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mention slotification of select()/selectRow() in changes
This change does not affect source code compatibility. Therefore it is mentioned in the general section. Change-Id: I81ea30d18b01de69322d9527d0c2775b37d1d196 Reviewed-by: David Faure <>
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--- a/dist/changes-5.0.0
+++ b/dist/changes-5.0.0
@@ -713,7 +713,9 @@ subclass.
and modelReset() signals suffice to inform views that they must reinterrogate
the model.
-* QSqlTableModel::selectRow(): This is a new method that refreshes a single
+* QSqlTableModel::select() is now a slot.
+* QSqlTableModel::selectRow(): This is a new slot that refreshes a single
row in the model from the database.
* QSqlTableModel edit strategies OnFieldChange/OnRowChange QTBUG-2875