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Move Default style out into its own plugin
In upcoming patches, we start registering C++ types declaratively. A condition of doing so requires that each .pro corresponds to one QML module. This conflicts with the QtQuick.Controls import, which currently does quite a lot: - Registers (and selects) QML files for the style that was set - Registers private C++ utility types (such as IconLabel) that are useful for all styles under the QtQuick.Controls.impl import - Registers private C++ types that are only useful for the Default style (such as BusyIndicatorImpl). The reason it does so much can probably be explained by the intended usage of Qt Quick Controls 2; when you do import QtQuick.Controls 2.0 you get access to the QML types (e.g. Button) that the style you're using provides. So if you're using the Material style, you'll get a Material style button. API-wise, the button is identical to any other button, because the types in QtQuick.Templates are what we advertise as the public API. If we didn't have this functionality, users would need to import specific style imports to use controls, and the convenience of being able to simply start the application with a different style by e.g. passing an application argument would be lost. To support declarative registration of types while also supporting the existing use cases, we split out the Default-style-specific stuff into a QtQuick.Controls.Default import. Task-number: QTBUG-82922 Change-Id: Ib4f1620cae78d7acdc13d9ac0752a020bc22f3ea Reviewed-by: Ulf Hermann <ulf.hermann@qt.io>
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