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Update Chromium
Pulls in security patches from the Chrome 54 releases and build fixes. Changes: d16995e Revert "Add FirstVisuallyNonEmptyLayout support for RenderViewObserver" 6f9bddb [Backport] Blink-in-JS should not run micro tasks 69f2204 [Backport] Fix CPDFSDK_PageView cleanup. 544aa01 [Backport] Disallow reentrance of FrameView::updateLifecyclePhasesInternal() 1a33a6c [Backport] Keep top controls visible if SHOW is called right after HIDE. a5c8560 [Backport] Check CORS policy on redirect in TextTrackLoader ce506f1 [Backport] Merge to 2840 "[DevTools] Avoid current_ and pending_ being the same host in RenderFrameDevToolsAgentHost." e38afe4 [Backport] avformat/mov: Fix potential integer overflow in mov_read_keys e1d977f [Backport] Remove leak of internal class 9097a63 [Backport] Merges six security fixes to M54, related to blobs. 2b2c7fc Fix loading of blobs which have a qrc:// origin 4750e41 Reject createImageBitmap promise when the cropRect or resize is too big d8a6a2b Fix include order of texture_manager.h includes. 366d476 Fix use_system_icu builds e6427d6 Add shadow option to gn bootstrap c2366a7 Add option to pass ninja binary path to gn bootstrap c952f54 Fix FORTIFY redefined warnings f22cd00 Fix missing enable_remoting check in tests 52e8806 FIXUP: Fix use_system_icu builds Change-Id: I1c046e16722e0e2dadb431ff0d3f5b7f69edd86f Reviewed-by: Michael BrĂ¼ning <>
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- Chromium Snapshot:
* The Chromium version has been updated to 53.0.2785.148.
+ * Security fixes from Chromium up to version 54.0.2840.101
+ Including: CVE-2016-5181, CVE-2016-5182, CVE-2016-5183, CVE-2016-5185,
+ CVE-2016-5186, CVE-2016-5187, CVE-2016-5189, CVE-2016-5192,
+ CVE-2016-5199, CVE-2016-5201.
- General:
* Spellchecking support has been introduced.