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* Add placeholders for missing repack_locales switchesAndras Becsi2014-01-101-0/+4
| | | | | | | | | | | | | On some embedded setups and Windows unittest targets bring in new locale repack actions which use the -g and -b switches of with @pymod_do_main. Since we did not implement these options the script execution failed. Add placeholders for these options. Change-Id: Ie11928b025448bc059fb1e3f2e695fb7698a7937 Reviewed-by: Michael Bruning <> Reviewed-by: Zoltan Arvai <> Reviewed-by: Pierre Rossi <>
* Get localized strings in the render processPierre Rossi2013-12-031-0/+210
Building on top of the repacking of .pak files, we now ship the whole array of repacked locales and pick the appropriate one at runtime. Change-Id: I0096e3eac6a1fc83885fd11e0fa55a746f8e45d8 Reviewed-by: Andras Becsi <>