BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
upstream/1ec5-animation-completion-5839[ios] Move changelog to 5.2.0Jason Wray3 days
upstream/bruno-test-runner[core] Implement C++ render test runnerBruno de Oliveira Abinader5 hours
upstream/friedbunny-deprecates-uncompletionful-methods-5839[ios, macos] Deprecate methods in favor of new completion handler versionsJason Wray3 days
upstream/jmalanen-number-format[core] Add number-format expressionJuha Alanen11 hours
upstream/lp-invalidate-padding-14985[android] invalidate camera when setting a paddingŁukasz Paczos8 hours
upstream/ls-adding-android-keyboard-support[android] adjusting android scrollwheel zoom so that target changeslangsmith3 days
upstream/ls-android]-adding-locationComponent-circle-pulse[android] initial additions to add a pulsing locationComponent circleMikhail Pozdnyakov3 days
upstream/master[android] - change Firebas test lab device to Nexus 7tobrun9 hours
upstream/tvn-cache-management[android] - post callback invocation to the main threadtobrun5 hours
upstream/tvn-test-padding-location[android] - test updating padding with location componenttobrun12 hours
android-v8.1.0commit 279677454d...Langston Smith4 days
ios-v5.1.0commit 7f3db52b5a...Jason Wray5 days
ios-v5.1.0-beta.1commit a51e59e28b...Fabian Guerra11 days
android-v8.1.0-beta.1commit edba5f7fe0...Langston Smith11 days
android-v8.0.1commit acdf3b4398...tobrun13 days
android-v8.1.0-alpha.2commit 8d77deaddd...Langston Smith3 weeks
ios-v5.1.0-alpha.2commit 75659e26b8...Fabian Guerra3 weeks
ios-v5.1.0-alpha.1commit 316584fabc...Fabian Guerra Soto4 weeks
android-v8.1.0-alpha.1commit 5b94c6b43f...Langston Smith4 weeks
macos-v0.14.0commit 242213c566...Minh Nguyễn5 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
9 hours[android] - change Firebas test lab device to Nexus 7HEADupstream/mastertobrun1-2/+2
10 hours[android] refactor LocationComponentTest to use consistent mocking toolsŁukasz Paczos1-28/+27
10 hours[android] reset location layer animators when render mode changesŁukasz Paczos4-4/+96
12 hours[android] - update LatLngBounds example with animating bottomsheet scroll beh...Tobrun5-198/+328
3 days[ios, macos] Added completion handlers to animated MGLMapView methodsMinh Nguyễn8-127/+545
3 days[ios] Fix failing annotation selection integration tests (#14976)Julian Rex2-11/+13
4 days[android] updated android 8.1.0 changelog with kitkat crash info (#14975)Langston Smith1-0/+6
4 days[ios] Require two fingers for duration of tilt gestureJason Wray2-0/+10
4 days[android] updated android changelog for stable 8.1.0 release (#14973)Langston Smith1-0/+9
4 days[android] - limit concurrent request for Android 4.4 and below to 10 (#14971)Tobrun1-3/+9