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iOS: Link to the platform plugin and iosmain plugin and define main
Ideally we'd only have to do QTPLUGIN += ios, but this doesn't work as we need to link with the force_load linker option. Even trying to build on QTPLUGIN and then replace the -l line with what we need will fail, as the prl logic in qmake which runs after all the prf files does not know about the force_load option and will then fail to resolve dependencies from the prl file. Since we load the platform plugin using -force_load, there's no need to generate a cpp file that does the plugin import. The main wrapper is not a real Qt plugin, and doesn't have an import function that we can call, so we link it manually instead of relying on QTPLUGIN. Change-Id: I0381a3c9ed7f8d41a4121e1fc0b7c0e210a8b832 Reviewed-by: Richard Moe Gustavsen <>
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diff --git a/mkspecs/features/ios/default_post.prf b/mkspecs/features/ios/default_post.prf
index 3e9d12be3b..6c6d8d89ce 100644
--- a/mkspecs/features/ios/default_post.prf
+++ b/mkspecs/features/ios/default_post.prf
@@ -10,4 +10,26 @@ isEmpty(MAKEFILE_GENERATOR) {
+gui_app {
+ # We have to do the link and dependency resolution for the platform plugin
+ # manually, since QTPLUGIN and the prl lookup logic does not support
+ # the -force_load link style. The -force_load option ensures that all
+ # symbols from the static library are included, not just the ones the
+ # linker have seen a use for so far. We need this because we load the platform
+ # plugin from the platform plugin itself, using Q_IMPORT_PLUGIN.
+ lib_path_and_base = $$[QT_INSTALL_PLUGINS/get]/platforms/libqios$$qtPlatformTargetSuffix()
+ LIBS += "-force_load $${lib_path_and_base}.$${QMAKE_EXTENSION_STATICLIB}"
+ LIBS += $$fromfile($${lib_path_and_base}.prl, QMAKE_PRL_LIBS)
+ # Which means we don't want the auto-generated import for the platform plugin
+ CONFIG -= import_qpa_plugin
+ # We link the iosmain library manually as well, since it's not really a plugin
+ lib_name = qiosmain
+ lib_path_and_base = $$[QT_INSTALL_PLUGINS/get]/platforms/lib$${lib_name}$$qtPlatformTargetSuffix()
+ LIBS += -L$$[QT_INSTALL_PLUGINS/get]/platforms -l$${lib_name}$$qtPlatformTargetSuffix()
+ LIBS += $$fromfile($${lib_path_and_base}.prl, QMAKE_PRL_LIBS)
+ DEFINES += main=qt_main