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build scripts: Fix broken packages (rpaths)
The python modules were unable to find the Qt libraries after 401c8134dd84e3ad271c6a0a1e6248cf090d7fe4. This was since the update_rpath() appends the list of package libraries to the executables passed in and sets the rpath on them, too. This caused the libexec-rpath being set on them since the libexec executables were passed last. Disentangle this by splitting out a helper to find the package libraries and call update_rpath() separately for them. Amends 401c8134dd84e3ad271c6a0a1e6248cf090d7fe4. Change-Id: I8d647d4e9b1e24e1d6dbc87801bcb4e5fccaf88e Reviewed-by: Christian Tismer <tismer@stackless.com>
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