Release note

Qt 6.6.3 release is a patch release made on the top of Qt 6.6.2.
As a patch release, Qt 6.6.3 does not add any new functionality but provides
bug fixes and other improvements and maintains both forward and backward
compatibility (source and binary) with Qt 6.6.2.

For detailed information about Qt 6.6, refer to the online documentation
included in this distribution. The documentation is also available online:


The Qt version 6.6 series is binary compatible with the 6.5.x series.
Applications compiled for 6.5 will continue to run with 6.6.

Some of the changes listed in this file include issue tracking numbers
corresponding to tasks in the Qt Bug Tracker:


Each of these identifiers can be entered in the bug tracker to obtain
more information about a particular change.

To make it easier to port to Qt 6, we have created a porting guide to
summarize those changes and provide guidance to handle them. In the
guide, you can find links to articles about changes that may affect your
application and help you transition from Qt 5.15 to Qt 6:


Important Changes


  • 1772c99267 Update Zlib to 1.3.1
    zlib was updated to version 1.3.1.

  • 2a2875ce67 windows: Avoid infinite recursion with certain fonts
    Fixed an issue where an infinite recursion could occur if the system
    had a font with multiple preferred names in non-English languages.

  • c64fb06afa Fix clipped text when combining multiple writing systems
    Fixed an issue where drawing text from different writing systems in the
    same line and including a background could cause parts of the text to be

  • 64736d2ece Doc: Update Copyright in md4c license text
    Updated md4c (optional part of Qt Gui) to version 0.5.1.

  • fb92bb073e API Review Widgets: Remove QDockWidget debug operators
    Removed debug streaming operator incorrectly introduced as a new symbol
    in Qt 6.6.1.

  • 0624fb868f Update public suffix list
    Updated the public suffix list to upstream SHA

  • 3610198ab0 QPainterPath: Fix boundingRect and controlPointRect
    ignoring start point
    boundingRect() and controlPointRect() now use the start point from
    QPainterPath(const QPointF &startPoint).

  • b5ae9666b4 QBitArray: avoid overflow in size-to-storage calculations
    Fixed a bug with QBitArrays whose size() came within 7 of the
    size_type's maximum.

  • aef6388a17 QBitArray: fix potential truncation in QDataStream op>>()
    Fixed undetected overflows in the deserialisation (opertor>>()) from

  • 48b36d89c4 Update bundled libpng to version 1.6.41
    libpng was updated to version 1.6.41

  • 5de945fb3c SQLite: Update SQLite to v3.45.1
    Updated SQLite to v3.45.1

  • 0f541bbc1b QMovie non-anim: use QImageReader::imageCount but not
    QMovie now handles non-animated multi-frame image formats (such as
    tiff): QImageIOHandler::imageCount() is observed, and the default frame
    rate is 1 FPS.

  • 14671775ed Update md4c to 0.5.2
    md4c was updated to 0.5.2.

  • 027724d66e Update bundled libjpeg-turbo to version 3.0.2
    libjpeg-turbo was updated to version 3.0.2

  • 4f88c3e3ac Update QLocale and calendar data to CLDR v44.1
    Updated QLocale's data extracted from the Unicode Common Locale Data
    Repository (CLDR) to v44.1. The license changed to Unicode License V3.

  • 85ac5cb979 Update bundled libpng to version 1.6.42
    libpng was updated to version 1.6.42

  • 42aa064c9d Update Valgrind to version 3.22.0
    Updated Valgrind header used by QtTest. The change only affects
    portability of s390 inline assembler.

  • 3738a2dc67 CMake: Fix undefined symbol: qt_resourceFeatureZstd issue
    Targets created with qt_add_executable and qt_add_library will now add
    the --no-zstd option to AUTORCC_OPTIONS when the target platform does
    not support zstd decompression. You can opt out via the
    QT_NO_AUTORCC_ZSTD cmake variable.

  • 1e75a10294 QBitArray: don't create invalid Qt 5 streams
    Now refuses to stream a QBitArray with size() > INT_MAX to a
    Qt-5-compatible QDataStream.

  • bf7c7f0d74 WASM builds now handle bitmap and pixmap cursors
    Previously, bitmap and pixmap cursors were nonfunctional in wasm builds
    and would trigger warnings. These cursors now work as expected.

  • 1286c7e5c8 QDialogButtonBox: Fix focus chain and default button
    Default button becomes focus proxy of a QDialogButtonBox. This ensures
    that Enter triggers the default button, instead of the first button in
    the layout.

  • 3e284681db QGtk3Theme: Fix QGtk3Interface::fileIcon
    Fixed file icons provided by QFileIconProvider when using the gtk3
    platform theme.

  • 179164ef14 PCRE2: upgrade to 10.43
    PCRE2 was updated to version 10.43.

  • 566fe27f4a Update bundled libpng to version 1.6.43
    libpng was updated to version 1.6.43

  • 2287723ed3 SQLite: Update SQLite to v3.45.2
    Updated SQLite to v3.45.2


  • bb28e7e14f Fall back to retrying with "software" when swapchain fails
    The fallback to a software rasterizer, if applicable to the platform
    and 3D API, is now performed also upon the first swapchain creation
    failure. Previously this was only done if the QRhi initialization
    failed. Relevant in particular on Windows, potentially allowing
    functioning on systems that are incapable of proper accelerated D3D
    rendering, but, for whatever reason, do not fail early on upon the
    device/context creation, only later at swapchain creation.

  • fe7687785a Material: remove ComboBox's insets
    ComboBox's insets were removed. This may cause visual changes to UIs.


  • ae13259f6 Update doc and attributions with new FFmpeg version in
    Updated FFmpeg to n6.1.


  • c322b847 Update iOS supported platforms and toolchain to iOS 17/Xcode
    Xcode 15 is now both supported and required for Qt for iOS. To develop
    for iOS 17 devices, please use Qt Creator 13, or generate an Xcode
    project using qmake or CMake and use Xcode directly.


  • 37890bd6 Replace incorrect license attribution for 3rdparty/open62541
    Correctly refer to the CC-BY-SA0 license as "Creative Commons
    Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International".



  • QTBUG-120509 Crash when Qt re-create native windows if
    WA_DontCreateNativeAncestors is set
  • QTBUG-120962 QTextCursor::removeSelectedText leads to crash
  • QTBUG-114941 Qt 6.6 Beta 1 and Qt Creator 11.0.0-beta2 - Test
    permissions - Bluetooth fails on Android 14
  • QTBUG-120436 sqldrivers always build in release
  • QTBUG-114958 dev/6.7: Windows: qsb crashes in debug build, causing
    qtdeclarative build to fail
  • QTBUG-120317 qt6_debug_metatypes.json: illegal value
  • QTBUG-121472 qmltyperegistrar.exe fails to parse metatypes.json file
  • QTBUG-121498 tst_QAbstractItemView::removeIndexWhileEditing() failed
    on Wayland
  • QTBUG-120469 Crash in QCocoaSystemTrayIcon::emitActivated() when
    calling QComboBox clear() then addItem()
  • QTBUG-121008 Crash in QMacAccessibilityElement when using
  • QTBUG-121515 [Reg 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2] QNetworkAccessManager never finishes
    request if server sends status code 401 without a challenge
  • QTBUG-118238 【Windows】stack overflow after launch Any Qt Application
    (or Official Demo)
  • QTBUG-121040 [Reg 5.1 -> 5.15 and all 6.*] QTextDocumentation does not
    handle background of HTML string correctly
  • QTBUG-74471 QFileSystemModel shows directories with
  • QTBUG-115459 Possible infinite loop triggered by unmaximizing the
    window in 6.5.0+
  • QTBUG-121557 [Reg 6.4.3->6.6] Application unusable after closing
    nested message boxes
  • QTBUG-121713 QXkbCommon::keysymToQtKey does not map XF86Calculator
  • QTBUG-121729 error: Multiple commands produce same *_metatypes.json
  • QTBUG-121926 rerun of cmake loses build type
  • QTBUG-117429 TIFF AnimatedImage memory leak
  • QTBUG-120369 iOS: Crash after changing screen orientation
  • QTBUG-120530 QDomDocument doc refers to QXmlQuery which doesn't exist
    in Qt6
  • QTBUG-99178 QFileSystemModel should have an option to disable icon
    loading; crashes if the icon provider is null
  • QTBUG-121873 The description and the snippet don't match in
  • QTBUG-121697 Critical crash when creating QPlainTextEdit when using
  • QTBUG-121790 QApplication::setStyleSheet crashes QTextEdit
  • QTBUG-121485 QLocale method nativeCountryName returns wrong values.
  • QTBUG-121948 RCC compression is broken when deploying to Android from
    a Linux host using CMake
  • QTBUG-106466 build android app with Debian host fails on undefined
    symbol qt_resourceFeatureZstd
  • QTBUG-101353 AUTORCC uses zstd even if Qt is build without rcc support
  • QTBUG-121668 Qt Notifier example - notifications do not work on
    Android 13
  • QTBUG-103476 CustomDelegate::destroyEditor() is not called for some
    editor when removing a tree branch
  • QTBUG-122054 Massive performance loss of QTreeView::expandAll
  • QTBUG-121875 Typo in the document
  • QTBUG-120688 Explicitly document behavior for QFileInfo if file is
  • QTBUG-119148 layer.samples value not clipped in Qt6
  • QTBUG-85425 Fusion style adds unneeded space for QGroupBoxes without a
    title on Linux
  • QTBUG-95472 CLONE - Fusion style adds unneeded space for QGroupBoxes
    without a title
  • QTBUG-119795 Adding QOpenGLWidget to a QDialog in a maximized
    QMainWindow maximizes the QDialog
  • QTBUG-122210 [REG 6.6.1->6.6.2] widgets/itemviews/editabletreemodel
    not compiling on iOS
  • QTBUG-118489 Can't tab to last button in QDialogButtonBox
  • QTBUG-122200 Header files are not being copied into the Qt* frameworks
    in custom build
  • QTBUG-119447 RHI - QRhiResourceUpdateBatch::readBackBuffer() fails to
    read compute buffer on Metal
  • QTBUG-116927 markdown writer omits trailing ** if a bold span exceeds
    the wrap limit
  • QTBUG-121881 QT_DEPLOY_QML_DIR: Custom value causes empty "qml" folder
    to be created
  • QTBUG-106526 markdown writer should never wrap headings, but wraps
    them if they are too long
  • QTBUG-122087 QTimer::isActive returns true if interval is Invalid
  • QTBUG-122139 DirectWrite's default hinting looks off
  • QTBUG-122167 REG: Kerning errors with DirectWrite font backend
  • QTBUG-122266 property "AUTORCC_OPTIONS" is not allowed
  • QTBUG-122254 Documentation example of
    QCborStreamReader::readString()/QCborStreamReader::readByteArray is
  • QTBUG-114608 Programmatically setting focus does not move VoiceOver
  • QTBUG-119864 QPushButton or QToolButton does not receive mouse events
    after calling setMenu().
  • QTBUG-121906 Copyright year in so files not updated to 2024
  • QTBUG-121928 Remove Copyright year from About Qt & command line tools
  • QTBUG-122192 CONFIG *= silent fails at linking
  • QTBUG-122451 Floating point in raster drawBitmap together with strict
    QImage::scanLine causes assertion "i >= 0 && i < height()"
  • QTBUG-122622 configure on Windows can't handle unquoted -DFOO=0
  • QTBUG-118983 CTest prints output from a failed test twice
  • QTBUG-88721 QTextDocument::find() does not work well with
  • QTBUG-122637 qmessagebox.h: extra ';' after member function definition
  • QTBUG-122109 QTreeWidget's columns do not seem to resize properly
    after upgrading from Qt6.5.3 to Qt6.1.1
  • QTBUG-120699 QHeaderView in QTableView doesn't restore geometry
  • QTBUG-116550 [schannel] Qt warning "QIODevice::write (QTcpSocket):
    device not open"
  • QTBUG-122674 Build failure on x32 ABI
  • QTBUG-107486 Typo in the document
  • QTBUG-119080 a11y: Checkbox lacks AT-SPI "checkable" state
  • QTBUG-96348 QWindowsSystemTrayIcon::showMessage: Windows Handle leak
  • QTBUG-62945 Windows: QSystemTrayIcon::showMessage causes GDI-Object
  • QTBUG-122073 If SQL Engine does not support lastInsertId QList will
  • QTBUG-122739 qtpaths/qmake don't honor qtconf in some cases with LTO
  • QTBUG-121126 Crash when restoring maximized window of application with
    tabified dock widgets
  • QTBUG-122001 QMainWindow::tabifiedDockWidgets() - Not accurate
  • QTBUG-81662 Indentation in QML RichText after list is wrong
  • QTBUG-122749 [Crash] WebEngine Print Me example app crashes when
    changing the page orientation
  • QTBUG-120694 QDockWidget resize issue with Qt 6.6.1
  • QTBUG-102196 QDockWidget: wrong mouse cursor icon used when dock
    widget floating, has custom title bar & contains window container
  • QTBUG-105871 QUdpSocket stop emitting ReadyRead signal in
  • QTBUG-115598 tst_QWidget::render() with QtWayland failed on Ubuntu
    22.04, GNOME
  • QTBUG-40561 QDomText::splitText leaks memory
  • QTBUG-122663 Live Preview doesn't work on Boot2Qt
  • QTBUG-122944 Dragged toplevel is re-attached even after
  • QTBUG-122949 Toplevel drag only works on left monitor
  • QTBUG-121561 Android: in TextField: cannot edit inside of words, only
    at the end [regression]
  • QTBUG-118434 [Reg Qt5->Qt6] QMenu cannot arrange menu entries
    correctly when there are large quantity of them
  • QTBUG-122973 QDateTime::operator== documentation is wrong
  • QTBUG-113432 RubberBand update area is too small in QListView
  • QTBUG-122821 QListView with checkable items duplicates checkbox
  • QTBUG-122825 QAbstractItemView::indicator not working properly
  • QTBUG-102820 [REG 5.15.2 => 6.2.4] Styled indicators not drawn in
  • QTBUG-122893 Sending QNetworkRequest fails on singlethreaded WASM
  • QTBUG-119216 macOS: REG->6.5: DnD with custom text MIME type got
  • QTBUG-120602 Cannot build Qt modules standalone for iOS
  • QTBUG-120682 Creating QSslSocket when schannel is in use takes too
    long time
  • QTBUG-101141 moc: namespaced base class not properly resolved in
    cpp.json file
  • QTBUG-119490 qcocoaapplicationdelegate.mm:354:20: error: cannot
    initialize return object of type 'BOOL'
  • QTBUG-122042 Shortcut icons for the delete and backspace keys seem to
    be wrong
  • QDS-11733 Delete icon points in wrong direction on macOS
  • QTBUG-94460 QLocale's names for languages, scripts and territories
    don't match CLDR's en.xml's proper names
  • QTBUG-52021 Blink timer for QLineEdit not killed after QMenu spawn
  • QTBUG-118318 QStringConverter/Win doesn't handle resumption for
    encodings with more than 2 octets per character for convertToUnicode
  • QTBUG-120276 Crash when reparent a native child to a different tlw if
    QT_WIDGETS_RHI=1 is set on Windows
  • QTBUG-122596 [REG 6.7.0->6.8.0] error in configure step, top level
    build, MinGW
  • QTBUG-122138 QTzTimeZoneCache::findEntry() parses files while holding
  • QTBUG-122137 REG: QtWebEngine / Pdfwidgets no longer supports plugins
  • QTBUG-122704 QPainterPath de-serialisation from QDataStream fails if
    item isn't empty
  • QTBUG-109708 Startup crash in QRhiD3D11::endFrame() with nullptr
  • QTBUG-122838 Android multi-abi builds broken if depfiles are used
  • QTBUG-105009 [REG 5.15.2->6.3.1/6.4.0 Beta2] You can still insert
    Chinese text into a QTextEdit when "readOnly" property is enabled.
  • QTBUG-110838 edit components ReadOnly invalid via some input method
  • QTBUG-119182 Readonly QLineEdit writable using input method


  • QTBUG-120653 All SVGs with paths with more than 32768 points render
  • QTBUG-121981 QtSvg parser does not handle nested svg elements
  • QTBUG-120507 [REG 6.2.2 -> 6.2.3] Trying to render particular svg file
    takes much longer than before


  • QTBUG-120568 "Using the Configuration File in a Project" only covers
    qmake way and not cmake
  • QTBUG-119994 the documentation seems to be contradictory to the code
  • QTBUG-119903 the link to elevated card cannot be found
  • QTBUG-120065 Non-native FileDialog loses URL schema when filename is
    manually entered
  • QTBUG-115953 Interactive Flickable with pressDelay makes
    childMouseEventFilter to lose MouseButtonPress event
  • QTBUG-120301 QQuickStateGroup taking null pointers leads to crash
  • QTBUG-120512 Inconsistent behaviour between qmlsc and JIT compiler
    when setting a property to "undefined"
  • QTBUG-111729 Assertion failed in QJSEngine when repeatedly deleting &
    adding property getters on an object
  • QTBUG-116426 crash in QQuickItemPrivate::derefWindow
  • QTBUG-120450 Allocating or deallocating a QJSEngine object causes a
    crash if the application has called mlockall(MCL_CURRENT|MCL_FUTURE)
  • QTBUG-113695 qmllint: property-changes-parsed suggests can code that
    don't understand
  • QTBUG-118710 [REG 6.5.2 → 6.5.3] QQmlProperty: wrong warning about
    signal handler capitalization
  • QTBUG-121216 Drawer item does not support rotation for touch input
  • QTBUG-80910 Drawer item does not support rotation
  • QTBUG-71117 When the contentOrientation is changed for the
    ApplicationWindow, then the Drawer does not drag out as expected
  • QTBUG-115536 Setting Window.contentOrientation breaks Popup on regular
  • QTBUG-119326 application crash when using QML-Debugger: Component vs
  • QTBUG-109261 qmlsc dead code analysis is incomplete
  • QTBUG-121710 [Reg 6.6.0 -> 6.6.1] Aliasing to enums does not work as
    in Qt 6.6.0 an earlier anymore
  • QTBUG-121734 SetLookup crashes on hierarchy of shadowable properties
  • QTBUG-119984 old way of exposing c++ class to qml is written
  • QTBUG-122081 FAIL! : tst_qqmllocale::toString(locale.toString(new
    Date(2000, 1, 1))) Compared values are not the same
  • QTBUG-119459 [Reg 5.15 -> 6.2] the line number output by
    console.trace() is too big
  • QTBUG-122173 tst_qquickanimatedimage::currentFrame() is flaky on
  • QTBUG-120499 [REG 6.5.3 - 6.6.1] QML warning "Final member modelData
    is overridden in class QQmlDMAbstractItemModelData. The override won't
    be used."
  • QTBUG-122106 QList is converted to int by qmlsc
  • QTBUG-120105 Unreliable QML Timer / qmltest wait() / QTest:qWait()
    with offscreen platform
  • QTBUG-118889 Assert when changing focus fast of
  • QTBUG-120506 [Reg 6.5 -> 6.6] Using CameraLens.ProjectionType as
    type hinting cause runtime error
  • QTBUG-122252 [REG: 6.4->6.5] Qt.point cannot be used as a return type
  • QTBUG-121349 Flickable: strange defaults for mouse wheel triggered
  • QTBUG-119829 [Reg 6.5 -> 6.6] Shadowing default property crashes QML
  • QTBUG-121592 Attached ScrollBar and ScrollIndicator fail when using
    QML Type Compiler
  • QTBUG-119448 Fix documentation: initializing a property of aliased
    property won't actually cause an error
  • QTBUG-118982 qmllint multiple pragma ComponentBehavior in same file
  • QTBUG-120526 qmllint complains wrongly when changing Layout attached
    properties in a PropertyChanges
  • QTBUG-116994 qt_add_add_qml_module runs into command line length
    limits on Windows
  • QTBUG-119911 Incubated object is garbage collected before a reference
    to it can be created
  • QTBUG-113039 Crash when accessing properties of line parameter in
  • QTBUG-122024 Advertised and documented property of Layouts does not
  • QTBUG-116505 HoverHandler is broken when using a stylus
  • QTBUG-101932 two HoverHandlers with different
    acceptedDevices/acceptedPointerTypes: cursorShape doesn't change
  • QTBUG-122454 Gallery example radio buttons not working as expected
  • QTBUG-115478 Qmllint interferes with qmldir file in source directory
    if present
  • QTBUG-115439 Qmllint throws warnings at TapHandler's signals
  • QTBUG-109488 tst_qquicktextedit::largeTextObservesViewport fails / is
  • QTBUG-122707 [Reg 5.15 -> 6.4] Binding QML type does not restore
    original value in some cases
  • QTBUG-109708 Startup crash in QRhiD3D11::endFrame() with nullptr
  • QTBUG-101200 Qt crash/freeze when doing a graphics driver update on
  • QTBUG-122790 Child window is not closed upon closing the main window
    in Qt Quick Widgets Example
  • QTBUG-122686 Crash when processing hover events modifies object tree
  • QTBUG-118804 The link is looping for Qt Quick Effect Maker
  • QTBUG-122251 qmltc crashes with Qt.point as a return type
  • QTBUG-120433 AnimationController segfaults on exit
  • QTBUG-113384 QQuickWidget - touchpad click not working after scrolling
  • QTBUG-91272 [Regression]On Mouse Area press, deleting other
    overlapping mouse area crashes the Application
  • QTBUG-122915 [REG 6.6.1-6.6.2] Overlay remains visible when a Popup is
    destroyed via Loader
  • QTBUG-120149 Material 3 - TextField placeholder issues when padding
  • QTBUG-113532 Animate RadioButton in the Material style
  • QTBUG-122894 Crash when QQuickView loads QML document that binds
  • QTBUG-117923 ItemParticle causes constant CPU usage and rerenders
  • QTBUG-123428 [REG 6.6 → 6.7 ]Using QML_DISABLE_DISK_CACHE breaks QML
  • QTBUG-120356 padding not applied to header and footer for
  • QTBUG-117654 TextArea multi-line placeholder text overlaps the
    TextEdit area
  • QTBUG-121643 qt6-declarative: possible build-time race condition
    around qmlcachegen
  • QTBUG-122256 Crash on
    QQuickMultiEffectPrivate::updateBlurItemsAmount() with nullptr access
  • QTBUG-62111 Docs: Fixed day/year format in QDateTime
  • QTBUG-122405 tst_qquickhoverhandler::window is flaky on OpenSuse
  • QTBUG-63363 QPointingDevices for the trackpad and mouse are
    dynamically instantiated on macOS
  • QTBUG-112432 wayland plugin should distinguish touchpads from mice,
  • QTBUG-122679 tst_how-to-qml timePicker is flaky
  • QTBUG-78846 tst_qquicktextedit::mouseSelectionMode is flaky on
    OpenSuse 15
  • QTBUG-74342 QML RichText hr element doesn't work
  • QTBUG-120067 Material 3 - Controls height issues
  • QTBUG-115438 [REG: 5->6] MouseArea onEnter triggers before onExit on
    the previous item
  • QTBUG-123160 crash in qquickspinbox


  • QTBUG-121455 QtMultimedia module fails Yocto CI build
  • QTBUG-121200 QML Video Recorder - Missing Text in Buttons on Android
  • QTBUG-121495 COM is uninitialized too many times with FFmpeg and
  • QTBUG-121187 Spectrum App Crashes after recording sound in "Record
    and Playback" Mode
  • QTBUG-119737 MediaRecorder.isAvailable not defined
  • QTBUG-120465 QML Camera unloading crash on iOS
  • QTBUG-119746 Audio recording volume extremely low
  • QTBUG-114900 alsa backend causes warning messages
  • QTBUG-122053 Qt continues to occupy the microphone unless you call
    QMediaCaptureSession::setAudioInput() with a null pointer after
    recording is complete
  • QTBUG-122045 [MediaPlayerExample] The timeline is not reset when the
    loop mode for single file is turned on
  • QTBUG-120026 Retrieving videoDevices blocks main event loop
  • QTBUG-120198 Process abruptly terminates while executing static
    destructor in Qt6Multimedia.dll
  • QTBUG-122096 Wrong colors are displayed when playing videos with IMC2
    color format
  • QTBUG-116519 [Reg 6.2 -> 6.5] Repeated QSoundEffect is broken on
  • QTBUG-113317 QVideoWidget rendering video incorrectly on macOS
  • QTBUG-122640 QtMultimedia plugins are not deployed to Android .apks
  • QTBUG-121714 Camera preview stops working when recording on Android-
  • QTBUG-121943 QPlatformMediaDevices is accessed before main on Android
  • QTBUG-121221 Camera Example - Recording Denied with "Invalid
    Argument" Error
  • QTBUG-122750 [Regression] QSoundEffect cuts audio with FFmpeg backend
  • QTBUG-122706 onBufferProgressChanged not emited at all
  • QTBUG-121678 eglfs: Capturing the screen crashes on a Qt Quick
  • QTBUG-122753 Qt Multimedia: implicit instantiation of undefined
    template 'std::char_traits' (libc++ 19 / musl libc /
  • QTBUG-122193 QSoundEffect hangs on Loading
  • QTBUG-121182 QML Video Example: Simultaneous videos playback crashes
    the App on Android
  • QTBUG-122649 Playing multiple videos simultaneously fails for the
    second video with the FFMPEG backend on Android.
  • QTBUG-122608 [REG 6.6.1-6.6.2] [windows] QMediaPlayer failed to set
    topology on custom QVideoSink
  • QTBUG-122817 [REG 6.6.1-6.6.2] [windows] QML MediaPlayer unable to
    play a video when 'audioOutput' is not specified
  • QTBUG-122199 [ffmpeg] player crash in libavcodec if libnvidia-decode
    is not installed
  • QTBUG-122638 [gstreamer] deadlock when switching camera
  • QTBUG-98437 QMediaPlayer does not emit destroyed signal
  • QTBUG-122959 GStreamer: "stop camera" does not stop camera
  • QTBUG-118099 Volume Discrepancies Between QMediaPlayer and
    QSoundEffect with ffmpeg
  • QTBUG-121750 QCameraImageProcessing fails to set settings on linux
    v4l2 camera
  • QTBUG-122577 QScreenCapture tests are flaky on OpenSuse 15.5
  • QTBUG-108754 Video not stretched properly
  • QTBUG-116324 Request to implement thumbnail realization for multimedia
    FFMPEG backend
  • QTBUG-111190 V4L2m2m encoder gets failed on linux
  • QTBUG-122224 [Crash] The audiorecorder example crashes when selecting
    output and start recording
  • QTBUG-87969 MediaPlayer looses current position when playbackRate


  • QTBUG-118808 qt_add_translations with source autodetection mishandles
    id-based generated UI headers
  • QTBUG-121850 QDoc: SHA1-files generated for QHP files differ across
  • QTBUG-118558 QDoc: DocParser::getRestOfLine no longer strips trailing
    backslashes and whitespace properly
  • QTBUG-120531 lupdate doesn't understand template literals
  • QTBUG-121906 Copyright year in so files not updated to 2024


  • QTBUG-120230 'coffee' fails when cross-compiling on Windows
  • QTBUG-121044 Calqlatr example not scaling properly in landscape mode
  • QTBUG-121524 [REG 6.6.1 -> 6.6.2] StocQt CMake error for Android
  • QTBUG-121660 Calqlatr example missing naming for Android package
  • QTBUG-119285 MediaPlayerApp-Desktop-Example Scrolling issues when
    using the mousewheel
  • QTBUG-121578 demos/hangman fails to build on Android and macOS
  • QTBUG-120643 [REG 6.2.4 -> 6.5.3] "Classes" page is empty
  • QTBUG-122258 [REG 6.6.1->6.7.0] demos/stocqt not compiling
  • QTBUG-122178 [Media Player Example] App hangs when previous track is
  • QTBUG-122767 QTP0001 warning for FX & Material Showroom example


  • QTBUG-121412 Make sure that QtLocation examples use new QPermissions


  • QTBUG-116600 The Virtual keyboard is not hidden when the TextField
    loses focus on the Wayland client.
  • QTBUG-122965 Qt 6.5.4 don't generate XDG_RUNTIME_DIR
  • QTBUG-95817 Quick windows break on nvidia wayland when resized


  • QTBUG-111427 Race condition in UniformBlockValueBuilder
  • QTBUG-122613 QPaintedTextureImage in a Texture2D crashes with size


  • QTBUG-120412 Blocking receiver example - Will crash when clicking
    'start' if no Serial port is selected


  • QTBUG-120218 QML WebEngineView.printToPdf(): paper formats are wrong
    in the resulting document
  • QTBUG-115502 PdfMultiPageView: repeated pinch-zooming jumps to wrong
    zoom level
  • QTBUG-121564 tst_MultiPageView::pinchDragPinch is flaky
  • QTBUG-120245 A crash occurred in C:\Users\qt\work\qt\qtwebengine_stand
  • QTBUG-121502 crash in QPdfIOHandler if document is deleted too early
  • QTBUG-119416 Loading a specific page in a PDF document does not always
    show the correct page
  • QTBUG-120273 QWebEngineView shows blank content on initial show when
    page bg set to transparent
  • QTBUG-121227 QWebEngineView shows blank content on initial show when
    page bg set to transparent
  • QTBUG-112013 QWebEnginePage.setBackground(Qt::black) doesn't work for
    page loading.
  • QTBUG-120926 QWebEnginePage::setBackgroundColor doesn't work properly
  • QTBUG-122153 QWebEngineView::setFocus() doesn't give focus to the view
    after calling QWebEngineView::load() for the second time
  • QTBUG-122137 REG: QtWebEngine / Pdfwidgets no longer supports plugins
  • QTBUG-121589 Can't build qt6 due to failed ozone platform assertion
  • QTBUG-118035 QtWebengine build fails on pure wayland
  • QTBUG-122997 The Spellcheck example doesn't work on macOS
  • QTBUG-86948 When using QImageReader to load a PDF then the PDF images
    can be blurry and seem to be at half the size they should be
  • QTBUG-120764 PDF Viewer Widget example search error
  • QTCREATORBUG-30308 QtCreator is not able to debug pdb files when lib
    linked with pdbpagesize
  • QTBUG-120420 QtWebEngine inspector crashes


  • QTBUG-112346 qmllint fails when WebView is used


  • QTBUG-121658 Virtual keyboard example crashes after startup on Android
  • QTBUG-121643 qt6-declarative: possible build-time race condition
    around qmlcachegen


  • QTBUG-120578 The date type of "event" in occurred should be specified


  • QTBUG-122950 FAIL! :
    tst_qtexttospeech_qml::Voice::test_default_voice() Compared values are
    not the same
  • QTBUG-122884 QML TextToSpeech enqueue does not work with Darwin engine
  • QTBUG-122900 Android App dies immediately if I add TextToSpeech to the


  • QTBUG-120424 Segmentation fault in the process of loading/unloading 3D
  • QTBUG-121390 Live Preview with a 3D project crashes on with Qt 6.6.1
  • QDS-11396 Node QML type from QtQuick3D is not available in Components
  • QTBUG-122143 balsam ktx build error with ASAN build
  • QTBUG-108755 [REGRESSION] number of drawcalls don't show up in QML
  • QTBUG-123015 When configuring with -no-qml-debug then it will fail to
    build QtQuick3D
  • QTBUG-120109 WasdController: Models stutter in Qt Quick 3D Physics


  • QTBUG-120911 Qt OPC UA landing page misses license information
  • QTBUG-122277 QtOpcUa does not compile using VS2022 17.9.0 on "subst"


  • QTBUG-120746 QWebSocket immediately disconnects after without
    receiving anything


  • QTBUG-121033 onBodyContact being called after object is deleted


  • QTBUG-121429 qtprotobuf.html: Clash between C++ namespace and group
  • QTBUG-121544 qtprotobufgen generates the corrupted
  • QTBUG-121585 wrong license filename in LICENSES folder ?
  • QTBUG-122700 qt_add_protobuf doesn't set neither OUTPUT_HEADERS nor
  • QTBUG-121813 qt_attribution.json issues


  • QTBUG-121372 Theme3D::baseColors is written as Theme3D::baseColor in
    the document
  • QTBUG-121998 Q3DSurface/Q3DBars opens up as white screen by default
  • QTBUG-119674 Surface Graph Gallery example crashes

qtapplicationmanager (Commercial only)

  • QTBUG-122425 AppMan: Documented logging category for QML logging is
  • QTBUG-122721 [AppMan] Discrepancies in documented types of Application
  • Package Categories
  • QTBUG-117010 [Boot2Qt] Cannot run any application that uses Qt
    Application Manager
  • QTBUG-123088 Qt Application Manager examples fail to scan

qtinterfaceframework (Commercial only)

  • QTBUG-121575 Interface files are generated in configuration time, not
    compilation time
  • QTBUG-121696 This page about QtIf is only talking about qmake, not
  • QTBUG-121740 The page about Jinja Template Syntax has its link
  • QTBUG-121778 QIfAbstractFeature::connectToServiceObject()'s code
    snippet is ill-formed
  • QTBUG-122036 ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'dataclasses'
  • QTBUG-121800 IfSimulator QML type's doc doesn't specify the return
    types of methods

qmlcompilerplus (Commercial only)

  • QTBUG-122726 Dependency update on qt/tqtc-qmlcompilerplus is failing

Known Issues

  • Check that your system meets Qt's requirements:
  • RTA reported issues from Qt 6.6
  • See Qt 6.6 known issues from:
  • Qt 6.6.3 Open issues in Jira:

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