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Use the same version scheme as other Qt modules
After trying to get rid of all private header includes, the last standing one is qplatformnativeinterface.h even though its name previously suggested that it isn't private. This would be a complicated piece to expose publically in a way both flexible and binary compatible, and is a task heavy enough to justify committing to follow Qt's release cycle. The QML import version remains to 1.0 and will be incremented the same manner as QtQuick itself does. Change-Id: I6fab5f229d9f79dbc7a3e82d65ad324020929863 Reviewed-by: Michael Bruning <>
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CONFIG += qt_example_installs
-# We released 1.0.0 together with 5.4.0. Since then we're 4 majors
-# and 4 minors behind, until we need to release standalone.