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Remove duplicate (incorrect) \sa link.
The correct link is already present so remove the broken one. Change-Id: Ieb41733f40ff9f79a6a14ad0820d9c8b026f967e Fixes: QTBUG-25927 Reviewed-by: Wolfgang Beck <>
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@@ -318,7 +318,7 @@ inline qreal calcRoll(double Ax, double Ay, double Az)
This signal is emitted whenever the change from at leat one of the rotation values was higher than the accuracy.
The angle value is based on the specified unit (Degree or Radian).
- \sa {QtSensors5::TiltSensor::unit}, {TiltSensor.unit}
+ \sa {QtSensors5::TiltSensor::unit}
qreal QSensor2Tilt::accuracy()