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authorJocelyn Turcotte <>2014-02-12 12:59:00 +0100
committerThe Qt Project <>2014-02-13 14:28:04 +0100
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Move the requestID argument before the result
This tries to get the order of declaration to be consistent. It also follows the order used by Chromium in some places where the routing_id usually comes first, then the request_id and then the result of the asynchronous request. Change-Id: I88e164dee67e1631161a222f7dd7a4679c3d3acd Reviewed-by: Simon Hausmann <>
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diff --git a/src/webengine/api/qquickwebengineview_p_p.h b/src/webengine/api/qquickwebengineview_p_p.h
index 4e0e8115d..d7c84a1ad 100644
--- a/src/webengine/api/qquickwebengineview_p_p.h
+++ b/src/webengine/api/qquickwebengineview_p_p.h
@@ -137,9 +137,9 @@ public:
virtual bool contextMenuRequested(const WebEngineContextMenuData &) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE;
virtual void javascriptDialog(QSharedPointer<JavaScriptDialogController>) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE;
virtual void runFileChooser(FileChooserMode, const QString &defaultFileName, const QStringList &acceptedMimeTypes) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE;
- virtual void didRunJavaScript(const QVariant&, quint64) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE { }
- virtual void didFetchDocumentMarkup(const QString&, quint64) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE { }
- virtual void didFetchDocumentInnerText(const QString&, quint64) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE { }
+ virtual void didRunJavaScript(quint64, const QVariant&) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE { }
+ virtual void didFetchDocumentMarkup(quint64, const QString&) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE { }
+ virtual void didFetchDocumentInnerText(quint64, const QString&) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE { }
virtual void passOnFocus(bool reverse) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE;
virtual void javaScriptConsoleMessage(int level, const QString& message, int lineNumber, const QString& sourceID) Q_DECL_OVERRIDE;