Release note

Qt 5.15.5 release is a patch release made on the top of Qt 5.15.4. As a patch
release, Qt 5.15.5 does not add any new functionality but provides bug fixes
and other improvements.

For detailed information about Qt, see the Qt 5.15 online documentation:

Important Changes


  • d2068a8108 Read DPI from X Settings initially as well
    Qt now reads Xft/DPI from X settings at startup, and will prefer this
    value over Xft.dpi from X resources.

  • 4ec4a46d79 Update bundled libjpeg-turbo to version 2.1.0
    libjpeg-turbo was updated to version 2.1.0

  • 9e8f580d76 Windows: Work-around misreporting of Script and Roman
    Fixed text in "Roman" and "Script" bitmap fonts not showing in Qt Quick

  • 4dccd73b40 Windows: Add synthesized fonts also when there is a style
    Fixed an issue where bold/italic would not be synthesized for fonts if
    QFont::NoFontMerging was set.

  • a15c16f5c8 Fix memory leak when using small caps font
    Fixed a memory leak when initializing a small caps font.

  • 54eac7e5ac SQLite: Update SQLite to v3.35.5
    Updated SQLite to v3.35.5

  • 096c622368 macOS: Fix synthesized bold
    Fixed an issue where boldness would not be correctly synthesized for
    families with no bold variant.

  • 716303c35a Write out the HTML correctly for nested lists
    The output of toHtml() now handles nested lists correctly.

  • dc9c43b115 QVector: fix compilation failure in C++20 mode w/strict
    Fixed a compile error in QVector(int, T) that occurred in C++20 mode


  • bc3352eb CoreBluetooth: add a workaround to enable using scan options
    Enable setting a scan option (that allows duplicates)



  • QTBUG-91892 [Reg : 5.15.2 -> 5.15.3] Clipped layout margins
  • QTBUG-86806 QFile::copy() calls syncToDisk() on the wrong object
  • QTBUG-92838 Redownloading same file in parallel produces a warning
    about removal of cache file
  • QTBUG-92051 The keyboard does not appear after changing the focus
  • QTBUG-91885 QSqlTableModel support column names with dots
  • QTBUG-91720 Webassembly: TapHandler onSingleTap stopped working
  • QTBUG-77427 setDropAction() is not respected in ItemViews during move
    operation on MAC
  • QTBUG-65927 Shift the coordinates under Android when I use QML + c++.
  • QTBUG-84029 Reg:Frameless Window when moved 0 0 shifts few pixel to
  • QTBUG-91284 Http2: authenticationRequired is not emitted
  • PYSIDE-1404 Incompatible import of "Object" in compiled UI
  • QTBUG-91194 Android Service - Exception on startup
  • QTBUG-66727 [Android]: When changing focus between TextInput fields
    there is a flicker of the QQuickWidget
  • QTBUG-91758 [REG 5.13.2->5.14.0]: QPainter renders in Text
    wrong when units set to micrometers
  • QTBUG-93032 Reg:5.15.2->5.15.3 QPushButton Focus rect is change of
  • QTBUG-92240 MDI Sub window title remains in main window title when
    DontMaximizeSubWindowOnActivation option used
  • QTBUG-93475 QPainter rotate causes pixmap rendering issues
  • QTBUG-90840 QSyntaxHighlighter does not apply capitalization with
  • QTBUG-91770 qvnc: Arbitrary memory read vulnerability
  • QTBUG-85702 qt5_add_big_resources does not work with QT_NAMESPACE
  • QTBUG-61652 Android's virtual keyboard "OK" button must not accept the
  • QTBUG-91362 Cursor handle in wrong place when app is launched i split
  • QTBUG-85826 Some Windows fonts don't work in Text
  • QTBUG-91398 When QFont::NoFontMerging is set then if bold or italics
    is requested that is not provided by the font then it will end up not
    synthesizing this
  • QTBUG-93779 [elxr] (error #412) unresolved symbols: 1
  • QTBUG-63393 [iOS]: When typing in a TextEdit and then using Undo, it
    is only possible to undo the very last change
  • QTBUG-70137 Dockwidgets - Placing QDockWidget is almost impossible
  • QTBUG-93677 QStringView::mid() does not work for length < 0
  • QTBUG-71123 "moc" failed to parse auto in trailing-return-type signals
    and slots
  • QTBUG-82037 When an application built with CMake is using a statically
    linked version of Qt then it will not include the SVG based image format
  • QTBUG-93501 Missing support for PLUGIN_EXTENDS (qmake) and
    QT_PLUGIN_EXTENDS (CMake) with Qt static builds
  • QTBUG-71701 QFileSystemModel fails to locate a host from the root
    node's visible children
  • QTBUG-49771 Backspace key is not working when CapsLock is on
  • QTBUG-85634 Japanese and Chinese characters have no effect by bold
  • QTBUG-92584 QSqlTableModel ORDER BY doesn't quote table name [with
  • QTBUG-88374 QTextDocument::toHtml: nested lists (ul, ol) not nested in
  • QTBUG-93494 iOS A11Y VoiceOver: QAccessible::EditableText not
    implemented as "TextField" and value is missing last character
  • QTBUG-88651 Can't Hide Menu Separator
  • QTBUG-93620 W System.err: java.lang.NoSuchMethodException:
  • QTBUG-93831 [REG 5.15.2->5.15.4]: Android: Copy-pasting text is not
    possible after pasting
  • QTBUG-92188 Stack smashing detected using QImage::scaled
  • QTBUG-84494 Keyboard layout not managed on Keys.event
  • QTBUG-90030 Persistent index handling in QAbstractItemModel is wrong
  • QTBUG-92886 QAbstractItemModelTester false positive removing rows with
    no columns
  • QTBUG-92488 When a QComboBox is set to use Fusion style after changing
    the size adjust policy to AdjustToContents then it will cut off the last
    item in a list and force it to be scrollable
  • QTBUG-93736 QCombobox last item become inaccessible when a listview is
    used in popup
  • QTBUG-42469 QTreeWidget animated crashes when QTreeWidgetItems are set
    hidden to true
  • QTBUG-67944 If user pressed back button during application startup.
    Application becomes unresponsive.
  • QTBUG-91385 Cannot run pdf examples on iOS
  • QTBUG-58013 Cursor position changes not properly passed to input
  • QTBUG-90799 Select handles Left- and RightPoint goes to the wrong
    place when double tapping on a word on the widget dialog
  • QTBUG-90395 FTBFS: qendian.h missing include
  • QTBUG-61037 tst_QTimeLine::interpolation is flaky; so is frameRate
  • QTBUG-64446 tst_QWidget::multipleToplevelFocusCheck() on linux
  • QTBUG-46116 tst_qwidget fails in the CI
  • QTBUG-62583 tst_QNetworkReply::ioHttpRedirectPolicy() fails in the CI
    with Linux Jethro armv7
  • QTBUG-86677 QToolBar button resize chops text
  • QTBUG-82339 tst_QGestureRecognizer::panGesture Two finger failed
  • QTBUG-88989 Build errors on Android with latest gradle
  • QTBUG-73990 Context Menu Items Fonts and Hotkeys Not Displaying
  • QTBUG-94036 tst_QAccessibilityMac::notificationsTest() fails


  • QTBUG-86017 DelegateModel: Warning and assert with a persisted item
  • QTBUG-93048 Signal and Handler Event System demo Grammatical errors
  • QTBUG-93404 QML Debugging : Breakpoints' internal ID is not assigned
  • QTBUG-63673 PinchArea uses wrong coordinate system when inside a
    rotated container item
  • QTBUG-92224 Show let type variable in Locals
  • QTBUG-93264 TableView: first column does not unhide when changing
    column width
  • QTBUG-74572 When using a syntax highligher on the QQuickTextDocument,
    then triggering a rehighlight does not automatically update the text
    control using it
  • QTBUG-69577 while using both qml and JavaScriptCore.framwork, iOS app
    got a non-public api references error
  • QTBUG-92984 Image is painted with wrong Z order
  • QTBUG-91716 TapHandler works only in the upper left corner of the
    screen when QQuickView given another window as parent
  • QTBUG-94016 TapHandler cannot stop propogating event point
  • QTBUG-90395 FTBFS: qendian.h missing include
  • QTBUG-80415 segfault in software renderer inside
  • QTBUG-27671 QMLTest: Some subtests of
    tests/auto/qmltest/events/tst_events.qml are flaky


  • QTBUG-49591 Qt Designer: QTableWidget : Horizontal labels are not
    visible (horizontalHeaderVisible property is not saved correctly) when
    in page-based container
  • QTBUG-85513 QTableWidget header item alignment defaults to
    Qt::AlignHCenter|Qt::AlignVCenter visually but Designer shows AlignLeft
  • QTBUG-91558 [REG 6.0/5.15.4] lconvert can not read .qm files


  • QTBUG-88987 Update VxWorks 7 documentation to include details about
    llvm support
  • QTBUG-56322 Qt for Android source package build error in examples


  • QTBUG-85636 [Regression] Qml Positioning with nmea source file does
    not work


  • QTBUG-56322 Qt for Android source package build error in examples


  • QTBUG-92444 Warning with QML FileDialog


  • QTBUG-93039 Crash when scrolling ScrollView with zero-sized item
  • QTBUG-92214 QML Dial with stepsize set gives unexpected result
  • QTBUG-91924 With the Imagine style then it is possible that the
    background of a GroupBox is clipped by two pixels
  • QTBUG-89126 REG: ScrollView doesn't remove ScrollBar after settinging
    the new one
  • QTBUG-93958 Crash with ScrollView + TextArea + Item when the app is
  • QDS-4212 Changing Range Slider snap mode changes it's orientation
  • QTBUG-83630 Qt Quick Control 2 Tooltip can be way too big when you
    have newlines


  • QTBUG-59040 QtCharts performance bad when min/max values changed
  • QTBUG-79218 When zooming out enough then the labels on the axes will
    end up showing drawing errors


  • QTBUG-91103 QML theme shows as totally dark when specified during
  • QTBUG-65264 Using Theme3D with qtquickcompiler makes black graph


  • QTBUG-89521 When connecting to the relevant state changed signals for
    a StateMachine then when running via Valgrind there is an invalid read
    on exit
  • QTBUG-92367 [REG 5.15.2->5.15.3]: ScxmlStateMachine submitEvent should
    not always expect data


  • QTBUG-85795 [QtRemoteObjects] QSortFilterProxyModel sort not working


  • QTBUG-91718 When a DirectionalLight has rotation or castShadow or a
    PerspectiveCamera is in its own node then an assert can occur
  • QTBUG-90817 Quick3D Model bounds not set in an imported scene
  • QTBUG-90564 Crash if some importer plugin can't be loaded
  • QTBUG-93410 custom shader loading fails with qt quick compiler
  • QTBUG-93445 Shader cache always writes uncompressed data
  • QTBUG-89681 Occasionally exit abnormally during system startup
  • QTBUG-90677 When the default material has NoLighting set then it
    causes any opacityMap set to be ignored
  • QTBUG-93864 1bpp PNG image can't be loaded as Quick3D 5.x Texture

Known Issues

Credits for the release goes to:

Eirik Aavitsland
Laszlo Agocs
Dimitrios Apostolou
Luca Beldi
Eskil Abrahamsen Blomfeldt
Kai Uwe Broulik
Andreas Buhr
Albert Astals Cid
Alexandru Croitor
Mitch Curtis
Giuseppe D'Angelo
Alexey Edelev
Ilya Fedin
Pekka Gehör
Maximilian Goldstein
Henning Gruendl
Nicolas Guichard
Richard Moe Gustavsen
Zhang Hao
Miikka Heikkinen
Karsten Heimrich
Ulf Hermann
Volker Hilsheimer
Allan Sandfeld Jensen
Friedemann Kleint
Michal Klocek
Jarek Kobus
Tomi Korpipaa
Fabian Kosmale
Kai Köhne
Qiang Li
Thiago Macieira
Tamás Martinec
Bartlomiej Moskal
Marc Mutz
Antti Määttä
Andy Nichols
Aleksei Nikiforov
Mårten Nordheim
Tapio Oksa
Jukka Passi
Mauro Persano
Pasi Petäjäjärvi
Samuli Piippo
Timur Pocheptsov
Joni Poikelin
Romain Pokrzywka
Lorn Potter
Konstantin Ritt
Shawn Rutledge
Lars Schmertmann
Andy Shaw
Ivan Solovev
Piotr Srebrny
Tarja Sundqvist
Paul Olav Tvete
Sami Varanka
Doris Verria
Juha Vuolle
Dongmei Wang
Edward Welbourne