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Refactor the callback mechanism used by runJavaScript
This prepares the way for other API made async like toHtml and toPlainText. Use a callback class with an implicit templated constructor to carry the functor across the API boundary and avoid the intermediate helper method as the ABI that we have to maintain. Also pass the callback result through WebContentsAdapterClient using a bookkeeping ID instead of transferring the callback to WebContentsAdapter. This will allow other calls, which might not already allow passing a callback functor, to use a consisten way of carrying back the result to the top API layer. Change-Id: Ia923767b9c1021a108c26da17d4c41878ef7cb95 Reviewed-by: Pierre Rossi <>
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diff --git a/src/webengine/api/qquickwebengineview_p_p.h b/src/webengine/api/qquickwebengineview_p_p.h
index f0bc0a9fb..96632904c 100644
--- a/src/webengine/api/qquickwebengineview_p_p.h
+++ b/src/webengine/api/qquickwebengineview_p_p.h
@@ -138,6 +138,7 @@ public:
virtual bool contextMenuRequested(const WebEngineContextMenuData &) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE;
virtual void javascriptDialog(QSharedPointer<JavaScriptDialogController>) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE;
virtual void runFileChooser(FileChooserMode, const QString &defaultFileName, const QStringList &acceptedMimeTypes) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE;
+ virtual void didRunJavaScript(const QVariant&, quint64) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE { }
void setDevicePixelRatio(qreal);