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@@ -28,9 +28,9 @@ Guides per platform
You can refer to the following pages for platform specific instructions:
- * `Windows`_,
- * `macOS`_,
- * `Linux`_,
+ * `Windows`_
+ * `macOS`_
+ * `Linux`_
* Mobile platforms (iOS/Android) **(no support)**
* Embedded platforms **(no official support)**
@@ -92,12 +92,12 @@ Building the documentation
The documentation is being generated using **qdoc** to get the API information, and also **sphinx**
for the local Python related notes.
-The system required ``libxml2`` and `libxslt``, also on the Python environment, ``sphinx`` and
+The system required ``libxml2`` and ``libxslt``, also on the Python environment, ``sphinx`` and
``graphviz`` need to be installed before running the installation process::
pip install graphviz sphinx
-After installing ``graphviz`, the ``dot`` command needs to be in PATH, otherwise,
+After installing ``graphviz``, the ``dot`` command needs to be in PATH, otherwise,
the process will fail. Installing ``graphviz`` system-wide is also an option.
Since the process rely on a Qt installation, you need to specify where the ``qtbase`` directory
@@ -111,3 +111,51 @@ directory, and run::
make apidoc
Finally, you will get a ``html`` directory containing all the generated documentation.
+Using the internal tools
+A set of tools can be found under the ``tools/`` directory inside the ``pyside-setup`` repository.
+* ``checklibs.py``: Script to analyze dynamic library dependencies of Mach-O binaries.
+ To use this utility, just run::
+ python checklibs.py /path/to/some.app/Contents/MacOS/Some
+ This script was fetched from this repository_.
+* ``create_changelog.py``: Script used to create the CHANGELOG that you can find in the ``dist/``
+ directory. Usage::
+ python create_changelog.py -r 5.14.1 -v v5.14.0..5.14 -t bug-fix
+* ``debug_windows.py``: This script can be used to find out why PySide2 modules
+ fail to load with various DLL errors like Missing DLL or Missing symbol in DLL.
+ You can think of it as a Windows version of ``ldd`` / ``LD_DEBUG``.
+ Underneath it uses the ``cdb.exe`` command line debugger, and the ``gflags.exe`` tool, both
+ installed with the latest Windows Kit.
+ The aim is to ask users to run this script when they encounter PySide2 imports not working on
+ Windows. The user should then provide the generated log file.
+ Incidentally it can also be used for any Windows executables, not just Python.
+ To use it just run::
+ python debug_windows.py
+* ``missing_bindings.py``: This script is used to compare the state of PySide2 and PyQt5
+ regarding available modules and classses. This content is displayed in our `wiki page`_,
+ and can be used as follows::
+ python missing_bindings.py --qt-version 5.14.1 -w all
+ Please keep in mind we rely on BeautifulSoup_ to parse the content, so you will be to install
+ it besides PySide2 and PyQt5 (Including additional modules like DataVisualiztion, QtCharts,
+ WebEngine, etc).
+.. _repository: https://github.com/liyanage/macosx-shell-scripts/
+.. _`wiki page`: https://wiki.qt.io/Qt_for_Python_Missing_Bindings
+.. _BeautifulSoup: https://www.crummy.com/software/BeautifulSoup/