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Default: merge CheckIndicator back to CheckBox & CheckDelegate
The internal CheckIndicator helper was introduced together with CheckDelegate in 1acb34a, because we naturally wanted to share the indicator instead of duplicating it. This change is controversial, because it leads to duplicate code, but keeping the indicator definitions inline is clearly faster. This is not seen as a huge problem for the Default style, because the indicator is not too complicated. Basically, this fixes a ~5% performance regression introduced by 1acb34a. Before: running: qmlbench/benchmarks/auto/creation/quick.controls2/delegates_checkbox.qml [...] Average: 72.8 frames; using samples; MedianAll=73; StdDev=1.48324, CoV=0.0203742 After: running: qmlbench/benchmarks/auto/creation/quick.controls2/delegates_checkbox.qml [...] Average: 77 frames; using samples; MedianAll=77; StdDev=1.41421, CoV=0.0183664 Change-Id: Ibee0e29e83a64ee4a6a772a90b1784a9c8c715bb Reviewed-by: Mitch Curtis <mitch.curtis@qt.io>
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@@ -22,7 +22,6 @@ QML_CONTROLS = \
$$PWD/ButtonGroup.qml \
$$PWD/CheckBox.qml \
$$PWD/CheckDelegate.qml \
- $$PWD/CheckIndicator.qml \
$$PWD/ComboBox.qml \
$$PWD/Container.qml \
$$PWD/Control.qml \