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Doc: Mention QML API for client certificates
WebEngineView.selectClientCertificate is new API in Qt 5.13. Add a link to the signal in the 'Client Certificate' section of the 'Qt WebEngine Features' page. Change-Id: Ie347973d8f9657870e975adde089e3d9d0abd6d4 Reviewed-by: Allan Sandfeld Jensen <>
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so uniquely identifies the user and might violate privacy expectations.
To activate support for client certificates, an application needs to listen to
- the QWebEnginePage::selectClientCertificate signal and select one of the offered
+ the QWebEnginePage::selectClientCertificate or
+ \l{WebEnginePage::selectClientCertificate}{WebEnginePage.selectClientCertificate}
+ signals and select one of the offered
certificates. For applications that can navigate to untrusted web sites, it is
recommended to always give the user a choice before uniquely identifying them
to a remote server.