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Clarify documentation of QWebEnginePage::title()
Explain what happens when the HTML has no proper <title> defined and clarify the meaning of 'by default': it refers to the state before load()/setUrl()/etc. Fixes: QTBUG-71799 Change-Id: Ib2669007573b3ea53e205d9228237bae392f6f78 Reviewed-by: Michael Brüning <> Reviewed-by: Leena Miettinen <>
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\property QWebEnginePage::title
\brief the title of the page as defined by the HTML \c <title> element
+ If the page has no \c <title> element, then the URL is used instead. For \c
+ file:// URLs only the filename is used and not the full path.
+ By default, before any content has been loaded, this property contains an
+ empty string.
\sa titleChanged()
diff --git a/src/webenginewidgets/doc/src/qwebengineview_lgpl.qdoc b/src/webenginewidgets/doc/src/qwebengineview_lgpl.qdoc
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+++ b/src/webenginewidgets/doc/src/qwebengineview_lgpl.qdoc
@@ -173,9 +173,9 @@
\property QWebEngineView::title
- \brief the title of the web page currently viewed
+ \brief the title of the page as defined by the HTML \c <title> element
- By default, this property contains an empty string.
+ Equivalent to \l {QWebEnginePage::title()}.
\sa titleChanged()