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Use surfaceless context if necessary
The support for surfaceless context was disabled in commit 9cc97f0c63049a8076476acc89c875c9e240abfb, which says: > Using surfaceless EGL surface on imx6 embedded device crashes webengine > with backtrace in gpu driver. It was added in commit bfcbdc3ab42880dc37ffa7174af96928ccf25f03, which says: > This patch is a port of commit 4b0cac9dfeebb73f21a11e10e6a2bc7bddbe889b > in Chromium for Qt WebEngine. > The based commit says: > (snip) > > the creation of a dummy offscreen surface. This would also enable > > support for offscreen rendering on platforms (i.e Ozone-Wayland) which > > donot support pbuffer surfaces. > > Some platforms supported by QPA, such as Mesa 3D DRI2 with drm and > wayland backend also don't support pbuffer surfaces. Considering those cases, this change enables surfaceless context only if pseudo surfaceless context made of surface context is not available. Change-Id: I015421ebbbc357d48313e09d4f7a0369bb956521 Reviewed-by: Allan Sandfeld Jensen <> Reviewed-by: Michal Klocek <>
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