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Doc: Move XML example documentation to correct location
Moving the examples documentation to resolve doc linking issues. Task-number: QTBUG-34749 Change-Id: I2adb1b5d37911c7df6a78a03741d3d43ab24eafb Reviewed-by: Topi Reiniƶ <>
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\example dombookmarks
\title DOM Bookmarks Example
+ \ingroup xml-examples
The DOM Bookmarks example provides a reader for XML Bookmark Exchange Language (XBEL)
files that uses Qt's DOM-based XML API to read and parse the files. The SAX Bookmarks
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- \example xml/xmlstreamlint
+ \example xmlstreamlint
\title XML Stream Lint Example
+ \ingroup xml-examples
The XML Stream Lint example provides a simple command line utility that
accepts a file name as its single argument and writes it to the standard
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operates on the input file object; writing is handled by an instance of
QXmlStreamWriter operating on the output file object:
- \snippet examples/xml/xmlstreamlint/main.cpp 0
+ \snippet xmlstreamlint/main.cpp 0
The work of parsing and rewriting the XML is done in a while loop, and is
driven by input from the reader:
- \snippet examples/xml/xmlstreamlint/main.cpp 1
+ \snippet xmlstreamlint/main.cpp 1
If more input is available, the next token from the input file is read
and parsed. If an error occurred, information is written to the standard
error file via a stream, and the example exits by returning a non-zero
value from the main function.
- \snippet examples/xml/xmlstreamlint/main.cpp 2
+ \snippet xmlstreamlint/main.cpp 2
For valid input, the writer is fed the current token from the reader,
and this is written to the output file that was specified when it was