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* Hotfix: correcting variable nameThomas-Karl Pietrowski2016-02-031-1/+6
* Passing command(s) to qtinfo as listThomas-Karl Pietrowski2016-02-021-6/+6
* support the location of the installed Qt5 docs.Christian Tismer2015-07-161-0/+4
* use the headers info that can be found in "qmake -query".Christian Tismer2013-10-181-0/+4
* Don't use custom popenasync module on linux to run commands. This fixes follo...Roman Lacko2012-09-071-10/+5
* new --standalone option, when enabled, package qt libs on linuxRoman Lacko2012-06-071-0/+4
* Initial commit (copy of lck/pyside-dist repo)Roman Lacko2012-06-041-0/+51