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tst_qsslsocket - blacklist several test temporarily
For some reason behavior of SecureTransport has changed from 10.12 to 10.13 and then to 10.14. On 10.13 SecureTransport fails upon receiving the server's certificate with 'Unrecoverable error', before we can do a manual verification and accept the certificate as trusted. Analysis of available source code shows that they, apparently, do not like MD5 hash which our server is using. Until certificate is updated on the server or we switch completely to the Docker-based solution we have to BLACKLIST tests that connect to our current network test-server. Oddly enough, on 10.14 SecureTransport is less mean. Task-number: QTBUG-69873 Change-Id: I7da1883e0970a2f6ddd8385f193b76116d6983e0 Reviewed-by: MÃ¥rten Nordheim <> Reviewed-by: Edward Welbourne <>
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