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- \example sensors/qmlqtsensors
- \title Qt Sensors - Simple QML Example
+ \example QtSensors/QtSensors_qmlqtsensors
+ \title Qt Sensors - QML example
\ingroup qtsensors-examples
- \brief The Qt Sensors simple QML example demonstrates the QML sensors elements in the QtSensors 5 import.
- \image qmlqtsensors.jpg
+ \image qmlqtsensors.png
+ \section2 Qt Sensors in QML
+ \brief The QML QtSensors example demonstrates the QML sensors elements in the QtSensors 5 import.
-\section1 Overview
To write a QML application that will use the QML sensors elements in the QtSensors 5 import you need to to the following steps:
Import the QtSensors 5.x declarative plugin:
-\snippet ../examples/sensors/qmlqtsensors/main.qml 0
+ \snippet ../examples/QtSensors/QtSensors_qmlqtsensors/QtSensors_qmlqtsensors.qml 0
Add the Sensor QML elements into your qml file.
In this example we use the TiltSensor:
-\snippet ../examples/sensors/qmlqtsensors/main.qml 1
+ \snippet ../examples/QtSensors/QtSensors_qmlqtsensors/QtSensors_qmlqtsensors.qml 1
The Tilt-, AmbientLight- and the Proximity QML element sensor have the 'enabled' property in common.
To start or stop the sensor set this property to true or false.
-\snippet ../examples/sensors/qmlqtsensors/main.qml 2
+ \snippet ../examples/QtSensors/QtSensors_qmlqtsensors/QtSensors_qmlqtsensors.qml 2
Reading the data can be done for each sensor type like following:
\l {QtSensors5::TiltSensor} {TiltSensor}
-\snippet ../examples/sensors/qmlqtsensors/main.qml 3
-\snippet ../examples/sensors/qmlqtsensors/main.qml 4
+ \snippet ../examples/QtSensors/QtSensors_qmlqtsensors/QtSensors_qmlqtsensors.qml 3
+ \snippet ../examples/QtSensors/QtSensors_qmlqtsensors/QtSensors_qmlqtsensors.qml 4
\l {QtSensors5::AmbientLightSensor} {AmbientLightSensor}
-\snippet ../examples/sensors/qmlqtsensors/main.qml 5
+ \snippet ../examples/QtSensors/QtSensors_qmlqtsensors/QtSensors_qmlqtsensors.qml 5
\l {QtSensors5::ProximitySensor} {ProximitySensor}
-\snippet ../examples/sensors/qmlqtsensors/main.qml 6
+ \snippet ../examples/QtSensors/QtSensors_qmlqtsensors/QtSensors_qmlqtsensors.qml 6