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Moving .qdoc files under examples/widgets/doc
Updated those .qdoc files to refer to the new relative examples emplacement. Images and snippets to be moved later. Also grouped all widgets related examples under widgets. Change-Id: Ib29696e2d8948524537f53e8dda88f9ee26a597f Reviewed-by: J-P Nurmi <>
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-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/stickman/animations/chilling.bin (renamed from examples/animation/stickman/animations/chilling.bin)bin6508 -> 6508 bytes
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-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/stickman/lifecycle.cpp (renamed from examples/animation/stickman/lifecycle.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/stickman/lifecycle.h (renamed from examples/animation/stickman/lifecycle.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/stickman/main.cpp (renamed from examples/animation/stickman/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/stickman/node.cpp (renamed from examples/animation/stickman/node.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/stickman/node.h (renamed from examples/animation/stickman/node.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/stickman/rectbutton.cpp (renamed from examples/animation/stickman/rectbutton.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/stickman/rectbutton.h (renamed from examples/animation/stickman/rectbutton.h)0
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-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/animationmanager.cpp (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/animationmanager.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/animationmanager.h (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/animationmanager.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/boat.cpp (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/boat.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/boat.h (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/boat.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/boat_p.h (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/boat_p.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/bomb.cpp (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/bomb.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/bomb.h (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/bomb.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/data.xml (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/data.xml)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/graphicsscene.cpp (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/graphicsscene.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/graphicsscene.h (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/graphicsscene.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/main.cpp (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/background.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/background.png)bin48858 -> 48858 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/boat.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/boat.png)bin5198 -> 5198 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/bomb.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/bomb.png)bin760 -> 760 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/boat/step1.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/boat/step1.png)bin5760 -> 5760 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/boat/step2.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/boat/step2.png)bin9976 -> 9976 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/boat/step3.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/boat/step3.png)bin12411 -> 12411 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/boat/step4.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/boat/step4.png)bin15438 -> 15438 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/submarine/step1.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/submarine/step1.png)bin3354 -> 3354 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/submarine/step2.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/submarine/step2.png)bin6205 -> 6205 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/submarine/step3.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/submarine/step3.png)bin6678 -> 6678 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/submarine/step4.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/submarine/step4.png)bin6666 -> 6666 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/submarine.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/submarine.png)bin3202 -> 3202 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/surface.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/surface.png)bin575 -> 575 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/torpedo.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/torpedo.png)bin951 -> 951 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/background-n810.svg (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/background-n810.svg)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/background.svg (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/background.svg)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/boat.svg (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/boat.svg)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/bomb.svg (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/bomb.svg)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/sand.svg (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/sand.svg)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/see.svg (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/see.svg)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/sky.svg (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/sky.svg)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/sub-attaq.svg (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/sub-attaq.svg)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/submarine.svg (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/submarine.svg)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/surface.svg (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/surface.svg)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/torpedo.svg (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/torpedo.svg)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/background.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/background.png)bin34634 -> 34634 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/boat.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/boat.png)bin2394 -> 2394 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/bomb.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/bomb.png)bin760 -> 760 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/submarine.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/submarine.png)bin1338 -> 1338 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/surface.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/surface.png)bin502 -> 502 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/torpedo.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/torpedo.png)bin951 -> 951 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-a.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-a.png)bin5972 -> 5972 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-a2.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-a2.png)bin5969 -> 5969 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-b.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-b.png)bin6869 -> 6869 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-dash.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-dash.png)bin2255 -> 2255 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-excl.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-excl.png)bin2740 -> 2740 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-q.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-q.png)bin7016 -> 7016 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-s.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-s.png)bin5817 -> 5817 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-t.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-t.png)bin3717 -> 3717 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-t2.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-t2.png)bin3688 -> 3688 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-u.png (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-u.png)bin5374 -> 5374 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pixmapitem.cpp (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pixmapitem.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pixmapitem.h (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/pixmapitem.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/progressitem.cpp (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/progressitem.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/progressitem.h (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/progressitem.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/qanimationstate.cpp (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/qanimationstate.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/qanimationstate.h (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/qanimationstate.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/states.cpp (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/states.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/states.h (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/states.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/ (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/subattaq.qrc (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/subattaq.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/submarine.cpp (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/submarine.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/submarine.h (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/submarine.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/submarine_p.h (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/submarine_p.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/textinformationitem.cpp (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/textinformationitem.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/textinformationitem.h (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/textinformationitem.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/torpedo.cpp (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/torpedo.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/torpedo.h (renamed from examples/animation/sub-attaq/torpedo.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/desktop/README (renamed from examples/desktop/README)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/desktop/ (renamed from examples/desktop/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/desktop/screenshot/main.cpp (renamed from examples/desktop/screenshot/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/desktop/screenshot/screenshot.cpp (renamed from examples/desktop/screenshot/screenshot.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/desktop/screenshot/screenshot.desktop (renamed from examples/desktop/screenshot/screenshot.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/desktop/screenshot/screenshot.h (renamed from examples/desktop/screenshot/screenshot.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/desktop/screenshot/ (renamed from examples/desktop/screenshot/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/desktop/systray/images/bad.png (renamed from examples/desktop/systray/images/bad.png)bin2496 -> 2496 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/desktop/systray/images/heart.png (renamed from examples/desktop/systray/images/heart.png)bin25780 -> 25780 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/desktop/systray/images/trash.png (renamed from examples/desktop/systray/images/trash.png)bin12128 -> 12128 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/desktop/systray/main.cpp (renamed from examples/desktop/systray/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/desktop/systray/systray.desktop (renamed from examples/desktop/systray/systray.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/desktop/systray/ (renamed from examples/desktop/systray/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/desktop/systray/systray.qrc (renamed from examples/desktop/systray/systray.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/desktop/systray/window.cpp (renamed from examples/desktop/systray/window.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/desktop/systray/window.h (renamed from examples/desktop/systray/window.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/README (renamed from examples/dialogs/README)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.cpp (renamed from examples/dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.desktop (renamed from examples/dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.h (renamed from examples/dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/ (renamed from examples/dialogs/classwizard/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.qrc (renamed from examples/dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/images/background.png (renamed from examples/dialogs/classwizard/images/background.png)bin22578 -> 22578 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/images/banner.png (renamed from examples/dialogs/classwizard/images/banner.png)bin3947 -> 3947 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/images/logo1.png (renamed from examples/dialogs/classwizard/images/logo1.png)bin1619 -> 1619 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/images/logo2.png (renamed from examples/dialogs/classwizard/images/logo2.png)bin1619 -> 1619 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/images/logo3.png (renamed from examples/dialogs/classwizard/images/logo3.png)bin1619 -> 1619 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/images/watermark1.png (renamed from examples/dialogs/classwizard/images/watermark1.png)bin14516 -> 14516 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/images/watermark2.png (renamed from examples/dialogs/classwizard/images/watermark2.png)bin14912 -> 14912 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/main.cpp (renamed from examples/dialogs/classwizard/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/configdialog.cpp (renamed from examples/dialogs/configdialog/configdialog.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/configdialog.desktop (renamed from examples/dialogs/configdialog/configdialog.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/configdialog.h (renamed from examples/dialogs/configdialog/configdialog.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/ (renamed from examples/dialogs/configdialog/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/configdialog.qrc (renamed from examples/dialogs/configdialog/configdialog.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/images/config.png (renamed from examples/dialogs/configdialog/images/config.png)bin6758 -> 6758 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/images/query.png (renamed from examples/dialogs/configdialog/images/query.png)bin2116 -> 2116 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/images/update.png (renamed from examples/dialogs/configdialog/images/update.png)bin7890 -> 7890 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/main.cpp (renamed from examples/dialogs/configdialog/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/pages.cpp (renamed from examples/dialogs/configdialog/pages.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/pages.h (renamed from examples/dialogs/configdialog/pages.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/ (renamed from examples/dialogs/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/extension/extension.desktop (renamed from examples/dialogs/extension/extension.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/extension/ (renamed from examples/dialogs/extension/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/extension/finddialog.cpp (renamed from examples/dialogs/extension/finddialog.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/extension/finddialog.h (renamed from examples/dialogs/extension/finddialog.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/extension/main.cpp (renamed from examples/dialogs/extension/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/findfiles/findfiles.desktop (renamed from examples/dialogs/findfiles/findfiles.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/findfiles/ (renamed from examples/dialogs/findfiles/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/findfiles/main.cpp (renamed from examples/dialogs/findfiles/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/findfiles/window.cpp (renamed from examples/dialogs/findfiles/window.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/findfiles/window.h (renamed from examples/dialogs/findfiles/window.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/licensewizard/images/logo.png (renamed from examples/dialogs/licensewizard/images/logo.png)bin1810 -> 1810 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/licensewizard/images/watermark.png (renamed from examples/dialogs/licensewizard/images/watermark.png)bin34998 -> 34998 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/licensewizard/licensewizard.cpp (renamed from examples/dialogs/licensewizard/licensewizard.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/licensewizard/licensewizard.desktop (renamed from examples/dialogs/licensewizard/licensewizard.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/licensewizard/licensewizard.h (renamed from examples/dialogs/licensewizard/licensewizard.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/licensewizard/ (renamed from examples/dialogs/licensewizard/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/licensewizard/licensewizard.qrc (renamed from examples/dialogs/licensewizard/licensewizard.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/licensewizard/main.cpp (renamed from examples/dialogs/licensewizard/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/sipdialog/dialog.cpp (renamed from examples/dialogs/sipdialog/dialog.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/sipdialog/dialog.h (renamed from examples/dialogs/sipdialog/dialog.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/sipdialog/main.cpp (renamed from examples/dialogs/sipdialog/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/sipdialog/sipdialog.desktop (renamed from examples/dialogs/sipdialog/sipdialog.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/sipdialog/ (renamed from examples/dialogs/sipdialog/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/standarddialogs/dialog.cpp (renamed from examples/dialogs/standarddialogs/dialog.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/standarddialogs/dialog.h (renamed from examples/dialogs/standarddialogs/dialog.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/standarddialogs/main.cpp (renamed from examples/dialogs/standarddialogs/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/standarddialogs/standarddialogs.desktop (renamed from examples/dialogs/standarddialogs/standarddialogs.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/standarddialogs/ (renamed from examples/dialogs/standarddialogs/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/tabdialog/main.cpp (renamed from examples/dialogs/tabdialog/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/tabdialog/tabdialog.cpp (renamed from examples/dialogs/tabdialog/tabdialog.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/tabdialog/tabdialog.desktop (renamed from examples/dialogs/tabdialog/tabdialog.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/tabdialog/tabdialog.h (renamed from examples/dialogs/tabdialog/tabdialog.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/tabdialog/ (renamed from examples/dialogs/tabdialog/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/trivialwizard/trivialwizard.cpp (renamed from examples/dialogs/trivialwizard/trivialwizard.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/trivialwizard/trivialwizard.desktop (renamed from examples/dialogs/trivialwizard/trivialwizard.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/dialogs/trivialwizard/ (renamed from examples/dialogs/trivialwizard/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/README (renamed from examples/draganddrop/README)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/delayedencoding/delayedencoding.desktop (renamed from examples/draganddrop/delayedencoding/delayedencoding.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/ (renamed from examples/draganddrop/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/draggableicons/draggableicons.desktop (renamed from examples/draganddrop/draggableicons/draggableicons.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/draggableicons/ (renamed from examples/draganddrop/draggableicons/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/draggableicons/draggableicons.qrc (renamed from examples/draganddrop/draggableicons/draggableicons.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/draggableicons/dragwidget.cpp (renamed from examples/draganddrop/draggableicons/dragwidget.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/draggableicons/dragwidget.h (renamed from examples/draganddrop/draggableicons/dragwidget.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/draggableicons/images/boat.png (renamed from examples/draganddrop/draggableicons/images/boat.png)bin2772 -> 2772 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/draggableicons/images/car.png (renamed from examples/draganddrop/draggableicons/images/car.png)bin2963 -> 2963 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/draggableicons/images/house.png (renamed from examples/draganddrop/draggableicons/images/house.png)bin3292 -> 3292 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/draggableicons/main.cpp (renamed from examples/draganddrop/draggableicons/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/draggabletext/draggabletext.desktop (renamed from examples/draganddrop/draggabletext/draggabletext.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/draggabletext/ (renamed from examples/draganddrop/draggabletext/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/draggabletext/draggabletext.qrc (renamed from examples/draganddrop/draggabletext/draggabletext.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/draggabletext/draglabel.cpp (renamed from examples/draganddrop/draggabletext/draglabel.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/draggabletext/draglabel.h (renamed from examples/draganddrop/draggabletext/draglabel.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/draggabletext/dragwidget.cpp (renamed from examples/draganddrop/draggabletext/dragwidget.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/draggabletext/dragwidget.h (renamed from examples/draganddrop/draggabletext/dragwidget.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/draggabletext/main.cpp (renamed from examples/draganddrop/draggabletext/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/draggabletext/words.txt (renamed from examples/draganddrop/draggabletext/words.txt)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/dropsite/droparea.cpp (renamed from examples/draganddrop/dropsite/droparea.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/dropsite/droparea.h (renamed from examples/draganddrop/dropsite/droparea.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/dropsite/dropsite.desktop (renamed from examples/draganddrop/dropsite/dropsite.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/dropsite/ (renamed from examples/draganddrop/dropsite/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/dropsite/dropsitewindow.cpp (renamed from examples/draganddrop/dropsite/dropsitewindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/dropsite/dropsitewindow.h (renamed from examples/draganddrop/dropsite/dropsitewindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/dropsite/main.cpp (renamed from examples/draganddrop/dropsite/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/fridgemagnets/draglabel.cpp (renamed from examples/draganddrop/fridgemagnets/draglabel.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/fridgemagnets/draglabel.h (renamed from examples/draganddrop/fridgemagnets/draglabel.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/fridgemagnets/dragwidget.cpp (renamed from examples/draganddrop/fridgemagnets/dragwidget.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/fridgemagnets/dragwidget.h (renamed from examples/draganddrop/fridgemagnets/dragwidget.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/fridgemagnets/fridgemagnets.desktop (renamed from examples/draganddrop/fridgemagnets/fridgemagnets.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/fridgemagnets/ (renamed from examples/draganddrop/fridgemagnets/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/fridgemagnets/fridgemagnets.qrc (renamed from examples/draganddrop/fridgemagnets/fridgemagnets.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/fridgemagnets/main.cpp (renamed from examples/draganddrop/fridgemagnets/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/fridgemagnets/words.txt (renamed from examples/draganddrop/fridgemagnets/words.txt)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/puzzle/example.jpg (renamed from examples/draganddrop/puzzle/example.jpg)bin42654 -> 42654 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/puzzle/main.cpp (renamed from examples/draganddrop/puzzle/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/puzzle/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/draganddrop/puzzle/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/puzzle/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/draganddrop/puzzle/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/puzzle/pieceslist.cpp (renamed from examples/draganddrop/puzzle/pieceslist.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/puzzle/pieceslist.h (renamed from examples/draganddrop/puzzle/pieceslist.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/puzzle/puzzle.desktop (renamed from examples/draganddrop/puzzle/puzzle.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/puzzle/ (renamed from examples/draganddrop/puzzle/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/puzzle/puzzle.qrc (renamed from examples/draganddrop/puzzle/puzzle.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/puzzle/puzzlewidget.cpp (renamed from examples/draganddrop/puzzle/puzzlewidget.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/draganddrop/puzzle/puzzlewidget.h (renamed from examples/draganddrop/puzzle/puzzlewidget.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/blurpicker/blureffect.cpp (renamed from examples/effects/blurpicker/blureffect.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/blurpicker/blureffect.h (renamed from examples/effects/blurpicker/blureffect.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/blurpicker/blurpicker.cpp (renamed from examples/effects/blurpicker/blurpicker.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/blurpicker/blurpicker.desktop (renamed from examples/effects/blurpicker/blurpicker.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/blurpicker/blurpicker.h (renamed from examples/effects/blurpicker/blurpicker.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/blurpicker/ (renamed from examples/effects/blurpicker/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/blurpicker/blurpicker.qrc (renamed from examples/effects/blurpicker/blurpicker.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/blurpicker/images/README.txt (renamed from examples/effects/blurpicker/images/README.txt)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/blurpicker/images/accessories-calculator.png (renamed from examples/effects/blurpicker/images/accessories-calculator.png)bin3760 -> 3760 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/blurpicker/images/accessories-text-editor.png (renamed from examples/effects/blurpicker/images/accessories-text-editor.png)bin4746 -> 4746 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/blurpicker/images/background.jpg (renamed from examples/effects/blurpicker/images/background.jpg)bin16259 -> 16259 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/blurpicker/images/help-browser.png (renamed from examples/effects/blurpicker/images/help-browser.png)bin5392 -> 5392 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/blurpicker/images/internet-group-chat.png (renamed from examples/effects/blurpicker/images/internet-group-chat.png)bin2809 -> 2809 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/blurpicker/images/internet-mail.png (renamed from examples/effects/blurpicker/images/internet-mail.png)bin3899 -> 3899 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/blurpicker/images/internet-web-browser.png (renamed from examples/effects/blurpicker/images/internet-web-browser.png)bin6376 -> 6376 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/blurpicker/images/office-calendar.png (renamed from examples/effects/blurpicker/images/office-calendar.png)bin4010 -> 4010 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/blurpicker/images/system-users.png (renamed from examples/effects/blurpicker/images/system-users.png)bin5353 -> 5353 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/blurpicker/main.cpp (renamed from examples/effects/blurpicker/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/ (renamed from examples/effects/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/fademessage/README.txt (renamed from examples/effects/fademessage/README.txt)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/fademessage/background.jpg (renamed from examples/effects/fademessage/background.jpg)bin159108 -> 159108 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/fademessage/fademessage.cpp (renamed from examples/effects/fademessage/fademessage.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/fademessage/fademessage.desktop (renamed from examples/effects/fademessage/fademessage.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/fademessage/fademessage.h (renamed from examples/effects/fademessage/fademessage.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/fademessage/ (renamed from examples/effects/fademessage/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/fademessage/fademessage.qrc (renamed from examples/effects/fademessage/fademessage.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/fademessage/main.cpp (renamed from examples/effects/fademessage/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/lighting/lighting.cpp (renamed from examples/effects/lighting/lighting.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/lighting/lighting.desktop (renamed from examples/effects/lighting/lighting.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/lighting/lighting.h (renamed from examples/effects/lighting/lighting.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/lighting/ (renamed from examples/effects/lighting/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/effects/lighting/main.cpp (renamed from examples/effects/lighting/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/README (renamed from examples/graphicsview/README)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/anchorlayout/anchorlayout.desktop (renamed from examples/graphicsview/anchorlayout/anchorlayout.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/anchorlayout/ (renamed from examples/graphicsview/anchorlayout/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/anchorlayout/main.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/anchorlayout/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/basicgraphicslayouts.desktop (renamed from examples/graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/basicgraphicslayouts.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/ (renamed from examples/graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/basicgraphicslayouts.qrc (renamed from examples/graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/basicgraphicslayouts.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/images/block.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/images/block.png)bin2146 -> 2146 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/layoutitem.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/layoutitem.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/layoutitem.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/layoutitem.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/main.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/window.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/window.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/window.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/window.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/3rdparty/fbm.c (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/3rdparty/fbm.c)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/3rdparty/fbm.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/3rdparty/fbm.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/basic.fsh (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/basic.fsh)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/basic.vsh (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/basic.vsh)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/ (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/boxes.qrc (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/boxes.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/cubemap_negx.jpg (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/cubemap_negx.jpg)bin41060 -> 41060 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/cubemap_negy.jpg (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/cubemap_negy.jpg)bin15520 -> 15520 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/cubemap_negz.jpg (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/cubemap_negz.jpg)bin68911 -> 68911 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/cubemap_posx.jpg (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/cubemap_posx.jpg)bin74915 -> 74915 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/cubemap_posy.jpg (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/cubemap_posy.jpg)bin24193 -> 24193 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/cubemap_posz.jpg (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/cubemap_posz.jpg)bin57881 -> 57881 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/dotted.fsh (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/dotted.fsh)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/fresnel.fsh (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/fresnel.fsh)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/glass.fsh (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/glass.fsh)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/glbuffers.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/glbuffers.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/glbuffers.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/glbuffers.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/glextensions.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/glextensions.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/glextensions.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/glextensions.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/gltrianglemesh.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/gltrianglemesh.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/granite.fsh (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/granite.fsh)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/main.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/marble.fsh (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/marble.fsh)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/parameters.par (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/parameters.par)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/qt-logo.jpg (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/qt-logo.jpg)bin40886 -> 40886 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/qt-logo.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/qt-logo.png)bin13923 -> 13923 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/qtbox.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/qtbox.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/qtbox.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/qtbox.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/reflection.fsh (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/reflection.fsh)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/refraction.fsh (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/refraction.fsh)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/roundedbox.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/roundedbox.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/roundedbox.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/roundedbox.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/scene.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/scene.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/scene.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/scene.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/smiley.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/smiley.png)bin14508 -> 14508 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/square.jpg (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/square.jpg)bin14542 -> 14542 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/trackball.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/trackball.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/trackball.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/trackball.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/boxes/wood.fsh (renamed from examples/graphicsview/boxes/wood.fsh)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/chip/chip.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/chip/chip.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/chip/chip.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/chip/chip.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/chip/ (renamed from examples/graphicsview/chip/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/chip/fileprint.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/chip/fileprint.png)bin1456 -> 1456 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/chip/images.qrc (renamed from examples/graphicsview/chip/images.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/chip/main.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/chip/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/chip/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/chip/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/chip/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/chip/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/chip/qt4logo.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/chip/qt4logo.png)bin48333 -> 48333 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/chip/rotateleft.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/chip/rotateleft.png)bin1754 -> 1754 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/chip/rotateright.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/chip/rotateright.png)bin1732 -> 1732 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/chip/view.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/chip/view.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/chip/view.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/chip/view.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/chip/zoomin.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/chip/zoomin.png)bin1622 -> 1622 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/chip/zoomout.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/chip/zoomout.png)bin1601 -> 1601 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/collidingmice/collidingmice.desktop (renamed from examples/graphicsview/collidingmice/collidingmice.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/collidingmice/ (renamed from examples/graphicsview/collidingmice/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/collidingmice/images/cheese.jpg (renamed from examples/graphicsview/collidingmice/images/cheese.jpg)bin3029 -> 3029 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/collidingmice/main.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/collidingmice/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/collidingmice/mice.qrc (renamed from examples/graphicsview/collidingmice/mice.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/collidingmice/mouse.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/collidingmice/mouse.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/collidingmice/mouse.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/collidingmice/mouse.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/arrow.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/arrow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/arrow.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/arrow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/diagramitem.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/diagramitem.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/diagramitem.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/diagramitem.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/diagramscene.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/diagramscene.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/diagramscene.desktop (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/diagramscene.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/diagramscene.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/diagramscene.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/ (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/diagramscene.qrc (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/diagramscene.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/diagramtextitem.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/diagramtextitem.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/diagramtextitem.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/diagramtextitem.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/background1.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/background1.png)bin112 -> 112 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/background2.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/background2.png)bin114 -> 114 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/background3.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/background3.png)bin116 -> 116 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/background4.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/background4.png)bin96 -> 96 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/bold.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/bold.png)bin274 -> 274 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/bringtofront.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/bringtofront.png)bin293 -> 293 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/delete.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/delete.png)bin831 -> 831 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/floodfill.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/floodfill.png)bin282 -> 282 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/italic.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/italic.png)bin247 -> 247 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/linecolor.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/linecolor.png)bin145 -> 145 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/linepointer.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/linepointer.png)bin141 -> 141 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/pointer.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/pointer.png)bin173 -> 173 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/sendtoback.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/sendtoback.png)bin318 -> 318 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/textpointer.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/textpointer.png)bin753 -> 753 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/underline.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/images/underline.png)bin250 -> 250 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/main.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/diagramscene/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/diagramscene/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/dragdroprobot/coloritem.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/dragdroprobot/coloritem.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/dragdroprobot/coloritem.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/dragdroprobot/coloritem.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/dragdroprobot/dragdroprobot.desktop (renamed from examples/graphicsview/dragdroprobot/dragdroprobot.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/dragdroprobot/ (renamed from examples/graphicsview/dragdroprobot/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/dragdroprobot/images/head.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/dragdroprobot/images/head.png)bin14972 -> 14972 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/dragdroprobot/main.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/dragdroprobot/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/dragdroprobot/robot.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/dragdroprobot/robot.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/dragdroprobot/robot.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/dragdroprobot/robot.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/dragdroprobot/robot.qrc (renamed from examples/graphicsview/dragdroprobot/robot.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/elasticnodes/edge.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/elasticnodes/edge.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/elasticnodes/edge.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/elasticnodes/edge.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/elasticnodes/elasticnodes.desktop (renamed from examples/graphicsview/elasticnodes/elasticnodes.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/elasticnodes/ (renamed from examples/graphicsview/elasticnodes/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/elasticnodes/graphwidget.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/elasticnodes/graphwidget.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/elasticnodes/graphwidget.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/elasticnodes/graphwidget.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/elasticnodes/main.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/elasticnodes/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/elasticnodes/node.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/elasticnodes/node.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/elasticnodes/node.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/elasticnodes/node.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/embeddeddialogs/No-Ones-Laughing-3.jpg (renamed from examples/graphicsview/embeddeddialogs/No-Ones-Laughing-3.jpg)bin30730 -> 30730 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/embeddeddialogs/customproxy.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/embeddeddialogs/customproxy.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/embeddeddialogs/customproxy.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/embeddeddialogs/customproxy.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/embeddeddialogs/embeddeddialog.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/embeddeddialogs/embeddeddialog.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/embeddeddialogs/embeddeddialog.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/embeddeddialogs/embeddeddialog.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/embeddeddialogs/embeddeddialog.ui (renamed from examples/graphicsview/embeddeddialogs/embeddeddialog.ui)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/embeddeddialogs/ (renamed from examples/graphicsview/embeddeddialogs/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/embeddeddialogs/embeddeddialogs.qrc (renamed from examples/graphicsview/embeddeddialogs/embeddeddialogs.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/embeddeddialogs/main.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/embeddeddialogs/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/flowlayout/flowlayout.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/flowlayout/flowlayout.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/flowlayout/flowlayout.desktop (renamed from examples/graphicsview/flowlayout/flowlayout.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/flowlayout/flowlayout.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/flowlayout/flowlayout.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/flowlayout/ (renamed from examples/graphicsview/flowlayout/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/flowlayout/main.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/flowlayout/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/flowlayout/window.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/flowlayout/window.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/flowlayout/window.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/flowlayout/window.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/ (renamed from examples/graphicsview/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/padnavigator/flippablepad.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/padnavigator/flippablepad.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/padnavigator/flippablepad.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/padnavigator/flippablepad.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/padnavigator/form.ui (renamed from examples/graphicsview/padnavigator/form.ui)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/padnavigator/images/artsfftscope.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/padnavigator/images/artsfftscope.png)bin1291 -> 1291 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/padnavigator/images/blue_angle_swirl.jpg (renamed from examples/graphicsview/padnavigator/images/blue_angle_swirl.jpg)bin11826 -> 11826 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/padnavigator/images/kontact_contacts.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/padnavigator/images/kontact_contacts.png)bin4382 -> 4382 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/padnavigator/images/kontact_journal.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/padnavigator/images/kontact_journal.png)bin3261 -> 3261 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/padnavigator/images/kontact_mail.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/padnavigator/images/kontact_mail.png)bin3202 -> 3202 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/padnavigator/images/kontact_notes.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/padnavigator/images/kontact_notes.png)bin3893 -> 3893 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/padnavigator/images/kopeteavailable.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/padnavigator/images/kopeteavailable.png)bin2380 -> 2380 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/padnavigator/images/metacontact_online.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/padnavigator/images/metacontact_online.png)bin2545 -> 2545 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/padnavigator/images/minitools.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/padnavigator/images/minitools.png)bin2087 -> 2087 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/padnavigator/main.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/padnavigator/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/padnavigator/padnavigator.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/padnavigator/padnavigator.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/padnavigator/padnavigator.desktop (renamed from examples/graphicsview/padnavigator/padnavigator.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/padnavigator/padnavigator.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/padnavigator/padnavigator.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/padnavigator/ (renamed from examples/graphicsview/padnavigator/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/padnavigator/padnavigator.qrc (renamed from examples/graphicsview/padnavigator/padnavigator.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/padnavigator/roundrectitem.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/padnavigator/roundrectitem.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/padnavigator/roundrectitem.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/padnavigator/roundrectitem.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/padnavigator/splashitem.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/padnavigator/splashitem.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/padnavigator/splashitem.h (renamed from examples/graphicsview/padnavigator/splashitem.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/portedasteroids/portedasteroids.desktop (renamed from examples/graphicsview/portedasteroids/portedasteroids.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/portedcanvas/portedcanvas.desktop (renamed from examples/graphicsview/portedcanvas/portedcanvas.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/simpleanchorlayout/main.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/simpleanchorlayout/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/simpleanchorlayout/simpleanchorlayout.desktop (renamed from examples/graphicsview/simpleanchorlayout/simpleanchorlayout.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/simpleanchorlayout/ (renamed from examples/graphicsview/simpleanchorlayout/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/weatheranchorlayout/images/5days.jpg (renamed from examples/graphicsview/weatheranchorlayout/images/5days.jpg)bin5748 -> 5748 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/weatheranchorlayout/images/details.jpg (renamed from examples/graphicsview/weatheranchorlayout/images/details.jpg)bin5323 -> 5323 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/weatheranchorlayout/images/place.jpg (renamed from examples/graphicsview/weatheranchorlayout/images/place.jpg)bin62438 -> 62438 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/weatheranchorlayout/images/tabbar.jpg (renamed from examples/graphicsview/weatheranchorlayout/images/tabbar.jpg)bin849 -> 849 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/weatheranchorlayout/images/title.jpg (renamed from examples/graphicsview/weatheranchorlayout/images/title.jpg)bin3472 -> 3472 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/weatheranchorlayout/images/weather-few-clouds.png (renamed from examples/graphicsview/weatheranchorlayout/images/weather-few-clouds.png)bin18976 -> 18976 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/weatheranchorlayout/main.cpp (renamed from examples/graphicsview/weatheranchorlayout/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/weatheranchorlayout/weatheranchorlayout.desktop (renamed from examples/graphicsview/weatheranchorlayout/weatheranchorlayout.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/weatheranchorlayout/ (renamed from examples/graphicsview/weatheranchorlayout/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/graphicsview/weatheranchorlayout/weatheranchorlayout.qrc (renamed from examples/graphicsview/weatheranchorlayout/weatheranchorlayout.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/README (renamed from examples/itemviews/README)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/addressbook/adddialog.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/addressbook/adddialog.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/addressbook/adddialog.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/addressbook/adddialog.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/addressbook/addressbook.desktop (renamed from examples/itemviews/addressbook/addressbook.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/addressbook/ (renamed from examples/itemviews/addressbook/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/addressbook/addresswidget.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/addressbook/addresswidget.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/addressbook/addresswidget.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/addressbook/addresswidget.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/addressbook/main.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/addressbook/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/addressbook/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/addressbook/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/addressbook/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/addressbook/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/addressbook/newaddresstab.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/addressbook/newaddresstab.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/addressbook/newaddresstab.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/addressbook/newaddresstab.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/addressbook/tablemodel.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/addressbook/tablemodel.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/addressbook/tablemodel.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/addressbook/tablemodel.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/basicsortfiltermodel/basicsortfiltermodel.desktop (renamed from examples/itemviews/basicsortfiltermodel/basicsortfiltermodel.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/basicsortfiltermodel/ (renamed from examples/itemviews/basicsortfiltermodel/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/basicsortfiltermodel/main.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/basicsortfiltermodel/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/basicsortfiltermodel/window.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/basicsortfiltermodel/window.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/basicsortfiltermodel/window.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/basicsortfiltermodel/window.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/chart/chart.desktop (renamed from examples/itemviews/chart/chart.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/chart/ (renamed from examples/itemviews/chart/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/chart/chart.qrc (renamed from examples/itemviews/chart/chart.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/chart/main.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/chart/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/chart/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/chart/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/chart/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/chart/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/chart/mydata.cht (renamed from examples/itemviews/chart/mydata.cht)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/chart/pieview.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/chart/pieview.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/chart/pieview.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/chart/pieview.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/chart/qtdata.cht (renamed from examples/itemviews/chart/qtdata.cht)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/coloreditorfactory/coloreditorfactory.desktop (renamed from examples/itemviews/coloreditorfactory/coloreditorfactory.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/coloreditorfactory/ (renamed from examples/itemviews/coloreditorfactory/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/coloreditorfactory/colorlisteditor.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/coloreditorfactory/colorlisteditor.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/coloreditorfactory/colorlisteditor.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/coloreditorfactory/colorlisteditor.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/coloreditorfactory/main.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/coloreditorfactory/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/coloreditorfactory/window.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/coloreditorfactory/window.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/coloreditorfactory/window.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/coloreditorfactory/window.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/combowidgetmapper/combowidgetmapper.desktop (renamed from examples/itemviews/combowidgetmapper/combowidgetmapper.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/combowidgetmapper/ (renamed from examples/itemviews/combowidgetmapper/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/combowidgetmapper/main.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/combowidgetmapper/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/combowidgetmapper/window.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/combowidgetmapper/window.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/combowidgetmapper/window.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/combowidgetmapper/window.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/customsortfiltermodel/customsortfiltermodel.desktop (renamed from examples/itemviews/customsortfiltermodel/customsortfiltermodel.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/customsortfiltermodel/ (renamed from examples/itemviews/customsortfiltermodel/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/customsortfiltermodel/main.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/customsortfiltermodel/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/customsortfiltermodel/mysortfilterproxymodel.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/customsortfiltermodel/mysortfilterproxymodel.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/customsortfiltermodel/mysortfilterproxymodel.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/customsortfiltermodel/mysortfilterproxymodel.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/customsortfiltermodel/window.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/customsortfiltermodel/window.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/customsortfiltermodel/window.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/customsortfiltermodel/window.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/dirview/dirview.desktop (renamed from examples/itemviews/dirview/dirview.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/dirview/ (renamed from examples/itemviews/dirview/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/dirview/main.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/dirview/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/editabletreemodel/default.txt (renamed from examples/itemviews/editabletreemodel/default.txt)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/editabletreemodel/editabletreemodel.desktop (renamed from examples/itemviews/editabletreemodel/editabletreemodel.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/editabletreemodel/ (renamed from examples/itemviews/editabletreemodel/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/editabletreemodel/editabletreemodel.qrc (renamed from examples/itemviews/editabletreemodel/editabletreemodel.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/editabletreemodel/main.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/editabletreemodel/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/editabletreemodel/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/editabletreemodel/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/editabletreemodel/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/editabletreemodel/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/editabletreemodel/mainwindow.ui (renamed from examples/itemviews/editabletreemodel/mainwindow.ui)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/editabletreemodel/treeitem.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/editabletreemodel/treeitem.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/editabletreemodel/treeitem.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/editabletreemodel/treeitem.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/editabletreemodel/treemodel.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/editabletreemodel/treemodel.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/editabletreemodel/treemodel.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/editabletreemodel/treemodel.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/fetchmore/fetchmore.desktop (renamed from examples/itemviews/fetchmore/fetchmore.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/fetchmore/ (renamed from examples/itemviews/fetchmore/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/fetchmore/filelistmodel.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/fetchmore/filelistmodel.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/fetchmore/filelistmodel.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/fetchmore/filelistmodel.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/fetchmore/main.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/fetchmore/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/fetchmore/window.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/fetchmore/window.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/fetchmore/window.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/fetchmore/window.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/frozencolumn/freezetablewidget.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/frozencolumn/freezetablewidget.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/frozencolumn/freezetablewidget.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/frozencolumn/freezetablewidget.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/frozencolumn/frozencolumn.desktop (renamed from examples/itemviews/frozencolumn/frozencolumn.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/frozencolumn/ (renamed from examples/itemviews/frozencolumn/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/frozencolumn/grades.qrc (renamed from examples/itemviews/frozencolumn/grades.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/frozencolumn/grades.txt (renamed from examples/itemviews/frozencolumn/grades.txt)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/frozencolumn/main.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/frozencolumn/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/interview/README (renamed from examples/itemviews/interview/README)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/interview/images/folder.png (renamed from examples/itemviews/interview/images/folder.png)bin3910 -> 3910 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/interview/images/interview.png (renamed from examples/itemviews/interview/images/interview.png)bin174 -> 174 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/interview/images/services.png (renamed from examples/itemviews/interview/images/services.png)bin3749 -> 3749 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/interview/ (renamed from examples/itemviews/interview/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/interview/interview.qrc (renamed from examples/itemviews/interview/interview.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/interview/main.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/interview/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/interview/model.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/interview/model.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/interview/model.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/interview/model.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/ (renamed from examples/itemviews/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/pixelator/imagemodel.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/pixelator/imagemodel.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/pixelator/imagemodel.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/pixelator/imagemodel.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/pixelator/images.qrc (renamed from examples/itemviews/pixelator/images.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/pixelator/images/qt.png (renamed from examples/itemviews/pixelator/images/qt.png)bin656 -> 656 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/pixelator/main.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/pixelator/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/pixelator/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/pixelator/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/pixelator/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/pixelator/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/pixelator/pixelator.desktop (renamed from examples/itemviews/pixelator/pixelator.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/pixelator/ (renamed from examples/itemviews/pixelator/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/pixelator/pixeldelegate.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/pixelator/pixeldelegate.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/pixelator/pixeldelegate.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/pixelator/pixeldelegate.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/puzzle/example.jpg (renamed from examples/itemviews/puzzle/example.jpg)bin42654 -> 42654 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/puzzle/main.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/puzzle/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/puzzle/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/puzzle/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/puzzle/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/puzzle/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/puzzle/piecesmodel.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/puzzle/piecesmodel.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/puzzle/piecesmodel.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/puzzle/piecesmodel.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/puzzle/puzzle.desktop (renamed from examples/itemviews/puzzle/puzzle.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/puzzle/ (renamed from examples/itemviews/puzzle/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/puzzle/puzzle.qrc (renamed from examples/itemviews/puzzle/puzzle.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/puzzle/puzzlewidget.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/puzzle/puzzlewidget.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/puzzle/puzzlewidget.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/puzzle/puzzlewidget.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/simpledommodel/domitem.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/simpledommodel/domitem.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/simpledommodel/domitem.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/simpledommodel/domitem.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/simpledommodel/dommodel.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/simpledommodel/dommodel.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/simpledommodel/dommodel.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/simpledommodel/dommodel.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/simpledommodel/main.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/simpledommodel/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/simpledommodel/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/simpledommodel/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/simpledommodel/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/simpledommodel/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/simpledommodel/simpledommodel.desktop (renamed from examples/itemviews/simpledommodel/simpledommodel.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/simpledommodel/ (renamed from examples/itemviews/simpledommodel/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/simpletreemodel/default.txt (renamed from examples/itemviews/simpletreemodel/default.txt)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/simpletreemodel/main.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/simpletreemodel/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/simpletreemodel/simpletreemodel.desktop (renamed from examples/itemviews/simpletreemodel/simpletreemodel.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/simpletreemodel/ (renamed from examples/itemviews/simpletreemodel/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/simpletreemodel/simpletreemodel.qrc (renamed from examples/itemviews/simpletreemodel/simpletreemodel.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/simpletreemodel/treeitem.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/simpletreemodel/treeitem.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/simpletreemodel/treeitem.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/simpletreemodel/treeitem.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/simpletreemodel/treemodel.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/simpletreemodel/treemodel.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/simpletreemodel/treemodel.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/simpletreemodel/treemodel.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/simplewidgetmapper/main.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/simplewidgetmapper/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/simplewidgetmapper/simplewidgetmapper.desktop (renamed from examples/itemviews/simplewidgetmapper/simplewidgetmapper.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/simplewidgetmapper/ (renamed from examples/itemviews/simplewidgetmapper/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/simplewidgetmapper/window.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/simplewidgetmapper/window.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/simplewidgetmapper/window.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/simplewidgetmapper/window.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/spinboxdelegate/delegate.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/spinboxdelegate/delegate.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/spinboxdelegate/delegate.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/spinboxdelegate/delegate.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/spinboxdelegate/main.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/spinboxdelegate/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/spinboxdelegate/spinboxdelegate.desktop (renamed from examples/itemviews/spinboxdelegate/spinboxdelegate.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/spinboxdelegate/ (renamed from examples/itemviews/spinboxdelegate/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/spreadsheet/images/interview.png (renamed from examples/itemviews/spreadsheet/images/interview.png)bin174 -> 174 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/spreadsheet/main.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/spreadsheet/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/spreadsheet/printview.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/spreadsheet/printview.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/spreadsheet/printview.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/spreadsheet/printview.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/spreadsheet/spreadsheet.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/spreadsheet/spreadsheet.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/spreadsheet/spreadsheet.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/spreadsheet/spreadsheet.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/spreadsheet/ (renamed from examples/itemviews/spreadsheet/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/spreadsheet/spreadsheet.qrc (renamed from examples/itemviews/spreadsheet/spreadsheet.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/spreadsheet/spreadsheetdelegate.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/spreadsheet/spreadsheetdelegate.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/spreadsheet/spreadsheetdelegate.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/spreadsheet/spreadsheetdelegate.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/spreadsheet/spreadsheetitem.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/spreadsheet/spreadsheetitem.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/spreadsheet/spreadsheetitem.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/spreadsheet/spreadsheetitem.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/stardelegate/main.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/stardelegate/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/stardelegate/stardelegate.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/stardelegate/stardelegate.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/stardelegate/stardelegate.desktop (renamed from examples/itemviews/stardelegate/stardelegate.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/stardelegate/stardelegate.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/stardelegate/stardelegate.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/stardelegate/ (renamed from examples/itemviews/stardelegate/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/stardelegate/stareditor.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/stardelegate/stareditor.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/stardelegate/stareditor.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/stardelegate/stareditor.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/stardelegate/starrating.cpp (renamed from examples/itemviews/stardelegate/starrating.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/itemviews/stardelegate/starrating.h (renamed from examples/itemviews/stardelegate/starrating.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/README (renamed from examples/layouts/README)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/basiclayouts/basiclayouts.desktop (renamed from examples/layouts/basiclayouts/basiclayouts.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/basiclayouts/ (renamed from examples/layouts/basiclayouts/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/basiclayouts/dialog.cpp (renamed from examples/layouts/basiclayouts/dialog.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/basiclayouts/dialog.h (renamed from examples/layouts/basiclayouts/dialog.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/basiclayouts/main.cpp (renamed from examples/layouts/basiclayouts/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/borderlayout/borderlayout.cpp (renamed from examples/layouts/borderlayout/borderlayout.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/borderlayout/borderlayout.desktop (renamed from examples/layouts/borderlayout/borderlayout.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/borderlayout/borderlayout.h (renamed from examples/layouts/borderlayout/borderlayout.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/borderlayout/ (renamed from examples/layouts/borderlayout/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/borderlayout/main.cpp (renamed from examples/layouts/borderlayout/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/borderlayout/window.cpp (renamed from examples/layouts/borderlayout/window.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/borderlayout/window.h (renamed from examples/layouts/borderlayout/window.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/dynamiclayouts/dialog.cpp (renamed from examples/layouts/dynamiclayouts/dialog.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/dynamiclayouts/dialog.h (renamed from examples/layouts/dynamiclayouts/dialog.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/dynamiclayouts/dynamiclayouts.desktop (renamed from examples/layouts/dynamiclayouts/dynamiclayouts.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/dynamiclayouts/ (renamed from examples/layouts/dynamiclayouts/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/dynamiclayouts/main.cpp (renamed from examples/layouts/dynamiclayouts/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/flowlayout/flowlayout.cpp (renamed from examples/layouts/flowlayout/flowlayout.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/flowlayout/flowlayout.desktop (renamed from examples/layouts/flowlayout/flowlayout.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/flowlayout/flowlayout.h (renamed from examples/layouts/flowlayout/flowlayout.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/flowlayout/ (renamed from examples/layouts/flowlayout/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/flowlayout/main.cpp (renamed from examples/layouts/flowlayout/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/flowlayout/window.cpp (renamed from examples/layouts/flowlayout/window.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/flowlayout/window.h (renamed from examples/layouts/flowlayout/window.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/layouts/ (renamed from examples/layouts/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/README (renamed from examples/mainwindows/README)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/application/application.desktop (renamed from examples/mainwindows/application/application.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/application/ (renamed from examples/mainwindows/application/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/application/application.qrc (renamed from examples/mainwindows/application/application.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/application/images/copy.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/application/images/copy.png)bin1338 -> 1338 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/application/images/cut.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/application/images/cut.png)bin1323 -> 1323 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/application/images/new.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/application/images/new.png)bin852 -> 852 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/application/images/open.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/application/images/open.png)bin2073 -> 2073 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/application/images/paste.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/application/images/paste.png)bin1645 -> 1645 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/application/images/save.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/application/images/save.png)bin1187 -> 1187 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/application/main.cpp (renamed from examples/mainwindows/application/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/application/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/mainwindows/application/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/dockwidgets/dockwidgets.desktop (renamed from examples/mainwindows/dockwidgets/dockwidgets.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/dockwidgets/ (renamed from examples/mainwindows/dockwidgets/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/dockwidgets/dockwidgets.qrc (renamed from examples/mainwindows/dockwidgets/dockwidgets.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/dockwidgets/images/new.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/dockwidgets/images/new.png)bin977 -> 977 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/dockwidgets/images/print.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/dockwidgets/images/print.png)bin1732 -> 1732 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/dockwidgets/images/save.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/dockwidgets/images/save.png)bin1894 -> 1894 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/dockwidgets/images/undo.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/dockwidgets/images/undo.png)bin1768 -> 1768 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/dockwidgets/main.cpp (renamed from examples/mainwindows/dockwidgets/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/dockwidgets/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/mainwindows/dockwidgets/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/dockwidgets/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/mainwindows/dockwidgets/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mainwindow/colorswatch.cpp (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mainwindow/colorswatch.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mainwindow/colorswatch.h (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mainwindow/colorswatch.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mainwindow/main.cpp (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mainwindow/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mainwindow/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mainwindow/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mainwindow/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mainwindow/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mainwindow/ (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mainwindow/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mainwindow/mainwindow.qrc (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mainwindow/mainwindow.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mainwindow/qt.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mainwindow/qt.png)bin2037 -> 2037 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mainwindow/titlebarCenter.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mainwindow/titlebarCenter.png)bin146 -> 146 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mainwindow/titlebarLeft.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mainwindow/titlebarLeft.png)bin5148 -> 5148 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mainwindow/titlebarRight.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mainwindow/titlebarRight.png)bin2704 -> 2704 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mainwindow/toolbar.cpp (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mainwindow/toolbar.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mainwindow/toolbar.h (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mainwindow/toolbar.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/ (renamed from examples/mainwindows/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mdi/images/copy.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mdi/images/copy.png)bin1338 -> 1338 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mdi/images/cut.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mdi/images/cut.png)bin1323 -> 1323 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mdi/images/new.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mdi/images/new.png)bin852 -> 852 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mdi/images/open.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mdi/images/open.png)bin2073 -> 2073 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mdi/images/paste.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mdi/images/paste.png)bin1645 -> 1645 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mdi/images/save.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mdi/images/save.png)bin1187 -> 1187 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mdi/main.cpp (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mdi/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mdi/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mdi/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mdi/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mdi/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mdi/mdi.desktop (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mdi/mdi.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mdi/ (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mdi/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mdi/mdi.qrc (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mdi/mdi.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mdi/mdichild.cpp (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mdi/mdichild.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/mdi/mdichild.h (renamed from examples/mainwindows/mdi/mdichild.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/menus/main.cpp (renamed from examples/mainwindows/menus/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/menus/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/mainwindows/menus/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/menus/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/mainwindows/menus/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/menus/menus.desktop (renamed from examples/mainwindows/menus/menus.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/menus/ (renamed from examples/mainwindows/menus/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/recentfiles/main.cpp (renamed from examples/mainwindows/recentfiles/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/recentfiles/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/mainwindows/recentfiles/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/recentfiles/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/mainwindows/recentfiles/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/recentfiles/recentfiles.desktop (renamed from examples/mainwindows/recentfiles/recentfiles.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/recentfiles/ (renamed from examples/mainwindows/recentfiles/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/sdi/images/copy.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/sdi/images/copy.png)bin1338 -> 1338 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/sdi/images/cut.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/sdi/images/cut.png)bin1323 -> 1323 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/sdi/images/new.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/sdi/images/new.png)bin852 -> 852 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/sdi/images/open.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/sdi/images/open.png)bin2073 -> 2073 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/sdi/images/paste.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/sdi/images/paste.png)bin1645 -> 1645 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/sdi/images/save.png (renamed from examples/mainwindows/sdi/images/save.png)bin1187 -> 1187 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/sdi/main.cpp (renamed from examples/mainwindows/sdi/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/sdi/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/mainwindows/sdi/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/sdi/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/mainwindows/sdi/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/sdi/sdi.desktop (renamed from examples/mainwindows/sdi/sdi.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/sdi/ (renamed from examples/mainwindows/sdi/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/mainwindows/sdi/sdi.qrc (renamed from examples/mainwindows/sdi/sdi.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/README (renamed from examples/painting/README)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/affine/ (renamed from examples/painting/affine/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/affine/affine.qrc (renamed from examples/painting/affine/affine.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/affine/bg1.jpg (renamed from examples/painting/affine/bg1.jpg)bin23771 -> 23771 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/affine/main.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/affine/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/affine/xform.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/affine/xform.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/affine/xform.h (renamed from examples/painting/affine/xform.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/affine/xform.html (renamed from examples/painting/affine/xform.html)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/basicdrawing/basicdrawing.desktop (renamed from examples/painting/basicdrawing/basicdrawing.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/basicdrawing/ (renamed from examples/painting/basicdrawing/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/basicdrawing/basicdrawing.qrc (renamed from examples/painting/basicdrawing/basicdrawing.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/basicdrawing/images/brick.png (renamed from examples/painting/basicdrawing/images/brick.png)bin767 -> 767 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/basicdrawing/images/qt-logo.png (renamed from examples/painting/basicdrawing/images/qt-logo.png)bin3696 -> 3696 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/basicdrawing/main.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/basicdrawing/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/basicdrawing/renderarea.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/basicdrawing/renderarea.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/basicdrawing/renderarea.h (renamed from examples/painting/basicdrawing/renderarea.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/basicdrawing/window.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/basicdrawing/window.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/basicdrawing/window.h (renamed from examples/painting/basicdrawing/window.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/composition/composition.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/composition/composition.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/composition/composition.h (renamed from examples/painting/composition/composition.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/composition/composition.html (renamed from examples/painting/composition/composition.html)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/composition/ (renamed from examples/painting/composition/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/composition/composition.qrc (renamed from examples/painting/composition/composition.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/composition/flower.jpg (renamed from examples/painting/composition/flower.jpg)bin49616 -> 49616 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/composition/flower_alpha.jpg (renamed from examples/painting/composition/flower_alpha.jpg)bin67326 -> 67326 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/composition/main.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/composition/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/concentriccircles/circlewidget.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/concentriccircles/circlewidget.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/concentriccircles/circlewidget.h (renamed from examples/painting/concentriccircles/circlewidget.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/concentriccircles/concentriccircles.desktop (renamed from examples/painting/concentriccircles/concentriccircles.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/concentriccircles/ (renamed from examples/painting/concentriccircles/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/concentriccircles/main.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/concentriccircles/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/concentriccircles/window.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/concentriccircles/window.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/concentriccircles/window.h (renamed from examples/painting/concentriccircles/window.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/deform/ (renamed from examples/painting/deform/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/deform/deform.qrc (renamed from examples/painting/deform/deform.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/deform/main.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/deform/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/deform/pathdeform.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/deform/pathdeform.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/deform/pathdeform.h (renamed from examples/painting/deform/pathdeform.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/deform/pathdeform.html (renamed from examples/painting/deform/pathdeform.html)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/fontsampler/fontsampler.desktop (renamed from examples/painting/fontsampler/fontsampler.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/fontsampler/ (renamed from examples/painting/fontsampler/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/fontsampler/main.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/fontsampler/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/fontsampler/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/fontsampler/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/fontsampler/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/painting/fontsampler/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/fontsampler/mainwindowbase.ui (renamed from examples/painting/fontsampler/mainwindowbase.ui)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/gradients/gradients.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/gradients/gradients.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/gradients/gradients.h (renamed from examples/painting/gradients/gradients.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/gradients/gradients.html (renamed from examples/painting/gradients/gradients.html)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/gradients/ (renamed from examples/painting/gradients/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/gradients/gradients.qrc (renamed from examples/painting/gradients/gradients.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/gradients/main.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/gradients/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/imagecomposition/imagecomposer.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/imagecomposition/imagecomposer.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/imagecomposition/imagecomposer.h (renamed from examples/painting/imagecomposition/imagecomposer.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/imagecomposition/imagecomposition.desktop (renamed from examples/painting/imagecomposition/imagecomposition.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/imagecomposition/ (renamed from examples/painting/imagecomposition/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/imagecomposition/imagecomposition.qrc (renamed from examples/painting/imagecomposition/imagecomposition.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/imagecomposition/images/background.png (renamed from examples/painting/imagecomposition/images/background.png)bin18579 -> 18579 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/imagecomposition/images/blackrectangle.png (renamed from examples/painting/imagecomposition/images/blackrectangle.png)bin90 -> 90 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/imagecomposition/images/butterfly.png (renamed from examples/painting/imagecomposition/images/butterfly.png)bin36868 -> 36868 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/imagecomposition/images/checker.png (renamed from examples/painting/imagecomposition/images/checker.png)bin10384 -> 10384 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/imagecomposition/main.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/imagecomposition/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/painterpaths/main.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/painterpaths/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/painterpaths/painterpaths.desktop (renamed from examples/painting/painterpaths/painterpaths.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/painterpaths/ (renamed from examples/painting/painterpaths/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/painterpaths/renderarea.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/painterpaths/renderarea.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/painterpaths/renderarea.h (renamed from examples/painting/painterpaths/renderarea.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/painterpaths/window.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/painterpaths/window.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/painterpaths/window.h (renamed from examples/painting/painterpaths/window.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/ (renamed from examples/painting/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/pathstroke/main.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/pathstroke/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/pathstroke/pathstroke.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/pathstroke/pathstroke.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/pathstroke/pathstroke.h (renamed from examples/painting/pathstroke/pathstroke.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/pathstroke/pathstroke.html (renamed from examples/painting/pathstroke/pathstroke.html)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/pathstroke/ (renamed from examples/painting/pathstroke/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/pathstroke/pathstroke.qrc (renamed from examples/painting/pathstroke/pathstroke.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/arthurstyle.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/shared/arthurstyle.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/arthurstyle.h (renamed from examples/painting/shared/arthurstyle.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/arthurwidgets.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/shared/arthurwidgets.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/arthurwidgets.h (renamed from examples/painting/shared/arthurwidgets.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/hoverpoints.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/shared/hoverpoints.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/hoverpoints.h (renamed from examples/painting/shared/hoverpoints.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/bg_pattern.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/bg_pattern.png)bin104 -> 104 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/button_normal_cap_left.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/button_normal_cap_left.png)bin654 -> 654 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/button_normal_cap_right.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/button_normal_cap_right.png)bin674 -> 674 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/button_normal_stretch.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/button_normal_stretch.png)bin185 -> 185 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/button_pressed_cap_left.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/button_pressed_cap_left.png)bin710 -> 710 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/button_pressed_cap_right.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/button_pressed_cap_right.png)bin785 -> 785 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/button_pressed_stretch.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/button_pressed_stretch.png)bin217 -> 217 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/curve_thing_edit-6.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/curve_thing_edit-6.png)bin58097 -> 58097 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/frame_bottom.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/frame_bottom.png)bin166 -> 166 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/frame_bottomleft.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/frame_bottomleft.png)bin602 -> 602 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/frame_bottomright.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/frame_bottomright.png)bin553 -> 553 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/frame_left.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/frame_left.png)bin182 -> 182 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/frame_right.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/frame_right.png)bin175 -> 175 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/frame_top.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/frame_top.png)bin188 -> 188 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/frame_topleft.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/frame_topleft.png)bin801 -> 801 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/frame_topright.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/frame_topright.png)bin851 -> 851 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/groupframe_bottom_left.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/groupframe_bottom_left.png)bin397 -> 397 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/groupframe_bottom_right.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/groupframe_bottom_right.png)bin383 -> 383 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/groupframe_bottom_stretch.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/groupframe_bottom_stretch.png)bin141 -> 141 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/groupframe_left_stretch.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/groupframe_left_stretch.png)bin132 -> 132 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/groupframe_right_stretch.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/groupframe_right_stretch.png)bin113 -> 113 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/groupframe_top_stretch.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/groupframe_top_stretch.png)bin115 -> 115 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/groupframe_topleft.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/groupframe_topleft.png)bin412 -> 412 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/groupframe_topright.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/groupframe_topright.png)bin449 -> 449 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/line_dash_dot.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/line_dash_dot.png)bin151 -> 151 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/line_dash_dot_dot.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/line_dash_dot_dot.png)bin155 -> 155 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/line_dashed.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/line_dashed.png)bin121 -> 121 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/line_dotted.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/line_dotted.png)bin116 -> 116 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/line_solid.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/line_solid.png)bin110 -> 110 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/radiobutton-off.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/radiobutton-off.png)bin442 -> 442 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/radiobutton-on.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/radiobutton-on.png)bin474 -> 474 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/radiobutton_off.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/radiobutton_off.png)bin442 -> 442 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/radiobutton_on.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/radiobutton_on.png)bin499 -> 499 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/slider_bar.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/slider_bar.png)bin748 -> 748 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/slider_thumb_off.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/slider_thumb_off.png)bin823 -> 823 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/slider_thumb_on.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/slider_thumb_on.png)bin798 -> 798 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/title_cap_left.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/title_cap_left.png)bin179 -> 179 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/title_cap_right.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/title_cap_right.png)bin184 -> 184 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/images/title_stretch.png (renamed from examples/painting/shared/images/title_stretch.png)bin106 -> 106 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/shared.pri (renamed from examples/painting/shared/shared.pri)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/ (renamed from examples/painting/shared/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/shared/shared.qrc (renamed from examples/painting/shared/shared.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/svggenerator/svggenerator.desktop (renamed from examples/painting/svggenerator/svggenerator.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/svgviewer/svgviewer.desktop (renamed from examples/painting/svgviewer/svgviewer.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/transformations/main.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/transformations/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/transformations/renderarea.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/transformations/renderarea.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/transformations/renderarea.h (renamed from examples/painting/transformations/renderarea.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/transformations/transformations.desktop (renamed from examples/painting/transformations/transformations.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/transformations/ (renamed from examples/painting/transformations/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/transformations/window.cpp (renamed from examples/painting/transformations/window.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/painting/transformations/window.h (renamed from examples/painting/transformations/window.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/README (renamed from examples/richtext/README)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/calendar/calendar.desktop (renamed from examples/richtext/calendar/calendar.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/calendar/ (renamed from examples/richtext/calendar/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/calendar/main.cpp (renamed from examples/richtext/calendar/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/calendar/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/richtext/calendar/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/calendar/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/richtext/calendar/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/orderform/detailsdialog.cpp (renamed from examples/richtext/orderform/detailsdialog.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/orderform/detailsdialog.h (renamed from examples/richtext/orderform/detailsdialog.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/orderform/main.cpp (renamed from examples/richtext/orderform/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/orderform/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/richtext/orderform/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/orderform/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/richtext/orderform/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/orderform/orderform.desktop (renamed from examples/richtext/orderform/orderform.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/orderform/ (renamed from examples/richtext/orderform/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/ (renamed from examples/richtext/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/syntaxhighlighter/highlighter.cpp (renamed from examples/richtext/syntaxhighlighter/highlighter.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/syntaxhighlighter/highlighter.h (renamed from examples/richtext/syntaxhighlighter/highlighter.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/syntaxhighlighter/main.cpp (renamed from examples/richtext/syntaxhighlighter/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/syntaxhighlighter/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/richtext/syntaxhighlighter/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/syntaxhighlighter/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/richtext/syntaxhighlighter/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/syntaxhighlighter/syntaxhighlighter.desktop (renamed from examples/richtext/syntaxhighlighter/syntaxhighlighter.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/syntaxhighlighter/ (renamed from examples/richtext/syntaxhighlighter/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/example.html (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/example.html)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/logo32.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/logo32.png)bin1410 -> 1410 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/mac/editcopy.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/mac/editcopy.png)bin1468 -> 1468 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/mac/editcut.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/mac/editcut.png)bin1512 -> 1512 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/mac/editpaste.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/mac/editpaste.png)bin1906 -> 1906 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/mac/editredo.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/mac/editredo.png)bin1752 -> 1752 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/mac/editundo.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/mac/editundo.png)bin1746 -> 1746 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/mac/exportpdf.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/mac/exportpdf.png)bin1215 -> 1215 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/mac/filenew.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/mac/filenew.png)bin1172 -> 1172 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/mac/fileopen.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/mac/fileopen.png)bin2168 -> 2168 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/mac/fileprint.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/mac/fileprint.png)bin2087 -> 2087 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/mac/filesave.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/mac/filesave.png)bin1206 -> 1206 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/mac/textbold.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/mac/textbold.png)bin1611 -> 1611 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/mac/textcenter.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/mac/textcenter.png)bin1404 -> 1404 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/mac/textitalic.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/mac/textitalic.png)bin1164 -> 1164 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/mac/textjustify.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/mac/textjustify.png)bin1257 -> 1257 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/mac/textleft.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/mac/textleft.png)bin1235 -> 1235 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/mac/textright.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/mac/textright.png)bin1406 -> 1406 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/mac/textunder.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/mac/textunder.png)bin1183 -> 1183 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/mac/zoomin.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/mac/zoomin.png)bin1696 -> 1696 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/mac/zoomout.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/mac/zoomout.png)bin1662 -> 1662 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/win/editcopy.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/win/editcopy.png)bin1325 -> 1325 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/win/editcut.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/win/editcut.png)bin1896 -> 1896 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/win/editpaste.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/win/editpaste.png)bin1482 -> 1482 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/win/editredo.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/win/editredo.png)bin1787 -> 1787 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/win/editundo.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/win/editundo.png)bin1768 -> 1768 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/win/exportpdf.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/win/exportpdf.png)bin1059 -> 1059 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/win/filenew.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/win/filenew.png)bin768 -> 768 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/win/fileopen.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/win/fileopen.png)bin1662 -> 1662 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/win/fileprint.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/win/fileprint.png)bin1456 -> 1456 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/win/filesave.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/win/filesave.png)bin1205 -> 1205 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/win/textbold.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/win/textbold.png)bin1134 -> 1134 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/win/textcenter.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/win/textcenter.png)bin627 -> 627 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/win/textitalic.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/win/textitalic.png)bin829 -> 829 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/win/textjustify.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/win/textjustify.png)bin695 -> 695 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/win/textleft.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/win/textleft.png)bin673 -> 673 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/win/textright.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/win/textright.png)bin677 -> 677 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/win/textunder.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/win/textunder.png)bin971 -> 971 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/win/zoomin.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/win/zoomin.png)bin1208 -> 1208 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/images/win/zoomout.png (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/images/win/zoomout.png)bin1226 -> 1226 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/main.cpp (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/textedit.cpp (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/textedit.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/textedit.h (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/textedit.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/ (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/textedit.qdoc (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/textedit.qdoc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/richtext/textedit/textedit.qrc (renamed from examples/richtext/textedit/textedit.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/scroller/graphicsview/ (renamed from examples/scroller/graphicsview/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/scroller/graphicsview/main.cpp (renamed from examples/scroller/graphicsview/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/scroller/ (renamed from examples/scroller/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/statemachine/README (renamed from examples/statemachine/README)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/statemachine/eventtransitions/eventtransitions.desktop (renamed from examples/statemachine/eventtransitions/eventtransitions.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/statemachine/eventtransitions/ (renamed from examples/statemachine/eventtransitions/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/statemachine/eventtransitions/main.cpp (renamed from examples/statemachine/eventtransitions/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/statemachine/factorial/factorial.desktop (renamed from examples/statemachine/factorial/factorial.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/statemachine/factorial/ (renamed from examples/statemachine/factorial/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/statemachine/factorial/main.cpp (renamed from examples/statemachine/factorial/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/statemachine/pingpong/main.cpp (renamed from examples/statemachine/pingpong/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/statemachine/pingpong/pingpong.desktop (renamed from examples/statemachine/pingpong/pingpong.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/statemachine/pingpong/ (renamed from examples/statemachine/pingpong/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/statemachine/rogue/main.cpp (renamed from examples/statemachine/rogue/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/statemachine/rogue/movementtransition.h (renamed from examples/statemachine/rogue/movementtransition.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/statemachine/rogue/rogue.desktop (renamed from examples/statemachine/rogue/rogue.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/statemachine/rogue/ (renamed from examples/statemachine/rogue/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/statemachine/rogue/window.cpp (renamed from examples/statemachine/rogue/window.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/statemachine/rogue/window.h (renamed from examples/statemachine/rogue/window.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/statemachine/ (renamed from examples/statemachine/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/statemachine/trafficlight/main.cpp (renamed from examples/statemachine/trafficlight/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/statemachine/trafficlight/trafficlight.desktop (renamed from examples/statemachine/trafficlight/trafficlight.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/statemachine/trafficlight/ (renamed from examples/statemachine/trafficlight/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/statemachine/twowaybutton/main.cpp (renamed from examples/statemachine/twowaybutton/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/statemachine/twowaybutton/twowaybutton.desktop (renamed from examples/statemachine/twowaybutton/twowaybutton.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/statemachine/twowaybutton/ (renamed from examples/statemachine/twowaybutton/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/README (renamed from examples/widgets/README)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/analogclock/analogclock.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/analogclock/analogclock.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/analogclock/analogclock.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/analogclock/analogclock.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/analogclock/analogclock.h (renamed from examples/widgets/analogclock/analogclock.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/analogclock/ (renamed from examples/widgets/analogclock/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/analogclock/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/analogclock/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/applicationicon/applicationicon.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/applicationicon/applicationicon.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/applicationicon/applicationicon.png (renamed from examples/widgets/applicationicon/applicationicon.png)bin4023 -> 4023 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/applicationicon/ (renamed from examples/widgets/applicationicon/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/applicationicon/applicationicon.svg (renamed from examples/widgets/applicationicon/applicationicon.svg)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/applicationicon/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/applicationicon/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/calculator/button.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/calculator/button.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/calculator/button.h (renamed from examples/widgets/calculator/button.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/calculator/calculator.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/calculator/calculator.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/calculator/calculator.h (renamed from examples/widgets/calculator/calculator.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/calculator/ (renamed from examples/widgets/calculator/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/calculator/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/calculator/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/calculator/releasenotes.txt (renamed from examples/widgets/calculator/releasenotes.txt)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/calendarwidget/calendarwidget.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/calendarwidget/calendarwidget.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/calendarwidget/ (renamed from examples/widgets/calendarwidget/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/calendarwidget/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/calendarwidget/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/calendarwidget/window.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/calendarwidget/window.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/calendarwidget/window.h (renamed from examples/widgets/calendarwidget/window.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/charactermap/charactermap.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/charactermap/charactermap.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/charactermap/ (renamed from examples/widgets/charactermap/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/charactermap/characterwidget.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/charactermap/characterwidget.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/charactermap/characterwidget.h (renamed from examples/widgets/charactermap/characterwidget.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/charactermap/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/charactermap/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/charactermap/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/charactermap/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/charactermap/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/widgets/charactermap/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/codeeditor/codeeditor.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/codeeditor/codeeditor.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/codeeditor/codeeditor.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/codeeditor/codeeditor.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/codeeditor/codeeditor.h (renamed from examples/widgets/codeeditor/codeeditor.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/codeeditor/ (renamed from examples/widgets/codeeditor/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/codeeditor/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/codeeditor/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/digitalclock/digitalclock.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/digitalclock/digitalclock.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/digitalclock/digitalclock.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/digitalclock/digitalclock.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/digitalclock/digitalclock.h (renamed from examples/widgets/digitalclock/digitalclock.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/digitalclock/ (renamed from examples/widgets/digitalclock/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/digitalclock/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/digitalclock/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/elidedlabel/elidedlabel.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/elidedlabel/elidedlabel.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/elidedlabel/elidedlabel.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/elidedlabel/elidedlabel.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/elidedlabel/elidedlabel.h (renamed from examples/widgets/elidedlabel/elidedlabel.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/elidedlabel/ (renamed from examples/widgets/elidedlabel/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/elidedlabel/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/elidedlabel/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/elidedlabel/testwidget.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/elidedlabel/testwidget.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/elidedlabel/testwidget.h (renamed from examples/widgets/elidedlabel/testwidget.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/groupbox/groupbox.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/groupbox/groupbox.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/groupbox/ (renamed from examples/widgets/groupbox/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/groupbox/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/groupbox/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/groupbox/window.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/groupbox/window.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/groupbox/window.h (renamed from examples/widgets/groupbox/window.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/icons/iconpreviewarea.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/icons/iconpreviewarea.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/icons/iconpreviewarea.h (renamed from examples/widgets/icons/iconpreviewarea.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/icons/icons.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/icons/icons.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/icons/ (renamed from examples/widgets/icons/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/icons/iconsizespinbox.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/icons/iconsizespinbox.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/icons/iconsizespinbox.h (renamed from examples/widgets/icons/iconsizespinbox.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/icons/imagedelegate.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/icons/imagedelegate.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/icons/imagedelegate.h (renamed from examples/widgets/icons/imagedelegate.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/icons/images/designer.png (renamed from examples/widgets/icons/images/designer.png)bin4205 -> 4205 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/icons/images/find_disabled.png (renamed from examples/widgets/icons/images/find_disabled.png)bin501 -> 501 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/icons/images/find_normal.png (renamed from examples/widgets/icons/images/find_normal.png)bin838 -> 838 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/icons/images/monkey_off_128x128.png (renamed from examples/widgets/icons/images/monkey_off_128x128.png)bin7045 -> 7045 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/icons/images/monkey_off_16x16.png (renamed from examples/widgets/icons/images/monkey_off_16x16.png)bin683 -> 683 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/icons/images/monkey_off_32x32.png (renamed from examples/widgets/icons/images/monkey_off_32x32.png)bin1609 -> 1609 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/icons/images/monkey_off_64x64.png (renamed from examples/widgets/icons/images/monkey_off_64x64.png)bin3533 -> 3533 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/icons/images/monkey_on_128x128.png (renamed from examples/widgets/icons/images/monkey_on_128x128.png)bin6909 -> 6909 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/icons/images/monkey_on_16x16.png (renamed from examples/widgets/icons/images/monkey_on_16x16.png)bin681 -> 681 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/icons/images/monkey_on_32x32.png (renamed from examples/widgets/icons/images/monkey_on_32x32.png)bin1577 -> 1577 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/icons/images/monkey_on_64x64.png (renamed from examples/widgets/icons/images/monkey_on_64x64.png)bin3479 -> 3479 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/icons/images/qt_extended_16x16.png (renamed from examples/widgets/icons/images/qt_extended_16x16.png)bin834 -> 834 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/icons/images/qt_extended_32x32.png (renamed from examples/widgets/icons/images/qt_extended_32x32.png)bin1892 -> 1892 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/icons/images/qt_extended_48x48.png (renamed from examples/widgets/icons/images/qt_extended_48x48.png)bin3672 -> 3672 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/icons/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/icons/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/icons/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/icons/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/icons/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/widgets/icons/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/imageviewer/imageviewer.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/imageviewer/imageviewer.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/imageviewer/imageviewer.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/imageviewer/imageviewer.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/imageviewer/imageviewer.h (renamed from examples/widgets/imageviewer/imageviewer.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/imageviewer/ (renamed from examples/widgets/imageviewer/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/imageviewer/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/imageviewer/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/lineedits/lineedits.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/lineedits/lineedits.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/lineedits/ (renamed from examples/widgets/lineedits/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/lineedits/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/lineedits/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/lineedits/window.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/lineedits/window.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/lineedits/window.h (renamed from examples/widgets/lineedits/window.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/mousebuttons/buttontester.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/mousebuttons/buttontester.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/mousebuttons/buttontester.h (renamed from examples/widgets/mousebuttons/buttontester.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/mousebuttons/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/mousebuttons/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/mousebuttons/ (renamed from examples/widgets/mousebuttons/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/movie/animation.gif (renamed from examples/widgets/movie/animation.gif)bin42629 -> 42629 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/movie/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/movie/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/movie/movie.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/movie/movie.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/movie/ (renamed from examples/widgets/movie/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/movie/movieplayer.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/movie/movieplayer.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/movie/movieplayer.h (renamed from examples/widgets/movie/movieplayer.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/orientation/image_a.png (renamed from examples/widgets/orientation/image_a.png)bin1075 -> 1075 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/orientation/image_b.png (renamed from examples/widgets/orientation/image_b.png)bin1020 -> 1020 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/orientation/image_c.png (renamed from examples/widgets/orientation/image_c.png)bin1163 -> 1163 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/orientation/images.qrc (renamed from examples/widgets/orientation/images.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/orientation/landscape.ui (renamed from examples/widgets/orientation/landscape.ui)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/orientation/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/orientation/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/orientation/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/orientation/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/orientation/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/widgets/orientation/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/orientation/orientation.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/orientation/orientation.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/orientation/ (renamed from examples/widgets/orientation/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/orientation/portrait.ui (renamed from examples/widgets/orientation/portrait.ui)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/scribble/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/scribble/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/scribble/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/scribble/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/scribble/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/widgets/scribble/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/scribble/scribble.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/scribble/scribble.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/scribble/ (renamed from examples/widgets/scribble/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/scribble/scribblearea.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/scribble/scribblearea.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/scribble/scribblearea.h (renamed from examples/widgets/scribble/scribblearea.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/shapedclock/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/shapedclock/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/shapedclock/shapedclock.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/shapedclock/shapedclock.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/shapedclock/shapedclock.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/shapedclock/shapedclock.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/shapedclock/shapedclock.h (renamed from examples/widgets/shapedclock/shapedclock.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/shapedclock/ (renamed from examples/widgets/shapedclock/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/sliders/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/sliders/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/sliders/sliders.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/sliders/sliders.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/sliders/ (renamed from examples/widgets/sliders/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/sliders/slidersgroup.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/sliders/slidersgroup.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/sliders/slidersgroup.h (renamed from examples/widgets/sliders/slidersgroup.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/sliders/window.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/sliders/window.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/sliders/window.h (renamed from examples/widgets/sliders/window.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/softkeys/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/softkeys/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/softkeys/softkeys.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/softkeys/softkeys.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/softkeys/softkeys.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/softkeys/softkeys.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/softkeys/softkeys.h (renamed from examples/widgets/softkeys/softkeys.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/softkeys/ (renamed from examples/widgets/softkeys/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/spinboxes/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/spinboxes/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/spinboxes/spinboxes.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/spinboxes/spinboxes.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/spinboxes/ (renamed from examples/widgets/spinboxes/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/spinboxes/window.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/spinboxes/window.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/spinboxes/window.h (renamed from examples/widgets/spinboxes/window.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/styles/images/woodbackground.png (renamed from examples/widgets/styles/images/woodbackground.png)bin7691 -> 7691 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/styles/images/woodbutton.png (renamed from examples/widgets/styles/images/woodbutton.png)bin7689 -> 7689 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/styles/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/styles/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/styles/norwegianwoodstyle.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/styles/norwegianwoodstyle.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/styles/norwegianwoodstyle.h (renamed from examples/widgets/styles/norwegianwoodstyle.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/styles/styles.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/styles/styles.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/styles/ (renamed from examples/widgets/styles/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/styles/styles.qrc (renamed from examples/widgets/styles/styles.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/styles/widgetgallery.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/styles/widgetgallery.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/styles/widgetgallery.h (renamed from examples/widgets/styles/widgetgallery.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/checkbox_checked.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/checkbox_checked.png)bin263 -> 263 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/checkbox_checked_hover.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/checkbox_checked_hover.png)bin266 -> 266 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/checkbox_checked_pressed.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/checkbox_checked_pressed.png)bin425 -> 425 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/checkbox_unchecked.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/checkbox_unchecked.png)bin159 -> 159 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/checkbox_unchecked_hover.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/checkbox_unchecked_hover.png)bin159 -> 159 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/checkbox_unchecked_pressed.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/checkbox_unchecked_pressed.png)bin320 -> 320 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/down_arrow.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/down_arrow.png)bin175 -> 175 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/down_arrow_disabled.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/down_arrow_disabled.png)bin174 -> 174 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/frame.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/frame.png)bin253 -> 253 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/pagefold.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/pagefold.png)bin1545 -> 1545 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/pushbutton.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/pushbutton.png)bin533 -> 533 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/pushbutton_hover.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/pushbutton_hover.png)bin525 -> 525 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/pushbutton_pressed.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/pushbutton_pressed.png)bin513 -> 513 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/radiobutton_checked.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/radiobutton_checked.png)bin355 -> 355 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/radiobutton_checked_hover.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/radiobutton_checked_hover.png)bin532 -> 532 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/radiobutton_checked_pressed.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/radiobutton_checked_pressed.png)bin599 -> 599 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/radiobutton_unchecked.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/radiobutton_unchecked.png)bin240 -> 240 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/radiobutton_unchecked_hover.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/radiobutton_unchecked_hover.png)bin492 -> 492 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/radiobutton_unchecked_pressed.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/radiobutton_unchecked_pressed.png)bin556 -> 556 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/sizegrip.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/sizegrip.png)bin129 -> 129 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/spindown.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/spindown.png)bin276 -> 276 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/spindown_hover.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/spindown_hover.png)bin268 -> 268 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/spindown_off.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/spindown_off.png)bin249 -> 249 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/spindown_pressed.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/spindown_pressed.png)bin264 -> 264 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/spinup.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/spinup.png)bin283 -> 283 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/spinup_hover.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/spinup_hover.png)bin277 -> 277 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/spinup_off.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/spinup_off.png)bin274 -> 274 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/spinup_pressed.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/spinup_pressed.png)bin277 -> 277 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/up_arrow.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/up_arrow.png)bin197 -> 197 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/images/up_arrow_disabled.png (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/images/up_arrow_disabled.png)bin172 -> 172 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/layouts/default.ui (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/layouts/default.ui)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/layouts/pagefold.ui (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/layouts/pagefold.ui)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/mainwindow.ui (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/mainwindow.ui)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/qss/coffee.qss (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/qss/coffee.qss)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/qss/default.qss (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/qss/default.qss)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/qss/pagefold.qss (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/qss/pagefold.qss)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/stylesheet.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/stylesheet.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/ (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/stylesheet.qrc (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/stylesheet.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/stylesheeteditor.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/stylesheeteditor.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/stylesheeteditor.h (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/stylesheeteditor.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/stylesheet/stylesheeteditor.ui (renamed from examples/widgets/stylesheet/stylesheeteditor.ui)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tablet/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/tablet/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tablet/mainwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/tablet/mainwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tablet/mainwindow.h (renamed from examples/widgets/tablet/mainwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tablet/tablet.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/tablet/tablet.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tablet/ (renamed from examples/widgets/tablet/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tablet/tabletapplication.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/tablet/tabletapplication.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tablet/tabletapplication.h (renamed from examples/widgets/tablet/tabletapplication.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tablet/tabletcanvas.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/tablet/tabletcanvas.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tablet/tabletcanvas.h (renamed from examples/widgets/tablet/tabletcanvas.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tetrix/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/tetrix/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tetrix/tetrix.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/tetrix/tetrix.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tetrix/ (renamed from examples/widgets/tetrix/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tetrix/tetrixboard.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/tetrix/tetrixboard.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tetrix/tetrixboard.h (renamed from examples/widgets/tetrix/tetrixboard.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tetrix/tetrixpiece.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/tetrix/tetrixpiece.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tetrix/tetrixpiece.h (renamed from examples/widgets/tetrix/tetrixpiece.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tetrix/tetrixwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/tetrix/tetrixwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tetrix/tetrixwindow.h (renamed from examples/widgets/tetrix/tetrixwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tooltips/images/circle.png (renamed from examples/widgets/tooltips/images/circle.png)bin165 -> 165 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tooltips/images/square.png (renamed from examples/widgets/tooltips/images/square.png)bin94 -> 94 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tooltips/images/triangle.png (renamed from examples/widgets/tooltips/images/triangle.png)bin170 -> 170 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tooltips/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/tooltips/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tooltips/shapeitem.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/tooltips/shapeitem.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tooltips/shapeitem.h (renamed from examples/widgets/tooltips/shapeitem.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tooltips/sortingbox.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/tooltips/sortingbox.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tooltips/sortingbox.h (renamed from examples/widgets/tooltips/sortingbox.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tooltips/tooltips.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/tooltips/tooltips.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tooltips/ (renamed from examples/widgets/tooltips/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/tooltips/tooltips.qrc (renamed from examples/widgets/tooltips/tooltips.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/validators/ledoff.png (renamed from examples/widgets/validators/ledoff.png)bin562 -> 562 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/validators/ledon.png (renamed from examples/widgets/validators/ledon.png)bin486 -> 486 bytes
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/validators/ledwidget.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/validators/ledwidget.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/validators/ledwidget.h (renamed from examples/widgets/validators/ledwidget.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/validators/localeselector.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/validators/localeselector.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/validators/localeselector.h (renamed from examples/widgets/validators/localeselector.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/validators/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/validators/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/validators/validators.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/validators/validators.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/validators/ (renamed from examples/widgets/validators/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/validators/validators.qrc (renamed from examples/widgets/validators/validators.qrc)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/validators/validators.ui (renamed from examples/widgets/validators/validators.ui)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/wiggly/dialog.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/wiggly/dialog.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/wiggly/dialog.h (renamed from examples/widgets/wiggly/dialog.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/wiggly/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/wiggly/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/wiggly/wiggly.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/wiggly/wiggly.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/wiggly/ (renamed from examples/widgets/wiggly/
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/wiggly/wigglywidget.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/wiggly/wigglywidget.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/wiggly/wigglywidget.h (renamed from examples/widgets/wiggly/wigglywidget.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/windowflags/controllerwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/windowflags/controllerwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/windowflags/controllerwindow.h (renamed from examples/widgets/windowflags/controllerwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/windowflags/main.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/windowflags/main.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/windowflags/previewwindow.cpp (renamed from examples/widgets/windowflags/previewwindow.cpp)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/windowflags/previewwindow.h (renamed from examples/widgets/windowflags/previewwindow.h)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/windowflags/windowflags.desktop (renamed from examples/widgets/windowflags/windowflags.desktop)0
-rw-r--r--examples/widgets/widgets/windowflags/ (renamed from examples/widgets/windowflags/
1300 files changed, 18815 insertions, 57 deletions
diff --git a/examples/ b/examples/
index 9cf603da47..29eda7dff5 100644
--- a/examples/
+++ b/examples/
@@ -3,43 +3,26 @@ CONFIG += no_docs_target
network \
- statemachine \
threads \
xml \
!contains(QT_CONFIG, no-widgets) {
- SUBDIRS += \
- animation \
- desktop \
- dialogs \
- draganddrop \
- effects \
- graphicsview \
- ipc \
- layouts \
- linguist \
- mainwindows \
- painting \
- richtext \
- scroller \
- sql \
- tools \
- tutorials \
- touch \
- gestures
- !contains(QT_CONFIG, no-widgets) {
- SUBDIRS += widgets \
- itemviews
- }
+ SUBDIRS += widgets \
+ ipc \
+ linguist \
+ sql \
+ tools \
+ tutorials \
+ touch \
+ gestures
wince*|embedded|x11:!contains(QT_CONFIG, no-gui): SUBDIRS += embedded
contains(QT_BUILD_PARTS, tools):!contains(QT_CONFIG, no-gui):!contains(QT_CONFIG, no-widgets):SUBDIRS += qtestlib
contains(QT_CONFIG, opengl):!contains(QT_CONFIG, no-widgets):SUBDIRS += opengl
contains(QT_CONFIG, dbus): SUBDIRS += dbus
-contains(DEFINES, QT_NO_CURSOR): SUBDIRS -= mainwindows
contains(QT_CONFIG, concurrent): SUBDIRS += qtconcurrent
# install
diff --git a/examples/animation/README b/examples/widgets/animation/README
index e723a28722..e723a28722 100644
--- a/examples/animation/README
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/README
diff --git a/examples/animation/animatedtiles/animatedtiles.desktop b/examples/widgets/animation/animatedtiles/animatedtiles.desktop
index 97e646fdf8..97e646fdf8 100644
--- a/examples/animation/animatedtiles/animatedtiles.desktop
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/animatedtiles/animatedtiles.desktop
diff --git a/examples/animation/animatedtiles/ b/examples/widgets/animation/animatedtiles/
index 1bba99449c..1bba99449c 100644
--- a/examples/animation/animatedtiles/
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/animatedtiles/
diff --git a/examples/animation/animatedtiles/animatedtiles.qrc b/examples/widgets/animation/animatedtiles/animatedtiles.qrc
index c43a979723..c43a979723 100644
--- a/examples/animation/animatedtiles/animatedtiles.qrc
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/animatedtiles/animatedtiles.qrc
diff --git a/examples/animation/animatedtiles/images/Time-For-Lunch-2.jpg b/examples/widgets/animation/animatedtiles/images/Time-For-Lunch-2.jpg
index c57a555490..c57a555490 100644
--- a/examples/animation/animatedtiles/images/Time-For-Lunch-2.jpg
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/animatedtiles/images/Time-For-Lunch-2.jpg
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/animatedtiles/images/centered.png b/examples/widgets/animation/animatedtiles/images/centered.png
index e416156a0e..e416156a0e 100644
--- a/examples/animation/animatedtiles/images/centered.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/animatedtiles/images/centered.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/animatedtiles/images/ellipse.png b/examples/widgets/animation/animatedtiles/images/ellipse.png
index 2c3ba881c5..2c3ba881c5 100644
--- a/examples/animation/animatedtiles/images/ellipse.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/animatedtiles/images/ellipse.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/animatedtiles/images/figure8.png b/examples/widgets/animation/animatedtiles/images/figure8.png
index 6b058041c4..6b058041c4 100644
--- a/examples/animation/animatedtiles/images/figure8.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/animatedtiles/images/figure8.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/animatedtiles/images/kinetic.png b/examples/widgets/animation/animatedtiles/images/kinetic.png
index 55cfa5515f..55cfa5515f 100644
--- a/examples/animation/animatedtiles/images/kinetic.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/animatedtiles/images/kinetic.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/animatedtiles/images/random.png b/examples/widgets/animation/animatedtiles/images/random.png
index 415d96f856..415d96f856 100644
--- a/examples/animation/animatedtiles/images/random.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/animatedtiles/images/random.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/animatedtiles/images/tile.png b/examples/widgets/animation/animatedtiles/images/tile.png
index c8f39d8d40..c8f39d8d40 100644
--- a/examples/animation/animatedtiles/images/tile.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/animatedtiles/images/tile.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/animatedtiles/main.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/animatedtiles/main.cpp
index 50bd33860e..50bd33860e 100644
--- a/examples/animation/animatedtiles/main.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/animatedtiles/main.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/ b/examples/widgets/animation/
index b17aa0e0fe..b17aa0e0fe 100644
--- a/examples/animation/
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/
diff --git a/examples/animation/appchooser/accessories-dictionary.png b/examples/widgets/animation/appchooser/accessories-dictionary.png
index e9bd55d918..e9bd55d918 100644
--- a/examples/animation/appchooser/accessories-dictionary.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/appchooser/accessories-dictionary.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/appchooser/akregator.png b/examples/widgets/animation/appchooser/akregator.png
index a086f45ab6..a086f45ab6 100644
--- a/examples/animation/appchooser/akregator.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/appchooser/akregator.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/appchooser/appchooser.desktop b/examples/widgets/animation/appchooser/appchooser.desktop
index 8e413e96c2..8e413e96c2 100644
--- a/examples/animation/appchooser/appchooser.desktop
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/appchooser/appchooser.desktop
diff --git a/examples/animation/appchooser/ b/examples/widgets/animation/appchooser/
index 158a0eca9f..158a0eca9f 100644
--- a/examples/animation/appchooser/
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/appchooser/
diff --git a/examples/animation/appchooser/appchooser.qrc b/examples/widgets/animation/appchooser/appchooser.qrc
index 28a3e1c4c1..28a3e1c4c1 100644
--- a/examples/animation/appchooser/appchooser.qrc
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/appchooser/appchooser.qrc
diff --git a/examples/animation/appchooser/digikam.png b/examples/widgets/animation/appchooser/digikam.png
index 9de9fb2f80..9de9fb2f80 100644
--- a/examples/animation/appchooser/digikam.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/appchooser/digikam.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/appchooser/k3b.png b/examples/widgets/animation/appchooser/k3b.png
index bbcafcfba1..bbcafcfba1 100644
--- a/examples/animation/appchooser/k3b.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/appchooser/k3b.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/appchooser/main.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/appchooser/main.cpp
index c8e60c0641..c8e60c0641 100644
--- a/examples/animation/appchooser/main.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/appchooser/main.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/easing/animation.h b/examples/widgets/animation/easing/animation.h
index 35cbed4555..35cbed4555 100644
--- a/examples/animation/easing/animation.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/easing/animation.h
diff --git a/examples/animation/easing/easing.desktop b/examples/widgets/animation/easing/easing.desktop
index 56d122217a..56d122217a 100644
--- a/examples/animation/easing/easing.desktop
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/easing/easing.desktop
diff --git a/examples/animation/easing/ b/examples/widgets/animation/easing/
index 155d17d9b9..155d17d9b9 100644
--- a/examples/animation/easing/
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/easing/
diff --git a/examples/animation/easing/easing.qrc b/examples/widgets/animation/easing/easing.qrc
index 7e112d3a9d..7e112d3a9d 100644
--- a/examples/animation/easing/easing.qrc
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/easing/easing.qrc
diff --git a/examples/animation/easing/form.ui b/examples/widgets/animation/easing/form.ui
index 364aebeda6..364aebeda6 100644
--- a/examples/animation/easing/form.ui
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/easing/form.ui
diff --git a/examples/animation/easing/images/qt-logo.png b/examples/widgets/animation/easing/images/qt-logo.png
index 14ddf2a028..14ddf2a028 100644
--- a/examples/animation/easing/images/qt-logo.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/easing/images/qt-logo.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/easing/main.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/easing/main.cpp
index 05d4014fc2..05d4014fc2 100644
--- a/examples/animation/easing/main.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/easing/main.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/easing/window.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/easing/window.cpp
index 33468db59c..33468db59c 100644
--- a/examples/animation/easing/window.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/easing/window.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/easing/window.h b/examples/widgets/animation/easing/window.h
index bf5014c0cc..bf5014c0cc 100644
--- a/examples/animation/easing/window.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/easing/window.h
diff --git a/examples/animation/moveblocks/main.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/moveblocks/main.cpp
index d807bb63d9..d807bb63d9 100644
--- a/examples/animation/moveblocks/main.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/moveblocks/main.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/moveblocks/moveblocks.desktop b/examples/widgets/animation/moveblocks/moveblocks.desktop
index 4100f448df..4100f448df 100644
--- a/examples/animation/moveblocks/moveblocks.desktop
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/moveblocks/moveblocks.desktop
diff --git a/examples/animation/moveblocks/ b/examples/widgets/animation/moveblocks/
index 7c242e31e6..7c242e31e6 100644
--- a/examples/animation/moveblocks/
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/moveblocks/
diff --git a/examples/animation/states/accessories-dictionary.png b/examples/widgets/animation/states/accessories-dictionary.png
index e9bd55d918..e9bd55d918 100644
--- a/examples/animation/states/accessories-dictionary.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/states/accessories-dictionary.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/states/akregator.png b/examples/widgets/animation/states/akregator.png
index a086f45ab6..a086f45ab6 100644
--- a/examples/animation/states/akregator.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/states/akregator.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/states/digikam.png b/examples/widgets/animation/states/digikam.png
index 9de9fb2f80..9de9fb2f80 100644
--- a/examples/animation/states/digikam.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/states/digikam.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/states/help-browser.png b/examples/widgets/animation/states/help-browser.png
index db92faa4e7..db92faa4e7 100644
--- a/examples/animation/states/help-browser.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/states/help-browser.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/states/k3b.png b/examples/widgets/animation/states/k3b.png
index bbcafcfba1..bbcafcfba1 100644
--- a/examples/animation/states/k3b.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/states/k3b.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/states/kchart.png b/examples/widgets/animation/states/kchart.png
index 1dd115be87..1dd115be87 100644
--- a/examples/animation/states/kchart.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/states/kchart.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/states/main.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/states/main.cpp
index faa97ccbd0..faa97ccbd0 100644
--- a/examples/animation/states/main.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/states/main.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/states/states.desktop b/examples/widgets/animation/states/states.desktop
index 8429979f23..8429979f23 100644
--- a/examples/animation/states/states.desktop
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/states/states.desktop
diff --git a/examples/animation/states/ b/examples/widgets/animation/states/
index adf0e8d58c..adf0e8d58c 100644
--- a/examples/animation/states/
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/states/
diff --git a/examples/animation/states/states.qrc b/examples/widgets/animation/states/states.qrc
index 60ab3f7a60..60ab3f7a60 100644
--- a/examples/animation/states/states.qrc
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/states/states.qrc
diff --git a/examples/animation/stickman/animation.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/animation.cpp
index afdfae6eca..afdfae6eca 100644
--- a/examples/animation/stickman/animation.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/animation.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/stickman/animation.h b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/animation.h
index d5dab530e6..d5dab530e6 100644
--- a/examples/animation/stickman/animation.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/animation.h
diff --git a/examples/animation/stickman/animations/chilling.bin b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/animations/chilling.bin
index a81fc7a18c..a81fc7a18c 100644
--- a/examples/animation/stickman/animations/chilling.bin
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/animations/chilling.bin
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/stickman/animations/dancing.bin b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/animations/dancing.bin
index 462f66f89b..462f66f89b 100644
--- a/examples/animation/stickman/animations/dancing.bin
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/animations/dancing.bin
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/stickman/animations/dead.bin b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/animations/dead.bin
index 9859b4b4cd..9859b4b4cd 100644
--- a/examples/animation/stickman/animations/dead.bin
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/animations/dead.bin
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/stickman/animations/jumping.bin b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/animations/jumping.bin
index 12661a15f8..12661a15f8 100644
--- a/examples/animation/stickman/animations/jumping.bin
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/animations/jumping.bin
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/stickman/graphicsview.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/graphicsview.cpp
index 134fb8acf1..134fb8acf1 100644
--- a/examples/animation/stickman/graphicsview.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/graphicsview.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/stickman/graphicsview.h b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/graphicsview.h
index 38bf6e1eb6..38bf6e1eb6 100644
--- a/examples/animation/stickman/graphicsview.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/graphicsview.h
diff --git a/examples/animation/stickman/lifecycle.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/lifecycle.cpp
index 53249ccd6f..53249ccd6f 100644
--- a/examples/animation/stickman/lifecycle.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/lifecycle.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/stickman/lifecycle.h b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/lifecycle.h
index 8e8bb50659..8e8bb50659 100644
--- a/examples/animation/stickman/lifecycle.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/lifecycle.h
diff --git a/examples/animation/stickman/main.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/main.cpp
index 3e49da8de3..3e49da8de3 100644
--- a/examples/animation/stickman/main.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/main.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/stickman/node.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/node.cpp
index 2de34b379c..2de34b379c 100644
--- a/examples/animation/stickman/node.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/node.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/stickman/node.h b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/node.h
index ae6e2a3ed0..ae6e2a3ed0 100644
--- a/examples/animation/stickman/node.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/node.h
diff --git a/examples/animation/stickman/rectbutton.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/rectbutton.cpp
index 8b17600ef5..8b17600ef5 100644
--- a/examples/animation/stickman/rectbutton.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/rectbutton.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/stickman/rectbutton.h b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/rectbutton.h
index ead8f21420..ead8f21420 100644
--- a/examples/animation/stickman/rectbutton.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/rectbutton.h
diff --git a/examples/animation/stickman/stickman.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/stickman.cpp
index 667ed7d141..667ed7d141 100644
--- a/examples/animation/stickman/stickman.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/stickman.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/stickman/stickman.desktop b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/stickman.desktop
index 1722d4db3e..1722d4db3e 100644
--- a/examples/animation/stickman/stickman.desktop
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/stickman.desktop
diff --git a/examples/animation/stickman/stickman.h b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/stickman.h
index f50ed1a6c2..f50ed1a6c2 100644
--- a/examples/animation/stickman/stickman.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/stickman.h
diff --git a/examples/animation/stickman/ b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/
index 43aaec113d..43aaec113d 100644
--- a/examples/animation/stickman/
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/
diff --git a/examples/animation/stickman/stickman.qrc b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/stickman.qrc
index 4cf3ba3828..4cf3ba3828 100644
--- a/examples/animation/stickman/stickman.qrc
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/stickman/stickman.qrc
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/animationmanager.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/animationmanager.cpp
index 7dcb9dfb50..7dcb9dfb50 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/animationmanager.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/animationmanager.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/animationmanager.h b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/animationmanager.h
index 6587e39b14..6587e39b14 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/animationmanager.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/animationmanager.h
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/boat.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/boat.cpp
index 88332dbfe7..88332dbfe7 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/boat.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/boat.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/boat.h b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/boat.h
index 0b2fe5c8eb..0b2fe5c8eb 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/boat.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/boat.h
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/boat_p.h b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/boat_p.h
index 38be985777..38be985777 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/boat_p.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/boat_p.h
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/bomb.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/bomb.cpp
index e47e9423a9..e47e9423a9 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/bomb.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/bomb.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/bomb.h b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/bomb.h
index 74ed734caf..74ed734caf 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/bomb.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/bomb.h
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/data.xml b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/data.xml
index 0f30515ddf..0f30515ddf 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/data.xml
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/data.xml
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/graphicsscene.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/graphicsscene.cpp
index a2b3e2f101..a2b3e2f101 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/graphicsscene.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/graphicsscene.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/graphicsscene.h b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/graphicsscene.h
index 3e571a878c..3e571a878c 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/graphicsscene.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/graphicsscene.h
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/main.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/main.cpp
index df18c83435..df18c83435 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/main.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/main.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/mainwindow.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/mainwindow.cpp
index 70f0303177..70f0303177 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/mainwindow.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/mainwindow.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/mainwindow.h b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/mainwindow.h
index 596157d38f..596157d38f 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/mainwindow.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/mainwindow.h
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/background.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/background.png
index 9f581571fa..9f581571fa 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/background.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/background.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/boat.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/boat.png
index be82dff62a..be82dff62a 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/boat.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/boat.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/bomb.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/bomb.png
index 3af5f2f29c..3af5f2f29c 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/bomb.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/bomb.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/boat/step1.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/boat/step1.png
index c9fd8b0984..c9fd8b0984 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/boat/step1.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/boat/step1.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/boat/step2.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/boat/step2.png
index 7528f2d2da..7528f2d2da 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/boat/step2.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/boat/step2.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/boat/step3.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/boat/step3.png
index aae9c9c184..aae9c9c184 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/boat/step3.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/boat/step3.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/boat/step4.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/boat/step4.png
index d697c1bae8..d697c1bae8 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/boat/step4.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/boat/step4.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/submarine/step1.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/submarine/step1.png
index 88ca5144b7..88ca5144b7 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/submarine/step1.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/submarine/step1.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/submarine/step2.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/submarine/step2.png
index 524f5890ee..524f5890ee 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/submarine/step2.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/submarine/step2.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/submarine/step3.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/submarine/step3.png
index 2cca1e80fe..2cca1e80fe 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/submarine/step3.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/submarine/step3.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/submarine/step4.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/submarine/step4.png
index 82100a8260..82100a8260 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/submarine/step4.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/explosion/submarine/step4.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/submarine.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/submarine.png
index df435dc47d..df435dc47d 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/submarine.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/submarine.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/surface.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/surface.png
index 4eba29e9cd..4eba29e9cd 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/surface.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/surface.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/torpedo.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/torpedo.png
index f9c26873f1..f9c26873f1 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/torpedo.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/big/torpedo.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/background-n810.svg b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/background-n810.svg
index ece9f7aaf1..ece9f7aaf1 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/background-n810.svg
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/background-n810.svg
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/background.svg b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/background.svg
index 0be268010e..0be268010e 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/background.svg
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/background.svg
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/boat.svg b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/boat.svg
index 5298821ba8..5298821ba8 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/boat.svg
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/boat.svg
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/bomb.svg b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/bomb.svg
index 294771a6dd..294771a6dd 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/bomb.svg
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/bomb.svg
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/sand.svg b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/sand.svg
index 8af11b7a66..8af11b7a66 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/sand.svg
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/sand.svg
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/see.svg b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/see.svg
index 0666691215..0666691215 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/see.svg
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/see.svg
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/sky.svg b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/sky.svg
index 1546c087a7..1546c087a7 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/sky.svg
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/sky.svg
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/sub-attaq.svg b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/sub-attaq.svg
index b075179b46..b075179b46 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/sub-attaq.svg
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/sub-attaq.svg
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/submarine.svg b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/submarine.svg
index 8a0ffddbca..8a0ffddbca 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/submarine.svg
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/submarine.svg
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/surface.svg b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/surface.svg
index 40ed239638..40ed239638 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/surface.svg
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/surface.svg
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/torpedo.svg b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/torpedo.svg
index 48e429d2bf..48e429d2bf 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/torpedo.svg
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/scalable/torpedo.svg
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/background.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/background.png
index 5ad3db660a..5ad3db660a 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/background.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/background.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/boat.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/boat.png
index 114ccc310e..114ccc310e 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/boat.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/boat.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/bomb.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/bomb.png
index 3af5f2f29c..3af5f2f29c 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/bomb.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/bomb.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/submarine.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/submarine.png
index 0c0c350600..0c0c350600 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/submarine.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/submarine.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/surface.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/surface.png
index 06d0e47a5c..06d0e47a5c 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/surface.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/surface.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/torpedo.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/torpedo.png
index f9c26873f1..f9c26873f1 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/torpedo.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/small/torpedo.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-a.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-a.png
index 67dd76dac0..67dd76dac0 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-a.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-a.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-a2.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-a2.png
index 17668b07de..17668b07de 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-a2.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-a2.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-b.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-b.png
index cf6c04560b..cf6c04560b 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-b.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-b.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-dash.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-dash.png
index 219233ce6b..219233ce6b 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-dash.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-dash.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-excl.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-excl.png
index 8dd0a2eb86..8dd0a2eb86 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-excl.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-excl.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-q.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-q.png
index 86e588d4d8..86e588d4d8 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-q.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-q.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-s.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-s.png
index 7b6a36e93a..7b6a36e93a 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-s.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-s.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-t.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-t.png
index b2e3526bea..b2e3526bea 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-t.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-t.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-t2.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-t2.png
index b11a77886e..b11a77886e 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-t2.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-t2.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-u.png b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-u.png
index 24eede887a..24eede887a 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-u.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pics/welcome/logo-u.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pixmapitem.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pixmapitem.cpp
index 077151d708..077151d708 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pixmapitem.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pixmapitem.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pixmapitem.h b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pixmapitem.h
index 0a3b1287c7..0a3b1287c7 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/pixmapitem.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/pixmapitem.h
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/progressitem.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/progressitem.cpp
index bad9ceb471..bad9ceb471 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/progressitem.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/progressitem.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/progressitem.h b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/progressitem.h
index dc6d7ba6bc..dc6d7ba6bc 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/progressitem.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/progressitem.h
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/qanimationstate.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/qanimationstate.cpp
index b122acc858..b122acc858 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/qanimationstate.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/qanimationstate.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/qanimationstate.h b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/qanimationstate.h
index 2672f640e4..2672f640e4 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/qanimationstate.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/qanimationstate.h
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/states.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/states.cpp
index 32ad218693..32ad218693 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/states.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/states.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/states.h b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/states.h
index e43370302c..e43370302c 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/states.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/states.h
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/
index 6d9b3195ac..6d9b3195ac 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/subattaq.qrc b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/subattaq.qrc
index 80a3af11cc..80a3af11cc 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/subattaq.qrc
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/subattaq.qrc
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/submarine.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/submarine.cpp
index 68eaf7ef38..68eaf7ef38 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/submarine.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/submarine.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/submarine.h b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/submarine.h
index b113bc8797..b113bc8797 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/submarine.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/submarine.h
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/submarine_p.h b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/submarine_p.h
index f24487aa17..f24487aa17 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/submarine_p.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/submarine_p.h
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/textinformationitem.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/textinformationitem.cpp
index ce2e297287..ce2e297287 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/textinformationitem.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/textinformationitem.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/textinformationitem.h b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/textinformationitem.h
index adad8be90b..adad8be90b 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/textinformationitem.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/textinformationitem.h
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/torpedo.cpp b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/torpedo.cpp
index 34c32fe059..34c32fe059 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/torpedo.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/torpedo.cpp
diff --git a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/torpedo.h b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/torpedo.h
index 59209e3d75..59209e3d75 100644
--- a/examples/animation/sub-attaq/torpedo.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/animation/sub-attaq/torpedo.h
diff --git a/examples/desktop/README b/examples/widgets/desktop/README
index 4a949d1cf7..4a949d1cf7 100644
--- a/examples/desktop/README
+++ b/examples/widgets/desktop/README
diff --git a/examples/desktop/ b/examples/widgets/desktop/
index adfa51f130..adfa51f130 100644
--- a/examples/desktop/
+++ b/examples/widgets/desktop/
diff --git a/examples/desktop/screenshot/main.cpp b/examples/widgets/desktop/screenshot/main.cpp
index 3f9b2e1126..3f9b2e1126 100644
--- a/examples/desktop/screenshot/main.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/desktop/screenshot/main.cpp
diff --git a/examples/desktop/screenshot/screenshot.cpp b/examples/widgets/desktop/screenshot/screenshot.cpp
index 12c6bee6d4..12c6bee6d4 100644
--- a/examples/desktop/screenshot/screenshot.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/desktop/screenshot/screenshot.cpp
diff --git a/examples/desktop/screenshot/screenshot.desktop b/examples/widgets/desktop/screenshot/screenshot.desktop
index 236d360123..236d360123 100644
--- a/examples/desktop/screenshot/screenshot.desktop
+++ b/examples/widgets/desktop/screenshot/screenshot.desktop
diff --git a/examples/desktop/screenshot/screenshot.h b/examples/widgets/desktop/screenshot/screenshot.h
index 98251f3428..98251f3428 100644
--- a/examples/desktop/screenshot/screenshot.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/desktop/screenshot/screenshot.h
diff --git a/examples/desktop/screenshot/ b/examples/widgets/desktop/screenshot/
index e9f53f7450..e9f53f7450 100644
--- a/examples/desktop/screenshot/
+++ b/examples/widgets/desktop/screenshot/
diff --git a/examples/desktop/systray/images/bad.png b/examples/widgets/desktop/systray/images/bad.png
index c8701a241a..c8701a241a 100644
--- a/examples/desktop/systray/images/bad.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/desktop/systray/images/bad.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/desktop/systray/images/heart.png b/examples/widgets/desktop/systray/images/heart.png
index cee1302b7d..cee1302b7d 100644
--- a/examples/desktop/systray/images/heart.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/desktop/systray/images/heart.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/desktop/systray/images/trash.png b/examples/widgets/desktop/systray/images/trash.png
index 4c24db926d..4c24db926d 100644
--- a/examples/desktop/systray/images/trash.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/desktop/systray/images/trash.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/desktop/systray/main.cpp b/examples/widgets/desktop/systray/main.cpp
index 6695113f71..6695113f71 100644
--- a/examples/desktop/systray/main.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/desktop/systray/main.cpp
diff --git a/examples/desktop/systray/systray.desktop b/examples/widgets/desktop/systray/systray.desktop
index 0490e71548..0490e71548 100644
--- a/examples/desktop/systray/systray.desktop
+++ b/examples/widgets/desktop/systray/systray.desktop
diff --git a/examples/desktop/systray/ b/examples/widgets/desktop/systray/
index 5fdcf1f9c8..5fdcf1f9c8 100644
--- a/examples/desktop/systray/
+++ b/examples/widgets/desktop/systray/
diff --git a/examples/desktop/systray/systray.qrc b/examples/widgets/desktop/systray/systray.qrc
index a8b6535849..a8b6535849 100644
--- a/examples/desktop/systray/systray.qrc
+++ b/examples/widgets/desktop/systray/systray.qrc
diff --git a/examples/desktop/systray/window.cpp b/examples/widgets/desktop/systray/window.cpp
index c75e3590ba..c75e3590ba 100644
--- a/examples/desktop/systray/window.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/desktop/systray/window.cpp
diff --git a/examples/desktop/systray/window.h b/examples/widgets/desktop/systray/window.h
index 80b7a20754..80b7a20754 100644
--- a/examples/desktop/systray/window.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/desktop/systray/window.h
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/README b/examples/widgets/dialogs/README
index 090b011061..090b011061 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/README
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/README
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.cpp b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.cpp
index eeb1fab55b..eeb1fab55b 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.cpp
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.desktop b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.desktop
index 7f7d232092..7f7d232092 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.desktop
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.desktop
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.h b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.h
index 332025f207..332025f207 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.h
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/
index d50ba675af..d50ba675af 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.qrc b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.qrc
index 41a5ddc7d1..41a5ddc7d1 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.qrc
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.qrc
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/images/background.png b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/images/background.png
index 44c7badb85..44c7badb85 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/images/background.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/images/background.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/images/banner.png b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/images/banner.png
index 3169152b8e..3169152b8e 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/images/banner.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/images/banner.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/images/logo1.png b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/images/logo1.png
index f9b594aafc..f9b594aafc 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/images/logo1.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/images/logo1.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/images/logo2.png b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/images/logo2.png
index 5dcbd4669d..5dcbd4669d 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/images/logo2.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/images/logo2.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/images/logo3.png b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/images/logo3.png
index 9fd3ea2358..9fd3ea2358 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/images/logo3.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/images/logo3.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/images/watermark1.png b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/images/watermark1.png
index 0091f5c17a..0091f5c17a 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/images/watermark1.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/images/watermark1.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/images/watermark2.png b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/images/watermark2.png
index 3b88f2e360..3b88f2e360 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/images/watermark2.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/images/watermark2.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/main.cpp b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/main.cpp
index 03dd625ae4..03dd625ae4 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/classwizard/main.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/classwizard/main.cpp
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/configdialog/configdialog.cpp b/examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/configdialog.cpp
index 2f70c816c4..2f70c816c4 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/configdialog/configdialog.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/configdialog.cpp
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/configdialog/configdialog.desktop b/examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/configdialog.desktop
index 11a326813a..11a326813a 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/configdialog/configdialog.desktop
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/configdialog.desktop
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/configdialog/configdialog.h b/examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/configdialog.h
index 5b79e416ab..5b79e416ab 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/configdialog/configdialog.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/configdialog.h
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/configdialog/ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/
index 643c2a238f..643c2a238f 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/configdialog/
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/configdialog/configdialog.qrc b/examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/configdialog.qrc
index 31d0d49666..31d0d49666 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/configdialog/configdialog.qrc
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/configdialog.qrc
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/configdialog/images/config.png b/examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/images/config.png
index 5c14d5f470..5c14d5f470 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/configdialog/images/config.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/images/config.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/configdialog/images/query.png b/examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/images/query.png
index ea9e291eeb..ea9e291eeb 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/configdialog/images/query.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/images/query.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/configdialog/images/update.png b/examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/images/update.png
index 3cb8ba6c77..3cb8ba6c77 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/configdialog/images/update.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/images/update.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/configdialog/main.cpp b/examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/main.cpp
index 42f3cf2f43..42f3cf2f43 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/configdialog/main.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/main.cpp
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/configdialog/pages.cpp b/examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/pages.cpp
index c89bc3c7c8..c89bc3c7c8 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/configdialog/pages.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/pages.cpp
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/configdialog/pages.h b/examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/pages.h
index 938a2a74f7..938a2a74f7 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/configdialog/pages.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/configdialog/pages.h
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/
index a59e480efa..a59e480efa 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/extension/extension.desktop b/examples/widgets/dialogs/extension/extension.desktop
index 374b1c8340..374b1c8340 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/extension/extension.desktop
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/extension/extension.desktop
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/extension/ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/extension/
index 7e11dda4ab..7e11dda4ab 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/extension/
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/extension/
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/extension/finddialog.cpp b/examples/widgets/dialogs/extension/finddialog.cpp
index c21ebf67c5..c21ebf67c5 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/extension/finddialog.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/extension/finddialog.cpp
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/extension/finddialog.h b/examples/widgets/dialogs/extension/finddialog.h
index 5599ac2c09..5599ac2c09 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/extension/finddialog.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/extension/finddialog.h
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/extension/main.cpp b/examples/widgets/dialogs/extension/main.cpp
index f0eff079ed..f0eff079ed 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/extension/main.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/extension/main.cpp
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/findfiles/findfiles.desktop b/examples/widgets/dialogs/findfiles/findfiles.desktop
index 04c91cd76d..04c91cd76d 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/findfiles/findfiles.desktop
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/findfiles/findfiles.desktop
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/findfiles/ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/findfiles/
index 51d1c0eed1..51d1c0eed1 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/findfiles/
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/findfiles/
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/findfiles/main.cpp b/examples/widgets/dialogs/findfiles/main.cpp
index dcbf1c0449..dcbf1c0449 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/findfiles/main.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/findfiles/main.cpp
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/findfiles/window.cpp b/examples/widgets/dialogs/findfiles/window.cpp
index 6b89436dc8..6b89436dc8 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/findfiles/window.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/findfiles/window.cpp
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/findfiles/window.h b/examples/widgets/dialogs/findfiles/window.h
index 0203de8a17..0203de8a17 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/findfiles/window.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/findfiles/window.h
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/licensewizard/images/logo.png b/examples/widgets/dialogs/licensewizard/images/logo.png
index 56f17a3e5a..56f17a3e5a 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/licensewizard/images/logo.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/licensewizard/images/logo.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/licensewizard/images/watermark.png b/examples/widgets/dialogs/licensewizard/images/watermark.png
index 124a05068b..124a05068b 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/licensewizard/images/watermark.png
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/licensewizard/images/watermark.png
Binary files differ
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/licensewizard/licensewizard.cpp b/examples/widgets/dialogs/licensewizard/licensewizard.cpp
index 501f8e310c..501f8e310c 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/licensewizard/licensewizard.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/licensewizard/licensewizard.cpp
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/licensewizard/licensewizard.desktop b/examples/widgets/dialogs/licensewizard/licensewizard.desktop
index 423d81e9b3..423d81e9b3 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/licensewizard/licensewizard.desktop
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/licensewizard/licensewizard.desktop
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/licensewizard/licensewizard.h b/examples/widgets/dialogs/licensewizard/licensewizard.h
index 24ee45d6dd..24ee45d6dd 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/licensewizard/licensewizard.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/licensewizard/licensewizard.h
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/licensewizard/ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/licensewizard/
index c61325772e..c61325772e 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/licensewizard/
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/licensewizard/
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/licensewizard/licensewizard.qrc b/examples/widgets/dialogs/licensewizard/licensewizard.qrc
index b069938515..b069938515 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/licensewizard/licensewizard.qrc
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/licensewizard/licensewizard.qrc
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/licensewizard/main.cpp b/examples/widgets/dialogs/licensewizard/main.cpp
index c7771d7676..c7771d7676 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/licensewizard/main.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/licensewizard/main.cpp
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/sipdialog/dialog.cpp b/examples/widgets/dialogs/sipdialog/dialog.cpp
index fdfbc94ca4..fdfbc94ca4 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/sipdialog/dialog.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/sipdialog/dialog.cpp
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/sipdialog/dialog.h b/examples/widgets/dialogs/sipdialog/dialog.h
index 18eb92d857..18eb92d857 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/sipdialog/dialog.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/sipdialog/dialog.h
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/sipdialog/main.cpp b/examples/widgets/dialogs/sipdialog/main.cpp
index 79fd956fb9..79fd956fb9 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/sipdialog/main.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/sipdialog/main.cpp
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/sipdialog/sipdialog.desktop b/examples/widgets/dialogs/sipdialog/sipdialog.desktop
index b9c9955339..b9c9955339 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/sipdialog/sipdialog.desktop
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/sipdialog/sipdialog.desktop
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/sipdialog/ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/sipdialog/
index 72db93f646..72db93f646 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/sipdialog/
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/sipdialog/
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/standarddialogs/dialog.cpp b/examples/widgets/dialogs/standarddialogs/dialog.cpp
index bde96c516b..bde96c516b 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/standarddialogs/dialog.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/standarddialogs/dialog.cpp
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/standarddialogs/dialog.h b/examples/widgets/dialogs/standarddialogs/dialog.h
index 2b14d793d6..2b14d793d6 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/standarddialogs/dialog.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/standarddialogs/dialog.h
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/standarddialogs/main.cpp b/examples/widgets/dialogs/standarddialogs/main.cpp
index 001239929e..001239929e 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/standarddialogs/main.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/standarddialogs/main.cpp
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/standarddialogs/standarddialogs.desktop b/examples/widgets/dialogs/standarddialogs/standarddialogs.desktop
index f74830317a..f74830317a 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/standarddialogs/standarddialogs.desktop
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/standarddialogs/standarddialogs.desktop
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/standarddialogs/ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/standarddialogs/
index cbcb4d7302..cbcb4d7302 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/standarddialogs/
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/standarddialogs/
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/tabdialog/main.cpp b/examples/widgets/dialogs/tabdialog/main.cpp
index 119a4c272c..119a4c272c 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/tabdialog/main.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/tabdialog/main.cpp
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/tabdialog/tabdialog.cpp b/examples/widgets/dialogs/tabdialog/tabdialog.cpp
index 00e3706c5c..00e3706c5c 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/tabdialog/tabdialog.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/tabdialog/tabdialog.cpp
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/tabdialog/tabdialog.desktop b/examples/widgets/dialogs/tabdialog/tabdialog.desktop
index 651f7d4068..651f7d4068 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/tabdialog/tabdialog.desktop
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/tabdialog/tabdialog.desktop
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/tabdialog/tabdialog.h b/examples/widgets/dialogs/tabdialog/tabdialog.h
index c2b46f0e92..c2b46f0e92 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/tabdialog/tabdialog.h
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/tabdialog/tabdialog.h
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/tabdialog/ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/tabdialog/
index 66ac14daf2..66ac14daf2 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/tabdialog/
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/tabdialog/
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/trivialwizard/trivialwizard.cpp b/examples/widgets/dialogs/trivialwizard/trivialwizard.cpp
index f8209405d9..f8209405d9 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/trivialwizard/trivialwizard.cpp
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/trivialwizard/trivialwizard.cpp
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/trivialwizard/trivialwizard.desktop b/examples/widgets/dialogs/trivialwizard/trivialwizard.desktop
index fad568ecc8..fad568ecc8 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/trivialwizard/trivialwizard.desktop
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/trivialwizard/trivialwizard.desktop
diff --git a/examples/dialogs/trivialwizard/ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/trivialwizard/
index 26d488d99d..26d488d99d 100644
--- a/examples/dialogs/trivialwizard/
+++ b/examples/widgets/dialogs/trivialwizard/
diff --git a/examples/widgets/doc/addressbook.qdoc b/examples/widgets/doc/addressbook.qdoc
new file mode 100644
index 0000000000..9b4ede5775
--- /dev/null
+++ b/examples/widgets/doc/addressbook.qdoc
@@ -0,0 +1,442 @@
+** Copyright (C) 2012 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
+** Contact:
+** This file is part of the documentation of the Qt Toolkit.
+** GNU Free Documentation License
+** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU Free
+** Documentation License version 1.3 as published by the Free Software
+** Foundation and appearing in the file included in the packaging of
+** this file.
+** Other Usage
+** Alternatively, this file may be used in accordance with the terms
+** and conditions contained in a signed written agreement between you
+** and Nokia.
+ \example itemviews/addressbook
+ \title Address Book Example
+ The address book example shows how to use proxy models to display
+ different views onto data from a single model.
+ \image addressbook-example.png Screenshot of the Address Book example
+ This example provides an address book that allows contacts to be
+ grouped alphabetically into 9 groups: ABC, DEF, GHI, ... , VW,
+ ..., XYZ. This is achieved by using multiple views on the same
+ model, each of which is filtered using an instance of the
+ QSortFilterProxyModel class.
+ \section1 Overview
+ The address book contains 5 classes: \c MainWindow,
+ \c AddressWidget, \c TableModel, \c NewAddressTab and
+ \c AddDialog. The \c MainWindow class uses \c AddressWidget as
+ its central widget and provides \uicontrol File and \uicontrol Tools menus.
+ \image addressbook-classes.png Diagram for Address Book Example
+ The \c AddressWidget class is a QTabWidget subclass that is used
+ to manipulate the 10 tabs displayed in the example: the 9
+ alphabet group tabs and an instance of \c NewAddressTab.
+ The \c NewAddressTab class is a subclass of QWidget that
+ is only used whenever the address book is empty, prompting the
+ user to add some contacts. \c AddressWidget also interacts with
+ an instance of \c TableModel to add, edit and remove entries to
+ the address book.
+ \c TableModel is a subclass of QAbstractTableModel that provides
+ the standard model/view API to access data. It also holds a
+ QList of \l{QPair}s corresponding to the contacts added.
+ However, this data is not all visible in a single tab. Instead,
+ QTableView is used to provide 9 different views of the same
+ data, according to the alphabet groups.
+ QSortFilterProxyModel is the class responsible for filtering
+ the contacts for each group of contacts. Each proxy model uses
+ a QRegExp to filter out contacts that do not belong in the
+ corresponding alphabetical group. The \c AddDialog class is
+ used to obtain information from the user for the address book.
+ This QDialog subclass is instantiated by \c NewAddressTab to
+ add contacts, and by \c AddressWidget to add and edit contacts.
+ We begin by looking at the \c TableModel implementation.
+ \section1 TableModel Class Definition
+ The \c TableModel class provides standard API to access data in
+ its QList of \l{QPair}s by subclassing QAbstractTableModel. The
+ basic functions that must be implemented in order to do so are:
+ \c rowCount(), \c columnCount(), \c data(), \c headerData().
+ For TableModel to be editable, it has to provide implementations
+ \c insertRows(), \c removeRows(), \c setData() and \c flags()
+ functions.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/tablemodel.h 0
+ Two constructors are used, a default constructor which uses
+ \c TableModel's own \c {QList<QPair<QString, QString>>} and one
+ that takes \c {QList<QPair<QString, QString>} as an argument,
+ for convenience.
+ \section1 TableModel Class Implementation
+ We implement the two constructors as defined in the header file.
+ The second constructor initializes the list of pairs in the
+ model, with the parameter value.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/tablemodel.cpp 0
+ The \c rowCount() and \c columnCount() functions return the
+ dimensions of the model. Whereas, \c rowCount()'s value will vary
+ depending on the number of contacts added to the address book,
+ \c columnCount()'s value is always 2 because we only need space
+ for the \b Name and \b Address columns.
+ \note The \c Q_UNUSED() macro prevents the compiler from
+ generating warnings regarding unused parameters.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/tablemodel.cpp 1
+ The \c data() function returns either a \b Name or
+ \b {Address}, based on the contents of the model index
+ supplied. The row number stored in the model index is used to
+ reference an item in the list of pairs. Selection is handled
+ by the QItemSelectionModel, which will be explained with
+ \c AddressWidget.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/tablemodel.cpp 2
+ The \c headerData() function displays the table's header,
+ \b Name and \b Address. If you require numbered entries
+ for your address book, you can use a vertical header which we
+ have hidden in this example (see the \c AddressWidget
+ implementation).
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/tablemodel.cpp 3
+ The \c insertRows() function is called before new data is added,
+ otherwise the data will not be displayed. The
+ \c beginInsertRows() and \c endInsertRows() functions are called
+ to ensure all connected views are aware of the changes.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/tablemodel.cpp 4
+ The \c removeRows() function is called to remove data. Again,
+ \l{QAbstractItemModel::}{beginRemoveRows()} and
+ \l{QAbstractItemModel::}{endRemoveRows()} are called to ensure
+ all connected views are aware of the changes.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/tablemodel.cpp 5
+ The \c setData() function is the function that inserts data into
+ the table, item by item and not row by row. This means that to
+ fill a row in the address book, \c setData() must be called
+ twice, as each row has 2 columns. It is important to emit the
+ \l{QAbstractItemModel::}{dataChanged()} signal as it tells all
+ connected views to update their displays.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/tablemodel.cpp 6
+ The \c flags() function returns the item flags for the given
+ index.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/tablemodel.cpp 7
+ We set the Qt::ItemIsEditable flag because we want to allow the
+ \c TableModel to be edited. Although for this example we don't
+ use the editing features of the QTableView object, we enable
+ them here so that we can reuse the model in other programs.
+ The last function in \c {TableModel}, \c getList() returns the
+ QList<QPair<QString, QString>> object that holds all the
+ contacts in the address book. We use this function later to
+ obtain the list of contacts to check for existing entries, write
+ the contacts to a file and read them back. Further explanation is
+ given with \c AddressWidget.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/tablemodel.cpp 8
+ \section1 AddressWidget Class Definition
+ The \c AddressWidget class is technically the main class
+ involved in this example as it provides functions to add, edit
+ and remove contacts, to save the contacts to a file and to load
+ them from a file.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/addresswidget.h 0
+ \c AddressWidget extends QTabWidget in order to hold 10 tabs
+ (\c NewAddressTab and the 9 alphabet group tabs) and also
+ manipulates \c table, the \c TableModel object, \c proxyModel,
+ the QSortFilterProxyModel object that we use to filter the
+ entries, and \c tableView, the QTableView object.
+ \section1 AddressWidget Class Implementation
+ The \c AddressWidget constructor accepts a parent widget and
+ instantiates \c NewAddressTab, \c TableModel and
+ QSortFilterProxyModel. The \c NewAddressTab object, which is
+ used to indicate that the address book is empty, is added
+ and the rest of the 9 tabs are set up with \c setupTabs().
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/addresswidget.cpp 0
+ The \c setupTabs() function is used to set up the 9 alphabet
+ group tabs, table views and proxy models in
+ \c AddressWidget. Each proxy model in turn is set to filter
+ contact names according to the relevant alphabet group using a
+ \l{Qt::CaseInsensitive}{case-insensitive} QRegExp object. The
+ table views are also sorted in ascending order using the
+ corresponding proxy model's \l{QSortFilterProxyModel::}{sort()}
+ function.
+ Each table view's \l{QTableView::}{selectionMode} is set to
+ QAbstractItemView::SingleSelection and
+ \l{QTableView::}{selectionBehavior} is set to
+ QAbstractItemView::SelectRows, allowing the user to select
+ all the items in one row at the same time. Each QTableView object
+ is automatically given a QItemSelectionModel that keeps track
+ of the selected indexes.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/addresswidget.cpp 1
+ The QItemSelectionModel class provides a
+ \l{QItemSelectionModel::selectionChanged()}{selectionChanged}
+ signal that is connected to \c{AddressWidget}'s
+ \c selectionChanged() signal. This signal to signal connection
+ is necessary to enable the \uicontrol{Edit Entry...} and
+ \uicontrol{Remove Entry} actions in \c MainWindow's Tools menu. This
+ connection is further explained in \c MainWindow's
+ implementation.
+ Each table view in the address book is added as a tab to the
+ QTabWidget with the relevant label, obtained from the QStringList
+ of groups.
+ \image addressbook-signals.png Signals and Slots Connections
+ We provide 2 \c addEntry() functions: 1 which is intended to be
+ used to accept user input, and the other which performs the actual
+ task of adding new entries to the address book. We divide the
+ responsibility of adding entries into two parts to allow
+ \c newAddressTab to insert data without having to popup a dialog.
+ The first \c addEntry() function is a slot connected to the
+ \c MainWindow's \uicontrol{Add Entry...} action. This function creates an
+ \c AddDialog object and then calls the second \c addEntry()
+ function to actually add the contact to \c table.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/addresswidget.cpp 2
+ Basic validation is done in the second \c addEntry() function to
+ prevent duplicate entries in the address book. As mentioned with
+ \c TableModel, this is part of the reason why we require the
+ getter method \c getList().
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/addresswidget.cpp 3
+ If the model does not already contain an entry with the same name,
+ we call \c setData() to insert the name and address into the
+ first and second columns. Otherwise, we display a QMessageBox
+ to inform the user.
+ \note The \c newAddressTab is removed once a contact is added
+ as the address book is no longer empty.
+ Editing an entry is a way to update the contact's address only,
+ as the example does not allow the user to change the name of an
+ existing contact.
+ Firstly, we obtain the active tab's QTableView object using
+ QTabWidget::currentWidget(). Then we extract the
+ \c selectionModel from the \c tableView to obtain the selected
+ indexes.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/addresswidget.cpp 4a
+ Next we extract data from the row the user intends to
+ edit. This data is displayed in an instance of \c AddDialog
+ with a different window title. The \c table is only
+ updated if changes have been made to data in \c aDialog.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/addresswidget.cpp 4b
+ \image addressbook-editdialog.png Screenshot of Dialog to Edit a Contact
+ Entries are removed using the \c removeEntry() function.
+ The selected row is removed by accessing it through the
+ QItemSelectionModel object, \c selectionModel. The
+ \c newAddressTab is re-added to the \c AddressWidget only if
+ the user removes all the contacts in the address book.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/addresswidget.cpp 5
+ The \c writeToFile() function is used to save a file containing
+ all the contacts in the address book. The file is saved in a
+ custom \c{.dat} format. The contents of the QList of \l{QPair}s
+ are written to \c file using QDataStream. If the file cannot be
+ opened, a QMessageBox is displayed with the related error message.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/addresswidget.cpp 6
+ The \c readFromFile() function loads a file containing all the
+ contacts in the address book, previously saved using
+ \c writeToFile(). QDataStream is used to read the contents of a
+ \c{.dat} file into a list of pairs and each of these is added
+ using \c addEntry().
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/addresswidget.cpp 7
+ \section1 NewAddressTab Class Definition
+ The \c NewAddressTab class provides an informative tab telling
+ the user that the address book is empty. It appears and
+ disappears according to the contents of the address book, as
+ mentioned in \c{AddressWidget}'s implementation.
+ \image addressbook-newaddresstab.png Screenshot of NewAddressTab
+ The \c NewAddressTab class extends QWidget and contains a QLabel
+ and QPushButton.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/newaddresstab.h 0
+ \section1 NewAddressTab Class Implementation
+ The constructor instantiates the \c addButton,
+ \c descriptionLabel and connects the \c{addButton}'s signal to
+ the \c{addEntry()} slot.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/newaddresstab.cpp 0
+ The \c addEntry() function is similar to \c AddressWidget's
+ \c addEntry() in the sense that both functions instantiate an
+ \c AddDialog object. Data from the dialog is extracted and sent
+ to \c AddressWidget's \c addEntry() slot by emitting the
+ \c sendDetails() signal.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/newaddresstab.cpp 1
+ \image signals-n-slots-aw-nat.png
+ \section1 AddDialog Class Definition
+ The \c AddDialog class extends QDialog and provides the user
+ with a QLineEdit and a QTextEdit to input data into the
+ address book.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/adddialog.h 0
+ \image addressbook-adddialog.png
+ \section1 AddDialog Class Implementation
+ The \c AddDialog's constructor sets up the user interface,
+ creating the necessary widgets and placing them into layouts.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/adddialog.cpp 0
+ To give the dialog the desired behavior, we connect the \uicontrol OK
+ and \uicontrol Cancel buttons to the dialog's \l{QDialog::}{accept()} and
+ \l{QDialog::}{reject()} slots. Since the dialog only acts as a
+ container for name and address information, we do not need to
+ implement any other functions for it.
+ \section1 MainWindow Class Definition
+ The \c MainWindow class extends QMainWindow and implements the
+ menus and actions necessary to manipulate the address book.
+ \table
+ \row \li \inlineimage addressbook-filemenu.png
+ \li \inlineimage addressbook-toolsmenu.png
+ \endtable
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/mainwindow.h 0
+ The \c MainWindow class uses an \c AddressWidget as its central
+ widget and provides the File menu with \uicontrol Open, \uicontrol Close and
+ \uicontrol Exit actions, as well as the \uicontrol Tools menu with
+ \uicontrol{Add Entry...}, \uicontrol{Edit Entry...} and \uicontrol{Remove Entry}
+ actions.
+ \section1 MainWindow Class Implementation
+ The constructor for \c MainWindow instantiates AddressWidget,
+ sets it as its central widget and calls the \c createMenus()
+ function.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/mainwindow.cpp 0
+ The \c createMenus() function sets up the \uicontrol File and
+ \uicontrol Tools menus, connecting the actions to their respective slots.
+ Both the \uicontrol{Edit Entry...} and \uicontrol{Remove Entry} actions are
+ disabled by default as such actions cannot be carried out on an empty
+ address book. They are only enabled when one or more contacts
+ are added.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/mainwindow.cpp 1a
+ \dots
+ \codeline
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/mainwindow.cpp 1b
+ Apart from connecting all the actions' signals to their
+ respective slots, we also connect \c AddressWidget's
+ \c selectionChanged() signal to its \c updateActions() slot.
+ The \c openFile() function allows the user to choose a file with
+ the \l{QFileDialog::getOpenFileName()}{open file dialog}. The chosen
+ file has to be a custom \c{.dat} file that contains address book
+ contacts. This function is a slot connected to \c openAct in the
+ \uicontrol File menu.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/mainwindow.cpp 2
+ The \c saveFile() function allows the user to save a file with
+ the \l{QFileDialog::getSaveFileName()}{save file dialog}. This function
+ is a slot connected to \c saveAct in the \uicontrol File menu.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/mainwindow.cpp 3
+ The \c updateActions() function enables and disables
+ \uicontrol{Edit Entry...} and \uicontrol{Remove Entry} depending on the contents of
+ the address book. If the address book is empty, these actions
+ are disabled; otherwise, they are enabled. This function is a slot
+ is connected to the \c AddressWidget's \c selectionChanged()
+ signal.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/mainwindow.cpp 4
+ \section1 main() Function
+ The main function for the address book instantiates QApplication
+ and opens a \c MainWindow before running the event loop.
+ \snippet itemviews/addressbook/main.cpp 0
diff --git a/examples/widgets/doc/affine.qdoc b/examples/widgets/doc/affine.qdoc
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+++ b/examples/widgets/doc/affine.qdoc
@@ -0,0 +1,48 @@
+** Copyright (C) 2012 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
+** Contact:
+** This file is part of the documentation of the Qt Toolkit.
+** GNU Free Documentation License
+** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU Free
+** Documentation License version 1.3 as published by the Free Software
+** Foundation and appearing in the file included in the packaging of
+** this file.
+** Other Usage
+** Alternatively, this file may be used in accordance with the terms
+** and conditions contained in a signed written agreement between you
+** and Nokia.
+ \example painting/affine
+ \title Affine Transformations
+ In this example we show Qt's ability to perform affine transformations
+ on painting operations.
+ \image affine-demo.png
+ Transformations can be performed on any kind of graphics drawn using QPainter.
+ The transformations used to display the vector graphics, images, and text can be adjusted
+ in the following ways:
+ \list
+ \li Dragging the red circle in the centre of each drawing moves it to a new position.
+ \li Dragging the displaced red circle causes the current drawing to be rotated about the
+ central circle. Rotation can also be controlled with the \uicontrol Rotate slider.
+ \li Scaling is controlled with the \uicontrol Scale slider.
+ \li Each drawing can be sheared with the \uicontrol Shear slider.
+ \endlist
diff --git a/examples/widgets/doc/analogclock.qdoc b/examples/widgets/doc/analogclock.qdoc
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+++ b/examples/widgets/doc/analogclock.qdoc
@@ -0,0 +1,154 @@
+** Copyright (C) 2012 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
+** Contact:
+** This file is part of the documentation of the Qt Toolkit.
+** GNU Free Documentation License
+** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU Free
+** Documentation License version 1.3 as published by the Free Software
+** Foundation and appearing in the file included in the packaging of
+** this file.
+** Other Usage
+** Alternatively, this file may be used in accordance with the terms
+** and conditions contained in a signed written agreement between you
+** and Nokia.
+ \example widgets/analogclock
+ \title Analog Clock Example
+ The Analog Clock example shows how to draw the contents of a custom
+ widget.
+ \image analogclock-example.png Screenshot of the Analog Clock example
+ This example also demonstrates how the transformation and scaling
+ features of QPainter can be used to make drawing custom widgets
+ easier.
+ \section1 AnalogClock Class Definition
+ The \c AnalogClock class provides a clock widget with hour and minute
+ hands that is automatically updated every few seconds.
+ We subclass \l QWidget and reimplement the standard
+ \l{QWidget::paintEvent()}{paintEvent()} function to draw the clock face:
+ \snippet widgets/analogclock/analogclock.h 0
+ \section1 AnalogClock Class Implementation
+ \snippet widgets/analogclock/analogclock.cpp 1
+ When the widget is constructed, we set up a one-second timer to
+ keep track of the current time, and we connect it to the standard
+ \l{QWidget::update()}{update()} slot so that the clock face is
+ updated when the timer emits the \l{QTimer::timeout()}{timeout()}
+ signal.
+ Finally, we resize the widget so that it is displayed at a
+ reasonable size.
+ \snippet widgets/analogclock/analogclock.cpp 8
+ \snippet widgets/analogclock/analogclock.cpp 10
+ The \c paintEvent() function is called whenever the widget's
+ contents need to be updated. This happens when the widget is
+ first shown, and when it is covered then exposed, but it is also
+ executed when the widget's \l{QWidget::update()}{update()} slot
+ is called. Since we connected the timer's
+ \l{QTimer::timeout()}{timeout()} signal to this slot, it will be
+ called at least once every five seconds.
+ Before we set up the painter and draw the clock, we first define
+ two lists of \l {QPoint}s and two \l{QColor}s that will be used
+ for the hour and minute hands. The minute hand's color has an
+ alpha component of 191, meaning that it's 75% opaque.
+ We also determine the length of the widget's shortest side so that we
+ can fit the clock face inside the widget. It is also useful to determine
+ the current time before we start drawing.
+ \snippet widgets/analogclock/analogclock.cpp 11
+ \snippet widgets/analogclock/analogclock.cpp 12
+ \snippet widgets/analogclock/analogclock.cpp 13
+ \snippet widgets/analogclock/analogclock.cpp 14
+ The contents of custom widgets are drawn with a QPainter.
+ Painters can be used to draw on any QPaintDevice, but they are
+ usually used with widgets, so we pass the widget instance to the
+ painter's constructor.
+ We call QPainter::setRenderHint() with QPainter::Antialiasing to
+ turn on antialiasing. This makes drawing of diagonal lines much
+ smoother.
+ The translation moves the origin to the center of the widget, and
+ the scale operation ensures that the following drawing operations
+ are scaled to fit within the widget. We use a scale factor that
+ let's us use x and y coordinates between -100 and 100, and that
+ ensures that these lie within the length of the widget's shortest
+ side.
+ To make our code simpler, we will draw a fixed size clock face that will
+ be positioned and scaled so that it lies in the center of the widget.
+ The painter takes care of all the transformations made during the
+ paint event, and ensures that everything is drawn correctly. Letting
+ the painter handle transformations is often easier than performing
+ manual calculations just to draw the contents of a custom widget.
+ \image analogclock-viewport.png
+ We draw the hour hand first, using a formula that rotates the coordinate
+ system counterclockwise by a number of degrees determined by the current
+ hour and minute. This means that the hand will be shown rotated clockwise
+ by the required amount.
+ \snippet widgets/analogclock/analogclock.cpp 15
+ \snippet widgets/analogclock/analogclock.cpp 16
+ We set the pen to be Qt::NoPen because we don't want any outline,
+ and we use a solid brush with the color appropriate for
+ displaying hours. Brushes are used when filling in polygons and
+ other geometric shapes.
+ \snippet widgets/analogclock/analogclock.cpp 17
+ \snippet widgets/analogclock/analogclock.cpp 19
+ We save and restore the transformation matrix before and after the
+ rotation because we want to place the minute hand without having to
+ take into account any previous rotations.
+ \snippet widgets/analogclock/analogclock.cpp 20
+ \codeline
+ \snippet widgets/analogclock/analogclock.cpp 21
+ We draw markers around the edge of the clock for each hour. We
+ draw each marker then rotate the coordinate system so that the
+ painter is ready for the next one.
+ \snippet widgets/analogclock/analogclock.cpp 22
+ \snippet widgets/analogclock/analogclock.cpp 23
+ The minute hand is rotated in a similar way to the hour hand.
+ \snippet widgets/analogclock/analogclock.cpp 25
+ \codeline
+ \snippet widgets/analogclock/analogclock.cpp 26
+ Again, we draw markers around the edge of the clock, but this
+ time to indicate minutes. We skip multiples of 5 to avoid drawing
+ minute markers on top of hour markers.
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+** Copyright (C) 2012 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
+** Contact:
+** This file is part of the documentation of the Qt Toolkit.
+** GNU Free Documentation License
+** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU Free
+** Documentation License version 1.3 as published by the Free Software
+** Foundation and appearing in the file included in the packaging of
+** this file.
+** Other Usage
+** Alternatively, this file may be used in accordance with the terms
+** and conditions contained in a signed written agreement between you
+** and Nokia.
+ \example animation/animatedtiles
+ \title Animated Tiles Example
+ The Animated Tiles example animates items in a graphics scene.
+ \image animatedtiles-example.png
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+** Copyright (C) 2012 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
+** Contact:
+** This file is part of the documentation of the Qt Toolkit.
+** GNU Free Documentation License
+** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU Free
+** Documentation License version 1.3 as published by the Free Software
+** Foundation and appearing in the file included in the packaging of
+** this file.
+** Other Usage
+** Alternatively, this file may be used in accordance with the terms
+** and conditions contained in a signed written agreement between you
+** and Nokia.
+ \example animation/appchooser
+ \title Application Chooser Example
+ The Application Chooser example shows how to use the Qt state
+ machine and the animation framework to select between
+ applications.
+ \image appchooser-example.png
diff --git a/examples/widgets/doc/application.qdoc b/examples/widgets/doc/application.qdoc
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+** Copyright (C) 2012 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
+** Contact:
+** This file is part of the documentation of the Qt Toolkit.
+** GNU Free Documentation License
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+ \example mainwindows/application
+ \title Application Example
+ The Application example shows how to implement a standard GUI
+ application with menus, toolbars, and a status bar. The example
+ itself is a simple text editor program built around QPlainTextEdit.
+ \image application.png Screenshot of the Application example
+ Nearly all of the code for the Application example is in the \c
+ MainWindow class, which inherits QMainWindow. QMainWindow
+ provides the framework for windows that have menus, toolbars,
+ dock windows, and a status bar. The application provides
+ \menu{File}, \menu{Edit}, and \menu{Help} entries in the menu
+ bar, with the following popup menus:
+ \image application-menus.png The Application example's menu system
+ The status bar at the bottom of the main window shows a
+ description of the menu item or toolbar button under the cursor.
+ To keep the example simple, recently opened files aren't shown in
+ the \menu{File} menu, even though this feature is desired in 90%
+ of applications. The \l{mainwindows/recentfiles}{Recent Files}
+ example shows how to implement this. Furthermore, this example
+ can only load one file at a time. The \l{mainwindows/sdi}{SDI}
+ and \l{mainwindows/mdi}{MDI} examples shows how to lift these
+ restrictions.
+ \section1 MainWindow Class Definition
+ Here's the class definition:
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.h 0
+ The public API is restricted to the constructor. In the \c
+ protected section, we reimplement QWidget::closeEvent() to detect
+ when the user attempts to close the window, and warn the user
+ about unsaved changes. In the \c{private slots} section, we
+ declare slots that correspond to menu entries, as well as a
+ mysterious \c documentWasModified() slot. Finally, in the \c
+ private section of the class, we have various members that will
+ be explained in due time.
+ \section1 MainWindow Class Implementation
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 0
+ We start by including \c <QtGui>, a header file that contains the
+ definition of all classes in the \l QtCore and \l QtGui
+ libraries. This saves us from the trouble of having to include
+ every class individually. We also include \c mainwindow.h.
+ You might wonder why we don't include \c <QtGui> in \c
+ mainwindow.h and be done with it. The reason is that including
+ such a large header from another header file can rapidly degrade
+ performances. Here, it wouldn't do any harm, but it's still
+ generally a good idea to include only the header files that are
+ strictly necessary from another header file.
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 1
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 2
+ In the constructor, we start by creating a QPlainTextEdit widget as a
+ child of the main window (the \c this object). Then we call
+ QMainWindow::setCentralWidget() to tell that this is going to be
+ the widget that occupies the central area of the main window,
+ between the toolbars and the status bar.
+ Then we call \c createActions(), \c createMenus(), \c
+ createToolBars(), and \c createStatusBar(), four private
+ functions that set up the user interface. After that, we call \c
+ readSettings() to restore the user's preferences.
+ We establish a signal-slot connection between the QPlainTextEdit's
+ document object and our \c documentWasModified() slot. Whenever
+ the user modifies the text in the QPlainTextEdit, we want to update
+ the title bar to show that the file was modified.
+ At the end, we set the window title using the private
+ \c setCurrentFile() function. We'll come back to this later.
+ \target close event handler
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 3
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 4
+ When the user attempts to close the window, we call the private
+ function \c maybeSave() to give the user the possibility to save
+ pending changes. The function returns true if the user wants the
+ application to close; otherwise, it returns false. In the first
+ case, we save the user's preferences to disk and accept the close
+ event; in the second case, we ignore the close event, meaning
+ that the application will stay up and running as if nothing
+ happened.
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 5
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 6
+ The \c newFile() slot is invoked when the user selects
+ \menu{File|New} from the menu. We call \c maybeSave() to save any
+ pending changes and if the user accepts to go on, we clear the
+ QPlainTextEdit and call the private function \c setCurrentFile() to
+ update the window title and clear the
+ \l{QWidget::windowModified}{windowModified} flag.
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 7
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 8
+ The \c open() slot is invoked when the user clicks
+ \menu{File|Open}. We pop up a QFileDialog asking the user to
+ choose a file. If the user chooses a file (i.e., \c fileName is
+ not an empty string), we call the private function \c loadFile()
+ to actually load the file.
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 9
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 10
+ The \c save() slot is invoked when the user clicks
+ \menu{File|Save}. If the user hasn't provided a name for the file
+ yet, we call \c saveAs(); otherwise, we call the private function
+ \c saveFile() to actually save the file.
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 11
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 12
+ In \c saveAs(), we start by popping up a QFileDialog asking the
+ user to provide a name. If the user clicks \uicontrol{Cancel}, the
+ returned file name is empty, and we do nothing.
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 13
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 14
+ The application's About box is done using one statement, using
+ the QMessageBox::about() static function and relying on its
+ support for an HTML subset.
+ The \l{QObject::tr()}{tr()} call around the literal string marks
+ the string for translation. It is a good habit to call
+ \l{QObject::tr()}{tr()} on all user-visible strings, in case you
+ later decide to translate your application to other languages.
+ The \l{Internationalization with Qt} overview covers
+ \l{QObject::tr()}{tr()} in more detail.
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 15
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 16
+ The \c documentWasModified() slot is invoked each time the text
+ in the QPlainTextEdit changes because of user edits. We call
+ QWidget::setWindowModified() to make the title bar show that the
+ file was modified. How this is done varies on each platform.
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 17
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 18
+ \dots
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 22
+ The \c createActions() private function, which is called from the
+ \c MainWindow constructor, creates \l{QAction}s. The code is very
+ repetitive, so we show only the actions corresponding to
+ \menu{File|New}, \menu{File|Open}, and \menu{Help|About Qt}.
+ A QAction is an object that represents one user action, such as
+ saving a file or invoking a dialog. An action can be put in a
+ QMenu or a QToolBar, or both, or in any other widget that
+ reimplements QWidget::actionEvent().
+ An action has a text that is shown in the menu, an icon, a
+ shortcut key, a tooltip, a status tip (shown in the status bar),
+ a "What's This?" text, and more. It emits a
+ \l{QAction::triggered()}{triggered()} signal whenever the user
+ invokes the action (e.g., by clicking the associated menu item or
+ toolbar button). We connect this signal to a slot that performs
+ the actual action.
+ The code above contains one more idiom that must be explained.
+ For some of the actions, we specify an icon as a QIcon to the
+ QAction constructor. The QIcon constructor takes the file name
+ of an image that it tries to load. Here, the file name starts
+ with \c{:}. Such file names aren't ordinary file names, but
+ rather path in the executable's stored resources. We'll come back
+ to this when we review the \c application.qrc file that's part of
+ the project.
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 23
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 24
+ The \uicontrol{Edit|Cut} and \uicontrol{Edit|Copy} actions must be available
+ only when the QPlainTextEdit contains selected text. We disable them
+ by default and connect the QPlainTextEdit::copyAvailable() signal to
+ the QAction::setEnabled() slot, ensuring that the actions are
+ disabled when the text editor has no selection.
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 25
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 27
+ Creating actions isn't sufficient to make them available to the
+ user; we must also add them to the menu system. This is what \c
+ createMenus() does. We create a \menu{File}, an \menu{Edit}, and
+ a \menu{Help} menu. QMainWindow::menuBar() lets us access the
+ window's menu bar widget. We don't have to worry about creating
+ the menu bar ourselves; the first time we call this function, the
+ QMenuBar is created.
+ Just before we create the \menu{Help} menu, we call
+ QMenuBar::addSeparator(). This has no effect for most widget
+ styles (e.g., Windows and Mac OS X styles), but for Motif-based
+ styles this makes sure that \menu{Help} is pushed to the right
+ side of the menu bar. Try running the application with various
+ styles and see the results:
+ \snippet doc/src/snippets/code/doc_src_examples_application.qdoc 0
+ Let's now review the toolbars:
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 30
+ Creating toolbars is very similar to creating menus. The same
+ actions that we put in the menus can be reused in the toolbars.
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 32
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 33
+ QMainWindow::statusBar() returns a pointer to the main window's
+ QStatusBar widget. Like with \l{QMainWindow::menuBar()}, the
+ widget is automatically created the first time the function is
+ called.
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 34
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 36
+ The \c readSettings() function is called from the constructor to
+ load the user's preferences and other application settings. The
+ QSettings class provides a high-level interface for storing
+ settings permanently on disk. On Windows, it uses the (in)famous
+ Windows registry; on Mac OS X, it uses the native XML-based
+ CFPreferences API; on Unix/X11, it uses text files.
+ The QSettings constructor takes arguments that identify your
+ company and the name of the product. This ensures that the
+ settings for different applications are kept separately.
+ We use QSettings::value() to extract the value of the "pos" and
+ "size" settings. The second argument to QSettings::value() is
+ optional and specifies a default value for the setting if there
+ exists none. This value is used the first time the application is
+ run.
+ When restoring the position and size of a window, it's important
+ to call QWidget::resize() before QWidget::move(). The reason why
+ is given in the \l{Window Geometry} overview.
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 37
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 39
+ The \c writeSettings() function is called from \c closeEvent().
+ Writing settings is similar to reading them, except simpler. The
+ arguments to the QSettings constructor must be the same as in \c
+ readSettings().
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 40
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 41
+ The \c maybeSave() function is called to save pending changes. If
+ there are pending changes, it pops up a QMessageBox giving the
+ user to save the document. The options are QMessageBox::Yes,
+ QMessageBox::No, and QMessageBox::Cancel. The \uicontrol{Yes} button is
+ made the default button (the button that is invoked when the user
+ presses \uicontrol{Return}) using the QMessageBox::Default flag; the
+ \uicontrol{Cancel} button is made the escape button (the button that is
+ invoked when the user presses \uicontrol{Esc}) using the
+ QMessageBox::Escape flag.
+ The \c maybeSave() function returns \c true in all cases, except
+ when the user clicks \uicontrol{Cancel}. The caller must check the
+ return value and stop whatever it was doing if the return value
+ is \c false.
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 42
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 43
+ In \c loadFile(), we use QFile and QTextStream to read in the
+ data. The QFile object provides access to the bytes stored in a
+ file.
+ We start by opening the file in read-only mode. The QFile::Text
+ flag indicates that the file is a text file, not a binary file.
+ On Unix and Mac OS X, this makes no difference, but on Windows,
+ it ensures that the "\\r\\n" end-of-line sequence is converted to
+ "\\n" when reading.
+ If we successfully opened the file, we use a QTextStream object
+ to read in the data. QTextStream automatically converts the 8-bit
+ data into a Unicode QString and supports various encodings. If no
+ encoding is specified, QTextStream assumes the file is written
+ using the system's default 8-bit encoding (for example, Latin-1;
+ see QTextCodec::codecForLocale() for details).
+ Since the call to QTextStream::readAll() might take some time, we
+ set the cursor to be Qt::WaitCursor for the entire application
+ while it goes on.
+ At the end, we call the private \c setCurrentFile() function,
+ which we'll cover in a moment, and we display the string "File
+ loaded" in the status bar for 2 seconds (2000 milliseconds).
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 44
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 45
+ Saving a file is very similar to loading one. Here, the
+ QFile::Text flag ensures that on Windows, "\\n" is converted into
+ "\\r\\n" to conform to the Windows convension.
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 46
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 47
+ The \c setCurrentFile() function is called to reset the state of
+ a few variables when a file is loaded or saved, or when the user
+ starts editing a new file (in which case \c fileName is empty).
+ We update the \c curFile variable, clear the
+ QTextDocument::modified flag and the associated \c
+ QWidget:windowModified flag, and update the window title to
+ contain the new file name (or \c untitled.txt).
+ The \c strippedName() function call around \c curFile in the
+ QWidget::setWindowTitle() call shortens the file name to exclude
+ the path. Here's the function:
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 48
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/mainwindow.cpp 49
+ \section1 The main() Function
+ The \c main() function for this application is typical of
+ applications that contain one main window:
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/main.cpp 0
+ \section1 The Resource File
+ As you will probably recall, for some of the actions, we
+ specified icons with file names starting with \c{:} and mentioned
+ that such file names aren't ordinary file names, but path in the
+ executable's stored resources. These resources are compiled
+ The resources associated with an application are specified in a
+ \c .qrc file, an XML-based file format that lists files on the
+ disk. Here's the \c application.qrc file that's used by the
+ Application example:
+ \quotefile mainwindows/application/application.qrc
+ The \c .png files listed in the \c application.qrc file are files
+ that are part of the Application example's source tree. Paths are
+ relative to the directory where the \c application.qrc file is
+ located (the \c mainwindows/application directory).
+ The resource file must be mentioned in the \c
+ file so that \c qmake knows about it:
+ \snippet mainwindows/application/ 0
+ \c qmake will produce make rules to generate a file called \c
+ qrc_application.cpp that is linked into the application. This
+ file contains all the data for the images and other resources as
+ static C++ arrays of compressed binary data. See
+ \l{resources.html}{The Qt Resource System} for more information
+ about resources.
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+** Copyright (C) 2012 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
+** Contact:
+** This file is part of the documentation of the Qt Toolkit.
+** GNU Free Documentation License
+** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU Free
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+** this file.
+** Other Usage
+** Alternatively, this file may be used in accordance with the terms
+** and conditions contained in a signed written agreement between you
+** and Nokia.
+ \example painting/basicdrawing
+ \title Basic Drawing Example
+ The Basic Drawing example shows how to display basic graphics
+ primitives in a variety of styles using the QPainter class.
+ QPainter performs low-level painting on widgets and other paint
+ devices. The class can draw everything from simple lines to
+ complex shapes like pies and chords. It can also draw aligned text
+ and pixmaps. Normally, it draws in a "natural" coordinate system,
+ but it can in addition do view and world transformation.
+ \image basicdrawing-example.png
+ The example provides a render area, displaying the currently
+ active shape, and lets the user manipulate the rendered shape and
+ its appearance using the QPainter parameters: The user can change
+ the active shape (\uicontrol Shape), and modify the QPainter's pen (\uicontrol
+ {Pen Width}, \uicontrol {Pen Style}, \uicontrol {Pen Cap}, \uicontrol {Pen Join}),
+ brush (\uicontrol {Brush Style}) and render hints (\uicontrol
+ Antialiasing). In addition the user can rotate a shape (\uicontrol
+ Transformations); behind the scenes we use QPainter's ability to
+ manipulate the coordinate system to perform the rotation.
+ The Basic Drawing example consists of two classes:
+ \list
+ \li \c RenderArea is a custom widget that renders multiple
+ copies of the currently active shape.
+ \li \c Window is the application's main window displaying a
+ \c RenderArea widget in addition to several parameter widgets.
+ \endlist
+ First we will review the \c Window class, then we will take a
+ look at the \c RenderArea class.
+ \section1 Window Class Definition
+ The Window class inherits QWidget, and is the application's main
+ window displaying a \c RenderArea widget in addition to several
+ parameter widgets.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/window.h 0
+ We declare the various widgets, and three private slots updating
+ the \c RenderArea widget: The \c shapeChanged() slot updates the
+ \c RenderArea widget when the user changes the currently active
+ shape. We call the \c penChanged() slot when either of the
+ QPainter's pen parameters changes. And the \c brushChanged() slot
+ updates the \c RenderArea widget when the user changes the
+ painter's brush style.
+ \section1 Window Class Implementation
+ In the constructor we create and initialize the various widgets
+ appearing in the main application window.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/window.cpp 1
+ First we create the \c RenderArea widget that will render the
+ currently active shape. Then we create the \uicontrol Shape combobox,
+ and add the associated items (i.e. the different shapes a QPainter
+ can draw).
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/window.cpp 2
+ QPainter's pen is a QPen object; the QPen class defines how a
+ painter should draw lines and outlines of shapes. A pen has
+ several properties: Width, style, cap and join.
+ A pen's width can be \e zero or greater, but the most common width
+ is zero. Note that this doesn't mean 0 pixels, but implies that
+ the shape is drawn as smoothly as possible although perhaps not
+ mathematically correct.
+ We create a QSpinBox for the \uicontrol {Pen Width} parameter.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/window.cpp 3
+ The pen style defines the line type. The default style is solid
+ (Qt::SolidLine). Setting the style to none (Qt::NoPen) tells the
+ painter to not draw lines or outlines. The pen cap defines how
+ the end points of lines are drawn. And the pen join defines how
+ two lines join when multiple connected lines are drawn. The cap
+ and join only apply to lines with a width of 1 pixel or greater.
+ We create \l {QComboBox}es for each of the \uicontrol {Pen Style}, \uicontrol
+ {Pen Cap} and \uicontrol {Pen Join} parameters, and adds the associated
+ items (i.e the values of the Qt::PenStyle, Qt::PenCapStyle and
+ Qt::PenJoinStyle enums respectively).
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/window.cpp 4
+ The QBrush class defines the fill pattern of shapes drawn by a
+ QPainter. The default brush style is Qt::NoBrush. This style tells
+ the painter to not fill shapes. The standard style for filling is
+ Qt::SolidPattern.
+ We create a QComboBox for the \uicontrol {Brush Style} parameter, and add
+ the associated items (i.e. the values of the Qt::BrushStyle enum).
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/window.cpp 5
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/window.cpp 6
+ Antialiasing is a feature that "smoothes" the pixels to create
+ more even and less jagged lines, and can be applied using
+ QPainter's render hints. QPainter::RenderHints are used to specify
+ flags to QPainter that may or may not be respected by any given
+ engine.
+ We simply create a QCheckBox for the \uicontrol Antialiasing option.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/window.cpp 7
+ The \uicontrol Transformations option implies a manipulation of the
+ coordinate system that will appear as if the rendered shape is
+ rotated in three dimensions.
+ We use the QPainter::translate(), QPainter::rotate() and
+ QPainter::scale() functions to implement this feature represented
+ in the main application window by a simple QCheckBox.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/window.cpp 8
+ Then we connect the parameter widgets with their associated slots
+ using the static QObject::connect() function, ensuring that the \c
+ RenderArea widget is updated whenever the user changes the shape,
+ or any of the other parameters.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/window.cpp 9
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/window.cpp 10
+ Finally, we add the various widgets to a layout, and call the \c
+ shapeChanged(), \c penChanged(), and \c brushChanged() slots to
+ initialize the application. We also turn on antialiasing.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/window.cpp 11
+ The \c shapeChanged() slot is called whenever the user changes the
+ currently active shape.
+ First we retrieve the shape the user has chosen using the
+ QComboBox::itemData() function. This function returns the data for
+ the given role in the given index in the combobox. We use
+ QComboBox::currentIndex() to retrieve the index of the shape, and
+ the role is defined by the Qt::ItemDataRole enum; \c IdRole is an
+ alias for Qt::UserRole.
+ Note that Qt::UserRole is only the first role that can be used for
+ application-specific purposes. If you need to store different data
+ in the same index, you can use different roles by simply
+ incrementing the value of Qt::UserRole, for example: 'Qt::UserRole
+ + 1' and 'Qt::UserRole + 2'. However, it is a good programming
+ practice to give each role their own name: 'myFirstRole =
+ Qt::UserRole + 1' and 'mySecondRole = Qt::UserRole + 2'. Even
+ though we only need a single role in this particular example, we
+ add the following line of code to the beginning of the \c
+ window.cpp file.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/window.cpp 0
+ The QComboBox::itemData() function returns the data as a QVariant,
+ so we need to cast the data to \c RenderArea::Shape. If there is
+ no data for the given role, the function returns
+ QVariant::Invalid.
+ In the end we call the \c RenderArea::setShape() slot to update
+ the \c RenderArea widget.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/window.cpp 12
+ We call the \c penChanged() slot whenever the user changes any of
+ the pen parameters. Again we use the QComboBox::itemData()
+ function to retrieve the parameters, and then we call the \c
+ RenderArea::setPen() slot to update the \c RenderArea widget.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/window.cpp 13
+ The brushChanged() slot is called whenever the user changes the
+ brush parameter which we retrieve using the QComboBox::itemData()
+ function as before.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/window.cpp 14
+ If the brush parameter is a gradient fill, special actions are
+ required.
+ The QGradient class is used in combination with QBrush to specify
+ gradient fills. Qt currently supports three types of gradient
+ fills: linear, radial and conical. Each of these is represented by
+ a subclass of QGradient: QLinearGradient, QRadialGradient and
+ QConicalGradient.
+ So if the brush style is Qt::LinearGradientPattern, we first
+ create a QLinearGradient object with interpolation area between
+ the coordinates passed as arguments to the constructor. The
+ positions are specified using logical coordinates. Then we set the
+ gradient's colors using the QGradient::setColorAt() function. The
+ colors is defined using stop points which are composed by a
+ position (between 0 and 1) and a QColor. The set of stop points
+ describes how the gradient area should be filled. A gradient can
+ have an arbitrary number of stop points.
+ In the end we call \c RenderArea::setBrush() slot to update the \c
+ RenderArea widget's brush with the QLinearGradient object.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/window.cpp 15
+ A similar pattern of actions, as the one used for QLinearGradient,
+ is used in the cases of Qt::RadialGradientPattern and
+ Qt::ConicalGradientPattern.
+ The only difference is the arguments passed to the constructor:
+ Regarding the QRadialGradient constructor the first argument is
+ the center, and the second the radial gradient's radius. The third
+ argument is optional, but can be used to define the focal point of
+ the gradient inside the circle (the default focal point is the
+ circle center). Regarding the QConicalGradient constructor, the
+ first argument specifies the center of the conical, and the second
+ specifies the start angle of the interpolation.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/window.cpp 16
+ If the brush style is Qt::TexturePattern we create a QBrush from a
+ QPixmap. Then we call \c RenderArea::setBrush() slot to update the
+ \c RenderArea widget with the newly created brush.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/window.cpp 17
+ Otherwise we simply create a brush with the given style and a
+ green color, and then call \c RenderArea::setBrush() slot to
+ update the \c RenderArea widget with the newly created brush.
+ \section1 RenderArea Class Definition
+ The \c RenderArea class inherits QWidget, and renders multiple
+ copies of the currently active shape using a QPainter.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/renderarea.h 0
+ First we define a public \c Shape enum to hold the different
+ shapes that can be rendered by the widget (i.e the shapes that can
+ be rendered by a QPainter). Then we reimplement the constructor as
+ well as two of QWidget's public functions: \l
+ {QWidget::minimumSizeHint()}{minimumSizeHint()} and \l
+ {QWidget::sizeHint()}{sizeHint()}.
+ We also reimplement the QWidget::paintEvent() function to be able
+ to draw the currently active shape according to the specified
+ parameters.
+ We declare several private slots: The \c setShape() slot changes
+ the \c RenderArea's shape, the \c setPen() and \c setBrush() slots
+ modify the widget's pen and brush, and the \c setAntialiased() and
+ \c setTransformed() slots modify the widget's respective
+ properties.
+ \section1 RenderArea Class Implementation
+ In the constructor we initialize some of the widget's variables.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/renderarea.cpp 0
+ We set its shape to be a \uicontrol Polygon, its antialiased property to
+ be false and we load an image into the widget's pixmap
+ variable. In the end we set the widget's background role, defining
+ the brush from the widget's \l {QWidget::palette}{palette} that
+ will be used to render the background. QPalette::Base is typically
+ white.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/renderarea.cpp 2
+ The \c RenderArea inherits QWidget's \l
+ {QWidget::sizeHint()}{sizeHint} property holding the recommended
+ size for the widget. If the value of this property is an invalid
+ size, no size is recommended.
+ The default implementation of the QWidget::sizeHint() function
+ returns an invalid size if there is no layout for the widget, and
+ returns the layout's preferred size otherwise.
+ Our reimplementation of the function returns a QSize with a 400
+ pixels width and a 200 pixels height.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/renderarea.cpp 1
+ \c RenderArea also inherits QWidget's
+ \l{QWidget::minimumSizeHint()}{minimumSizeHint} property holding
+ the recommended minimum size for the widget. Again, if the value
+ of this property is an invalid size, no size is recommended.
+ The default implementation of QWidget::minimumSizeHint() returns
+ an invalid size if there is no layout for the widget, and returns
+ the layout's minimum size otherwise.
+ Our reimplementation of the function returns a QSize with a 100
+ pixels width and a 100 pixels height.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/renderarea.cpp 3
+ \codeline
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/renderarea.cpp 4
+ \codeline
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/renderarea.cpp 5
+ The public \c setShape(), \c setPen() and \c setBrush() slots are
+ called whenever we want to modify a \c RenderArea widget's shape,
+ pen or brush. We set the shape, pen or brush according to the
+ slot parameter, and call QWidget::update() to make the changes
+ visible in the \c RenderArea widget.
+ The QWidget::update() slot does not cause an immediate
+ repaint; instead it schedules a paint event for processing when Qt
+ returns to the main event loop.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/renderarea.cpp 6
+ \codeline
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/renderarea.cpp 7
+ With the \c setAntialiased() and \c setTransformed() slots we
+ change the state of the properties according to the slot
+ parameter, and call the QWidget::update() slot to make the changes
+ visible in the \c RenderArea widget.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/renderarea.cpp 8
+ Then we reimplement the QWidget::paintEvent() function. The first
+ thing we do is to create the graphical objects we will need to
+ draw the various shapes.
+ We create a vector of four \l {QPoint}s. We use this vector to
+ render the \uicontrol Points, \uicontrol Polyline and \uicontrol Polygon
+ shapes. Then we create a QRect, defining a rectangle in the plane,
+ which we use as the bounding rectangle for all the shapes excluding
+ the \uicontrol Path and the \uicontrol Pixmap.
+ We also create a QPainterPath. The QPainterPath class provides a
+ container for painting operations, enabling graphical shapes to be
+ constructed and reused. A painter path is an object composed of a
+ number of graphical building blocks, such as rectangles, ellipses,
+ lines, and curves. For more information about the QPainterPath
+ class, see the \l {painting/painterpaths}{Painter Paths}
+ example. In this example, we create a painter path composed of one
+ straight line and a Bezier curve.
+ In addition we define a start angle and an arc length that we will
+ use when drawing the \uicontrol Arc, \uicontrol Chord and \uicontrol Pie shapes.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/renderarea.cpp 9
+ We create a QPainter for the \c RenderArea widget, and set the
+ painters pen and brush according to the \c RenderArea's pen and
+ brush. If the \uicontrol Antialiasing parameter option is checked, we
+ also set the painter's render hints. QPainter::Antialiasing
+ indicates that the engine should antialias edges of primitives if
+ possible.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/renderarea.cpp 10
+ Finally, we render the multiple copies of the \c RenderArea's
+ shape. The number of copies is depending on the size of the \c
+ RenderArea widget, and we calculate their positions using two \c
+ for loops and the widgets height and width.
+ For each copy we first save the current painter state (pushes the
+ state onto a stack). Then we translate the coordinate system,
+ using the QPainter::translate() function, to the position
+ determined by the variables of the \c for loops. If we omit this
+ translation of the coordinate system all the copies of the shape
+ will be rendered on top of each other in the top left cormer of
+ the \c RenderArea widget.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/renderarea.cpp 11
+ If the \uicontrol Transformations parameter option is checked, we do an
+ additional translation of the coordinate system before we rotate
+ the coordinate system 60 degrees clockwise using the
+ QPainter::rotate() function and scale it down in size using the
+ QPainter::scale() function. In the end we translate the coordinate
+ system back to where it was before we rotated and scaled it.
+ Now, when rendering the shape, it will appear as if it was rotated
+ in three dimensions.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/renderarea.cpp 12
+ Next, we identify the \c RenderArea's shape, and render it using
+ the associated QPainter drawing function:
+ \list
+ \li QPainter::drawLine(),
+ \li QPainter::drawPoints(),
+ \li QPainter::drawPolyline(),
+ \li QPainter::drawPolygon(),
+ \li QPainter::drawRect(),
+ \li QPainter::drawRoundedRect(),
+ \li QPainter::drawEllipse(),
+ \li QPainter::drawArc(),
+ \li QPainter::drawChord(),
+ \li QPainter::drawPie(),
+ \li QPainter::drawPath(),
+ \li QPainter::drawText() or
+ \li QPainter::drawPixmap()
+ \endlist
+ Before we started rendering, we saved the current painter state
+ (pushes the state onto a stack). The rationale for this is that we
+ calculate each shape copy's position relative to the same point in
+ the coordinate system. When translating the coordinate system, we
+ lose the knowledge of this point unless we save the current
+ painter state \e before we start the translating process.
+ \snippet painting/basicdrawing/renderarea.cpp 13
+ Then, when we are finished rendering a copy of the shape we can
+ restore the original painter state, with its associated coordinate
+ system, using the QPainter::restore() function. In this way we
+ ensure that the next shape copy will be rendered in the correct
+ position.
+ We could translate the coordinate system back using
+ QPainter::translate() instead of saving the painter state. But
+ since we in addition to translating the coordinate system (when
+ the \uicontrol Transformation parameter option is checked) both rotate
+ and scale the coordinate system, the easiest solution is to save
+ the current painter state.
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@@ -0,0 +1,164 @@
+** Copyright (C) 2012 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
+** Contact:
+** This file is part of the documentation of the Qt Toolkit.
+** GNU Free Documentation License
+** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU Free
+** Documentation License version 1.3 as published by the Free Software
+** Foundation and appearing in the file included in the packaging of
+** this file.
+** Other Usage
+** Alternatively, this file may be used in accordance with the terms
+** and conditions contained in a signed written agreement between you
+** and Nokia.
+ \example graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts
+ \title Basic Graphics Layouts Example
+ The Basic Graphics Layouts example shows how to use the layout classes
+ in QGraphicsView: QGraphicsLinearLayout and QGraphicsGridLayout.
+ In addition to that it shows how to write your own custom layout item.
+ \image basicgraphicslayouts-example.png Screenshot of the Basic Layouts Example
+ \section1 Window Class Definition
+ The \c Window class is a subclass of QGraphicsWidget. It has a
+ constructor with a QGraphicsWidget \a parent as its parameter.
+ \snippet graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/window.h 0
+ \section1 Window Class Implementation
+ The constructor of \c Window instantiates a QGraphicsLinearLayout object,
+ \c windowLayout, with vertical orientation. We instantiate another
+ QGraphicsLinearLayout object, \c linear, whose parent is \c windowLayout.
+ Next, we create a \c LayoutItem object, \c item and add it to \c linear
+ with the \l{QGraphicsLinearLayout::}{addItem()} function. We also provide
+ \c item with a \l{QGraphicsLinearLayout::setStretchFactor()}
+ {stretchFactor}.
+ \snippet graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/window.cpp 0
+ We repeat the process:
+ \list
+ \li create a new \c LayoutItem,
+ \li add the item \c linear, and
+ \li provide a stretch factor.
+ \endlist
+ \snippet graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/window.cpp 1
+ We then add \c linear to \c windowLayout, nesting two
+ QGraphicsLinearLayout objects. Apart from the QGraphicsLinearLayout, we
+ also use a QGraphicsGridLayout object, \c grid, which is a 4x3 grid with
+ some cells spanning to other rows.
+ We create seven \c LayoutItem objects and place them into \c grid with
+ the \l{QGraphicsGridLayout::}{addItem()} function as shown in the code
+ snippet below:
+ \snippet graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/window.cpp 2
+ The first item we add to \c grid is placed in the top left cell,
+ spanning four rows. The next two items are placed in the second column,
+ and they span two rows. Each item's \l{QGraphicsWidget::}{maximumHeight()}
+ and \l{QGraphicsWidget::}{minimumHeight()} are set to be equal so that
+ they do not expand vertically. As a result, these items will not
+ fit vertically in their cells. So, we specify that they should be
+ vertically aligned in the center of the cell using Qt::AlignVCenter.
+ Finally, \c grid itself is added to \c windowLayout. Unlike
+ QGridLayout::addItem(), QGraphicsGridLayout::addItem() requires a row
+ and a column for its argument, specifying which cell the item should be
+ positioned in. Also, if the \c rowSpan and \c columnSpan arguments
+ are omitted, they will default to 1.
+ Note that we do not specify a parent for each \c LayoutItem that we
+ construct, as all these items will be added to \c windowLayout. When we
+ add an item to a layout, it will be automatically reparented to the widget
+ on which the layout is installed.
+ \snippet graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/window.cpp 3
+ Now that we have set up \c grid and added it to \c windowLayout, we
+ install \c windowLayout onto the window object using
+ QGraphicsWidget::setLayout() and we set the window title.
+ \section1 LayoutItem Class Definition
+ The \c LayoutItem class is a subclass of QGraphicsLayoutItem and
+ QGraphicsItem. It has a constructor, a destructor, and some required
+ reimplementations.
+ Since it inherits QGraphicsLayoutItem it must reimplement
+ {QGraphicsLayoutItem::setGeometry()}{setGeometry()} and
+ {QGraphicsLayoutItem::sizeHint()}{sizeHint()}.
+ In addition to that it inherits QGraphicsItem, so it must reimplement
+ {QGraphicsItem::boundingRect()}{boundingRect()} and
+ {QGraphicsItem::paint()}{paint()}.
+ \snippet graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/layoutitem.h 0
+ The \c LayoutItem class also has a private instance of QPixmap, \c m_pix.
+ \section1 LayoutItem Class Implementation
+ In \c{LayoutItem}'s constructor, \c m_pix is instantiated and the
+ \c{block.png} image is loaded into it.
+ \snippet graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/layoutitem.cpp 0
+ We use the Q_UNUSED() macro to prevent the compiler from generating
+ warnings regarding unused parameters.
+ \snippet graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/layoutitem.cpp 1
+ The idea behind the \c paint() function is to paint the
+ background rect then paint a rect around the pixmap.
+ \snippet graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/layoutitem.cpp 2
+ The reimplementation of \l{QGraphicsItem::}{boundingRect()}
+ will set the top left corner at (0,0), and the size of it will be
+ the size of the layout items
+ \l{QGraphicsLayoutItem::}{geometry()}. This is the area that
+ we paint within.
+ \snippet graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/layoutitem.cpp 3
+ The reimplementation of \l{QGraphicsLayoutItem::setGeometry()}{setGeometry()}
+ simply calls its baseclass implementation. However, since this will change
+ the boundingRect we must also call
+ \l{QGraphicsItem::prepareGeometryChange()}{prepareGeometryChange()}.
+ Finally, we move the item according to \c geom.topLeft().
+ \snippet graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/layoutitem.cpp 4
+ Since we don't want the size of the item to be smaller than the pixmap, we
+ must make sure that we return a size hint that is larger than \c m_pix.
+ We also add some extra space around for borders that we will paint later.
+ Alternatively, you could scale the pixmap to prevent the item from
+ becoming smaller than the pixmap.
+ The preferred size is the same as the minimum size hint, while we set
+ maximum to be a large value
+ \snippet graphicsview/basicgraphicslayouts/layoutitem.cpp 5
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+** Copyright (C) 2012 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
+** Contact:
+** This file is part of the documentation of the Qt Toolkit.
+** GNU Free Documentation License
+** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU Free
+** Documentation License version 1.3 as published by the Free Software
+** Foundation and appearing in the file included in the packaging of
+** this file.
+** Other Usage
+** Alternatively, this file may be used in accordance with the terms
+** and conditions contained in a signed written agreement between you
+** and Nokia.
+ \example layouts/basiclayouts
+ \title Basic Layouts Example
+ The Basic Layouts example shows how to use the standard layout
+ managers that are available in Qt: QBoxLayout, QGridLayout and
+ QFormLayout.
+ \image basiclayouts-example.png Screenshot of the Basic Layouts example
+ The QBoxLayout class lines up widgets horizontally or vertically.
+ QHBoxLayout and QVBoxLayout are convenience subclasses of QBoxLayout.
+ QGridLayout lays out widgets in cells by dividing the available space
+ into rows and columns. QFormLayout, on the other hand, lays out its
+ children in a two-column form with labels in the left column and
+ input fields in the right column.
+ \section1 Dialog Class Definition
+ \snippet layouts/basiclayouts/dialog.h 0
+ The \c Dialog class inherits QDialog. It is a custom widget that
+ displays its child widgets using the geometry managers:
+ QHBoxLayout, QVBoxLayout, QGridLayout and QFormLayout.
+ We declare four private functions to simplify the class
+ constructor: The \c createMenu(), \c createHorizontalGroupBox(),
+ \c createGridGroupBox() and \c createFormGroupBox() functions create
+ several widgets that the example uses to demonstrate how the layout
+ affects their appearances.
+ \section1 Dialog Class Implementation
+ \snippet layouts/basiclayouts/dialog.cpp 0
+ In the constructor, we first use the \c createMenu() function to
+ create and populate a menu bar and the \c createHorizontalGroupBox()
+ function to create a group box containing four buttons with a
+ horizontal layout. Next we use the \c createGridGroupBox() function
+ to create a group box containing several line edits and a small text
+ editor which are displayed in a grid layout. Finally, we use the
+ \c createFormGroupBox() function to create a group box with
+ three labels and three input fields: a line edit, a combo box and
+ a spin box.
+ \snippet layouts/basiclayouts/dialog.cpp 1
+ We also create a big text editor and a dialog button box. The
+ QDialogButtonBox class is a widget that presents buttons in a
+ layout that is appropriate to the current widget style. The
+ preferred buttons can be specified as arguments to the
+ constructor, using the QDialogButtonBox::StandardButtons enum.
+ Note that we don't have to specify a parent for the widgets when
+ we create them. The reason is that all the widgets we create here
+ will be added to a layout, and when we add a widget to a layout,
+ it is automatically reparented to the widget the layout is
+ installed on.
+ \snippet layouts/basiclayouts/dialog.cpp 2
+ The main layout is a QVBoxLayout object. QVBoxLayout is a
+ convenience class for a box layout with vertical orientation.
+ In general, the QBoxLayout class takes the space it gets (from its
+ parent layout or from the parent widget), divides it up into a
+ series of boxes, and makes each managed widget fill one box. If
+ the QBoxLayout's orientation is Qt::Horizontal the boxes are
+ placed in a row. If the orientation is Qt::Vertical, the boxes are
+ placed in a column. The corresponding convenience classes are
+ QHBoxLayout and QVBoxLayout, respectively.
+ \snippet layouts/basiclayouts/dialog.cpp 3
+ When we call the QLayout::setMenuBar() function, the layout places
+ the provided menu bar at the top of the parent widget, and outside
+ the widget's \l {QWidget::contentsRect()}{content margins}. All
+ child widgets are placed below the bottom edge of the menu bar.
+ \snippet layouts/basiclayouts/dialog.cpp 4
+ We use the QBoxLayout::addWidget() function to add the widgets to
+ the end of layout. Each widget will get at least its minimum size
+ and at most its maximum size. It is possible to specify a stretch
+ factor in the \l {QBoxLayout::addWidget()}{addWidget()} function,
+ and any excess space is shared according to these stretch
+ factors. If not specified, a widget's stretch factor is 0.
+ \snippet layouts/basiclayouts/dialog.cpp 5
+ We install the main layout on the \c Dialog widget using the
+ QWidget::setLayout() function, and all of the layout's widgets are
+ automatically reparented to be children of the \c Dialog widget.
+ \snippet layouts/basiclayouts/dialog.cpp 6
+ In the private \c createMenu() function we create a menu bar, and
+ add a pull-down \uicontrol File menu containing an \uicontrol Exit option.
+ \snippet layouts/basiclayouts/dialog.cpp 7
+ When we create the horizontal group box, we use a QHBoxLayout as
+ the internal layout. We create the buttons we want to put in the
+ group box, add them to the layout and install the layout on the
+ group box.
+ \snippet layouts/basiclayouts/dialog.cpp 8
+ In the \c createGridGroupBox() function we use a QGridLayout which
+ lays out widgets in a grid. It takes the space made available to
+ it (by its parent layout or by the parent widget), divides it up
+ into rows and columns, and puts each widget it manages into the
+ correct cell.
+ \snippet layouts/basiclayouts/dialog.cpp 9
+ For each row in the grid we create a label and an associated line
+ edit, and add them to the layout. The QGridLayout::addWidget()
+ function differ from the corresponding function in QBoxLayout: It
+ needs the row and column specifying the grid cell to put the
+ widget in.
+ \snippet layouts/basiclayouts/dialog.cpp 10
+ QGridLayout::addWidget() can in addition take arguments
+ specifying the number of rows and columns the cell will be
+ spanning. In this example, we create a small editor which spans
+ three rows and one column.
+ For both the QBoxLayout::addWidget() and QGridLayout::addWidget()
+ functions it is also possible to add a last argument specifying
+ the widget's alignment. By default it fills the whole cell. But we
+ could, for example, align a widget with the right edge by
+ specifying the alignment to be Qt::AlignRight.
+ \snippet layouts/basiclayouts/dialog.cpp 11
+ Each column in a grid layout has a stretch factor. The stretch
+ factor is set using QGridLayout::setColumnStretch() and determines
+ how much of the available space the column will get over and above
+ its necessary minimum.
+ In this example, we set the stretch factors for columns 1 and 2.
+ The stretch factor is relative to the other columns in this grid;
+ columns with a higher stretch factor take more of the available
+ space. So column 2 in our grid layout will get more of the
+ available space than column 1, and column 0 will not grow at all
+ since its stretch factor is 0 (the default).
+ Columns and rows behave identically; there is an equivalent
+ stretch factor for rows, as well as a QGridLayout::setRowStretch()
+ function.
+ \snippet layouts/basiclayouts/dialog.cpp 12
+ In the \c createFormGroupBox() function, we use a QFormLayout
+ to neatly arrange objects into two columns - name and field.
+ There are three QLabel objects for names with three
+ corresponding input widgets as fields: a QLineEdit, a QComboBox
+ and a QSpinBox. Unlike QBoxLayout::addWidget() and
+ QGridLayout::addWidget(), we use QFormLayout::addRow() to add widgets
+ to the layout.
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+** Copyright (C) 2012 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
+** Contact:
+** This file is part of the documentation of the Qt Toolkit.
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+** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU Free
+** Documentation License version 1.3 as published by the Free Software
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+** this file.
+** Other Usage
+** Alternatively, this file may be used in accordance with the terms
+** and conditions contained in a signed written agreement between you
+** and Nokia.
+ \example itemviews/basicsortfiltermodel
+ \title Basic Sort/Filter Model Example
+ The Basic Sort/Filter Model example illustrates how to use
+ QSortFilterProxyModel to perform basic sorting and filtering.
+ \image basicsortfiltermodel-example.png Screenshot of the Basic Sort/Filter Model Example
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+** this file.
+** Other Usage
+** Alternatively, this file may be used in accordance with the terms
+** and conditions contained in a signed written agreement between you
+** and Nokia.
+ \example effects/blurpicker
+ \title Blur Picker Effect Example
+ \image blurpickereffect-example.png
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+** Copyright (C) 2012 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
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+** this file.
+** Other Usage
+** Alternatively, this file may be used in accordance with the terms
+** and conditions contained in a signed written agreement between you
+** and Nokia.
+ \example layouts/borderlayout
+ \title Border Layout Example
+ The Border Layout example shows how to create a custom layout that arranges
+ child widgets according to a simple set of rules.
+ \image borderlayout-example.png
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+** Copyright (C) 2012 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
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+** this file.
+** Other Usage
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+** and conditions contained in a signed written agreement between you
+** and Nokia.
+ \example graphicsview/boxes
+ \title Boxes
+ This demo shows Qt's ability to combine advanced OpenGL rendering with the
+ the \l{Graphics View Framework}.
+ \image boxes-demo.png
+ Elements in the demo can be controlled using the mouse in the following
+ ways:
+ \list
+ \li Dragging the mouse while pressing the left mouse button rotates the
+ box in the center.
+ \li Dragging the mouse while pressing the right mouse button rotates the
+ satellite boxes.
+ \li Scrolling the mouse wheel zooms in and out of the scene.
+ \endlist
+ The options pane can be used to fine-tune various parameters in the demo,
+ including colors and pixel shaders.
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+** Copyright (C) 2012 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
+** Contact:
+** This file is part of the documentation of the Qt Toolkit.
+** GNU Free Documentation License
+** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU Free
+** Documentation License version 1.3 as published by the Free Software
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+** this file.
+** Other Usage
+** Alternatively, this file may be used in accordance with the terms
+** and conditions contained in a signed written agreement between you
+** and Nokia.
+ \example widgets/calculator
+ \title Calculator Example
+ The example shows how to use signals and slots to implement the
+ functionality of a calculator widget, and how to use QGridLayout
+ to place child widgets in a grid.
+ \image calculator-example.png Screenshot of the Calculator example
+ The example consists of two classes:
+ \list
+ \li \c Calculator is the calculator widget, with all the
+ calculator functionality.
+ \li \c Button is the widget used for each of the calculator
+ button. It derives from QToolButton.
+ \endlist
+ We will start by reviewing \c Calculator, then we will take a
+ look at \c Button.
+ \section1 Calculator Class Definition
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.h 0
+ The \c Calculator class provides a simple calculator widget. It
+ inherits from QDialog and has several private slots associated
+ with the calculator's buttons. QObject::eventFilter() is
+ reimplemented to handle mouse events on the calculator's display.
+ Buttons are grouped in categories according to their behavior.
+ For example, all the digit buttons (labeled \uicontrol 0 to \uicontrol 9)
+ append a digit to the current operand. For these, we connect
+ multiple buttons to the same slot (e.g., \c digitClicked()). The
+ categories are digits, unary operators (\uicontrol{Sqrt}, \uicontrol{x\unicode{178}},
+ \uicontrol{1/x}), additive operators (\uicontrol{+}, \uicontrol{-}), and
+ multiplicative operators (\uicontrol{\unicode{215}}, \uicontrol{\unicode{247}}). The other buttons
+ have their own slots.
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.h 1
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.h 2
+ The private \c createButton() function is used as part of the
+ widget construction. \c abortOperation() is called whenever a
+ division by zero occurs or when a square root operation is
+ applied to a negative number. \c calculate() applies a binary
+ operator (\uicontrol{+}, \uicontrol{-}, \uicontrol{\unicode{215}}, or \uicontrol{\unicode{247}}).
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.h 3
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.h 4
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.h 5
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.h 6
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.h 7
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.h 8
+ These variables, together with the contents of the calculator
+ display (a QLineEdit), encode the state of the calculator:
+ \list
+ \li \c sumInMemory contains the value stored in the calculator's memory
+ (using \uicontrol{MS}, \uicontrol{M+}, or \uicontrol{MC}).
+ \li \c sumSoFar stores the value accumulated so far. When the user
+ clicks \uicontrol{=}, \c sumSoFar is recomputed and shown on the
+ display. \uicontrol{Clear All} resets \c sumSoFar to zero.
+ \li \c factorSoFar stores a temporary value when doing
+ multiplications and divisions.
+ \li \c pendingAdditiveOperator stores the last additive operator
+ clicked by the user.
+ \li \c pendingMultiplicativeOperator stores the last multiplicative operator
+ clicked by the user.
+ \li \c waitingForOperand is \c true when the calculator is
+ expecting the user to start typing an operand.
+ \endlist
+ Additive and multiplicative operators are treated differently
+ because they have different precedences. For example, \uicontrol{1 + 2 \unicode{247}
+ 3} is interpreted as \uicontrol{1 + (2 \unicode{247} 3)} because \uicontrol{\unicode{247}} has higher
+ precedence than \uicontrol{+}.
+ The table below shows the evolution of the calculator state as
+ the user enters a mathematical expression.
+ \table
+ \header \li User Input \li Display \li Sum so Far \li Add. Op. \li Factor so Far \li Mult. Op. \li Waiting for Operand?
+ \row \li \li 0 \li 0 \li \li \li \li \c true
+ \row \li \uicontrol{1} \li 1 \li 0 \li \li \li \li \c false
+ \row \li \uicontrol{1 +} \li 1 \li 1 \li \uicontrol{+} \li \li \li \c true
+ \row \li \uicontrol{1 + 2} \li 2 \li 1 \li \uicontrol{+} \li \li \li \c false
+ \row \li \uicontrol{1 + 2 \unicode{247}} \li 2 \li 1 \li \uicontrol{+} \li 2 \li \uicontrol{\unicode{247}} \li \c true
+ \row \li \uicontrol{1 + 2 \unicode{247} 3} \li 3 \li 1 \li \uicontrol{+} \li 2 \li \uicontrol{\unicode{247}} \li \c false
+ \row \li \uicontrol{1 + 2 \unicode{247} 3 -} \li 1.66667 \li 1.66667 \li \uicontrol{-} \li \li \li \c true
+ \row \li \uicontrol{1 + 2 \unicode{247} 3 - 4} \li 4 \li 1.66667 \li \uicontrol{-} \li \li \li \c false
+ \row \li \uicontrol{1 + 2 \unicode{247} 3 - 4 =} \li -2.33333 \li 0 \li \li \li \li \c true
+ \endtable
+ Unary operators, such as \uicontrol Sqrt, require no special handling;
+ they can be applied immediately since the operand is already
+ known when the operator button is clicked.
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.h 9
+ \codeline
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.h 10
+ Finally, we declare the variables associated with the display and the
+ buttons used to display numerals.
+ \section1 Calculator Class Implementation
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 0
+ In the constructor, we initialize the calculator's state. The \c
+ pendingAdditiveOperator and \c pendingMultiplicativeOperator
+ variables don't need to be initialized explicitly, because the
+ QString constructor initializes them to empty strings.
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 1
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 2
+ We create the QLineEdit representing the calculator's display and
+ set up some of its properties. In particular, we set it to be
+ read-only.
+ We also enlarge \c{display}'s font by 8 points.
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 4
+ For each button, we call the private \c createButton() function with
+ the proper text label and a slot to connect to the button.
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 5
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 6
+ The layout is handled by a single QGridLayout. The
+ QLayout::setSizeConstraint() call ensures that the \c Calculator
+ widget is always shown as its optimal size (its
+ \l{QWidget::sizeHint()}{size hint}), preventing the user from
+ resizing the calculator. The size hint is determined by the size
+ and \l{QWidget::sizePolicy()}{size policy} of the child widgets.
+ Most child widgets occupy only one cell in the grid layout. For
+ these, we only need to pass a row and a column to
+ QGridLayout::addWidget(). The \c display, \c backspaceButton, \c
+ clearButton, and \c clearAllButton widgets occupy more than one
+ column; for these we must also pass a row span and a column
+ span.
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 7
+ Pressing one of the calculator's digit buttons will emit the
+ button's \l{QToolButton::clicked()}{clicked()} signal, which will
+ trigger the \c digitClicked() slot.
+ First, we find out which button sent the signal using
+ QObject::sender(). This function returns the sender as a QObject
+ pointer. Since we know that the sender is a \c Button object, we
+ can safely cast the QObject. We could have used a C-style cast or
+ a C++ \c static_cast<>(), but as a defensive programming
+ technique we use a \l qobject_cast(). The advantage is that if
+ the object has the wrong type, a null pointer is returned.
+ Crashes due to null pointers are much easier to diagnose than
+ crashes due to unsafe casts. Once we have the button, we extract
+ the operator using QToolButton::text().
+ The slot needs to consider two situations in particular. If \c
+ display contains "0" and the user clicks the \uicontrol{0} button, it
+ would be silly to show "00". And if the calculator is in
+ a state where it is waiting for a new operand,
+ the new digit is the first digit of that new operand; in that case,
+ any result of a previous calculation must be cleared first.
+ At the end, we append the new digit to the value in the display.
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 8
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 9
+ The \c unaryOperatorClicked() slot is called whenever one of the
+ unary operator buttons is clicked. Again a pointer to the clicked
+ button is retrieved using QObject::sender(). The operator is
+ extracted from the button's text and stored in \c
+ clickedOperator. The operand is obtained from \c display.
+ Then we perform the operation. If \uicontrol Sqrt is applied to a
+ negative number or \uicontrol{1/x} to zero, we call \c
+ abortOperation(). If everything goes well, we display the result
+ of the operation in the line edit and we set \c waitingForOperand
+ to \c true. This ensures that if the user types a new digit, the
+ digit will be considered as a new operand, instead of being
+ appended to the current value.
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 10
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 11
+ The \c additiveOperatorClicked() slot is called when the user
+ clicks the \uicontrol{+} or \uicontrol{-} button.
+ Before we can actually do something about the clicked operator,
+ we must handle any pending operations. We start with the
+ multiplicative operators, since these have higher precedence than
+ additive operators:
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 12
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 13
+ If \uicontrol{\unicode{215}} or \uicontrol{\unicode{247}} has been clicked earlier, without clicking
+ \uicontrol{=} afterward, the current value in the display is the right
+ operand of the \uicontrol{\unicode{215}} or \uicontrol{\unicode{247}} operator and we can finally
+ perform the operation and update the display.
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 14
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 15
+ If \uicontrol{+} or \uicontrol{-} has been clicked earlier, \c sumSoFar is
+ the left operand and the current value in the display is the
+ right operand of the operator. If there is no pending additive
+ operator, \c sumSoFar is simply set to be the text in the
+ display.
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 16
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 17
+ Finally, we can take care of the operator that was just clicked.
+ Since we don't have the right-hand operand yet, we store the clicked
+ operator in the \c pendingAdditiveOperator variable. We will
+ apply the operation later, when we have a right operand, with \c
+ sumSoFar as the left operand.
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 18
+ The \c multiplicativeOperatorClicked() slot is similar to \c
+ additiveOperatorClicked(). We don't need to worry about pending
+ additive operators here, because multiplicative operators have
+ precedence over additive operators.
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 20
+ Like in \c additiveOperatorClicked(), we start by handing any
+ pending multiplicative and additive operators. Then we display \c
+ sumSoFar and reset the variable to zero. Resetting the variable
+ to zero is necessary to avoid counting the value twice.
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 22
+ The \c pointClicked() slot adds a decimal point to the content in
+ \c display.
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 24
+ The \c changeSignClicked() slot changes the sign of the value in
+ \c display. If the current value is positive, we prepend a minus
+ sign; if the current value is negative, we remove the first
+ character from the value (the minus sign).
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 26
+ The \c backspaceClicked() removes the rightmost character in the
+ display. If we get an empty string, we show "0" and set \c
+ waitingForOperand to \c true.
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 28
+ The \c clear() slot resets the current operand to zero. It is
+ equivalent to clicking \uicontrol Backspace enough times to erase the
+ entire operand.
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 30
+ The \c clearAll() slot resets the calculator to its initial state.
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 32
+ The \c clearMemory() slot erases the sum kept in memory, \c
+ readMemory() displays the sum as an operand, \c setMemory()
+ replace the sum in memory with the current sum, and \c
+ addToMemory() adds the current value to the value in memory. For
+ \c setMemory() and \c addToMemory(), we start by calling \c
+ equalClicked() to update \c sumSoFar and the value in the
+ display.
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 34
+ The private \c createButton() function is called from the
+ constructor to create calculator buttons.
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 36
+ The private \c abortOperation() function is called whenever a
+ calculation fails. It resets the calculator state and displays
+ "####".
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/calculator.cpp 38
+ The private \c calculate() function performs a binary operation.
+ The right operand is given by \c rightOperand. For additive
+ operators, the left operand is \c sumSoFar; for multiplicative
+ operators, the left operand is \c factorSoFar. The function
+ return \c false if a division by zero occurs.
+ \section1 Button Class Definition
+ Let's now take a look at the \c Button class:
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/button.h 0
+ The \c Button class has a convenience constructor that takes a
+ text label and a parent widget, and it reimplements QWidget::sizeHint()
+ to provide more space around the text than the amount QToolButton
+ normally provides.
+ \section1 Button Class Implementation
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/button.cpp 0
+ The buttons' appearance is determined by the layout of the
+ calculator widget through the size and
+ \l{QWidget::sizePolicy}{size policy} of the layout's child
+ widgets. The call to the
+ \l{QWidget::setSizePolicy()}{setSizePolicy()} function in the
+ constructor ensures that the button will expand horizontally to
+ fill all the available space; by default, \l{QToolButton}s don't
+ expand to fill available space. Without this call, the different
+ buttons in a same column would have different widths.
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/button.cpp 1
+ \snippet widgets/calculator/button.cpp 2
+ In \l{QWidget::sizeHint()}{sizeHint()}, we try to return a size
+ that looks good for most buttons. We reuse the size hint of the
+ base class (QToolButton) but modify it in the following ways:
+ \list
+ \li We add 20 to the \l{QSize::height()}{height} component of the size hint.
+ \li We make the \l{QSize::width()}{width} component of the size
+ hint at least as much as the \l{QSize::width()}{height}.
+ \endlist
+ This ensures that with most fonts, the digit and operator buttons
+ will be square, without truncating the text on the
+ \uicontrol{Backspace}, \uicontrol{Clear}, and \uicontrol{Clear All} buttons.
+ The screenshot below shows how the \c Calculator widget would
+ look like if we \e didn't set the horizontal size policy to
+ QSizePolicy::Expanding in the constructor and if we didn't
+ reimplement QWidget::sizeHint().
+ \image calculator-ugly.png The Calculator example with default size policies and size hints
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+++ b/examples/widgets/doc/calendar.qdoc
@@ -0,0 +1,223 @@
+** Copyright (C) 2012 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
+** Contact:
+** This file is part of the documentation of the Qt Toolkit.
+** GNU Free Documentation License
+** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU Free
+** Documentation License version 1.3 as published by the Free Software
+** Foundation and appearing in the file included in the packaging of
+** this file.
+** Other Usage
+** Alternatively, this file may be used in accordance with the terms
+** and conditions contained in a signed written agreement between you
+** and Nokia.
+ \example richtext/calendar
+ \title Calendar Example
+ The Calendar example shows how to create rich text content and display it using
+ a rich text editor.
+ \image calendar-example.png
+ Specifically, the example demonstrates the following:
+ \list
+ \li Use of a text editor with a text document
+ \li Insertion of tables and frames into a document
+ \li Navigation within a table
+ \li Insert text in different styles
+ \endlist
+ The rich text editor used to display the document is used within a main window
+ application.
+ \section1 MainWindow Class Definition
+ The \c MainWindow class provides a text editor widget and some controls to
+ allow the user to change the month and year shown. The font size used for the
+ text can also be adjusted.
+ \snippet richtext/calendar/mainwindow.h 0
+ The private \c insertCalendar() function performs most of the work, relying on
+ the \c fontSize and \c selectedDate variables to write useful information to
+ the \c editor.
+ \section1 MainWindow Class Implementation
+ The \c MainWindow constructor sets up the user interface and initializes
+ variables used to generate a calendar for each month.
+ \snippet richtext/calendar/mainwindow.cpp 0
+ We begin by setting default values for the selected date that will be highlighted
+ in the calendar and the font size to be used. Since we are using a QMainWindow
+ for the user interface, we construct a widget for use as the central widget.
+ The user interface will include a line of controls above the generated calendar;
+ we construct a label and a combobox to allow the month to be selected, and a
+ spin box for the year. These widgets are configured to provide a reasonable range
+ of values for the user to try:
+ \snippet richtext/calendar/mainwindow.cpp 1
+ We use the \c selectedDate object to obtain the current month and year, and we
+ set these in the combobox and spin box:
+ The font size is displayed in a spin box which we restrict to a sensible range
+ of values:
+ \snippet richtext/calendar/mainwindow.cpp 2
+ We construct an editor and use the \c insertCalendar() function to create
+ a calendar for it. Each calendar is displayed in the same text editor; in
+ this example we use a QTextBrowser since we do not allow the calendar to be
+ edited.
+ The controls used to set the month, year, and font size will not have any
+ effect on the appearance of the calendar unless we make some signal-slot
+ connections:
+ \snippet richtext/calendar/mainwindow.cpp 3
+ The signals are connected to some simple slots in the \c MainWindow class
+ which we will describe later.
+ We create layouts to manage the widgets we constructed:
+ \snippet richtext/calendar/mainwindow.cpp 4
+ Finally, the central widget is set for the window.
+ Each calendar is created for the editor by the \c insertCalendar() function
+ which uses the date and font size, defined by the private \a selectedDate
+ and \c fontSize variables, to produce a suitable plan for the specified
+ month and year.
+ \snippet richtext/calendar/mainwindow.cpp 5
+ We begin by clearing the editor's rich text document, and obtain a text
+ cursor from the editor that we will use to add content. We also create a
+ QDate object based on the currently selected date.
+ The calendar is made up of a table with a gray background color that contains
+ seven columns: one for each day of the week. It is placed in the center of the
+ page with equal space to the left and right of it. All of these properties are
+ set in a QTextTableFormat object:
+ \snippet richtext/calendar/mainwindow.cpp 6
+ Each cell in the table will be padded and spaced to make the text easier to
+ read.
+ We want the columns to have equal widths, so we provide a vector containing
+ percentage widths for each of them and set the constraints in the
+ QTextTableFormat:
+ \snippet richtext/calendar/mainwindow.cpp 7
+ The constraints used for the column widths are only useful if the table has
+ an appropriate number of columns. With the format for the table defined, we
+ construct a new table with one row and seven columns at the current cursor
+ position:
+ \snippet richtext/calendar/mainwindow.cpp 8
+ We only need one row to start with; more can be added as we need them. Using
+ this approach means that we do not need to perform any date calculations
+ until we add cells to the table.
+ When inserting objects into a document with the cursor's insertion functions,
+ the cursor is automatically moved inside the newly inserted object. This means
+ that we can immediately start modifying the table from within:
+ \snippet richtext/calendar/mainwindow.cpp 9
+ Since the table has an outer frame, we obtain the frame and its format so that
+ we can customize it. After making the changes we want, we set the frame's format
+ using the modified format object. We have given the table an outer border one
+ pixel wide.
+ \snippet richtext/calendar/mainwindow.cpp 10
+ In a similar way, we obtain the cursor's current character format and
+ create customized formats based on it.
+ We do not set the format on the cursor because this would change the default
+ character format; instead, we use the customized formats explicitly when we
+ insert text. The following loop inserts the days of the week into the table
+ as bold text:
+ \snippet richtext/calendar/mainwindow.cpp 11
+ For each day of the week, we obtain an existing table cell in the first row
+ (row 0) using the table's \l{QTextTable::cellAt()}{cellAt()} function. Since
+ we start counting the days of the week at day 1 (Monday), we subtract 1 from
+ \c weekDay to ensure that we obtain the cell for the correct column of the
+ table.
+ Before text can be inserted into a cell, we must obtain a cursor with the
+ correct position in the document. The cell provides a function for this
+ purpose, and we use this cursor to insert text using the \c boldFormat
+ character format that we created earlier:
+ \snippet richtext/calendar/mainwindow.cpp 12
+ Inserting text into document objects usually follows the same pattern.
+ Each object can provide a new cursor that corresponds to the first valid
+ position within itself, and this can be used to insert new content. We
+ continue to use this pattern as we insert the days of the month into the
+ table.
+ Since every month has more than seven days, we insert a single row to begin
+ and add days until we reach the end of the month. If the current date is
+ encountered, it is inserted with a special format (created earlier) that
+ makes it stand out:
+ \snippet richtext/calendar/mainwindow.cpp 13
+ We add a new row to the table at the end of each week only if the next week
+ falls within the currently selected month.
+ For each calendar that we create, we change the window title to reflect the
+ currently selected month and year:
+ \snippet richtext/calendar/mainwindow.cpp 14
+ The \c insertCalendar() function relies on up-to-date values for the month,
+ year, and font size. These are set in the following slots:
+ \snippet richtext/calendar/mainwindow.cpp 15
+ The \c setFontSize() function simply changes the private \c fontSize variable
+ before updating the calendar.
+ \snippet richtext/calendar/mainwindow.cpp 16
+ The \c setMonth slot is called when the QComboBox used to select the month is
+ updated. The value supplied is the currently selected row in the combobox.
+ We add 1 to this value to obtain a valid month number, and create a new QDate
+ based on the existing one. The calendar is then updated to use this new date.
+ \snippet richtext/calendar/mainwindow.cpp 17
+ The \c setYear() slot is called when the QDateTimeEdit used to select the
+ year is updated. The value supplied is a QDate object; this makes
+ the construction of a new value for \c selectedDate simple. We update the
+ calendar afterwards to use this new date.
diff --git a/examples/widgets/doc/calendarwidget.qdoc b/examples/widgets/doc/calendarwidget.qdoc
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+++ b/examples/widgets/doc/calendarwidget.qdoc
@@ -0,0 +1,291 @@
+** Copyright (C) 2012 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
+** Contact:
+** This file is part of the documentation of the Qt Toolkit.
+** GNU Free Documentation License
+** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU Free
+** Documentation License version 1.3 as published by the Free Software
+** Foundation and appearing in the file included in the packaging of
+** this file.
+** Other Usage
+** Alternatively, this file may be used in accordance with the terms
+** and conditions contained in a signed written agreement between you
+** and Nokia.
+ \title Calendar Widget Example
+ \example widgets/calendarwidget
+ The Calendar Widget example shows use of \c QCalendarWidget.
+ \image calendarwidgetexample.png
+ QCalendarWidget displays one calendar month
+ at a time and lets the user select a date.
+ The calendar consists of four components: a navigation
+ bar that lets the user change the month that is
+ displayed, a grid where each cell represents one day
+ in the month, and two headers that display weekday names
+ and week numbers.
+ The Calendar Widget example displays a QCalendarWidget and lets the user
+ configure its appearance and behavior using
+ \l{QComboBox}es, \l{QCheckBox}es, and \l{QDateEdit}s. In
+ addition, the user can influence the formatting of individual dates
+ and headers.
+ The properties of the QCalendarWidget are summarized in the table
+ below.
+ \table
+ \header \li Property
+ \li Description
+ \row \li \l{QCalendarWidget::}{selectedDate}
+ \li The currently selected date.
+ \row \li \l{QCalendarWidget::}{minimumDate}
+ \li The earliest date that can be selected.
+ \row \li \l{QCalendarWidget::}{maximumDate}
+ \li The latest date that can be selected.
+ \row \li \l{QCalendarWidget::}{firstDayOfWeek}
+ \li The day that is displayed as the first day of the week
+ (usually Sunday or Monday).
+ \row \li \l{QCalendarWidget::}{gridVisible}
+ \li Whether the grid should be shown.
+ \row \li \l{QCalendarWidget::}{selectionMode}
+ \li Whether the user can select a date or not.
+ \row \li \l{QCalendarWidget::}{horizontalHeaderFormat}
+ \li The format of the day names in the horizontal header
+ (e.g., "M", "Mon", or "Monday").
+ \row \li \l{QCalendarWidget::}{verticalHeaderFormat}
+ \li The format of the vertical header.
+ \row \li \l{QCalendarWidget::}{navigationBarVisible}
+ \li Whether the navigation bar at the top of the calendar
+ widget is shown.
+ \endtable
+ The example consists of one class, \c Window, which creates and
+ lays out the QCalendarWidget and the other widgets that let the
+ user configure the QCalendarWidget.
+ \section1 Window Class Definition
+ Here is the definition of the \c Window class:
+ \snippet widgets/calendarwidget/window.h 0
+ \dots
+ \snippet widgets/calendarwidget/window.h 1
+ As is often the case with classes that represent self-contained
+ windows, most of the API is private. We will review the private
+ members as we stumble upon them in the implementation.
+ \section1 Window Class Implementation
+ Let's now review the class implementation, starting with the constructor:
+ \snippet widgets/calendarwidget/window.cpp 0
+ We start by creating the four \l{QGroupBox}es and their child
+ widgets (including the QCalendarWidget) using four private \c
+ create...GroupBox() functions, described below. Then we arrange
+ the group boxes in a QGridLayout.
+ We set the grid layout's resize policy to QLayout::SetFixedSize to
+ prevent the user from resizing the window. In that mode, the
+ window's size is set automatically by QGridLayout based on the
+ size hints of its contents widgets.
+ To ensure that the window isn't automatically resized every time
+ we change a property of the QCalendarWidget (e.g., hiding the
+ navigation bar, trhe vertical header, or the grid), we set the
+ minimum height of row 0 and the minimum width of column 0 to the
+ initial size of the QCalendarWidget.
+ Let's move on to the \c createPreviewGroupBox() function:
+ \snippet widgets/calendarwidget/window.cpp 9
+ The \uicontrol Preview group box contains only one widget: the
+ QCalendarWidget. We set it up, connect its
+ \l{QCalendarWidget::}{currentPageChanged()} signal to our \c
+ reformatCalendarPage() slot to make sure that every new page gets
+ the formatting specified by the user.
+ The \c createGeneralOptionsGroupBox() function is somewhat large
+ and several widgets are set up the same way; we look at parts of
+ its implementation here and skip the rest:
+ \snippet widgets/calendarwidget/window.cpp 10
+ \dots
+ We start with the setup of the \uicontrol{Week starts on} combobox.
+ This combobox controls which day should be displayed as the first
+ day of the week.
+ The QComboBox class lets us attach user data as a QVariant to
+ each item. The data can later be retrieved with QComboBox's
+ \l{QComboBox::}{itemData()} function. QVariant doesn't directly
+ support the Qt::DayOfWeek data type, but it supports \c int, and
+ C++ will happily convert any enum value to \c int.
+ \dots
+ \snippet widgets/calendarwidget/window.cpp 11
+ \dots
+ After creating the widgets, we connect the signals and slots. We
+ connect the comboboxes to private slots of \c Window or to
+ public slots provided by QComboBox.
+ \dots
+ \snippet widgets/calendarwidget/window.cpp 12
+ At the end of the function, we call the slots that update the calendar to ensure
+ that the QCalendarWidget is synchronized with the other widgets on startup.
+ Let's now take a look at the \c createDatesGroupBox() private function:
+ \snippet widgets/calendarwidget/window.cpp 13
+ In this function, we create the \uicontrol {Minimum Date}, \uicontrol {Maximum Date},
+ and \uicontrol {Current Date} editor widgets,
+ which control the calendar's minimum, maximum, and selected dates.
+ The calendar's minimum and maximum dates have already been
+ set in \c createPrivewGroupBox(); we can then set the widgets
+ default values to the calendars values.
+ \snippet widgets/calendarwidget/window.cpp 14
+ \dots
+ \snippet widgets/calendarwidget/window.cpp 15
+ We connect the \c currentDateEdit's
+ \l{QDateEdit::}{dateChanged()} signal directly to the calendar's
+ \l{QCalendarWidget::}{setSelectedDate()} slot. When the calendar's
+ selected date changes, either as a result of a user action or
+ programmatically, our \c selectedDateChanged() slot updates
+ the \uicontrol {Current Date} editor. We also need to react when the user
+ changes the \uicontrol{Minimum Date} and \uicontrol{Maximum Date} editors.
+ Here is the \c createTextFormatsGroup() function:
+ \snippet widgets/calendarwidget/window.cpp 16
+ We set up the \uicontrol {Weekday Color} and \uicontrol {Weekend Color} comboboxes
+ using \c createColorCombo(), which instantiates a QComboBox and
+ populates it with colors ("Red", "Blue", etc.).
+ \snippet widgets/calendarwidget/window.cpp 17
+ The \uicontrol {Header Text Format} combobox lets the user change the
+ text format (bold, italic, or plain) used for horizontal and
+ vertical headers. The \uicontrol {First Friday in blue} and \uicontrol {May 1
+ in red} check box affect the rendering of specific dates.
+ \snippet widgets/calendarwidget/window.cpp 18
+ We connect the check boxes and comboboxes to various private
+ slots. The \uicontrol {First Friday in blue} and \uicontrol {May 1 in red}
+ check boxes are both connected to \c reformatCalendarPage(),
+ which is also called when the calendar switches month.
+ \dots
+ \snippet widgets/calendarwidget/window.cpp 19
+ At the end of \c createTextFormatsGroupBox(), we call private
+ slots to synchronize the QCalendarWidget with the other widgets.
+ We're now done reviewing the four \c create...GroupBox()
+ functions. Let's now take a look at the other private functions
+ and slots.
+ \snippet widgets/calendarwidget/window.cpp 20
+ In \c createColorCombo(), we create a combobox and populate it with
+ standard colors. The second argument to QComboBox::addItem()
+ is a QVariant storing user data (in this case, QColor objects).
+ This function was used to set up the \uicontrol {Weekday Color}
+ and \uicontrol {Weekend Color} comboboxes.
+ \snippet widgets/calendarwidget/window.cpp 1
+ When the user changes the \uicontrol {Week starts on} combobox's
+ value, \c firstDayChanged() is invoked with the index of the
+ combobox's new value. We retrieve the custom data item
+ associated with the new current item using
+ \l{QComboBox::}{itemData()} and cast it to a Qt::DayOfWeek.
+ \c selectionModeChanged(), \c horizontalHeaderChanged(), and \c
+ verticalHeaderChanged() are very similar to \c firstDayChanged(),
+ so they are omitted.
+ \snippet widgets/calendarwidget/window.cpp 2
+ The \c selectedDateChanged() updates the \uicontrol{Current Date}
+ editor to reflect the current state of the QCalendarWidget.
+ \snippet widgets/calendarwidget/window.cpp 3
+ When the user changes the minimum date, we tell the
+ QCalenderWidget. We also update the \uicontrol {Maximum Date} editor,
+ because if the new minimum date is later than the current maximum
+ date, QCalendarWidget will automatically adapt its maximum date
+ to avoid a contradicting state.
+ \snippet widgets/calendarwidget/window.cpp 4
+ \c maximumDateChanged() is implemented similarly to \c
+ minimumDateChanged().
+ \snippet widgets/calendarwidget/window.cpp 5
+ Each combobox item has a QColor object as user data corresponding to the
+ item's text. After fetching the colors from the comboboxes, we
+ set the text format of each day of the week.
+ The text format of a column in the calendar is given as a
+ QTextCharFormat, which besides the foreground color lets us
+ specify various character formatting information. In this
+ example, we only show a subset of the possibilities.
+ \snippet widgets/calendarwidget/window.cpp 6
+ \c weekendFormatChanged() is the same as \c
+ weekdayFormatChanged(), except that it affects Saturday and
+ Sunday instead of Monday to Friday.
+ \snippet widgets/calendarwidget/window.cpp 7
+ The \c reformatHeaders() slot is called when the user
+ changes the text format of
+ the headers. We compare the current text of the \uicontrol {Header Text Format}
+ combobox to determine which format to apply. (An alternative would
+ have been to store \l{QTextCharFormat} values alongside the combobox
+ items.)
+ \snippet widgets/calendarwidget/window.cpp 8
+ In \c reformatCalendarPage(), we set the text format of the first
+ Friday in the month and May 1 in the current year. The text
+ formats that are actually used depend on which check boxes are
+ checked.
+ QCalendarWidget lets us set the text format of individual dates
+ with the \l{QCalendarWidget::}{setDateTextFormat()}. We chose to
+ set the dates when the calendar page changes, i.e., a new month is
+ displayed. We check which of the \c mayFirstCheckBox and \c
+ firstDayCheckBox, if any, are checked
+ and set the text formats accordingly.
diff --git a/examples/widgets/doc/charactermap.qdoc b/examples/widgets/doc/charactermap.qdoc
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--- /dev/null
+++ b/examples/widgets/doc/charactermap.qdoc
@@ -0,0 +1,274 @@
+** Copyright (C) 2012 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
+** Contact:
+** This file is part of the documentation of the Qt Toolkit.
+** GNU Free Documentation License
+** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU Free
+** Documentation License version 1.3 as published by the Free Software
+** Foundation and appearing in the file included in the packaging of
+** this file.
+** Other Usage
+** Alternatively, this file may be used in accordance with the terms
+** and conditions contained in a signed written agreement between you
+** and Nokia.
+\example widgets/charactermap
+\title Character Map Example
+The Character Map example shows how to create a custom widget that can
+both display its own content and respond to user input.
+The example displays an array of characters which the user can click on
+to enter text in a line edit. The contents of the line edit can then be
+copied into the clipboard, and pasted into other applications. The
+purpose behind this sort of tool is to allow users to enter characters
+that may be unavailable or difficult to locate on their keyboards.
+\image charactermap-example.png Screenshot of the Character Map example
+The example consists of the following classes:
+\li \c CharacterWidget displays the available characters in the current
+ font and style.
+\li \c MainWindow provides a standard main window that contains font and
+ style information, a view onto the characters, a line edit, and a push
+ button for submitting text to the clipboard.
+\section1 CharacterWidget Class Definition
+The \c CharacterWidget class is used to display an array of characters in
+a user-specified font and style. For flexibility, we subclass QWidget and
+reimplement only the functions that we need to provide basic rendering
+and interaction features.
+The class definition looks like this:
+\snippet widgets/charactermap/characterwidget.h 0
+The widget does not contain any other widgets, so it must provide its own
+size hint to allow its contents to be displayed correctly.
+We reimplement \l{QWidget::paintEvent()} to draw custom content. We also
+reimplement \l{QWidget::mousePressEvent()} to allow the user to interact
+with the widget.
+The updateFont() and updateStyle() slots are used to update the font and
+style of the characters in the widget whenever the user changes the
+settings in the application.
+The class defines the characterSelected() signal so that other parts
+of the application are informed whenever the user selects a character in
+the widget.
+As a courtesy, the widget provides a tooltip that shows the current
+character value. We reimplement the \l{QWidget::mouseMoveEvent()} event
+handler and define showToolTip() to enable this feature.
+The \c columns, \c displayFont and \c currentKey private data members
+are used to record the number of columns to be shown, the current font,
+and the currently highlighted character in the widget.
+\section1 CharacterWidget Class Implementation
+Since the widget is to be used as a simple canvas, the constructor just
+calls the base class constructor and defines some default values for
+private data members.
+\snippet widgets/charactermap/characterwidget.cpp 0
+We initialize \c currentKey with a value of -1 to indicate
+that no character is initially selected. We enable mouse tracking to
+allow us to follow the movement of the cursor across the widget.
+The class provides two functions to allow the font and style to be set up.
+Each of these modify the widget's display font and call update():
+\snippet widgets/charactermap/characterwidget.cpp 1
+\snippet widgets/charactermap/characterwidget.cpp 2
+We use a fixed size font for the display. Similarly, a fixed size hint is
+provided by the sizeHint() function:
+\snippet widgets/charactermap/characterwidget.cpp 3
+Three standard event functions are implemented so that the widget
+can respond to clicks, provide tooltips, and render the available
+characters. The paintEvent() shows how the contents of the widget are
+arranged and displayed:
+\snippet widgets/charactermap/characterwidget.cpp 6
+A QPainter is created for the widget and, in all cases, we ensure that the
+widget's background is painted. The painter's font is set to the
+user-specified display font.
+The area of the widget that needs to be redrawn is used to determine which
+characters need to be displayed:
+\snippet widgets/charactermap/characterwidget.cpp 7
+Using integer division, we obtain the row and column numbers of each
+characters that should be displayed, and we draw a square on the widget
+for each character displayed.
+\snippet widgets/charactermap/characterwidget.cpp 8
+\snippet widgets/charactermap/characterwidget.cpp 9
+The symbols for each character in the array are drawn within each square,
+with the symbol for the most recently selected character displayed in red:
+\snippet widgets/charactermap/characterwidget.cpp 10
+We do not need to take into account the difference between the area
+displayed in the viewport and the area we are drawing on because
+everything outside the visible area will be clipped.
+The mousePressEvent() defines how the widget responds to mouse clicks.
+\snippet widgets/charactermap/characterwidget.cpp 5
+We are only interested when the user clicks with the left mouse button
+over the widget. When this happens, we calculate which character was
+selected and emit the characterSelected() signal.
+The character's number is found by dividing the x and y-coordinates of
+the click by the size of each character's grid square. Since the number
+of columns in the widget is defined by the \c columns variable, we
+simply multiply the row index by that value and add the column number
+to obtain the character number.
+If any other mouse button is pressed, the event is passed on to the
+QWidget base class. This ensures that the event can be handled properly
+by any other interested widgets.
+The mouseMoveEvent() maps the mouse cursor's position in global
+coordinates to widget coordinates, and determines the character that
+was clicked by performing the calculation
+\snippet widgets/charactermap/characterwidget.cpp 4
+The tooltip is given a position defined in global coordinates.
+\section1 MainWindow Class Definition
+The \c MainWindow class provides a minimal user interface for the example,
+with only a constructor, slots that respond to signals emitted by standard
+widgets, and some convenience functions that are used to set up the user
+The class definition looks like this:
+\snippet widgets/charactermap/mainwindow.h 0
+The main window contains various widgets that are used to control how
+the characters will be displayed, and defines the findFonts() function
+for clarity and convenience. The findStyles() slot is used by the widgets
+to determine the styles that are available, insertCharacter() inserts
+a user-selected character into the window's line edit, and
+updateClipboard() synchronizes the clipboard with the contents of the
+line edit.
+\section1 MainWindow Class Implementation
+In the constructor, we set up the window's central widget and fill it with
+some standard widgets (two comboboxes, a line edit, and a push button).
+We also construct a CharacterWidget custom widget, and add a QScrollArea
+so that we can view its contents:
+\snippet widgets/charactermap/mainwindow.cpp 0
+QScrollArea provides a viewport onto the \c CharacterWidget when we set
+its widget and handles much of the work needed to provide a scrolling
+The font combo box is automatically popuplated with a list of available
+fonts. We list the available styles for the current font in the style
+combobox using the following function:
+\snippet widgets/charactermap/mainwindow.cpp 1
+The line edit and push button are used to supply text to the clipboard:
+\snippet widgets/charactermap/mainwindow.cpp 2
+We also obtain a clipboard object so that we can send text entered by the
+user to other applications.
+Most of the signals emitted in the example come from standard widgets.
+We connect these signals to slots in this class, and to the slots provided
+by other widgets.
+\snippet widgets/charactermap/mainwindow.cpp 4
+The font combobox's
+\l{QFontComboBox::currentFontChanged()}{currentFontChanged()} signal is
+connected to the findStyles() function so that the list of available styles
+can be shown for each font that is used. Since both the font and the style
+can be changed by the user, the font combobox's currentFontChanged() signal
+and the style combobox's
+\l{QComboBox::currentIndexChanged()}{currentIndexChanged()} are connected
+directly to the character widget.
+The final two connections allow characters to be selected in the character
+widget, and text to be inserted into the clipboard:
+\snippet widgets/charactermap/mainwindow.cpp 5
+The character widget emits the characterSelected() custom signal when
+the user clicks on a character, and this is handled by the insertCharacter()
+function in this class. The clipboard is changed when the push button emits
+the clicked() signal, and we handle this with the updateClipboard() function.
+The remaining code in the constructor sets up the layout of the central widget,
+and provides a window title:
+\snippet widgets/charactermap/mainwindow.cpp 6
+The font combobox is automatically populated with a list of available font
+families. The styles that can be used with each font are found by the
+findStyles() function. This function is called whenever the user selects a
+different font in the font combobox.
+\snippet widgets/charactermap/mainwindow.cpp 7
+We begin by recording the currently selected style, and we clear the
+style combobox so that we can insert the styles associated with the
+current font family.
+\snippet widgets/charactermap/mainwindow.cpp 8
+We use the font database to collect the styles that are available for the
+current font, and insert them into the style combobox. The current item is
+reset if the original style is not available for this font.
+The last two functions are slots that respond to signals from the character
+widget and the main window's push button. The insertCharacter() function is
+used to insert characters from the character widget when the user clicks a
+\snippet widgets/charactermap/mainwindow.cpp 9
+The character is inserted into the line edit at the current cursor position.
+The main window's "To clipboard" push button is connected to the
+updateClipboard() function so that, when it is clicked, the clipboard is
+updated to contain the contents of the line edit:
+\snippet widgets/charactermap/mainwindow.cpp 10
+We copy all the text from the line edit to the clipboard, but we do not clear
+the line edit.
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@@ -0,0 +1,82 @@
+** Copyright (C) 2012 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
+** Contact:
+** This file is part of the documentation of the Qt Toolkit.
+** GNU Free Documentation License
+** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU Free
+** Documentation License version 1.3 as published by the Free Software
+** Foundation and appearing in the file included in the packaging of
+** this file.
+** Other Usage
+** Alternatively, this file may be used in accordance with the terms
+** and conditions contained in a signed written agreement between you
+** and Nokia.
+ \example itemviews/chart
+ \title Chart Example
+ The Chart example shows how to create a custom view for the model/view framework.
+ \image chart-example.png
+ In this example, the items in a table model are represented as slices in a pie chart,
+ relying on the flexibility of the model/view architecture to handle custom editing
+ and selection features.
+ \b{Note that you only need to create a new view class if your data requires a
+ specialized representation.} You should first consider using a standard QListView,
+ QTableView, or QTreeView with a custom QItemDelegate subclass if you need to
+ represent data in a special way.
+ \omit
+ \section1 PieView Class Definition
+ The \c PieView class is a subclass of QAbstractItemView. The base class provides
+ much of the functionality required by view classes, so we only need to provide
+ implementations for three public functions: visualRect(), scrollTo(), and
+ indexAt(). However, the view needs to maintain strict control over its look and
+ feel, so we also provide implementations for a number of other functions:
+ \snippet itemviews/chart/pieview.h 0
+ \section1 PieView Class Implementation
+ The paint event renders the data from the standard item model as a pie chart.
+ We interpret the data in the following way:
+ \list
+ \li Column 0 contains data in two different roles:
+ The \l{Qt::ItemDataRole}{DisplayRole} contains a label, and the
+ \l{Qt::ItemDataRole}{DecorationRole} contains the color of the pie slice.
+ \li Column 1 contains a quantity which we will convert to the angular extent of
+ the slice.
+ \endlist
+ The figure is always drawn with the chart on the left and the key on
+ the right. This means that we must try and obtain an area that is wider
+ than it is tall. We do this by imposing a particular aspect ratio on
+ the chart and applying it to the available vertical space. This ensures
+ that we always obtain the maximum horizontal space for the aspect ratio
+ used.
+ We also apply fixed size margin around the figure.
+ We use logical coordinates to draw the chart and key, and position them
+ on the view using viewports.
+ \endomit
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+** Copyright (C) 2012 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
+** Contact:
+** This file is part of the documentation of the Qt Toolkit.
+** GNU Free Documentation License
+** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU Free
+** Documentation License version 1.3 as published by the Free Software
+** Foundation and appearing in the file included in the packaging of
+** this file.
+** Other Usage
+** Alternatively, this file may be used in accordance with the terms
+** and conditions contained in a signed written agreement between you
+** and Nokia.
+ \example graphicsview/chip
+ \title 40000 Chips
+ This demo shows how to visualize a huge scene with 40000 chip items
+ using Graphics View. It also shows Graphics View's powerful navigation
+ and interaction features, allowing you to zoom and rotate each of four
+ views independently, and you can select and move items around the scene.
+ \image chip-demo.png
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@@ -0,0 +1,190 @@
+** Copyright (C) 2012 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
+** Contact:
+** This file is part of the documentation of the Qt Toolkit.
+** GNU Free Documentation License
+** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU Free
+** Documentation License version 1.3 as published by the Free Software
+** Foundation and appearing in the file included in the packaging of
+** this file.
+** Other Usage
+** Alternatively, this file may be used in accordance with the terms
+** and conditions contained in a signed written agreement between you
+** and Nokia.
+ \example dialogs/classwizard
+ \title Class Wizard Example
+ The License Wizard example shows how to implement linear
+ wizards using QWizard.
+ \image classwizard.png Screenshot of the Class Wizard example
+ Most wizards have a linear structure, with page 1 followed by
+ page 2 and so on until the last page. Some wizards are more
+ complex in that they allow different traversal paths based on the
+ information provided by the user. The
+ \l{dialogs/licensewizard}{License Wizard} example shows how to
+ create such wizards.
+ The Class Wizard example consists of the following classes:
+ \list
+ \li \c ClassWizard inherits QWizard and provides a
+ three-step wizard that generates the skeleton of a C++ class
+ based on the user's input.
+ \li \c IntroPage, \c ClassInfoPage, \c CodeStylePage, \c
+ OutputFilesPage, and \c ConclusionPage are QWizardPage
+ subclasses that implement the wizard pages.
+ \endlist
+ \section1 ClassWizard Class Definition
+ \image classwizard-flow.png The Class Wizard pages
+ We will see how to subclass QWizard to implement our own wizard.
+ The concrete wizard class is called \c ClassWizard and provides
+ five pages:
+ \list
+ \li The first page is an introduction page, telling the user what
+ the wizard is going to do.
+ \li The second page asks for a class name and a base class, and
+ allows the user to specify whether the class should have a \c
+ Q_OBJECT macro and what constructors it should provide.
+ \li The third page allows the user to set some options related to the code
+ style, such as the macro used to protect the header file from
+ multiple inclusion (e.g., \c MYDIALOG_H).
+ \li The fourth page allows the user to specify the names of the
+ output files.
+ \li The fifth page is a conclusion page.
+ \endlist
+ Although the program is just an example, if you press \uicontrol Finish
+ (\uicontrol Done on Mac OS X), actual C++ source files will actually be
+ generated.
+ \section1 The ClassWizard Class
+ Here's the \c ClassWizard definition:
+ \snippet dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.h 0
+ The class reimplements QDialog's \l{QDialog::}{accept()} slot.
+ This slot is called when the user clicks \uicontrol{Finish}.
+ Here's the constructor:
+ \snippet dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.cpp 1
+ We instantiate the five pages and insert them into the wizard
+ using QWizard::addPage(). The order in which they are inserted
+ is also the order in which they will be shown later on.
+ We call QWizard::setPixmap() to set the banner and the
+ background pixmaps for all pages. The banner is used as a
+ background for the page header when the wizard's style is
+ \l{QWizard::}{ModernStyle}; the background is used as the
+ dialog's background in \l{QWizard::}{MacStyle}. (See \l{Elements
+ of a Wizard Page} for more information.)
+ \snippet dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.cpp 3
+ \snippet dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.cpp 4
+ \dots
+ \snippet dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.cpp 5
+ \snippet dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.cpp 6
+ If the user clicks \uicontrol Finish, we extract the information from
+ the various pages using QWizard::field() and generate the files.
+ The code is long and tedious (and has barely anything to do with
+ noble art of designing wizards), so most of it is skipped here.
+ See the actual example in the Qt distribution for the details if
+ you're curious.
+ \section1 The IntroPage Class
+ The pages are defined in \c classwizard.h and implemented in \c
+ classwizard.cpp, together with \c ClassWizard. We will start with
+ the easiest page:
+ \snippet dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.h 1
+ \codeline
+ \snippet dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.cpp 7
+ A page inherits from QWizardPage. We set a
+ \l{QWizardPage::}{title} and a
+ \l{QWizard::WatermarkPixmap}{watermark pixmap}. By not setting
+ any \l{QWizardPage::}{subTitle}, we ensure that no header is
+ displayed for this page. (On Windows, it is customary for wizards
+ to display a watermark pixmap on the first and last pages, and to
+ have a header on the other pages.)
+ Then we create a QLabel and add it to a layout.
+ \section1 The ClassInfoPage Class
+ The second page is defined and implemented as follows:
+ \snippet dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.h 2
+ \codeline
+ \snippet dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.cpp 9
+ \dots
+ \snippet dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.cpp 12
+ \dots
+ \snippet dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.cpp 13
+ First, we set the page's \l{QWizardPage::}{title},
+ \l{QWizardPage::}{subTitle}, and \l{QWizard::LogoPixmap}{logo
+ pixmap}. The logo pixmap is displayed in the page's header in
+ \l{QWizard::}{ClassicStyle} and \l{QWizard::}{ModernStyle}.
+ Then we create the child widgets, create \l{Registering and Using
+ Fields}{wizard fields} associated with them, and put them into
+ layouts. The \c className field is created with an asterisk (\c
+ *) next to its name. This makes it a \l{mandatory field}, that
+ is, a field that must be filled before the user can press the
+ \uicontrol Next button (\uicontrol Continue on Mac OS X). The fields' values
+ can be accessed from any other page using QWizardPage::field(),
+ or from the wizard code using QWizard::field().
+ \section1 The CodeStylePage Class
+ The third page is defined and implemented as follows:
+ \snippet dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.h 3
+ \codeline
+ \snippet dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.cpp 14
+ \dots
+ \snippet dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.cpp 15
+ \codeline
+ \snippet dialogs/classwizard/classwizard.cpp 16
+ The code in the constructor is very similar to what we did for \c
+ ClassInfoPage, so we skipped most of it.
+ The \c initializePage() function is what makes this class
+ interesting. It is reimplemented from QWizardPage and is used to
+ initialize some of the page's fields with values from the
+ previous page (namely, \c className and \c baseClass). For
+ example, if the class name on page 2 is \c SuperDuperWidget, the
+ default macro name on page 3 is \c SUPERDUPERWIDGET_H.
+ The \c OutputFilesPage and \c ConclusionPage classes are very
+ similar to \c CodeStylePage, so we won't review them here.
+ \sa QWizard, {License Wizard Example}, {Trivial Wizard Example}
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@@ -0,0 +1,197 @@
+** Copyright (C) 2012 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
+** Contact:
+** This file is part of the documentation of the Qt Toolkit.
+** GNU Free Documentation License
+** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU Free
+** Documentation License version 1.3 as published by the Free Software
+** Foundation and appearing in the file included in the packaging of
+** this file.
+** Other Usage
+** Alternatively, this file may be used in accordance with the terms
+** and conditions contained in a signed written agreement between you
+** and Nokia.
+ \example widgets/codeeditor
+ \title Code Editor Example
+ The Code Editor example shows how to create a simple editor that
+ has line numbers and that highlights the current line.
+ \image codeeditor-example.png
+ As can be seen from the image, the editor displays the line
+ numbers in an area to the left of the area for editing. The editor
+ will highlight the line containing the cursor.
+ We implement the editor in \c CodeEditor, which is a widget that
+ inherits QPlainTextEdit. We keep a separate widget in \c
+ CodeEditor (\c LineNumberArea) onto which we draw the line
+ numbers.
+ QPlainTextEdit inherits from QAbstractScrollArea, and editing
+ takes place within its \l{QAbstractScrollArea::}{viewport()}'s
+ margins. We make room for our line number area by setting the left
+ margin of the viewport to the size we need to draw the line
+ numbers.
+ When it comes to editing code, we prefer QPlainTextEdit over
+ QTextEdit because it is optimized for handling plain text. See
+ the QPlainTextEdit class description for details.
+ QPlainTextEdit lets us add selections in addition to the
+ selection the user can make with the mouse or keyboard. We use
+ this functionality to highlight the current line. More on this
+ later.
+ We will now move on to the definitions and implementations of \c
+ CodeEditor and \c LineNumberArea. Let's start with the \c
+ LineNumberArea class.
+ \section1 The LineNumberArea Class
+ We paint the line numbers on this widget, and place it over the \c
+ CodeEditor's \l{QAbstractScrollArea::}{viewport()}'s left margin
+ area.
+ We need to use protected functions in QPlainTextEdit while
+ painting the area. So to keep things simple, we paint the area in
+ the \c CodeEditor class. The area also asks the editor to
+ calculate its size hint.
+ Note that we could simply paint the line numbers directly on the
+ code editor, and drop the LineNumberArea class. However, the
+ QWidget class helps us to \l{QWidget::}{scroll()} its contents.
+ Also, having a separate widget is the right choice if we wish to
+ extend the editor with breakpoints or other code editor features.
+ The widget would then help in the handling of mouse events.
+ \snippet widgets/codeeditor/codeeditor.h extraarea
+ \section1 CodeEditor Class Definition
+ Here is the code editor's class definition:
+ \snippet widgets/codeeditor/codeeditor.h codeeditordefinition
+ In the editor we resize and draw the line numbers on the \c
+ LineNumberArea. We need to do this when the number of lines in the
+ editor changes, and when the editor's viewport() is scrolled. Of
+ course, it is also done when the editor's size changes. We do
+ this in \c updateLineNumberWidth() and \c updateLineNumberArea().
+ Whenever, the cursor's position changes, we highlight the current
+ line in \c highlightCurrentLine().
+ \section1 CodeEditor Class Implementation
+ We will now go through the code editors implementation, starting
+ off with the constructor.
+ \snippet widgets/codeeditor/codeeditor.cpp constructor
+ In the constructor we connect our slots to signals in
+ QPlainTextEdit. It is necessary to calculate the line number area
+ width and highlight the first line when the editor is created.
+ \snippet widgets/codeeditor/codeeditor.cpp extraAreaWidth
+ The \c lineNumberAreaWidth() function calculates the width of the
+ \c LineNumberArea widget. We take the number of digits in the last
+ line of the editor and multiply that with the maximum width of a
+ digit.
+ \snippet widgets/codeeditor/codeeditor.cpp slotUpdateExtraAreaWidth
+ When we update the width of the line number area, we simply call
+ QAbstractScrollArea::setViewportMargins().
+ \snippet widgets/codeeditor/codeeditor.cpp slotUpdateRequest
+ This slot is invoked when the editors viewport has been scrolled.
+ The QRect given as argument is the part of the editing area that
+ is do be updated (redrawn). \c dy holds the number of pixels the
+ view has been scrolled vertically.
+ \snippet widgets/codeeditor/codeeditor.cpp resizeEvent
+ When the size of the editor changes, we also need to resize the
+ line number area.
+ \snippet widgets/codeeditor/codeeditor.cpp cursorPositionChanged
+ When the cursor position changes, we highlight the current line,
+ i.e., the line containing the cursor.
+ QPlainTextEdit gives the possibility to have more than one
+ selection at the same time. we can set the character format
+ (QTextCharFormat) of these selections. We clear the cursors
+ selection before setting the new new
+ QPlainTextEdit::ExtraSelection, else several lines would get
+ highlighted when the user selects multiple lines with the mouse.
+ \omit ask someone how this works \endomit
+ One sets the selection with a text cursor. When using the
+ FullWidthSelection property, the current cursor text block (line)
+ will be selected. If you want to select just a portion of the text
+ block, the cursor should be moved with QTextCursor::movePosition()
+ from a position set with \l{QTextCursor::}{setPosition()}.
+ \snippet widgets/codeeditor/codeeditor.cpp extraAreaPaintEvent_0
+ The \c lineNumberAreaPaintEvent() is called from \c LineNumberArea
+ whenever it receives a paint event. We start off by painting the
+ widget's background.
+ \snippet widgets/codeeditor/codeeditor.cpp extraAreaPaintEvent_1
+ We will now loop through all visible lines and paint the line
+ numbers in the extra area for each line. Notice that in a plain
+ text edit each line will consist of one QTextBlock; though, if
+ line wrapping is enabled, a line may span several rows in the text
+ edit's viewport.
+ We get the top and bottom y-coordinate of the first text block,
+ and adjust these values by the height of the current text block in
+ each iteration in the loop.
+ \snippet widgets/codeeditor/codeeditor.cpp extraAreaPaintEvent_2
+ Notice that we check if the block is visible in addition to check
+ if it is in the areas viewport - a block can, for example, be
+ hidden by a window placed over the text edit.
+ \section1 Suggestions for Extending the Code Editor
+ No self-respecting code editor is without a syntax
+ highligther; the \l{Syntax Highlighter Example} shows how to
+ create one.
+ In addition to line numbers, you can add more to the extra area,
+ for instance, break points.
+ QSyntaxHighlighter gives the possibility to add user data to each
+ text block with
+ \l{QSyntaxHighlighter::}{setCurrentBlockUserData()}. This can be
+ used to implement parenthesis matching. In the \c
+ highlightCurrentLine(), the data of the currentBlock() can be
+ fetched with QTextBlock::userData(). Matching parentheses can be
+ highlighted with an extra selection. The "Matching Parentheses
+ with QSyntaxHighlighter" article in Qt Quarterly 31 implements
+ this. You find it here: \l{}.
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+** Copyright (C) 2012 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
+** Contact:
+** This file is part of the documentation of the Qt Toolkit.
+** GNU Free Documentation License
+** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU Free
+** Documentation License version 1.3 as published by the Free Software
+** Foundation and appearing in the file included in the packaging of
+** this file.
+** Other Usage
+** Alternatively, this file may be used in accordance with the terms
+** and conditions contained in a signed written agreement between you
+** and Nokia.
+ \example itemviews/coloreditorfactory
+ \title Color Editor Factory Example
+ This example shows how to create an editor that can be used by
+ a QItemDelegate.
+ \image coloreditorfactoryimage.png
+ When editing data in a QListView, QTableView, or QTreeView,
+ editors are created and displayed by a \l{Delegate
+ Classes}{delegate}. QItemDelegate, which is the default delegate
+ used by Qt's \l{View Classes}{item views}, uses a
+ QItemEditorFactory to create editors for it. A unique instance
+ provided by QItemEditorFactory is by default installed on all
+ item delegates.
+ An item editor factory contains a collection of
+ QItemEditorCreatorBase instances, which are specialized factories
+ that produce editors for one particular QVariant data type (all
+ models in Qt store their data in \l{QVariant}s). An editor can be any
+ Qt or custom widget.
+ In this example, we will create an editor (implemented in the \c
+ ColorListEditor class) that can edit the QColor data type and be
+ used by \l{QItemDelegate}s. We do this by creating a new
+ QItemEditorCreatorBase that produces \c ColorListEditors and
+ register it with a new factory, which we set as the default editor
+ item factory (the unique factory instance). To test our editor, we
+ have implemented the \c Window class, which displays a
+ QTableWidget in which \l{QColor}s can be edited.
+ \section1 Window Class Implementation
+ In the Window class, we create the item editor creator
+ base for our color editor and add it to the default factory.
+ We also create a QTableWidget in which our editor can be
+ tested. It is filled with some data and displayed in a window.
+ We take a closer look at the constructor:
+ \snippet itemviews/coloreditorfactory/window.cpp 0
+ The QStandardItemEditorCreator is a convenience class that
+ inherits QItemEditorCreatorBase. Its constructor takes a template
+ class, of which instances are returned from
+ \l{QItemEditorCreatorBase::}{createWidget()}. The creator uses a
+ constructor that takes a QWidget as its only parameter; the
+ template class must provide this. This way, there is no need to
+ subclass QStandardItemEditorCreator.
+ After the new factory has been set, all standard item delegates
+ will use it (i.e, also delegates that were created before the new
+ default factory was set).
+ The \c createGUI() function sets up the table and fills it
+ with data.
+ \section1 ColorListEditor Definition
+ The ColorListEditor inherits QComboBox and lets the user
+ select a QColor from its popup list.
+ \snippet itemviews/coloreditorfactory/colorlisteditor.h 0
+ QItemDelegate manages the interaction between the editor and
+ the model, i.e., it retrieves data to edit from the model and
+ store data from the editor in the model. The data that is edited
+ by an editor is stored in the editor's user data property, and the
+ delegate uses Qt's \l{Qt's Property System}{property system} to
+ access it by name. We declare our user data property with the
+ Q_PROPERTY macro. The property is set to be the user type with the
+ USER keyword.
+ \section1 ColorListEditor Implementation
+ The constructor of \c ColorListEditor simply calls \c
+ populateList(), which we will look at later. We move on to the
+ \c color() function:
+ \snippet itemviews/coloreditorfactory/colorlisteditor.cpp 0
+ We return the data that is selected in the combobox. The data
+ is stored in the Qt::DecorationRole as the color is then also
+ displayed in the popup list (as shown in the image above).
+ \snippet itemviews/coloreditorfactory/colorlisteditor.cpp 1
+ The \c findData() function searches the items in the combobox
+ and returns the index of the item that has \c color in the
+ Qt::Decoration role.
+ \snippet itemviews/coloreditorfactory/colorlisteditor.cpp 2
+ Qt knows some predefined colors by name. We simply loop
+ through these to fill our editor with items.
+ \section1 Further Customization of Item View Editors
+ You can customize Qt's \l{Model/View Programming}{model view
+ framework} in many ways. The procedure shown in this example is
+ usually sufficient to provide custom editors. Further
+ customization is achieved by subclassing QItemEditorFactory
+ and QItemEditorCreatorBase. It is also possible to subclass
+ QItemDelegate if you don't wish to use a factory at all.
+ Possible suggestions are:
+ \list
+ \li If the editor widget has no user property defined, the delegate
+ asks the factory for the property name, which it in turn
+ asks the item editor creator for. In this case, you can use
+ the QItemEditorCreator class, which takes the property
+ name to use for editing as a constructor argument.
+ \li If the editor requires other constructors or other
+ initialization than provided by QItemEditorCreatorBase, you
+ must reimplement
+ QItemEditorCreatorBase::createWidget().
+ \li You could also subclass QItemEditorFactory if you only want
+ to provide editors for certain kinds of data or use another
+ method of creating the editors than using creator bases.
+ \endlist
+ In this example, we use a standard QVariant data type. You can
+ also use custom types. In the \l{Star Delegate Example}, we
+ show how to store a custom data type in a QVariant and paint
+ and edit it in a class that inherits QItemDelegate.
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+** Copyright (C) 2012 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
+** Contact:
+** This file is part of the documentation of the Qt Toolkit.
+** GNU Free Documentation License
+** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU Free
+** Documentation License version 1.3 as published by the Free Software
+** Foundation and appearing in the file included in the packaging of
+** this file.
+** Other Usage
+** Alternatively, this file may be used in accordance with the terms
+** and conditions contained in a signed written agreement between you
+** and Nokia.
+ \example itemviews/combowidgetmapper
+ \title Combo Widget Mapper Example
+ The Combo Widget Mapper example shows how to use a custom delegate to
+ map information from a model to specific widgets on a form.
+ \image combowidgetmapper-example.png
+ In the \l{Simple Widget Mapper Example}, we showed the basic use of a
+ widget mapper to relate data exposed by a model to simple input widgets
+ in a user interface. However, sometimes we want to use input widgets that
+ expose data as choices to the user, such as QComboBox, and we need a way
+ to relate their input to the values stored in the model.
+ This example is very similar to the \l{Simple Widget Mapper Example}.
+ Again, we create a \c Window class with an almost identical user interface,
+ except that, instead of providing a spin box so that each person's age
+ can be entered, we provide a combo box to allow their addresses to be
+ classified as "Home", "Work" or "Other".
+ \section1 Window Class Definition
+ The class provides a constructor, a slot to keep the buttons up to date,
+ and a private function to set up the model:
+ \snippet itemviews/combowidgetmapper/window.h Window definition
+ In addition to the QDataWidgetMapper object and the controls used to make
+ up the user interface, we use a QStandardItemModel to hold our data and
+ a QStringListModel to hold information about the types of address that
+ can be applied to each person's data.
+ \section1 Window Class Implementation
+ The constructor of the \c Window class can be explained in three parts.
+ In the first part, we set up the widgets used for the user interface:
+ \snippet itemviews/combowidgetmapper/window.cpp Set up widgets
+ Note that we set up the mapping the combo box in the same way as for other
+ widgets, but that we apply its own model to it so that it will display
+ data from its own model, the \c typeModel, rather than from the model
+ containing data about each person.
+ Next, we set up the widget mapper, relating each input widget to a column
+ in the model specified by the call to \l{QDataWidgetMapper::}{setModel()}:
+ \snippet itemviews/combowidgetmapper/window.cpp Set up the mapper
+ For the combo box, we pass an extra argument to tell the widget mapper
+ which property to relate to values from the model. As a result, the user
+ is able to select an item from the combo box, and the corresponding
+ value stored in the widget's \c currentIndex property will be stored in
+ the model.
+ \omit
+ However, we also set a delegate on the mapper. As with \l{Delegate Classes},
+ this changes the way that data is presented to the user. In this case, the
+ delegate acts as a proxy between the mapper and the input widgets,
+ translating the data into a suitable form for the combo box but not
+ interfering with the other input widgets. The implementation is shown later.
+ \endomit
+ The rest of the constructor is very similar to that of the
+ \l{Simple Widget Mapper Example}:
+ \snippet itemviews/combowidgetmapper/window.cpp Set up connections and layouts
+ The model is initialized in the window's \c{setupModel()} function. Here,
+ we create a standard model with 5 rows and 3 columns. In each row, we
+ insert a name, address, and a value that indicates the type of address.
+ The address types are stored in a string list model.
+ \snippet itemviews/combowidgetmapper/window.cpp Set up the model
+ As we insert each row into the model, like a record in a database, we
+ store values that correspond to items in \c typeModel for each person's
+ address type. When the widget mapper reads these values from the final
+ column of each row, it will need to use them as references to values in
+ \c typeModel, as shown in the following diagram. This is where the
+ delegate is used.
+ \image widgetmapper-combo-mapping.png
+ We show the implementation of the \c{updateButtons()} slot for
+ completeness:
+ \snippet itemviews/combowidgetmapper/window.cpp Slot for updating the buttons
+ \omit
+ \section1 Delegate Class Definition and Implementation
+ The delegate we use to mediate interaction between the widget mapper and
+ the input widgets is a small QItemDelegate subclass:
+ \snippet itemviews/combowidgetmapper/delegate.h Delegate class definition
+ This provides implementations of the two standard functions used to pass
+ data between editor widgets and the model (see the \l{Delegate Classes}
+ documentation for a more general description of these functions).
+ Since we only provide an empty implementation of the constructor, we
+ concentrate on the other two functions.
+ The \l{QItemDelegate::}{setEditorData()} implementation takes the data
+ referred to by the model index supplied and processes it according to
+ the presence of a \c currentIndex property in the editor widget:
+ \snippet itemviews/combowidgetmapper/delegate.cpp setEditorData implementation
+ If, like QComboBox, the editor widget has this property, it is set using
+ the value from the model. Since we are passing around QVariant values,
+ the strings stored in the model are automatically converted to the integer
+ values needed for the \c currentIndex property.
+ As a result, instead of showing "0", "1" or "2" in the combo box, one of
+ its predefined set of items is shown. We call QItemDelegate::setEditorData()
+ for widgets without the \c currentIndex property.
+ The \l{QItemDelegate::}{setModelData()} implementation performs the reverse
+ process, taking the value stored in the widget's \c currentIndex property
+ and storing it back in the model:
+ \snippet itemviews/combowidgetmapper/delegate.cpp setModelData implementation
+ \endomit
+ \section1 Summary and Further Reading
+ The use of a separate model for the combo box provides a menu of choices
+ that are separate from the data stored in the main model. Using a named
+ mapping that relates the combo box's \c currentIndex property to a column
+ in the model effectively allows us to store a look-up value in the model.
+ However, when reading the model outside the context of the widget mapper,
+ we need to know about the \c typeModel to make sense of these look-up
+ values. It would be useful to be able to store both the data and the
+ choices held by the \c typeModel in one place.
+ This is covered by the \l{SQL Widget Mapper Example}.
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+** Copyright (C) 2012 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
+** Contact:
+** This file is part of the documentation of the Qt Toolkit.
+** GNU Free Documentation License
+** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU Free
+** Documentation License version 1.3 as published by the Free Software
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+** this file.
+** Other Usage
+** Alternatively, this file may be used in accordance with the terms
+** and conditions contained in a signed written agreement between you
+** and Nokia.
+ \example painting/composition
+ \title Composition Modes
+ This demo shows some of the more advanced composition modes supported by Qt.
+ \image composition-demo.png
+ The two most common forms of composition are \b{Source} and \b{SourceOver}.
+ \b{Source} is used to draw opaque objects onto a paint device. In this mode,
+ each pixel in the source replaces the corresponding pixel in the destination.
+ In \b{SourceOver} composition mode, the source object is transparent and is
+ drawn on top of the destination.
+ In addition to these standard modes, Qt defines the complete set of composition modes
+ as defined by X. Porter and Y. Duff. See the QPainter documentation for details.
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+** Copyright (C) 2012 Nokia Corporation and/or its subsidiary(-ies).
+** Contact:
+** This file is part of the documentation of the Qt Toolkit.
+** GNU Free Documentation License
+** Alternatively, this file may be used under the terms of the GNU Free
+** Documentation License version 1.3 as published by the Free Software
+** Foundation and appearing in the file included in the packaging of
+** this file.
+** Other Usage
+** Alternatively, this file may be used in accordance with the terms
+** and conditions contained in a signed written agreement between you
+** and Nokia.
+ \example painting/concentriccircles
+ \title Concentric Circles Example
+ The Concentric Circles example shows the improved rendering
+ quality that can be obtained using floating point precision and
+ anti-aliasing when drawing custom widgets. The example also shows
+ how to do simple animations.
+ The application's main window displays several widgets which are
+ drawn using the various combinations of precision and
+ anti-aliasing.
+ \image concentriccircles-example.png
+ Anti-aliasing is one of QPainter's render hints. The
+ QPainter::RenderHints are used to specify flags to QPainter that
+ may, or may not, be respected by any given
+ engine. QPainter::Antialiasing indicates that the engine should
+ anti-alias the edges of primitives if possible, i.e. put
+ additional pixels around the original ones to smooth the edges.
+ The difference between floating point precision and integer
+ precision is a matter of accuracy, and is visible in the
+ application's main window: Even though the logic that is
+ calculating the circles' geometry is the same, floating points
+ ensure that the white spaces between each circle are of the same
+ size, while integers make two and two circles appear as if they
+ belong together. The reason is that the integer based precision
+ rely on rounding off non-integer calculations.
+ The example consists of two classes:
+ \list
+ \li \c CircleWidget is a custom widget which renders several animated
+ concentric circles.
+ \li \c Window is the application's main window displaying four \c
+ {CircleWidget}s drawn using different combinations of precision
+ and aliasing.
+ \endlist
+ First we will review the CircleWidget class, then we will take a
+ look at the Window class.
+ \section1 CircleWidget Class Definition
+ The CircleWidget class inherits QWidget, and is a custom widget
+ which renders several animated concentric circles.
+ \snippet painting/concentriccircles/circlewidget.h 0
+ We declare the \c floatBased and \c antialiased variables to hold
+ whether an instance of the class should be rendered with integer
+ or float based precision, and whether the rendering should be
+ anti-aliased or not. We also declare functions setting each of
+ these variables.
+ In addition we reimplement the QWidget::paintEvent() function to
+ apply the various combinations of precision and anti-aliasing when
+ rendering, and to support the animation. We reimplement the
+ QWidget::minimumSizeHint() and QWidget::sizeHint() functions to
+ give the widget a reasonable size within our application.
+ We declare the private \c nextAnimationFrame() slot, and the
+ associated \c frameNo variable holding the number of "animation
+ frames" for the widget, to facilitate the animation.
+ \section1 CircleWidget Class Implementation
+ In the constructor we make the widget's rendering integer based
+ and aliased by default:
+ \snippet painting/concentriccircles/circlewidget.cpp 0
+ We i