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Doc: Remove section about Qt Gui in Qt 4 from overview page
Qt 5 is now old enough that the delta to Qt 4 doesn't need to be on the central module page anymore. This is best left to Change-Id: If65ef91765e1aca37fd7f107c2334ac65e403cd3 Reviewed-by: Leena Miettinen <>
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For more information, see the \l{Hello Vulkan Widget Example}
and the \l {Hello Vulkan Window Example}.
- \section1 Qt GUI Prior to Qt 5.0
- Prior to Qt 5.0, the Qt GUI module was the monolithic container
- for all things relating to graphical user interfaces in Qt, and
- included the Qt widget set, the item views, the graphics view
- framework and also printing. Starting Qt 5, these classes have
- been moved to the Qt Widgets module. Printing has been
- moved to the Qt Print Support module. Please note that these
- modules can be excluded from a Qt installation.
- Qt GUI now contains only a small set of enablers, which are generally
- useful for all graphical applications.
\section1 Drag and Drop
More info in \l{Drag and Drop}