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Fix the documentation of linkHovered signal
We don't support the hoveredTitle parameter. Change-Id: Ibab3c1c409dbe47855b2f6136b25de2eb080ba1f Reviewed-by: Andras Becsi <>
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- \qmlsignal WebEngineView::linkHovered(hoveredUrl, hoveredTitle)
+ \qmlsignal WebEngineView::linkHovered(hoveredUrl)
Within a mouse-driven interface, this signal is emitted when a mouse
pointer passes over a link, corresponding to the \c{mouseover} DOM
event. This event may also occur in touch interfaces for \c{mouseover}
events that are not cancelled with \c{preventDefault()}. \a{hoveredUrl}
- provides the link's location, and \a{hoveredTitle} is any available
- link text.
+ provides the link's location.
The corresponding handler is onLinkHovered.