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Windows: Add Qt Creator PATH update tip for missing SQL client dlls
This patch aims to provide an additional tip for users having trouble with e.g. the MySQL plugin. After a successful build most users are struggling with loading failure due the fact that the client libraries folder is not contained in the PATH environment variable. This tip helps them overcome that in a controlled manner with Qt Creator. Change-Id: I2dc5c9c6d8d8976686d74c369b6e1683c479f35c Reviewed-by: Jerome Pasion <>
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system. On Unix, run the command \c{ldd} and pass the name of the
plugin as parameter, for example \c{ldd}. You will
get a warning if any of the client libraries couldn't be found.
- On Windows, you can use Visual Studio's dependency walker.
+ On Windows, you can use Visual Studio's dependency walker. With
+ Qt Creator, you can update the \c PATH environment variable in the
+ \gui Run section of the \gui Project panel to include the path to
+ the folder containing the client libraries.
\li Compile Qt with \c{QT_DEBUG_COMPONENT} defined to get very verbose
debug output when loading plugins.