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* Eradicate remaining Q_FOREACH and mark the module free of themMarc Mutz2019-06-191-2/+4
* Fix clang warnings about repetitive type namesFriedemann Kleint2019-06-047-14/+14
* Fix various clang warningsFriedemann Kleint2019-06-042-5/+4
* Replace typedef by 'using' or QOverloadFriedemann Kleint2019-06-041-5/+4
* Introduce nullptrFriedemann Kleint2019-06-055-17/+17
* Fix clang warnings about class definitionsFriedemann Kleint2019-06-042-4/+4
* Add a manual test for the image conversion functions.Friedemann Kleint2019-04-023-1/+403
* Add imageToHBITMAP(), imageFromHBITMAP()Friedemann Kleint2018-04-181-0/+18
* Clean up code checking the Windows versionFriedemann Kleint2017-09-281-2/+3
* Replace Q_NULLPTR with nullptrKevin Funk2017-09-261-1/+1
* Adjust to qtConfig() changes in qtbaseLars Knoll2016-08-191-1/+1
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6' into 5.7v5.7.0-beta1Liang Qi2016-04-083-0/+0
| * Purge sRGB chunks from PNGs in tests.Edward Welbourne2016-03-313-0/+0
* | Skipping testRecent() and testFrequent() tests from Win8.1 onwardsMilla Pohjanheimo2016-04-051-4/+4
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.6' into 5.7Liang Qi2016-03-071-7/+9
|\ \ | |/
| * tst_qpixmap: Fix warnings as shown by Qt Creator's Clang based code model.Friedemann Kleint2016-02-261-7/+9
* | Updated license headersAntti Kokko2016-01-1917-289/+204
* Improve the manual test for QWinJumpList.Friedemann Kleint2015-10-194-224/+356
* QWinJumpList: Skip failing tests on Windows 10.Friedemann Kleint2015-10-151-0/+4
* Remove the old headersclean unit testThiago Macieira2015-03-182-3/+0
* Update copyright headersv5.5.0-alpha1Antti Kokko2015-02-1617-112/+112
* Extend manual thumbnail test.Friedemann Kleint2015-01-151-0/+14
* Use Qt 5 signals & slot syntax.Friedemann Kleint2014-12-173-19/+24
* Update license headers and add new license filesAntti Kokko2014-08-2417-313/+177
* Implement iconic live previews/iconic thumbnail icons.Friedemann Kleint2014-07-074-2/+174
* tst_qwinjumplist: Check file names case insensitive.Friedemann Kleint2014-06-301-2/+15
* Add QWinMime.Friedemann Kleint2014-06-163-1/+156
* Fix build with dynamic GL.Friedemann Kleint2014-05-281-0/+1
* Change camel-case header <QWinFunctions> to <QtWin>Sze Howe Koh2013-10-292-2/+2
* Restore the former jumplist/dwmfeatures apps as manual testsv5.2.0-beta1J-P Nurmi2013-10-1012-1/+1152
* Add quick-prefix to all QtQuick based manual testsJ-P Nurmi2013-10-108-1/+1
* Fix and change the way QQuickDwmFeatures works.Ivan Vizir2013-10-072-0/+165
* QWinJumpList::addCategory(): don't crash when passing a null pointerJ-P Nurmi2013-09-301-0/+2
* Add QWinJumpList auto testJ-P Nurmi2013-09-273-1/+274
* Rename QML JumpLink/Destination to JumpListLink/DestinationJ-P Nurmi2013-09-261-2/+2
* Sync the jump lists QML APIJ-P Nurmi2013-09-262-0/+132
* Overhaul the TaskbarButton QML typeJ-P Nurmi2013-09-121-6/+8
* Introduce TaskbarProgress::stop()J-P Nurmi2013-09-102-16/+59
* Rename namespace QtWinExtras to QtWin.Friedemann Kleint2013-09-101-6/+6
* Support deleting QWinTaskbarProgressJ-P Nurmi2013-09-091-0/+8
* TaskbarButton::overlayAccessibleDescriptionJ-P Nurmi2013-09-061-7/+7
* ThumbnailToolBar manual testJ-P Nurmi2013-09-062-0/+258
* Unify QML type namesJ-P Nurmi2013-09-051-2/+2
* Add tst_QWinTaskbarProgressJ-P Nurmi2013-09-043-1/+205
* Manual test for WinTaskbarButton/ProgressJ-P Nurmi2013-09-042-0/+177
* Add CMake test.Stephen Kelly2013-09-043-0/+26
* Add headersclean testJ-P Nurmi2013-09-042-0/+3
* QWinTaskbarButton::progressBar() -> progress()J-P Nurmi2013-08-301-3/+3
* Add QWinTaskbarButton auto testJ-P Nurmi2013-08-293-1/+114
* Rename the QWinExtras namespace to QtWinExtrasJ-P Nurmi2013-08-281-6/+6