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* Update plugins.qmltypes for QtSensors 5.5 releaseAlex Blasche2015-02-061-2/+2
* Register all QtSensor QML types for version 5.4Alex Blasche2014-07-091-2/+2
* Update QML plug-in interfaces for Qt 5.3 releaseAlex Blasche2014-02-261-77/+196
* Update all plugins.qmltypes filesLiang Qi2013-05-271-39/+134
* Use real properties for QSensor::bufferSize & coThomas McGuire2013-02-081-0/+15
* Add a QAmbientTemperatureSensor class.Thomas McGuire2013-02-081-0/+11
* Convert QMagnetometer::returnGeoValues to a proper propertyThomas McGuire2013-02-081-0/+5
* Convert QRotationSensor::hasZ to a proper propertyThomas McGuire2013-02-081-0/+4
* Convert QTapSensor::returnDoubleTapEvents to a proper propertyThomas McGuire2013-02-081-0/+4
* Convert QLightSensor::fieldOfView to a proper propertyThomas McGuire2013-02-081-0/+4
* Add a QAltimeter class.Thomas McGuire2013-02-081-0/+11
* Add missing AxesOrientationMode to the QML plugin descriptionThomas McGuire2013-01-311-0/+8
* Add QHolsterSensorThomas McGuire2013-01-231-0/+11
* Add a axes remapping featureThomas McGuire2013-01-231-0/+15
* Add API for duplicate skippingThomas McGuire2013-01-231-0/+6
* Add QPressureSensorThomas McGuire2013-01-231-0/+11
* QAccelerometer: Add AccelerationMode propertyThomas McGuire2013-01-231-31/+45
* Update QML metadata fileThomas McGuire2012-11-021-103/+12
* Remove the QtSensors 5.0 importLincoln Ramsay2012-10-091-245/+31
* Add SensorGesture QtMobility.sensors 1.3Lincoln Ramsay2012-10-081-0/+20
* Add TiltSensor to QtMobility.sensors 1.3Lincoln Ramsay2012-10-031-0/+16
* QtMobility.sensors has a new implementationLincoln Ramsay2012-09-261-87/+299
* Update qmldir, plugins.qmltypes filesLincoln Ramsay2012-08-241-21/+29
* Add QSensor::isFeatureSupported()Thomas McGuire2012-07-231-0/+14
* use centralized qml plugin project handlingOswald Buddenhagen2012-07-111-0/+265