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doc: Fix snippets in threading docs
The examples have been put under examples/widgets which is probably not correct, since they don't even have gui. The correct fix would probably be to move them into threads/, but that would risk a lot of breakage, so the conservative work-around is just to use the correct relative paths instead. Change-Id: I36c3aa45056c8825d1991f345ad7d7799e2fa5fc Reviewed-by: Jerome Pasion <> Reviewed-by: Paul Olav Tvete <>
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code that generates another thread which says hello in that thread and then
- \snippet tutorials/threads/hellothread/hellothread.h 1
+ \snippet ../widgets/tutorials/threads/hellothread/hellothread.h 1
We derive a class from QThread and reimplement the \l{QThread::}{run()}
- \snippet tutorials/threads/hellothread/hellothread.cpp 1
+ \snippet ../widgets/tutorials/threads/hellothread/hellothread.cpp 1
The run method contains the code that will be run in a separate thread. In
this example, a message containing the thread ID will be printed.
QThread::start() will call the method in another thread.
- \snippet tutorials/threads/hellothread/main.cpp 1
+ \snippet ../widgets/tutorials/threads/hellothread/main.cpp 1
To start the thread, our thread object needs to be instantiated. The
\l{QThread::}{start()} method creates a new thread and calls the
@@ -453,7 +453,7 @@
another thread needs to be placed in the reimplemented QRunnable::run()
- \snippet tutorials/threads/hellothreadpool/hellothreadpool.cpp 1
+ \snippet ../widgets/tutorials/threads/hellothreadpool/hellothreadpool.cpp 1
We instantiate Work in main(), locate the global thread pool and use the
QThreadPool::start() method. Now the thread pool runs our worker in another
@@ -463,7 +463,7 @@
\section2 Example 2: Using QtConcurrent
- \snippet tutorials/threads/helloconcurrent/helloconcurrent.cpp 1
+ \snippet ../widgets/tutorials/threads/helloconcurrent/helloconcurrent.cpp 1
We write a global function hello() to implement the work. QtConcurrent::run()
is used to run the function in another thread. The result is a QFuture.
@@ -499,17 +499,17 @@
Communication from the GUI to the worker thread is shown in the next
- \snippet tutorials/threads/clock/main.cpp 1
+ \snippet ../widgets/tutorials/threads/clock/main.cpp 1
We've connected the \c clockThread with the label. The connection must be a
queued signal-slot connection because we want to put the call in the event
- \snippet tutorials/threads/clock/clockthread.h 1
+ \snippet ../widgets/tutorials/threads/clock/clockthread.h 1
We have derived a class from QThread and declared the \c sendTime() signal.
- \snippet tutorials/threads/clock/clockthread.cpp 1
+ \snippet ../widgets/tutorials/threads/clock/clockthread.cpp 1
The trickiest part of this example is that the timer is connected to its
slot via a direct connection. A default connection would produce a queued
@@ -541,7 +541,7 @@
The \c Thread class's code is short but somewhat involved, so we only show
how to use the class.
- \snippet tutorials/threads/movedobject/main.cpp 1
+ \snippet ../widgets/tutorials/threads/movedobject/main.cpp 1
QMetaObject::invokeMethod() calls a slot via the event loop. The worker
object's methods should not be called directly after the object has been