/+1
* Make sure that wifi event thread doesn't block on exitGatis Paeglis2014-01-302-8/+18
* Disable building of wifi libraryGatis Paeglis2014-01-281-1/+1
* Fix dhcp issues and improve public APIGatis Paeglis2014-01-285-185/+246
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/stable' into devaavit2014-01-1717-0/+306
| * Add license headersTopi Reinio2013-12-0317-0/+306
* | List the strongest access point when ssid equalGatis Paeglis2014-01-162-22/+26
* | Remove virtual keyboardRainer Keller2014-01-1640-3100/+1
* Snapshot of wifi module development, from customer projectaavit2013-08-055-76/+140
* Register the QWifiNetworkList with the QML type systemGunnar Sletta2013-06-121-0/+1
* add missing pluginmain.cpp file for wifiGunnar Sletta2013-04-251-0/+22
* Disable nativemedia for nowRainer Keller2013-04-221-1/+1