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and warning patterns that you specify and create entries
for found patterns in the \uicontrol Issues output pane.
+ To view or add custom output parsers, select
+ \uicontrol Tools > \uicontrol Options >
+ \uicontrol {Build & Run} > \uicontrol {Custom Output Parsers}.
+ \image qtcreator-custom-parser-list.png
+ To edit the settings of a custom output parser, select it in the list, and
+ then select \uicontrol Edit.
+ To remove the selected parser, select \uicontrol Remove.
You can activate custom output parsers in the
\uicontrol {Custom Output Parsers} section of
the \uicontrol Build and \uicontrol Run settings,
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\li In the \uicontrol {Test} group, you can test how the message that
you enter in the \uicontrol {Error message} field is matched when
using the current settings.
+ \li Select \uicontrol OK to add the parser to the list of parsers
+ and return to the \uicontrol {Custom Output Parsers} tab.
+ \li Double-click the parser name to change it to something more
+ descriptive than the default value.
\section1 Activating Custom Output Parsers
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\image qtcreator-custom-parser.png
To activate a custom output parser in the \uicontrol Build or
- \uicontrol Run setting of a project:
+ \uicontrol Run settings of a project:
\list 1
\li In the \uicontrol {Custom Output Parsers} section, select
\uicontrol Details.
- \li Select custom parsers to activate them for buildin or running
+ \li Select custom parsers to activate them for building or running
the project.