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+OpenGL under QML Squircle
+The OpenGL under QML example shows how an application can make use of the
+QQuickWindow::beforeRendering() signal to draw custom OpenGL content under a Qt
+Quick scene. This signal is emitted at the start of every frame, before the
+scene graph starts its rendering, thus any OpenGL draw calls that are made as
+a response to this signal, will stack under the Qt Quick items.
+As an alternative, applications that wish to render OpenGL content on top of
+the Qt Quick scene, can do so by connecting to the
+QQuickWindow::afterRendering() signal.
+In this example, we will also see how it is possible to have values that are
+exposed to QML which affect the OpenGL rendering. We animate the threshold
+value using a NumberAnimation in the QML file and this value is used by the
+OpenGL shader program that draws the squircles.
+.. image:: squircle.png
+ :width: 400
+ :alt: Squircle Screenshot