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+Release note
+Important Changes
+### qtbase
+* 0c4d476e8a Fix text issues when using typographic names
+Fixes an issue where fonts would sometimes not fail to work when
+selected using typographic names.
+* c9635b99df Fix java mkspec for compatibility with JDK 12
+* a69195c86c Doc: Improve WinTab license information
+Changed classification of the wintab license from "Custom" to "LCS-
+Telegraphics License"
+* a82032351c forkfd/Linux: ask clone() to use the SIGCHLD as the
+termination signal
+Fixed an issue that would cause debugging a Qt application that uses
+QProcess to confuse both gdb and lldb if the Linux kernel was version
+5.4 or higher. Behavior outside of a debugging session was not affected.
+* 5d715e09ae Avoid heap-buffer-overflow
+Avoid heap-buffer-overflow
+* a8ad906652 Fix a bug in the initialization (and debug-output) of BSP
+Fixed a bug in the initialization of BSP trees to increase the
+performance of QGraphicsScenes with non quadratic scene rectangles.
+* 9ef4fba108 QUrl::fromLocalFile: accept invalid hostnames
+Changed QUrl::fromLocalFile() to accept Windows UNC paths whose
+hostname component is not a valid Internet hostname. This makes QUrl
+able to accept extended-length paths (\\?\), device namespace (\\.\),
+WSL (\\wsl$), etc.
+* 80e3ded22d Avoid heap-buffer-overflow
+Avoid a heap-buffer-overflow found by oss- fuzz as issue 25243.
+* 8e01088b55 Add some missing QStringView overloads to QString
+A couple of methods have been added to QStringView that make it easier
+to write code that is portable between Qt 5.15 and Qt 6. Those include
+QStringView::split(), QStringView::count(), number conversion methods
+(QStringView::toInt() and friends). A couple of overloads taking
+QStringView have been added to QRegularExpression (match() and
+globalMatch()) and QString (append(), prepend(), insert() and
+* 75fb810340 sqlite: Upgrade to 3.33.0
+Upgraded to v3.33.0
+* d587f0139d Use valid glyph index for box font engine
+Fixed a potential crash when rendering text with an empty font
+* 03495149d2 Fix copyright year of tinycbor
+Fix aggregated copyright information of TinyCBOR component to reflect
+the years in the individual source files. Note that this is not same as
+the Copyright year in the upstream MIT license text.
+* 8a25540206 Fix copyright information for src/3rdparty/xcb
+Fixed copyright information for "XCB-XInput".
+* 17021ce53e Fix included license text for PCRE2 - Stack-less Just-In-
+Time Compiler
+Changed license text of "PCRE2 - Stack-less Just-In-Time Compiler"
+component. The documentation (incorrectly) included the generic PCRE2
+license so far.
+* c008da8508 Deprecate QLocale::Language entries that no locale data
+relates to
+Many obsolete language names are now deprecated in preparation for
+removal at Qt 6.0. No data has been available for any locale using these
+languages since CLDR v29 (at least; Qt now uses v37).
+* 171c3c3446 Deprecate ordering on QItemSelectionRange
+Ordering of QItemSelectionRange is now deprecated. It was not
+consistent with equality and should not be needed.
+* 4b601331c7 Update CLDR to v37, adding Nigerian Pidgin as a new
+Updated to new version of CLDR (the Unicode Consortium's Common Locale
+Data Repository) v37. Various Adlam-script locales are dropped due to
+its use of a number system unsupported by 5.15's QLocale. Support for
+these locales shall be restored in Qt 6.
+* 1459cc8bf6 Deprecate old aliases for two countries and several
+Deprecated several Language and Country aliases, ready for removal in
+Qt 6.0, in favor of their newer names.
+### qtsvg
+* fdbe89e Change classification of XSVG License
+XSVG license was re-classified to HPND-sell-variant, "Historical
+Permission Notice and Disclaimer - sell variant"
+### qtlocation
+* 3e9d5379 Add actual text of Boost Software License
+Added actual license text of Boost Software License (used in Clipper
+Polygon Clipping Library)
+* 4fdb479b Update src/3rdparty/mapbox-gl-native
+Update and extend third-party documentation for Mapbox GL plugin
+dependencies: libc++, Optional, Mapbox GL Native, Boost, CSS Color
+Parser, cURL Parse Date, Earcut Polygon Triangulation Library, geojson-
+cpp, geojson-vt-cpp, geometry.hpp, kdbush.hpp, polylabel, protozero,
+RapidJSON, shelf-pack-cpp, supercluster.hpp, tao_tuple, unique_resource,
+variant, Vector Tile Library, Wagyu Geometry Processing Library,
+* 9ac778b2 Make names of poly2tri, clipper, clip2tri libraries unique
+The generated clipper2tri, clipper, poly2tri libraries have been
+renamed to qt_clipper2tri, qt_clipper, qt_poly2tri. This avoids
+conflicts for static builds.
+### qt3d
+* fc5020454 Fix third-party license information about imgui
+Fix issue in the documentation that caused attributions for imgui
+third-party code to not show up.
+* aa13ce25a Improve third-party license information about assimp
+Also document sub-projects that are part of the Assimp project:
+Clipper, irrXML, Open3DGC, OpenDLL-Parser, Poly2Tri, RapidJSON, Unzip,
+Utf8Cpp, and Zip.
+### qtserialbus
+* f49a99f SocketCAN: Fix loading libsocketcan on Debian
+Fixed that libsocketcan could not be loaded when no symlink
+libsocketcan.so -> libsocketcan.so.2 was present.
+### qtwebchannel
+* 62f2be9 Fix infinite recursion when wrapping a self-contained object
+Fixed infinite recursion when dealing with self contained objects.
+### qtnetworkauth
+* c7dba07 Add client id and shared secret to token refresh requests
+Fixed starting a new session with some servers (e.g. Google) when using
+a refresh token.
+### qtbase
+* QTBUG-85193 [REG: 5.12.4->5.12.5]: A SVG path with a high stroke width
+is not rendered correctly
+* QTBUG-81723 [REG: 5.13->5.14 & 5.12.5->5.12.6] Widgets are only half
+repainted when shown on SSH-forwarded X display
+* QTBUG-83313 Setting CaseSensitivity in QSortFilterProxymodel for
+QRegularExpression doesn't work
+* QTBUG-60022 Documentation: ANDROID_EXTRA_PLUGINS needs additional
+* QTBUG-85981 [REG: 5.14 -> 5.15] Windows: Posted events get stuck with
+nested event loops
+* QTBUG-86191 QLocale::system().standaloneMonthName() wrong value on
+* QTBUG-86170 QLabel::setPixmap appears truncated under high screen
+device pixel ratio
+* QTBUG-86166 inconsistent ctrl-c copy in qtableview
+* QTBUG-86268 [REG 5.12.4 -> 5.13.0] QTableView::sortByColumn() no
+longer allows re-sorting if sortingEnabled
+* QTBUG-86392 Possible binary break 5.15.0->5.15.1, Qt5Core.dll
+* QTBUG-86383 Uninitialized memory sent to X server in
+* QTBUG-85560 [REG: 5.12 -> 5.13] Non English characters fail to render
+* QTBUG-79094 Qt cannot be build with JDK version >=12
+* QTBUG-83409 Array read/write doesn't work in QIBASE Driver
+* QTBUG-86394 QNetworkInterface methods broken when targeting Android 11
+* QTBUG-86418 http2 crash when I use unicode in http header
+* QTBUG-86546 Tracegen error
+* QTBUG-46203 tst_qsslkey fails on Red Hat 6.6 x64
+* QTBUG-86483 QDoubleSpinBox and QSpinBox valueChanged called twice
+* QTBUG-83152 It's impossible to prepare sql statements, with the
+firebird/interbase driver, which contains PSQL variable names, because
+they are colon prefixed.
+* QTBUG-86336 tst_QNetworkReply tests are failing with CentOS 8.1 and
+system OpenSSL
+* QTBUG-86497 Missing build system dependencies for doc snippets results
+in broken build
+* QTBUG-86607 QFile::open(int fd, ...) refers to 'raw' mode
+* QTBUG-86587 QPushButton: styling causes clicked() signal not to emit
+when clicked
+* QTBUG-84356 QSqlDriver::subscribeToNotification lost if PGSQL server
+* QTBUG-86282 Use more recent JDK version to build Qt for Android
+* QTBUG-86319 Use of CLONE_PIDFD for forkfd interacts badly with
+* QTBUG-86635 Wrong suggestions for an obsolete method
+* QTBUG-86575 qwindowsservices.cpp doesn't compile with mingw64 GCC
+* QTBUG-85676 Issue with openUrlExternally
+* QTBUG-86691 Inconsistent XPM handling
+* QTBUG-84256 tst_QTcpServer::qtbug6305 fails with CentOS 8.1 x64
+* QTBUG-84253 tst_QNetworkInterface::localAddress fails with CentOS 8.1
+* QTBUG-84254 tst_QUdpSocket::multicast fails with CentOS 8.1 x64
+* QTBUG-85105 QWindow::startSystemMove() does not work with QML
+DragHandler on macOS
+* QTBUG-86062 qmake accepts only last /MERGE option from QMAKE_LFLAGS
+when generate VS project
+* QTBUG-86702 Some GIFs don't load/play anymore in Qt apps I tested
+* QTBUG-86547 Heap corruption happens due to double memory release when
+QDomAttr::setNodeValue is called.
+* QTBUG-86585 qfilesystemengine_unix.cpp compilation error on QNX
+* QTBUG-69608 cocoa: key press events for modifier keys do not have
+* QTBUG-86718 qmake cannot run target compiler for iOS Xcode 12
+* QTBUG-10561 Modal QProgressDialog's setValue() does not always need to
+call processEvents()
+* QTBUG-86287 Static 5.15.0 compile results in "undefined reference to
+* QTBUG-85436 QMimeDatabase may not use mime type file globs properly
+* QTBUG-86620 When doing a XMLHttpRequest then the status code will be
+set to 0 indicating that an error occured even though it is not actually
+having a problem
+* QTBUG-86580 QComboBox::setPlaceholderText() has side-effects, changes
+* QTBUG-86675 qmake creates nondeterministic results
+* QTBUG-86411 Fusion style: QGroupBox height doesn't adjust if no title
+* QTBUG-86306 /etc/localtime is always treated as symlink
+* QTBUG-86873 QJsonDocument problem on chinese key
+* QTBUG-87047 MSVC 2019 raises Warning C4619 about C4345 in QVector when
+compiling with /W4
+* QTBUG-86604 Only availableGeometryChanged() (not geometryChanged() )
+is emitted when the logical DPI of a screen changes
+* QTBUG-76902 Widgets and fonts have wrong size after moving to screen
+due to disconnect with different DPI when dpiawareness = 2
+* QTBUG-79248 TrayIcons Menu does not scales its size when changing DPI
+* QTBUG-87092 Crash in QThreadPool::clear()
+* QTBUG-85366 QTreeView: FetchMore is not getting called for all the
+* QTBUG-86207 QGuiApplicationPrivate::processMouseEvent() crashes on NaN
+event globalPos
+* QTBUG-87174 Wrong initialization of the bsp tree used by
+* QTBUG-86883 CMake error in Qt5BootstrapConfig.cmake
+* QTBUG-86253 Mouse source point error caused by multi-touch
+* QTBUG-87259 doc typo on The State Machine Framework
+* QTBUG-86277 QUrl::fromLocalFile should return valid URLs for UNC paths
+with invalid hosts (\\wsl$)
+* QTBUG-87009 tst_QTcpSocket::connectToHostError fails in Windows 10
+MinGW developer-build
+* QTBUG-87320 Segfault in qimage_conversions.cpp
+* QTBUG-87267 QFont::exactMatch() returns false for installed fonts in
+Qt 5.15.1
+* QTBUG-87273 QFileSystemModel / QSFPM / QTreeView : infinite loop in
+latest 5.15 commits
+* QTBUG-86516 QStringView-related API missing in Qt5
+* QTBUG-87611 qnearfieldtarget.cpp:239:14: error: ambiguous overload for
+* QTBUG-87057 QListView item looses items from models that don't
+override moveRows during internal drag'n'drop
+* QTBUG-85006 Mouse cursor is displayed only after a while when a VNC
+client connects
+* QTBUG-87483 QFontDialog::selectedFont() Does not returns Actual
+selected Font
+* QTBUG-85016 Q_UNREACHABLE was reached at qtextengine.cpp:1551
+* QTBUG-69155 Android: tst_QWindow::exposeEventOnShrink_QTBUG54040 fails
+* QTBUG-83916 Any Tooltip crashes on Android
+* QTBUG-86307 Year appears wrong in the Calendar Widget example
+* QTBUG-85966 QCalendarWidget incorrecty localizes year in topbar
+* QTBUG-86733 [Android] NoSuchMethodException when using QtMultimedia
+* QTBUG-86210 Qt 5.15.1 fails to build on INTEGRITY due to type size
+exceeds implementation limit errors
+* QTBUG-85915 macOS crash when opening several times QComboBox drop
+downs after moving application windows from one screen to another
+* QTBUG-67928 Qt uses wrong source for logical DPI on X
+* QTBUG-60822 [REG: 4->5] WA_TranslucentBackground cannot be changed
+after widget has been shown
+* QTBUG-41341 tst_qcolumnview fails on Mac OS X
+* QTBUG-85123 [REG:5.13->5.14]: When using GSSAPI to connect to a server
+requiring NTLM authentication then it can fail to do the authentication
+* QTBUG-86674 Deploying Qt application to Android device is really slow
+* QTBUG-84267 QIcc::fromIccProfile crashes with SIGBUS (unaligned
+access) on ARM
+* QTCREATORBUG-24665 Unable to drag/drop widgets from designer
+* QTBUG-86786 Widgets: drag and drop doesn't work on macOS
+* QTBUG-71939 Not possible to Drag'n Drop files
+* QTBUG-68862 tst_QWidget::updateWhileMinimized autotest fails on Ubuntu
+* QTBUG-77126 [REG] Documentation no longer shows the relationship
+between classes from different modules
+* QTBUG-77833 Mac: context menu not closed when minimizing window
+* QTBUG-87066 Qt6: Android, unable to build examples with cmake
+* QTBUG-87143 QXdgDesktopPortalFileDialog sometimes breaks when
+selectedFilter is supplied
+* QTBUG-74542 Test are disabled from MinGW builds with packaging flag
+* QTBUG-80328 tst_QUdpSocket::writeDatagramToNonExistingPeer fails with
+* QTBUG-83806 QSystemTrayIcon sends too large pixmap over Dbus if HiDPI
+scaling is enabled
+* QTBUG-87137 tst_QApplication::sendEventsOnProcessEvents() failed on
+Ubuntu 20.04
+* QTBUG-87588 [REG 5.15.1 -> 5.15] QFileSystemModel with QDir::NoDot
+filter hangs
+* QTBUG-87728 tst_QGraphicsAnchorLayout::layoutDirection() failed on
+Ubuntu 20.04 in CI
+* QTBUG-74287 QLocale::nativeCountryName does not use country
+information from locale object
+### qtsvg
+* QTBUG-87583 SVG icons with with <DOCTYPE svg> not loading
+### qtdeclarative
+* QTBUG-85938 Loader status unexpected
+* QTBUG-85317 qmlformat breaks on template literals
+* QTBUG-85724 Running example "window and screen" gives error on
+immediate run
+* QTBUG-86524 QQuickView, Memory leak of QOpenGLContextGroup object
+* QTBUG-61475 Can not input Chinese in TextEdit when load qml in
+* QTBUG-82157 Application crashes when changing an active Drag's
+* QTBUG-86989 QML crashes when more than one inline component is defined
+* QTBUG-86979 qmlformat duplicates Inline component in 5.15.1
+* QTBUG-86980 qmlformat fails on "for of"
+* QTBUG-87222 qmlformat remove property name on objects decalred with
+variable as name
+* QTBUG-85302 Mouse-click catch in QML Listview's header with clip =
+* QTBUG-74046 Events stealing happens for MouseArea in some cases
+(preventStealing == true)
+* QTBUG-86402 [REG 5.12 -> 5.13] Animation in Popup causes app's crash
+after Popup closed
+* QTBUG-86676 QML garbage collector doesn't work correctly with Loader
+* QTBUG-87680 TableView: contentHeight doesn't update when new rows are
+* QTBUG-85713 Inline components trigger assertion with ListElement
+* QTBUG-87464 Inline component state issue
+* QTBUG-85431 void QAbstractScrollArea::mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent *e)
+is called falsely on double tap on a touchpad of a notebook
+* QTBUG-62989 Layout.left/rightMargin doesn't mirror with
+* QTBUG-75777 QQmlEngine deadlock in destructor with asynchronous Loader
+* QTBUG-87150 QML_FOREIGN needs clearer documentation to indicate that
+it is using the name of the struct or QML_NAMED_ELEMENT
+* QTBUG-82890 SequentialAnimation does not stop when loops:
+Animation.Infinite and alwaysRunToEnd: true
+* QTBUG-87821 TableView: two sync-ed table views can sometimes end up
+### qtactiveqt
+* QTBUG-86666 dumpcpp tool not working for x64 components
+### qtscript
+* QTBUG-86527 Qt Script: tst_QScriptV8TestSuite fails with MinGW
+### qtmultimedia
+* QTBUG-85470 [REG: 5.14.2->5.15.0]: When capturing the camera which is
+showing via a QVideoWidget it will never emit the imageCaptured signal
+### qttools
+* QTBUG-86188 qdoc: Crash when using a tagged \fn command
+* QTBUG-86293 "winrtrunner --list-devices" hangs
+* QTBUG-86477 [REG 5.15.0->5.15.1] assistant not build when building
+whole Qt statically
+* QTBUG-86598 Assistant fails to compile if QT_NO_CLIPBOARD is defined
+* QTBUG-84727 QHelpIndexWidget does not emit documentActivated or
+* QTBUG-86759 Missing QtWebEngineProcess Application in application
+* QTBUG-86988 qdoc: DocBook output format: XML special characters are
+escaped twice
+* QTBUG-84703 qdoc: DocBook generator: scoped enums not handled
+* QTBUG-87802 qdoc: \sincelist generates broken links in certain
+* QTBUG-88167 ../shared/numerus.cpp:165:5: error: ‘Bihari’ is not a
+member of ‘QLocale’
+### qtlocation
+* QTBUG-86248 qtlocation installs internal libs of 3rdparty libraries
+### qtwayland
+* QTBUG-86176 Subsurfaces under dialogs don't have the QEvent::Exposed
+event emitted
+* QTBUG-86109 Wayland:
+* QTBUG-86291 Wayland doesn't export files properly in a no-opengl build
+* QTBUG-83303 qtwayland - configure test failure - Project ERROR: Test
+config.qtwayland_client.tests.dmabuf-server-buffer tries to use
+undeclared library 'drm'
+* QTBUG-83263 Rendering of multiple framebuffers object leads to
+degraded render performance with Wayland
+* QTBUG-87657 clipboard selection does not offer all mime types
+available for the content
+* QTBUG-87959 The Wayland license should be GPL not LGPL
+* QTBUG-85767 Scrolling inverted
+### qt3d
+* QTBUG-86721 [Regression] Scene3D rendering with underlay composition
+on HighDpi display is incorrect.
+* QTBUG-86436 Shader errors if there are multiple windows
+* QTBUG-84847 Scene3D crashes on destruction
+* QTBUG-85018 [REG: 5.14->5.15] QOpenGLShader::compile(Fragment): ERROR:
+4:2: 'add' : syntax error syntax error
+### qtgraphicaleffects
+* QTBUG-86486 [Reg 5.13.1->5.14.0]ColorOverlay not working well when
+image has empty source
+### qtquickcontrols
+* QTBUG-86315 Warning message from Accessible, TableViewColumn
+### qtserialbus
+* QTBUG-87328 SocketCAN plugin broken due to libsocketcan being
+### qtwinextras
+* QTBUG-87694 Qt compilation fails when passing -no-qml-network
+### qtwebchannel
+* QTBUG-84007 Infinite recursion when wrapping
+### qtwebengine
+* QTBUG-85494 [REG: 5.14->5.15] Quick minimal browser crashes when
+opening view source
+* QTBUG-86599 Crash on resize in WebEngineView
+* QTBUG-85817 crash on resize
+* QTBUG-86672 Context menu pops up while "grp:menu_toggle" is set
+* QTBUG-65223 [REG 5.9 -> 5.10] loadStarted is emitted twice when
+loading link with anchor
+* QTBUG-87129 Completion in the DevTools "Console" tab only works for
+top-level objects
+* QTBUG-86972 [REG] QtPDF isn't properly installed as a framework unless
+WebEngine is also installed
+* QTBUG-87113 The qt_plugin_qpdf.pri file appears to be missing from the
+iOS package which should be in mkspecs/modules
+* QTBUG-84632 When starting a webengine based example from a network
+share then it will fail to start the QtWebEngineProcess.exe
+* QTBUG-85363 [REG 5.13 -> 5.14] QtWebEngine is listed as "Chromium" in
+* QTBUG-88219 webengine build fails without GLES3/gl32.h header
+### qtquickcontrols2
+* QTBUG-86212 tst_QQuickPopup::setOverlayParentToNull fails in with
+macOS 10.14
+* QTBUG-85719 SpinBox fails to validate the entry after it failed
+* QTBUG-86851 QQC2 Menu contentModel not deleted
+* QTBUG-83698 Using Keys.onReturnPressed from Button to open Menu causes
+the first MenuItem to get triggered on show
+* QTBUG-85699 Material ToolBar: "QML Material: Binding loop detected for
+property "foreground""
+* QTBUG-85884 When a Dialog is hidden then it is possible that it does
+not reset the focus correctly if when it loses active focus it does the
+process again to hide the dialog
+* QTBUG-87164 qmllint library search regression
+### qtcharts
+* QTBUG-75500 Stack overflow on high zoom out of QChart with a
+logarithmic axis
+### qtnetworkauth
+* QTBUG-87703 Qt NetworkAuth fails to refresh auth with refresh token
+(using Google's OAuth2)
+### qtquick3d
+* QDS-2609 Imported 3D model appearing completely black
+* QDS-2636 Custom effects and materials do not work correctly in editor
+unless defined in components
+* QDS-2637 Shader compilation fails if custom material shaders require
+any shader uniform properties
+Known Issues
+Credits for the release goes to:
+Aavitsland Eirik
+Achtelik Mike
+Adam Cristian
+Agocs Laszlo
+Asaduzzaman Nadim
+Bin Chen
+Blasche Alex
+Blomfeldt Eskil Abrahamsen
+Bornemann Joerg
+Boudjelthia Assam
+Brasser Michael
+Brüning Michael
+Buhr Andreas
+Burtsev Kirill
+Carlon Luca
+Casafranca Juan
+Casafranca Juan José
+Castro Helio Chissini de
+Chuan Wang
+ChunLin Wang
+Cid Albert Astals
+Croitor Alexandru
+Curtis Mitch
+D'Angelo Giuseppe
+David Szabolcs
+Dewes Aaron
+Doroshchuk Val
+Edmundson David
+Ehrlicher Christian
+Falsini Fabio
+Faure David
+Fella Nicolas
+Funk Kevin
+Gaist Samuel
+Gladhorn Frederik
+Goldstein Maximilian
+Golubev Andrei
+Grulich Jan
+Gustavsen Richard Moe
+Halmet Heikki
+Harmer Sean
+Hartmann Andre
+Heikkinen Jani
+Heikkinen Miikka
+Heimlich Christian
+Hermann Ulf
+Hilsheimer Volker
+Jensen Allan Sandfeld
+Kazakov Dmitry
+Kieß Steffen
+Kleint Friedemann
+Klitzing André
+Klocek Michal
+Klots Andreas
+Knoll Lars
+Kobus Jarek
+Koehne Kai
+Koh Sze Howe
+Kokko Antti
+Kosmale Fabian
+Krause Volker
+Krems Marcel
+Krus Mike
+Kurazyan Sona
+Kyzivat Keith
+Lee Elvis
+Lee Inho
+Lemberg Werner
+Lemire Paul
+Loehning Robert
+Macieira Thiago
+MagnaboscoL MagnaboscoL
+Meusel René
+Mikolajczyk Piotr
+Nordheim Mårten
+Paeglis Gatis
+Pocheptsov Timur
+Pol Aleix
+Potter Lorn
+Qi Liang
+Rehn Arno
+Reinio Topi
+Rineau Laurent
+Romberg Christian
+Rutledge Shawn
+Samir Ahmad
+Schleifenbaum Christoph
+Schwan Carl
+Seiderer Peter
+Shaw Andy
+Skoland David
+Srirattanamet Ratchanan
+Sæther Jan Arve
+Sørvig Morten Johan
+Trotsenko Alex
+Tvete Paul Olav
+USTA Ömer Fadıl
+Valdmann Jüri
+Varga Peter
+Verria Doris
+Vestbø Tor Arne
+Volkov Alexander
+Welbourne Edward
+Wicking Paul
+Wolff Oliver
+Yu Zhang
+Zahorodnii Vlad
+Zakor Tamas