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\value ImhHiddenText Characters should be hidden, as is typically used when entering passwords.
This is automatically set when setting QLineEdit::echoMode to \c Password.
+ \value ImhSensitiveData Typed text should not be stored by the active input method
+ in any persistent storage like predictive user dictionary.
\value ImhNoAutoUppercase The input method should not try to automatically switch to upper case
when a sentence ends.
\value ImhPreferNumbers Numbers are preferred (but not required).
@@ -2430,6 +2432,10 @@
\value ImhPreferLowercase Lower case letters are preferred (but not required).
\value ImhNoPredictiveText Do not use predictive text (i.e. dictionary lookup) while typing.
+ \value ImhDate The text editor functions as a date field.
+ \value ImhTime The text editor functions as a time field.
+ \value ImhMultiLine The text editor accepts multi-line content.
Flags that restrict input (exclusive flags):
\value ImhDigitsOnly Only digits are allowed.