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Doc: Minor corrections custom sort filter example
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QSortFilterProxyModel's default implementations of functions are
written so that they call the equivalent functions in the relevant
source model. This simple proxying mechanism may need to be
- overridden for source models with more complex behavior; in this
+ overridden for source models with more complex behavior. In this
example we derive from the QSortFilterProxyModel class to ensure
that our filter can recognize a valid range of dates, and to
control the sorting behavior.
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We implement two private slots, \c textFilterChanged() and \c
dateFilterChanged(), to respond to the user changing the filter
- pattern, case sensitivity or any of the dates. In addition, we
+ pattern, case sensitivity, or any of the dates. In addition, we
implement a public \c setSourceModel() convenience function to set
up the model/ view relation.
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\snippet itemviews/customsortfiltermodel/window.cpp 1
The QTreeView class provides a default model/view implementation
- of a tree view; our view implements a tree representation of items
+ of a tree view. Our view implements a tree representation of items
in the application's source model.
\snippet itemviews/customsortfiltermodel/window.cpp 2