BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
5.12Set custom user-agent manually on new windowsAllan Sandfeld Jensen3 weeks
5.12.1Update ChromiumAllan Sandfeld Jensen5 months
5.12.2Update ChromiumAllan Sandfeld Jensen4 months
5.12.3Add changes file for Qt 5.12.3Antti Kokko3 months
5.12.4Update dist changes to include security fixesMichal Klocek3 weeks
5.13Prevent double encoding of url encoded characters when loading PDFsMichael BrĂ¼ning3 weeks
5.13.0Blacklist tst_QWebEngineView::inputContextQueryInput on windowsAllan Sandfeld Jensen5 weeks
5.9Update ChromiumAllan Sandfeld Jensen5 weeks
5.9.8Update ChromiumAllan Sandfeld Jensen3 months
devFix offscreen with glx backendPeter Varga5 days
v5.13.0commit 5d4bac57a0...Antti Kokko7 days
v5.13.0-rc3commit 5d4bac57a0...Antti Kokko8 days
v5.12.4commit 80674ddb45...Antti Kokko8 days
v5.13.0-rc2commit 5d4bac57a0...Antti Kokko2 weeks
v5.13.0-rc1commit 5d4bac57a0...Antti Kokko3 weeks
v5.13.0-beta4commit 0835dfa3f9...Antti Kokko4 weeks
v5.13.0-beta3commit 5de670283e...Antti Kokko8 weeks
v5.9.8commit ec04f1b1ff...Akseli Salovaara2 months
v5.12.3commit 7ba379ecfa...Akseli Salovaara2 months
v5.13.0-beta2commit 64a2e6ff1c...Antti Kokko2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2019-06-07Set custom user-agent manually on new windowsHEAD5.12Allan Sandfeld Jensen2-0/+70
11 daysDo not forward key-events on QQuickItem levelAllan Sandfeld Jensen1-8/+0
11 daysAccept handled eventsAllan Sandfeld Jensen1-0/+2
2019-06-04Use Chromium linker flagsMichal Klocek1-5/+9
2019-06-07Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.12.4' into 5.12"Allan Sandfeld Jensen9-25/+115
2019-06-07Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.12.4' into 5.12Allan Sandfeld Jensen9-25/+115
2019-06-07Doc: Improve documentation for QWebEngineView::setHtml()Leena Miettinen2-3/+9
2019-06-07Add a close button and ensure text height fitting in tabs for quicknanobrowserLeander Beernaert1-6/+56
2019-06-06Update dist changes to include security fixesv5. Klocek1-0/+29
2019-06-06Update ChromiumMichal Klocek1-0/+0