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* Fix tests after .qrc file change.Erik Verbruggen2015-08-271-0/+1
* Made both qml examples the same.Erik Verbruggen2015-06-111-3/+3
* Pulled the examples apart.Erik Verbruggen2015-06-111-1/+1
* Added QML module and an example using it.Erik Verbruggen2015-06-031-0/+4
* Added static & dynamic C++ example.Erik Verbruggen2015-06-021-0/+4
* Get all C++ output generated and compiled for all tests.Erik Verbruggen2015-05-111-1/+2
* Run scion testsuite through qscxmlcpp.Erik Verbruggen2015-05-111-0/+2
* Ignore build products.Erik Verbruggen2015-04-091-0/+2
* Generate a single QTest that embeds all scion tests.Erik Verbruggen2015-03-301-0/+2
* ID mangling for C++ names.Erik Verbruggen2015-03-301-0/+1
* Tell git to ignore build products.Erik Verbruggen2015-03-111-0/+10
* adding .gitignoreFawzi Mohamed2015-02-181-0/+4