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@@ -51,17 +51,21 @@ libraries. If not found, it may fall back on using a bundled copy (in
\c src/3rdparty).
-\header \li Format \li Description \li Support \li 3rd party codec
+\header \li Format \li Description \li Support \li 3rd Party Codec
\row \li DDS \li Direct Draw Surface \li Read/write \li No
\row \li ICNS \li Apple Icon Image \li Read/write \li No
-\row \li JP2 \li Joint Photographic Experts Group 2000 \li Read/write \li Yes (bundled)
-\row \li MNG \li Multiple-image Network Graphics \li Read \li Yes (bundled)
+\row \li JP2 \li Joint Photographic Experts Group 2000 \li Read/write \li Yes (bundled, unmaintained)
+\row \li MNG \li Multiple-image Network Graphics \li Read \li Yes (bundled, unmaintained)
\row \li TGA \li Truevision Graphics Adapter \li Read \li No
\row \li TIFF \li Tagged Image File Format \li Read/write \li Yes (bundled)
\row \li WBMP \li Wireless Bitmap \li Read/write \li No
\row \li WEBP \li WebP \li Read/write \li Yes (bundled)
+\note Some bundled third party codecs are not maintained anymore. They are
+provided for manual builds only, and not used as a fallback in case system
+libraries are unavailable.
\section2 Deployment
When built, the Qt Image Formats plugins are located as dynamic