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Update Chromium
Pulling in the remaining security patches from Chrome 57 and 58 Changes: e7de22b [Backport] Clear the FrameBuffer in case of a backward jump in the picture id. eccf7e6 [Backport] Don't update the jitter estimate with frames containing retransmitted packets. 0917c40 [Backport] Fix for CVE-2017-5068 (1/2) 9ae3b1f [Backport] Fix for CVE-2017-5068 (2/2) 67b158e [Backport] Fix of CVE-2017-5061 and CVE-2017-5067 b428c84 [Backport] Fix for CVE-2017-5052 f4df648 [Backport] Fix for CVE-2017-5053 ad6bdc3 [Backport] Fix for CVE-2017-5054 Change-Id: Ib853362fc17d64117937cfa59e2a7db8b4fd0c16 Reviewed-by: Alexandru Croitor <>
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diff --git a/dist/changes-5.9.0 b/dist/changes-5.9.0
index 1ae6e2e4..00c79fb9 100644
--- a/dist/changes-5.9.0
+++ b/dist/changes-5.9.0
@@ -40,8 +40,10 @@ Chromium Snapshot
- Security fixes from Chromium up to version 58.0.3029.96
Including fixes for: CVE-2017-5029, CVE-2017-5032, CVE-2017-5033,
CVE-2017-5034, CVE-2017-5036, CVE-2017-5039, CVE-2017-5040, CVE-2017-5044,
- CVE-2017-5045, CVE-2017-5046, CVE-2017-5057, CVE-2017-5058, CVE-2017-5059,
- CVE-2017-5060, CVE-2017-5061, CVE-2017-5067, CVE-2017-5068, CVE-2017-5068
+ CVE-2017-5045, CVE-2017-5046, CVE-2017-5052, CVE-2017-5053, CVE-2017-5055,
+ CVE-2017-5057, CVE-2017-5058, CVE-2017-5059, CVE-2017-5060, CVE-2017-5061,
+ CVE-2017-5062, CVE-2017-5065, CVE-2017-5066, CVE-2017-5067, CVE-2017-5068,
+ CVE-2017-5069
- Changed the Chromium build-system to GN.
diff --git a/src/3rdparty b/src/3rdparty
-Subproject 4ad4d47cef86bf4ec50c5d98c8b13db8923948a
+Subproject ad6bdc36ab24758378974b24b14b9fe427e5920