Release note

Qt 5.15.11 release is a patch release made on the top of Qt 5.15.10. As a patch
release, Qt 5.15.11 does not add any new functionality but provides bug fixes
and other improvements.

For detailed information about Qt, see the Qt 5.15 online documentation:

Important Changes


  • 861dcdd245 Upgrade PCRE2 to 10.40
    PCRE2 has been updated to 10.40.

  • a9ffb84c31 QCOMPARE/QVERIFY: fix huge pessimisation in QTestResult
    Optimized successful QCOMPARE and QVERIFY for an up to 2x speedup.

  • 614ab3a4bd SQLite: Update SQLite to v3.39.2
    Updated SQLite to v3.39.2

  • 1f9b635044 Fix crash when setting override cursor on multiple clients
    Fixed a crash when setting an override cursor on multiple clients.

  • 6a648d270e Update bundled libjpeg-turbo to version 2.1.4
    libjpeg-turbo was updated to version 2.1.4


  • b368ffc8c6 QQmlDebug: reliably print the debugger warning
    The warning about enabled debuggers is now printed when at least one
    translation unit in the final executable requests it, independent of the
    order in which translation units are linked/initialized.

  • 71fb661ef8 Fix fractional scaling of text in Qt Quick
    Fixed a kerning issue with native-rendered text when there is a
    fractional system scale factor set.


  • 4b4f38d26 lupdate: Allow multiple specifiers after method signature
    lupdate does not trip anymore over tr() calls in methods with multiple
    specifiers. For example "QString MyClass::foo() const noexcept" now gets
    the correct context.


  • 63d055e8 Update use of HTTP to HTTPS in esri plugin


  • fedf3d9 Update bundled libtiff to version 4.4.0
    Bundled libtiff was updated to version 4.4.0

  • 8fb9a4f Update bundled libwebp to version 1.2.4
    Update bundled libwebp to version 1.2.4


  • db246244 Make pduFromStream work on big endian (again)
    Fix reading from stream on big endian systems



  • QTBUG-103605 qfilesystemmodel.cpp fails to compile on Windows with
    oneAPI icx using c++20
  • QTBUG-103820 Cannot use OpenSSL v3 even with compatibility mode
  • QTBUG-102960 iOS: input panel shows wrong suggestions
  • QTBUG-103782 Buffer overflow in qt_readlink (in qmlplugindump, via
    qmake) with -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=3 and GCC 12
  • QTBUG-38971 QtActivity did not call through to
    super.onConfigurationChanged() on orientation change (crash)
  • QTBUG-102298 Android: Switching navigation bar between buttons /
    gestures hides qml elements
  • QTBUG-99691 Starting QtService causes black screen
  • QTBUG-103608 Can't set android target sdk version with cmake
  • QTBUG-104262 Fail to build android app cannot find symbol
  • QTBUG-98417 Bundling translation file of plist does not work with
    XCode 13
  • QTBUG-49704 QLoggingCategory::installFilter crashes with the code from
  • QTBUG-102395 QMainWindow::restoreState corrupts relation between
    toolbars layout item
  • QTBUG-86790 Mingw Qt provides debug libraries in the wrong folder
  • QTBUG-102021 QCocoaScreen::UpdateScreens crash
  • QTBUG-84741 Crash on QCocoaScreen::isOnline() when calling
  • QTBUG-103568 Android 13: Warnings when starting qt apps
  • QTBUG-104362 QDomImplementation::DropInvalidChars strips emoji and
    other non-BMP characters
  • QTBUG-95933 Using scanner input IRcode will result in an error when
    second character is uppercase
  • QTBUG-71900 Double tapping on a word does not show the selection
    handles in the right place after the initial selection
  • QTBUG-101615 QMLPATHS not documented
  • QTBUG-58503 Text Handle Cursor Position Offset Error
  • QTBUG-36637 androiddeployqt puts *.qmltypes files into apk
  • QTBUG-104809 Crash in QKmsDevice::createScreenForConnector
  • QTBUG-101161 Android Assets awfully slow to be loaded
  • QTBUG-104412 FAIL! : tst_AndroidAssets during dependency update
  • QTBUG-53661 QDom internalSubset is never set
  • QTBUG-102825 Popping QML StackView Item makes a11y unusable
  • QTBUG-103892 Stop binding to iBridge interface when unit testing
    QTcpServer on macOS
  • QTBUG-49205 tst_qnetworkreply::ioGetFromBuiltinHttp
  • QTBUG-104232 tst_QSslKey::constructor fails with Ubuntu 22.04 and
    openssl 3
  • QTBUG-91139 Select handles Left- and RightPoint disappears when click
    select all on editPopupmenu without margins of textedit.
  • QTBUG-105064 [REGR: 5.15.9 -> 5.15.10] QDateTime::addDays() gives
    wrong result in Qt 5.15.10
  • QTBUG-102109 In Android using Qt::LocalTime with specific timezones
    does not handle daylight-saving time properly
  • QTBUG-104851 qdoc: Ignore Q_WEAK_OVERLOAD
  • QTBUG-69354 QGtk3FileDialogHelper isn't modal
  • QTBUG-105302 qputenv sometimes puts garbage at the end of the value
  • QTBUG-105041 openssl 3.x 32bit platform regression
  • QTBUG-97486 Crash in TimeZone ICU backend
  • QTBUG-105323 [Regression] Keyboard is not properly hidden on ios
  • QTBUG-105374 Modules in 5.15 branch missing MinGW debug files
  • QTBUG-104940 post in/decrements of QBEInteger and QLEInteger return
    reference according to documentation
  • QTBUG-95319 The cursor size is unstable when multiple QT_SCALE_FACTOR
    is used
  • QTBUG-99990 windows: Painting an image with DPR >1.0 to a QPrinter
    does not produce correct result
  • QTBUG-105517 Redundant "does" in QFrame
  • QTBUG-98651 [iOS 15] Application freezes when QDialog is executed by
    button clicked() signal
  • QTBUG-103571 QWindowsContext::findPlatformWindowAt stuck in infinite
  • QTBUG-82477 QClipboard doesn't support custom mimeTypes
  • QTBUG-102359 NTLM authentication crashes
  • QTBUG-105286 Crash with UpdateWindowTitle event triggered by closing a
    dialog (mac)
  • QTBUG-56893 Closing a dialog via mouse click on a button causes an XCB
  • QTBUG-105711 QDrag with invalid URLs in QMimeData crash on macOS
  • QTBUG-105591 Closing application with toolbar floating breaks toolbar
    the next time you start the application
  • QTBUG-106017 tst_QSslCertificate fails with Ubuntu 22.04 xorg and
    Windows 10 21H2 OpenSSL 3
  • QTBUG-106019 tst_QDtls::verifyClientCertificate fails with Ubuntu
    22.04 xorg and Windows 10 OpenSSL 3
  • QTBUG-105057 vnc: Setting override cursor causes a crash on client
  • QTBUG-106374 Unable to build qtbase due to incomplete type in
  • QTBUG-103740 QTemporaryFile::rename does not document that it can only
    rename, not copy+delete like QFile::rename
  • QTBUG-101396 QOpenGLTextureBlitter support for GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE
    breaks on some Intel drivers
  • QTBUG-106252 ANDROID_SDK can be used before it is set
  • QTBUG-105618 QNetworkReplyFileImpl synchronously emits
    QNetworkReply::finished() from constructor in case of error
  • QTBUG-94557 Menu causes touch failure
  • QTBUG-98519 [REG: 5.15.0->5.15.7] xcb: Synthesized mouse from touch
    gets stuck if receiving widget gets destroyed
  • QTBUG-102751 Can not receive touch event after the widget that
    WindowFlags is Qt::Popup is closed on ubuntu20.04
  • QTBUG-103706 Synthesized touch event not recognized with Widgets
  • QTBUG-106387 Application crash when writing in textfield
  • QTBUG-98988 Qt bugs when portal implementation is not available
  • QTBUG-99948 Fix enum/enum arithmetic in Qt
  • QTBUG-103923 GCC 12: failure to build from source []
  • QTBUG-104012 QDateTime constructor performance regression when year is
    below epoch
  • QTBUG-62102 QKeySequenceEdit handles meta keys incorrectly on Wayland
  • QTBUG-87669 few gui tests fail to build on Android
  • QTBUG-95202 Auto-generated android-*-deployment-settings.json contains
    wrong path to immediate qrc file on Qt 6
  • QTBUG-95235 Building Quick Controls 2 examples with Qt 6.1.1 for
    Android fails
  • QTBUG-102594 [REG 5.15.6 -> 5.15.9] Many ANR issues by QtAccessibility
  • QTBUG-104580 androiddeployqt fails with "unknown argument '--libs'"
    when call llvm-readobj v14
  • QTBUG-101008 Using Text.NativeRendering results in characters drawn
    too close to each other with fractional scale factors
  • QTBUG-104450 qmake: it's impossible to configure some compiler and
    linker options in the generated vcxproj
  • QTBUG-104787 Thread Sanitizer reports data races in QtConcurrent
  • QTBUG-105158 Initialize all Vulkan Device Properties
  • QTBUG-87137 tst_QApplication::sendEventsOnProcessEvents() failed on
    Ubuntu 20.04/22.04 and RHEL 9
  • QTBUG-103513 A11Y: Flickable child item focus frame position not
  • QTBUG-103499 Android a11y: Flickable items outside of view are not
  • QTBUG-68865 tst_QMenuBar::check_menuPosition autotest fails on Ubuntu
  • QTBUG-84248 tst_QFont::defaultFamily fails
  • QTBUG-68860 tst_QGlyphRun::mixedScripts autotest fails on Ubuntu 18.04
    and QEMU builds
  • QTBUG-106018 tst_QSslSocket fails with Ubuntu 22.04 xorg and Windows
    10 21H2 plus OpenSSL 3
  • QTBUG-106513 FAIL! : tst_QSqlQuery::queryOnInvalidDatabase in
  • QTBUG-106599 FAIL! : tst_Http2::authenticationRequired in
  • QTBUG-106632 FAIL! : tst_QDBusConnection::registerObjectPeer in
  • QTBUG-105958 [Android] Intent + Talkback leads to deadlock
  • QTBUG-41170 [Android]: When the window resizes then there it will
    cause flicker
  • QTBUG-66727 [Android]: When changing focus between TextInput fields
    there is a flicker of the QQuickWidget


  • QTBUG-101698 [REG 6.2.2 -> 6.2.3] Integer overflow when loading svg


  • QTBUG-74028 Text inside MultiPointTouchArea has invalid coordinates on
    touch events
  • QTBUG-103522 The PreventStealing of mouseArea does not work properly
    in Flickable's(ListView) child item.
  • QTBUG-103924 GCC 12: failure to build from source []
  • QTBUG-69538 Drawing issues with Intel HD530/630, 11th Gen Intel UHD
  • QTBUG-102954 Invalid z-order when rendering custom QQuickItem with
    opengl/d3d12 backend
  • QTBUG-100579 Crash when removing docked QQuickWidget in multiscreen
    setup with Qt 5
  • QTBUG-98914 QML Test with grabImage() fails on iOS
  • QTBUG-94900 python path containing space breaks build from source
  • QTBUG-86805 [Android]TapHandler crash while using the S-Pen
  • QTBUG-94983 Crash when binding to aliased grouped property
  • QTBUG-91687 QML fails to run benchmarks in qmlbench's v8bench
  • QTBUG-58559 Deletion of a dynamic properties to JSObject ends up using
    all memory
  • QTBUG-105899 ColorDialog: The text fields on ColorInputs.qml are buggy
    for the Fusion, Imagine and Universal styles.
  • QTBUG-104966 The Items in the ListView is not showing when the model
    is changed during dragging
  • QTBUG-93188 tst_qqmlecmascript::gcCrashRegressionTest fails with ARM
    macOS 11 in Qt Declarative
  • QTBUG-106377 Cannot create QML_SINGLETON class with newer gcc versions
  • QTBUG-101008 Using Text.NativeRendering results in characters drawn
    too close to each other with fractional scale factors
  • QTBUG-106594 Text baseline anchor not updating properly
  • QTBUG-106256 qml crash when binding alias to property
  • QTBUG-99545 App crashes in function QQmlPropertyCache::property(int)
    const on ARM 64bit
  • QTBUG-36637 androiddeployqt puts *.qmltypes files into apk
  • QTBUG-103513 A11Y: Flickable child item focus frame position not
  • QTBUG-106356 FAIL! :
    tst_QParallelAnimationGroupJob::deleteChildrenWithRunningGroup in
  • QTBUG-106424 FAIL! : tst_QQuickLoader::asyncToSync1 in Ubuntu_20_04
  • QTBUG-106278 FAIL! :
    tst_qquickflickable::setContentPositionWhileDragging in MacOS_12


  • QTBUG-104041 QAudioRecorder outputLocation set only after recording


  • QTBUG-99415 lupdate ignores tr() call in a function with noexcept
  • QTBUG-102607 macdeployqt: errors when producing a universal binary
    (universal binary)
  • QTBUG-104755 Qt 5 Designer plugins: Missing pre-built debug plugins


  • QTBUG-104707 acceltree/qacceltreeresourceloader.cpp:369:31: error: no
    viable conversion from 'const QChar' to 'char32_t'


  • QTBUG-103303 Qt PDF module documentation


  • QTBUG-103807 QGeoAreaMonitorSource seg fault on exit on Android
  • QTBUG-103478 QGeoPositionInfoSource on Android always asks for
    location permission
  • QTBUG-92111 Esri plugin uses HTTP instead of HTTPS, creating 400 Bad


  • QTBUG-103067 QBluetoothServer leaks RFCOMM and L2CAP Linux sockets
  • QTBUG-104479 (Classic) bluetooth service scan sometimes hangs
    indefinitely on Android
  • QTBUG-101066 QBluetoothServiceDiscoveryAgent::finished sometimes
    (spuriously) is not emmited on Android 10


  • QTBUG-105308 ASSERT failure in QWindow: "Updates can only be scheduled
    from the GUI (main) thread"
  • QTBUG-104435 Build failure in qtwayland with libcxx


  • QTBUG-104593 Qt3D Application Crashes when rendering first frame
  • QTBUG-102445 [REG]PLY loader failing from 5.15.8
  • QTBUG-101876 Qt3D Viewport documentation states wrong type for Gamma
  • QTBUG-106519 FAIL! :
    tst_dynamicnodecreation::createEntityAndDynamicChild in Ubuntu_20_04


  • QTBUG-103454 Null-dereference read in QICNSHandler
  • QTBUG-103337 Vulnerabilities in bundled libtiff version
  • QTBUG-104398 Segmentation fault in Jpeg2000JasperReader when Jasper 3
    is used


  • QTBUG-106520 FAIL! :
    qtquickcontrols::Tests_StackLayout::test_addAndRemoveItems in
  • QTBUG-106521 FAIL! :
    qtquickcontrols::Tests_StackLayout::test_addAndRemoveItems in MacOS_12


  • QTBUG-103879 [Reg 5.15.2 -> 5.15.9] QModbusClient:: sendRawRequest()
    produces ModbusDevice::UnknownError when there is no error


  • QTBUG-101444 QSerialPort: trouble with high baud rates /
    waitForReadyRead() stalls
  • QTBUG-103822 QSerialPort::waitForReadyRead always returns false on
    older Windows systems
  • QTBUG-91237 QSerialPort: moving / resizing / clicking window title bar
    blocks serial port read/write
  • QTBUG-87151 QSerialPort: synchronous read fails as waitForReadyRead()
    always times out.


  • QTBUG-103578 WebEngine: Error when linking gn
  • QTBUG-101030 The zoom factor is reset every time QtWebEngine loads a
    new website
  • QTBUG-79254 QWebEngineView couldn't handle touch events for html
    select's popup menus
  • QTBUG-103618 WebEngine - Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT:
  • QTBUG-104763 WebEngine view becomes white if minimized and restored
  • QTBUG-97392 WebEngine fails to load urls from resources
  • QTBUG-106688 Loading html from qrc in QtWebEngine fails
  • QTBUG-102099 QWebEngineView ColorPicker is not modal and freezes
  • QTBUG-104755 Qt 5 Designer plugins: Missing pre-built debug plugins
  • QTBUG-106461 QWebEngineUrlRequestJob::reply() does not support a
    QIODevice that cannot be read completely instantly


  • QTBUG-97487 [Android] WebView cannot open local file


  • QTBUG-104009 Issues with Slider in ListView with pressDelay set with
    touch screen
  • QTBUG-77202 No touch release event for AbstractButton inside of
    ListView with pressDelay set
  • QTBUG-104983 [REG] 908aa77d16e00f2bccc0ddae0f8b61955c56a6a1 breaks
    scrollbars if contentItem is accessed before it is set
  • QTBUG-103250 Link to ScrollBar's size property is wrong


  • QTBUG-103906 QValueAxis::TicksDynamic causes application to freeze
  • QTBUG-99190 Performance issue with VXYModelMapper
  • QTBUG-102392 X-axis vanishes when difference between min and max is
    less than two


  • QTBUG-94770 [Qt Virtual keyboard] Keyboards doesn't respond when
    QT_SCALE_FACTOR is set to 1.5


  • QTBUG-104098 Update dependencies on '6.4' fails in qt/qtremoteobjects
  • QTBUG-105597 tst_Server_Process failed


  • QTBUG-105606 FAIL! : tst_WebGL::update(Launcher), the requested
    timeout (5000 ms) was too short


  • QTBUG-103866 View3D content turns black when resized while hidden


  • QTBUG-105873 QMqttClient documentation does not include the

Known Issues

  • Check that your system meets Qt's requirements:

  • The RTA (release test automation) reported issues in Qt 5.15.x:

  • Qt 5.15.11 Open issues in Jira:

Credits for the release goes to:

Eirik Aavitsland
Mike Achtelik
Laszlo Agocs
Dimitrios Apostolou
Mate Barany
Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt
Joerg Bornemann
Assam Boudjelthia
Michael Brüning
Andreas Buhr
Kirill Burtsev
Andrey Butirsky
Alexandru Croitor
Mitch Curtis
Giuseppe D'Angelo
Alexey Edelev
Oliver Eftevaag
Andreas Eliasson
Tunahan Erkoyuncu
Ilya Fedin
Alexandros Frantzis
Pekka Gehör
Richard Moe Gustavsen
Tang Haixiang
Heikki Halmet
Christian Heimlich
Ulf Hermann
Øystein Heskestad
Volker Hilsheimer
Dominik Holland
Sam James
Allan Sandfeld Jensen
Milo Kerr
Michal Klocek
Kai Koehne
Tomi Korpipaa
Mike Krus
Jaroslaw Kubik
Sona Kurazyan
Jonas Kvinge
Kai Köhne
Inho Lee
Paul Lemire
Moody Liu
Robert Loehning
Robert Löhning
Thiago Macieira
Samuel Mira
Marc Mutz
Antti Määttä
Mårten Nordheim
Laszlo Papp
Timur Pocheptsov
Joni Poikelin
Liang Qi
Topi Reinio
Rafael Roquetto
Niclas Rosenvik
Elias Rudberg
Shawn Rutledge
Michael Saxl
Dmitry Shachnev
Sami Shalayel
Ye ShanShan
Andy Shaw
Ivan Solovev
Axel Spoerl
Christian Strømme
Tarja Sundqvist
Jan Arve Sæther
Ivan Tkachenko
Mike Trahearn
Jens Trillmann
Jere Tuliniemi
Peter Varga
Louis du Verdier
Tor Arne Vestbø
Ville Voutilainen
Juha Vuolle
Edward Welbourne
Paul Wicking