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Use the unified gesture recognizer
The ui::GestureRecognizer is now tightly coupled with Aura and won't be usable on Mac or Android. Fortunately, the reason for this is that a new gesture recognizer common to both Android and Aura, ui::GestureProvider has been introduced. Using it allows us to stop pulling touch event types from Aura build files. Most of the change is about using ui::MotionEvent instead of ui::TouchEvent, and to feed them to the GestureProvider. A major difference is that the touch events sent to the renderer are not passed through the gesture recognizer only when the come back unhandled. They are instead always sent to both the renderer and the GestureProvider, and the call to OnTouchEventAck on the gesture filter tells it if the next event in the queue was handled or not, deciding if the gesture should be cancelled. Change-Id: Ifccebf85800cdf0ef29cf52b13f1bd659428e3f6 Reviewed-by: Andras Becsi <>
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