The QtMacExtras module has been deprecated and is no longer part of Qt.

The functionality of the module has been incorporated into other parts of Qt, or in some cases removed due to being obsolete or better suited as cross platform APIs.

For more details, see QTBUG-93629 in the Qt issue tracker.

Porting away from QtMacExtras

To learn more about how to port from QtMacExtras to alternative APIs please visit the Qt 6 porting guide.

Working on Qt 5

To work on patches for the Qt 5 series, check out a local branch of the relevant Qt version, e.g.:

bash $ git checkout 5.15 Branch '5.15' set up to track remote branch '5.15' from 'origin' by rebasing. Switched to a new branch '5.15'

Going back in time

To inspect the code in the dev branch prior to its removal, follow these steps:

bash $ git checkout -b my-dev 1af4a00d7 Switched to a new branch 'my-dev'