Release note

Qt 6.2.1 release is a patch release made on the top of Qt 6.2.0.
As a patch release, Qt 6.2.1 does not add any new functionality but provides
bug fixes and other improvements and maintains both forward and backward
compatibility (source and binary) with Qt 6.2.0.

For detailed information about Qt 6.2, refer to the online documentation
included in this distribution. The documentation is also available online:


The Qt version 6.2 series is binary compatible with the 6.1.x series.
Applications compiled for 6.1 will continue to run with 6.2.

Some of the changes listed in this file include issue tracking numbers
corresponding to tasks in the Qt Bug Tracker:


Each of these identifiers can be entered in the bug tracker to obtain
more information about a particular change.

To make it easier to port to Qt 6, we have created a porting guide to
summarize those changes and provide guidance to handle them. In the
guide, you can find links to articles about changes that may affect your
application and help you transition from Qt 5.15 to Qt 6:


Important Changes


  • 2a5a93a04d SQLite: Update SQLite to v3.36.0
    Updated SQLite to v3.36.0

  • 138d07dec7 OpenSSL: Let people opt-in to use TLS 1.3 PSK callback
    When using TLS 1.3 we suppress the first callback from OpenSSL about
    pre-shared keys, as it doesn't conform to the past behavior which
    preSharedKeyAuthenticationRequired provided. With this update you can
    opt-out of that workaround by setting the QT_USE_TLS_1_3_PSK environment

  • d11cbb5643 Fix querying font aliases that share name with other fonts
    Fixed an issue where some font styles and weights would not be
    selectable. This was especially noticeable on Windows.

  • 4acc17fa7f qSwap: make it constexpr
    qSwap is now constexpr.

  • 8d445e6c73 Use Yu Gothic UI as the main fallback font for Japanese
    Made the primary fallback font on Japanese locale "Yu Gothic UI" (the
    default system font).

  • c36932ef6f Update PCRE2 to 10.38
    PCRE2 has been updated to version 10.38.

  • fbaf6d0bdf Revert "Support family names that end/start with space"
    Fixed an assert that happened when the system had a font with a
    trailing or leading space in its name.

  • 8fbf61c323 freetype/no-fc: Disambiguate fonts with different widths
    Fixed a bug where fonts of different width within the same family would
    be unselectable if the Freetype font database (no-fontconfig
    configuration) was in use.


  • 93911fa45c Add button argument to the
    TapHandler.[single|double|]tapped signals
    TapHandler's tapped(), singleTapped() and doubleTapped() signals now
    have two arguments: the QEventPoint instance, and the button being
    tapped. If you need it, you should write an explicit function for the
    signal handler: onTapped: function(point, button) { ... } or
    onDoubleTapped: (point, button)=> ...

  • f51231164e QQmlEngine: Fine grained translation binding tracking
    QQmlEngine::retranslate no longer refreshes all bindings, but only
    translation bindings.



  • QTBUG-30617 QtConcurrentMap does not map QJsonArray
  • QTBUG-96062 Integrity linker can't cope with duplicate object files on
    command line
  • QTBUG-95565 Qt Creator cannot build Qt 6 for iOS from the start
  • QTBUG-96305 [REG 5.15.5 -> 5.15.6] xcode builds broken if OBJECTS_DIR
  • QTBUG-96103 Memory corruption in
  • QTBUG-96285 QProcess can't be restarted
  • QTBUG-79016 Processing qm file name error when using config
  • QTBUG-94835 Font Weight not properly reflected
  • QTBUG-72872 Nested QtConcurrent::map cause deadlock
  • COIN-755 Integration is blocked in dev
  • QTBUG-96085 Cannot configure qtdeclarative with tests on Android
  • QTBUG-49771 Backspace key is not working when CapsLock is on
  • QTBUG-96208 macOS: Crash on application exit due to unloading library
    with objc class
  • QTBUG-96600 Some QGuiApplication command line options have incorrect
  • QTBUG-96345 tst_QSocks5SocketEngine::simpleConnectToIMAP() is flaky on
  • QTBUG-89765 Vulkan: view3d example occasionally(?) has broken indexed
  • QTBUG-96288 QTextEdit cursor postion error when QTextEdit has
    different pointsize
  • QTBUG-95942 The elidedtext() function cannot realize text ellipsis in
  • QTBUG-94031 FILE_ID_INFO is redefined when using MinGW-w64 version
  • QTBUG-76948 IOS: disconnect second screen while app in b/g, it crashes
    when app goes into foreground
  • QTBUG-96594 qt_add_dbus_adaptor behaves different than
  • QTBUG-96619 QRhi declares types with non-relocatable QVLA in them as
    relocatable which can lead to crashes
  • QTBUG-87669 few gui tests fail to build on Android
  • QTBUG-96511 MacOS iframework paths missing when using
  • QTBUG-96300 The build system does not work accept
  • QTBUG-96690 Qt6. Build failed when use std::optional as a signal
  • QTBUG-96606 CA certificates not fetched on Android
  • QTBUG-54848 Problem with QAbstractItemDelegate and IME (chinese Input
    Method) with edit trigger QAbstractItemView::AnyKeyPressed
  • QTBUG-96392 HAVE_egl_x11 test fails with libglvnd 1.3.4
  • QTBUG-42661 Wrong dialog activation
  • QTBUG-96838 signing Android app bundles fails with 6.2.0-rc
  • QTBUG-78970 REG 5.9.4 => 5.12.4 setAutoRaise not working on Mac
  • QTBUG-96926 QImage::convertToFormat(format, colorTable) doesn't
    preserve devicePixelRatio
  • QTBUG-96322 Crash on RHI with Opacity Mask effect
  • QTBUG-96846 Many messages "QThread::wait: Thread tried to wait on
    itself" when Creator starts new threads
  • QTBUG-96906 iOS / Android / WebAssembly have invalid [DevicePaths]
    Prefix in target_qt.conf when installing Qt from online installer
  • QTBUG-96798 Separate debug info builds are broken when cross-
    compiling, wrong objcopy is used
  • QTBUG-86094 Generating large pdf files when using pen with zero width
  • QTBUG-96466 [REG 5.15.2-6.2.0] Runtime crash on changing screen's
    scale factor
  • QTBUG-85058 Windows: QDir::entryList doesn't work for directories that
    end with '.lnk'
  • QTBUG-96621 Missing QHash include in qcocoawindow.h
  • QTBUG-94341 Windows: Let QLocale::uiLanguages() return all preferred
  • QTBUG-97023 Fix invalid Qt6::ATSPI2_nolink target
  • QTBUG-96998 CMake: UNIX is not set for INTEGRITY builds
  • QTBUG-96978 Brush transformations are not supported by the PDF engine
  • QTBUG-97085 Crash while JITting QRegularExpression in multiple threads
  • QTBUG-97119 Escape doesn't close popups anymore
  • QTBUG-13965 QPainterPath::addText() does not respect QFont::SmallCaps
  • QTBUG-79140 [REG 5.13.0 -> 5.14.0]OTF fonts don't work correctly
  • QTBUG-83908 Material.System does not work on Windows 10 in Dark Mode
  • QTBUG-97241 Qt no longer compiles when configured with -trace
  • QTBUG-96734 QDoubleSpinBox asserts in validate with default properties
  • QTBUG-97146 QRhiMetal asserts when a given sampleCount is not
    supported by a device
  • QTBUG-96789 Shader cache not able to write out compiled shaders
  • QTBUG-85574 No focus on window after showing and hiding a modal dialog
  • QTBUG-97098 Documentation: building sql drivers following the
    instructions in the docs fails with "CMake Error: Unknown argument
  • QTBUG-97179 Assertion failure inside of QNetworkAccessManager thread
  • QTBUG-92958 Blinking scrollbar with QScrollArea and edge cases.
  • QTBUG-8857 Qt::WA_ShowWithoutActivating causes a situation where a
    QLineEdit cursor is blinking but not active
  • QTBUG-93955 Material.System does not work on Ubuntu (Gnome)
  • QTBUG-97122 Regression: UTF-32 codec fails on assert when
    fromUnicode() is called
  • QTBUG-97425 Build from sources fails in Qt 6.2.0 with MSVC 2019 in
    c++20 mode
  • QTBUG-84310 CMake: qt_lib_XXX.pri files don't contain run_depends
  • QTBUG-89640 font.styleName depends on font loading order
  • QTBUG-97384 [REG 5.15.2-6.2.0] "Flow control error" while loading web
  • QTBUG-97441 Doc: generated lists show only the first word of the
    \brief statement
  • QTBUG-69710 QLineEdit can't be used for keyboard input after popup
    menu from another QDialog
  • QTBUG-96128 Compile error when adding QList::const_iterator and
  • QTBUG-96603 QTextDocument: stylesheet border-color for td applied only
    to first td
  • QTBUG-96861 Geoflickr example dstStep assert crash on mac and iOS
  • QTBUG-79081 Nested foreach generate warnings
  • QTBUG-97458 String "6.2.0" found from 6.2.1 source package
  • QTBUG-97486 Crash in TimeZone ICU backend
  • QTBUG-97475 Crash in QItemSelectionModel
  • QTBUG-97443 Crash - DpiAdjustmentPolicy resolved from wrong
  • QTBUG-97116 OpenSSL TLS plugin is not loaded for OpenSSLv3
  • QTBUG-95609 cmake names for qml plugins
  • QTBUG-97493 Change of QDateTimeEdit::setDateTime not documented in
    "Changes to Qt Modules in Qt 6"
  • QTBUG-97054 QSqlDatabase.open() warning
  • QTBUG-95200 qt6_add_qml_module only works when used in same folder
    than the backing library
  • QTBUG-95670 PSK doesn't work when both the client and server use TLS
  • QTBUG-93340 trafficlight_qml_dynamic crashes on Android device
  • QTBUG-30040 tst_qtooltip::task183679 is unstable in Mac CI
  • QTBUG-96127 Broken external links in Qt docs
  • QTBUG-96303 Review (again) CodeChecker issues for Qt Core
  • QTBUG-96327 qt5.15 examples on qnx710 display "is an invalid ELF
    object (shstrtab section header seems to be at 0)“
  • QTBUG-95042 QFrame Qt::WA_TranslucentBackground is broken with
    specific window flags and drawable child item
  • QTBUG-96290 qmlimportscanner: "qmldir file not found at" when
    configuring quickwidget example with static Qt
  • QTBUG-84877 QLocale::system() uses short names of days and months for
    narrow formats
  • QTBUG-96253 Unable to build qtscxml tests after building with
    components with Conan
  • QTBUG-95832 QtRemoteObjects CMake API is using the internal
    qt_manual_moc API
  • QTBUG-94770 [Qt Virtual keyboard] Keyboards doesn't respond when
    QT_SCALE_FACTOR is set to 1.5
  • QTBUG-95249 OpenSSL TLS backend plugin missing in macOS installation
    from official binary
  • QTBUG-96441 [REG 6.1.0 - 6.2.0] Windows: QWindow doesn't respect
  • QTBUG-96790 crash in QWindowsFileSystemWatcherEngine::addPaths
  • QTBUG-96786 QPainter::drawRect fills OpenGL window background when
    pen's alpha != 1.0
  • QTBUG-96718 Crash in inBindingWrapper() (Creator built against Qt 6.2
  • QTBUG-80766 Android app installed from Google Play store crashes
  • QTBUG-96654 REG[5.15-6.1]QTreeView crash when checkbox triggers reset
  • QTBUG-97028 \relates documentation should mention how it interacts
    with templated classes
  • QTBUG-96057 Bluetooth crash when connectToPairedDevice on windows
  • QTBUG-95285 Create documentation page for Qt for Android Manifest
  • QTBUG-97002 Building for android fail
  • QTBUG-96239 Document CMake component in CMake function documentation
  • QTBUG-96575 Merge "DTLS Client"and "DTLS Server" examples
  • QTBUG-95763 Configuring an executable with an attached qml module
    fails when using the Xcode generator
  • QTBUG-58013 Cursor position changes not properly passed to input


  • QTBUG-97421 text x,y positions are always parsed as pixels
  • QTBUG-97422 font-size is always parsed as pixels


  • QTBUG-64847 TapHandler does not tell us which button was tapped (and
    this breaks the manual test)
  • QTBUG-96301 qmldir files generated by CMake do not respect .ui.qml
  • QTBUG-95589 Customizing checkbox does not fully work when using
    example from documentation
  • QTBUG-87402 Error when using ShaderEffect doesn't tell the user how to
    fix it
  • QTBUG-96130 srbCache exhibits unreasonable, semi-continuous growth
    with dynamic scenes
  • QTBUG-91109 Inconsistent behaviour of TextArea with horizontalCenter
    between different platforms (Gallery example)
  • QTBUG-96405 setGraphicsApi :OpenGLRhi. QML application resizing
    flickers and is sometimes blank
  • QTBUG-96275 Crash while loading QML type data from disk cache
  • QTBUG-96290 qmlimportscanner: "qmldir file not found at" when
    configuring quickwidget example with static Qt
  • QTBUG-96147 qmlsc does not understand curly braced grouped properties
  • QTBUG-96587 qmlsc ignores return type of CallPropertyLookup
  • QTBUG-96551 Crash while processing a shortcut key
  • QTBUG-96902 Import of JS module to QML does not work
  • QTBUG-96358 ShaderTools package not found when building qtdeclarative
    examples in-tree in a prefix build (not as ExternalProjects)
  • QTBUG-96909 ListView/Flickable: when releasing multitouch, list stays
    in dragging state
  • QTBUG-86744 ListView.isCurrentItem not available until model is
  • QTBUG-96625 Unable to declare variable with identifier equal to
    function name inside getter
  • QTBUG-92841 Offscreen Surfaces should not receive input events in 3D
  • QTBUG-96805 quick examples not compiling on Wasm: CMake Error at
  • QTBUG-95544 Regression: buttons invisible when using non-sized custom
  • QTBUG-96668 [Reg 6.1 -> 6.2] Cannot overwrite property bindings in
    aliased elements
  • QTBUG-97099 [cmake] dependent qml plugins not auto-loaded with
    statically linked qt
  • QTBUG-96192 Performance concerns for a qmlengine->retranslate() call
  • QTBUG-97427 Binding an attached property instance to a
    Connection.target results in attachee being set as a target
  • QTBUG-96876 Error initializing PageIndicator with Material style
  • QTBUG-97480 ParentChange crash
  • QTBUG-95200 qt6_add_qml_module only works when used in same folder
    than the backing library
  • QTBUG-93340 trafficlight_qml_dynamic crashes on Android device
  • QTBUG-95587 icon.source of Control is not resolved relative to user
  • QTBUG-96200 Only the first Q_PROPERTY marked as REQUIRED is required
    in reality
  • QTBUG-96127 Broken external links in Qt docs
  • QBS-1676 qmlcache created by QBS causes loading problem if the qml
    filename matches the name of some qml file from Qt package and has
    inline component
  • QTBUG-85151 "module "QtQuick.Templates" is not installed" when some
    files' QML imports specify version and some don't
  • QTBUG-60491 When TextEdit show the file more than 1mb, the soft will
    use many memory
  • QTBUG-91163 cannot build some modules with -developer-build on 32bit
    architectures without -no-warnings-are-errors
  • QTBUG-96964 Changing the ShaderEffect shader crashes
  • QTBUG-96454 QT6.2.0 cross compile failed on QNX7.1 Version


  • QTBUG-94845 autoOrientation in QML VideoOutput doesn't work
  • QTBUG-95626 [REG] Audio playback is not stopped on MediaPlayer
  • QTBUG-95576 [REG] MediaPlayer position property is not updated while
    playing a video
  • QTBUG-96376 Recording fails when encoding audio to other codecs other
    than AAC, WAV, or ALAC
  • QTBUG-96368 Mediaplayer's video output doesn't update when changing
    video source on macOS/iOS
  • QTBUG-96089 Multiply defined symbols found for
  • QTBUG-96609 Outdated code snippet in QMultimediaPlayer documentation
  • QTBUG-96402 QMediaPlayer position inconsistent
  • QTBUG-96652 QML VideoOuput cannot be used directly with QML Camera
  • QTBUG-95066 Multimedia: Missing documentation for QML types
  • QTBUG-96705 The preview parameter from imageCaptured() can no longer
    be used as image source (QML)
  • QTBUG-96642 Loading multiple SoundEffects in QML randomly crashes the
  • QTBUG-96704 In QML, using capture*() after switching between camera
    devices crashes the application
  • QTBUG-95234 MingW build does not find WMF, and builds without a valid
  • QTBUG-96944 Recorder app crashes while switching between apps
  • QTBUG-96943 Incorrect video orientation for recorded video - recorder
  • QTBUG-95063 audiosource example asserts on startup
  • QTBUG-96984 MediaPlayer example in Detailed Description is missing id
  • QTBUG-96719 Update resolution list by data from the
    QList on QCameraFormat
  • QTBUG-96955 Spectrum app crashes once user try to edit settings
  • QTBUG-97069 [Windows] Crash (use-after-free) on (Q)MediaPlayer
  • QTBUG-97152 QMediaPlayer 'play' jumps to wrong position after seek
  • QTBUG-96750 Incorrect return from full screen mode for player example
  • QTBUG-96985 Video and MediaPlayer don't allow to use relative URLs
  • QTBUG-97622 QML ImageCapture preview property does nothing?
  • QTBUG-97379 [Boot2Qt] Declarative-camera example does not work with
    Toradex Apalis i.MX6
  • QTBUG-96401 qtmultimedia fails to configure due to not finding GObject
    due to typo.
  • QTBUG-96406 MM Video playback fails completely when using (linking)
  • QTBUG-96202 SoundEffect does not work in Qt6.2 beta3 in Windows and
  • QTBUG-95883 QtMultimedia tests fail on Android
  • QTBUG-96952 Android MediaPlayer not sending onInfo updates
  • QTBUG-95010 Missing loops property
  • QTBUG-96947 Cannot go back from multi option for qmlvideo example


  • QTBUG-95975 [REG Qt 6.2.0 beta1 -> beta2] Rebuilding unchanged sources
    results in build error
  • QTBUG-96837 qdoc: warnings about generatelist incorrectly formatted
  • QTBUG-96694 broken "Contents" links in assistant
  • QTBUG-97028 \relates documentation should mention how it interacts
    with templated classes
  • QTBUG-96521 Windeployqt does not deploy Qt6ShaderTools lib with Rhi
  • QTBUG-97034 qdoc: relative paths in 'includepaths' variable are
    resolved too late
  • QTBUG-96408 QDoc crashed while parsing the index file in Qt5.15
  • QTBUG-97453 qdoc: Unnecessary warnings when running in testing mode
  • QTBUG-97389 'lupdate_sources' variable empty in cmake file generated
    by qt_add_lupdate


  • QTBUG-95658 Fix qtquickcontrols2 references in qttranslations.git
  • QTBUG-95013 pt_BR translations not loaded


  • QTBUG-95990 Add support for multi-abi application builds for Android
    with qmake
  • QTBUG-95285 Create documentation page for Qt for Android Manifest
  • QTBUG-97052 Typo in Qt for Windows - Graphics Acceleration
  • QTBUG-97438 Compiling universal binaries in Qt Creator error
  • QTBUG-96127 Broken external links in Qt docs
  • QTBUG-96151 QML deployment docs need to be rewritten
  • QTBUG-96590 Qt for Android documentation refers to gcc.exe instead of


  • QTBUG-96127 Broken external links in Qt docs


  • QTBUG-96914 Configuring top-level build on Ubuntu 18.04 without pkg-
    config fails in qtsensors


  • QTBUG-80719 connectToDevice() hangs when trying to connect to faulty
    Bluetooth device
  • QTBUG-97242 Windows: 100% CPU load when reading services and
  • QTBUG-96057 Bluetooth crash when connectToPairedDevice on windows
  • QTBUG-83633 Bluetooth Discovery device crash
  • QTBUG-96688 BT LE Android large characteristic write support
  • QTBUG-86796 Documentation should mention that qt bluetooth and audio
    requires QGuiApplication


  • QTBUG-87624 Wayland client crash when QDrag is used
  • QTBUG-96464 Wayland client race condition in applyConfigure
  • QTBUG-96845 Failed to build FEATURE_wayland_dmabuf_client_buffer


  • QTBUG-89536 Remove configure.json files for building Qt 6
  • QTBUG-95636 Update cmake_minimum_required to 3.16 in all CMake Qt
    example projects


  • QTBUG-96127 Broken external links in Qt docs


  • QTBUG-96308 Drag and drop does not work on macOS
  • QTBUG-95770 Cannot open recently saved file
  • QTBUG-95580 Crash on GetFaviconsForURL
  • QTBUG-96266 webengine not building (linking): LINK : fatal error
    LNK1104: cannot open file
  • QTBUG-96196 configure -list-features does not list webengine features
  • QTBUG-95717 Configuring: Qt 6.2 " Unknown command line option
  • QTBUG-96525 QWebEngineScript::setSourceUrl doesn't load scripts from
  • QTBUG-96398 Build fails on arm
  • QTBUG-96539 WebEngineView: QtWebEngineProcess cannot start.
  • QTBUG-96002 The document QtWebengine is self-contradictory
  • QTBUG-95367 Webengine examples fails to build: undefined reference to
    `QApplication::QApplication(int&, char**, int)'
  • QTBUG-96375 Build failure with webengine
  • QTBUG-76249 [Reg 5.9->5.11]Custom UserAgent ignored if page opened
    with window.open or _blank
  • QTBUG-88875 WebChannel is broken in ApplicationWorld with javascript
    disabled in MainWorld
  • QTBUG-96127 Broken external links in Qt docs
  • QTBUG-97414 tst_CertificateError::fatalError()
    '!page.error->isOverridable()' returned FALSE.
  • QTBUG-96928 QtWebEngine continuously allocates memory until it get


  • QTBUG-94935 Clean up Qt WebView documentation for Qt 6.2
  • QTBUG-95636 Update cmake_minimum_required to 3.16 in all CMake Qt
    example projects


  • QTBUG-92544 charts/audio has dependency to non-existent module


  • QTBUG-95270 Can't link to 'Qt Data Visualization' from qdoc


  • QTBUG-96253 Unable to build qtscxml tests after building with
    components with Conan


  • QTBUG-97458 String "6.2.0" found from 6.2.1 source package
  • QTBUG-96127 Broken external links in Qt docs


  • QTBUG-95832 QtRemoteObjects CMake API is using the internal
    qt_manual_moc API
  • QTBUG-91163 cannot build some modules with -developer-build on 32bit
    architectures without -no-warnings-are-errors


  • QTBUG-97043 qtquicktimeline: commercial only license ?


  • QTBUG-96163 ModelParticle3D instanceTable property not documented
  • QDS-5004 FBX imported models broken in 3D Editor
  • QDS-5103 Issues with QtQuick3D.Particles3D module designer specifics
  • QDS-5098 QtQuick3D.FileInstancing component is shown in library as
  • QDS-5096 Fix property specifics for QtQuick3D.Repeater3D
  • QTBUG-96730 Custom Material fragment shader sometimes does not have
    access to special variables
  • QTBUG-79026 WasdController can't get control of keyboard back after
    using UI element
  • QTBUG-97260 Model blend particle spatial node is not always
  • QTBUG-96307 Issue with stopped particle system and startTime
  • QTBUG-96457 "infinite plane" Item2D prevents event propagation to 2D
    content behind it
  • QTBUG-92841 Offscreen Surfaces should not receive input events in 3D


  • QTBUG-96618 qtquick3d examples fail to build for QNX
  • QTBUG-96524 Qsb tool output (errors) not visible when called From
    visual studio / cmake
  • QTBUG-96912 No documented way to build GLES shader using
    samplerExternalOES with qsb
  • QTBUG-97458 String "6.2.0" found from 6.2.1 source package


  • QTBUG-96127 Broken external links in Qt docs
  • QTBUG-91163 cannot build some modules with -developer-build on 32bit
    architectures without -no-warnings-are-errors

Known Issues

  • Check that your system meets Qt's requirements:
  • RTA reported issues from Qt 6.2
  • Supported development platforms are listed here:
  • See Qt 6.2 Known Issues from:

Credits for the release goes to:

Aavitsland Eirik
Achtelik Mike
Ackers Dan
Agocs Laszlo
Akulich Alexander
Apostolou Dimitrios
Astals Cid Albert
Bennett Nicholas
Bin Chen
Blasche Alex
Blomfeldt Eskil Abrahamsen
Borisova Tatiana
Bornemann Joerg
Boudjelthia Assam
Brüning Michael
Buddenhagen Oswald
Buhr Andreas
Burtsev Kirill
Casafranca Juan
Chuan Wang
Croitor Alexandru
Curtis Mitch
D'Angelo Giuseppe
David Szabolcs
Dietz Pascal
Edelev Alexey
Eftevaag Oliver
Egedi Balazs
Eklund Iikka
Faure David
Fella Nicolas
Funk Kevin
Gehör Pekka
Goldstein Maximilian
Golubev Andrei
Grulich Jan
Grönholm Kaj
Gustavsen Richard Moe
Gérard Lucie
Haixiang Tang
Halmet Heikki
Hao Zhang
Hartmann Thomas
Heikkinen Jani
Heikkinen Miikka
Heimrich Karsten
Hermann Ulf
Hilsheimer Volker
Holland Dominik
Jensen Allan Sandfeld
Jenssen Tim
Kleint Friedemann
Klocek Michal
Knoll Lars
Kobus Jarek
Koivikko Jarkko
Kosmale Fabian
Kurazyan Sona
Kvinge Jonas
Köhne Kai
Macieira Thiago
Markovic Pavol
Martinec Tamás
Meshcheriakov Ievgenii
Mira Samuel
Mohamed Fawzi
Määttä Antti
Neumann Alexander
Nichols Andy
Nordheim Mårten
Pelkonen Tuomo
Persano Mauro
Petäjäjärvi Pasi
Piippo Samuli
Pocheptsov Timur
Poikelin Joni
Pol Aleix
Potter Lorn
Qi Liang
Reinio Topi
Rocha André de la
RuiJie Fan
Rutledge Shawn
Schmertmann Lars
Scott Craig
Sera Luca Di
Shaw Andy
Shivashankar Venugopal
Solovev Ivan
Srebrny Piotr
Staikov Andrii
Stottlemyer Brett
Strømme Christian
Sæther Jan Arve
Sørvig Morten Johan
Thibault Samuel
Tkachenko Ivan
Trotsenko Alex
Tvete Paul Olav
Varga Peter
Verria Doris
Vertriest Nico
Vestbø Tor Arne
Voelker Jannis
Vuolle Juha
Welbourne Edward
Wicking Paul
Wolff Oliver
Zhang JiDe