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doc: Document the effect of *.qmake.cache properly
Added a sentence to explain how a .qmake.cache file influences the project root. Task-number: QTBUG-21411 Change-Id: I97766edd96851f1c988ab07f842fb81a339e4ecd Reviewed-by: Joerg Bornemann <>
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\c QMAKEFEATURES environment variable)
\li \c $$QMAKEFEATURES/myfeatures.prf (for each directory listed in the
\c QMAKEFEATURES property variable)
- \li \c myfeatures.prf (in the project's root directory)
+ \li \c myfeatures.prf (in the project's root directory). The project root
+ is determined by the top-level \c{.pro} file. However, if you place the
+ \c{.qmake.cache} file in a sub-directory or the directory of a
+ sub-project, then the project root becomes the sub-directory itself.
\li \c $QMAKEPATH/mkspecs/features/unix/myfeatures.prf and
\c $QMAKEPATH/mkspecs/features/myfeatures.prf (for each directory
listed in the \c QMAKEPATH environment variable)