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Update Chromium
Submodule src/3rdparty 7e11d69b..be349eaf: * [Backport] Security bug 1343889 * [Backport] CVE-2022-2610: Insufficient policy enforcement in Background Fetch * [Backport] CVE-2022-2477 : Use after free in Guest View * [Backport] CVE-2022-27406 * [Backport] CVE-2022-27405 (2/2) * [Backport] CVE-2022-27405 (1/2) * [Backport] CVE-2022-27404 * [Backport] Security bug 1287804 * [Backport] CVE-2022-2294: Heap buffer overflow in WebRTC (2/2) * [Backport] CVE-2022-2294: Heap buffer overflow in WebRTC (1/2) * [Backport] CVE-2022-2295: Type Confusion in V8 * [Backport] CVE-2022-2160: Insufficient policy enforcement in DevTools * [Backport] CVE-2022-2162: Insufficient policy enforcement in File System API * [Backport] CVE-2022-2158: Type Confusion in V8 * [Backport] Security bug 1316578 * [Backport] CVE-2022-2008: Out of bounds memory access in WebGL * [Backport] CVE-2022-2010: Out of bounds read in compositing * [Backport] CVE-2022-1854: Use after free in ANGLE. * [Backport] CVE-2022-1857: Insufficient policy enforcement in File System API * [Backport] CVE-2022-1855: Use after free in Messaging * FIXUP: Fix url_utils for QtWebEngine Fixes: QTBUG-105500 Task-number: QTBUG-105499 Change-Id: I718648cb74346f1c7ac49a112378f9e2538e3b72 Reviewed-by: Allan Sandfeld Jensen <>
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