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* Fix a crash when running witout UI delegates.Pierre Rossi2014-05-201-8/+23
| | | | | | | | | Lookup the correct UIDelegates import path once lazily, and reuse this information. If there is none, then we don't expect any UI delegation to work, but it should not crash. Change-Id: I73be7273d83b8d89b74641dc550341cf2b7eb602 Reviewed-by: Zeno Albisser <>
* Add a way of using UI dialogs for authorizationPierre Rossi2014-04-291-4/+8
| | | | | | | | We could use this to prompt the user for various feature permissions that we are not ready to expose in our API. Change-Id: If6e6a16aca4142b0564121dfc7677b7c4996f742 Reviewed-by: Zeno Albisser <>
* UI: fix a crash on shutdownPierre Rossi2014-03-141-8/+12
| | | | | | | | | | Use a raw pointer instead of QScopedPointer for the UI components. Since the components are always parented to the view and deleted through the QObject cleanup mechanism, it was not correct to use QScopedPointer in the first place. Change-Id: I0c8fd9526e898439c52c6a6f538a66f8a1185ef9 Reviewed-by: Jocelyn Turcotte <>
* Fix string concatenation in WebEngine on WindowsZoltan Arvai2014-02-111-0/+6
| | | | | | | | | | MSVC thinks the firs part of that string is wide while the second part is narrow and it won't allow to concetanete them directly. Adding literal for wide string before ".qml" on Windows will resolve it. Change-Id: I934fed6fe9e9401461a8165a524e8110cec3c3fa Reviewed-by: Jocelyn Turcotte <>
* Qt Quick File PickerPierre Rossi2014-01-151-0/+93
| | | | | Change-Id: I6195c49f1647c78b16d9d47770ab37ba998a61a5 Reviewed-by: Jocelyn Turcotte <>
* JS dialogs in QtQuickPierre Rossi2014-01-151-2/+75
| | | | | | | | | | Refactor JavaScriptDialogManagerQt to support a Qt Quick dialogs friendly approach. Qt Quick dialogs are still missing a prompt, so we use a "handmade" one. This should be solved before 5.3 though. Change-Id: I965df66837b2e81d6e4618a8da1167a37661c26e Reviewed-by: Jocelyn Turcotte <>
* Pave the way for our UI delegation strategy.Pierre Rossi2014-01-151-0/+233
Starting with the context Menus for QtQuick. Add default UI delegates as a subproject. We allow ourselves to use Qt Quick Controls there for in order to get a nice "out of the box" experience for things like context menus, dialogs, etc while leaving the door open for system embedders to override this. Opting out of the deployment of these QML files is still very primitive but can be done by passing WEBENGINE_CONFIG+=no_ui_delegates at qmake time. Customization of context menus could be done via a qml component, which is probably best kept in experimental for now while we address its shortcomings. Change-Id: I0705b20d5ddd3bb010f9371b65a181c6b02a03e1 Reviewed-by: Jocelyn Turcotte <>