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QNetworkProxy documentation: mention usage of "http_proxy" variable
This is done on systems other than Windows or Mac. Change-Id: I631ea350cb9bc123edc6df33b6f661afa8f0778b Reviewed-by: Arvid Picciani <>
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diff --git a/src/network/kernel/qnetworkproxy.cpp b/src/network/kernel/qnetworkproxy.cpp
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--- a/src/network/kernel/qnetworkproxy.cpp
+++ b/src/network/kernel/qnetworkproxy.cpp
@@ -1376,9 +1376,9 @@ void QNetworkProxyFactory::setApplicationProxyFactory(QNetworkProxyFactory *fact
SOCKS server for all queries. If SOCKS isn't enabled, it will use
the HTTPS proxy for all TcpSocket and UrlRequest queries.
- On other systems, there is no standardised method of obtaining the
- system proxy configuration. This function may be improved in
- future versions to support those systems.
+ On other systems, this function will pick up proxy settings from
+ the "http_proxy" environment variable. This variable must be a URL
+ using one of the following schemes: "http", "socks5" or "socks5h".
\section1 Limitations