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Remove ANGLE
This marks the end of EGL and OpenGL ES support on Windows. The concepts of -opengl dynamic, -opengl desktop, QT_OPENGL=software, etc. remain unchanged, with the exception of the disapperance of everything ANGLE related. CMake builds now work identically to qmake on Windows: they default to 'dynamic' OpenGL on Windows, unless -DINPUT_opengl=desktop is specified. On Windows, Qt 6 is expected to default to the "dynamic" OpenGL model by default, just like Qt 5.15. This can be changed by switching to "desktop" OpenGL, which will link to opengl32 (publicly, so other libs and applications will do so as well) and disallows using another OpenGL DLL. The "dynamic" mode is essential still because the fallback to a software rasterizer, such as the opengl32sw.dll we ship with the Qt packages, has to to work exactly like in Qt 5, the removal of ANGLE does not change this concept in any way (except of course that the middle option of using ANGLE is now gone) When it comes to the windows plugin's OpenGL blacklist feature, it works like before and accepts the ANGLE/D3D related keywords. They will then be ignored. Similarly, requesting QT_OPENGL=angle is ignored (but will show a warning). The D3D11 and DXGI configure time tests are removed: Qt 5.14 already depends on D3D 11.1 and DXGI 1.3 headers being available unconditionally on Win32 (in QRhi's D3D11 backend). No need to test for these. [ChangeLog][Windows] ANGLE is no longer included with Qt. Dynamic OpenGL builds work like before but ANGLE is no longer an option. OpenGL proper or an alternative opengl32 implementation are the two remaining options now. Attempting to set QT_OPENGL=angle or Qt::AA_UseOpenGLES will have no effect on Windows. Fixes: QTBUG-79103 Change-Id: Ia404e0d07f3fe191b27434d863c81180112ecb3b Reviewed-by: Oliver Wolff <>
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-// Copyright (c) 2014 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
-// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
-// found in the LICENSE file.
-// angle_windowsstore.h:
-// The following properties can be set on the CoreApplication to support additional
-// ANGLE configuration options.
-// The Visual Studio sample templates provided with this version of ANGLE have examples
-// of how to set these property values.
-// Property: EGLNativeWindowTypeProperty
-// Type: IInspectable
-// Description: Set this property to specify the window type to use for creating a surface.
-// If this property is missing, surface creation will fail.
-const wchar_t EGLNativeWindowTypeProperty[] = L"EGLNativeWindowTypeProperty";
-// Property: EGLRenderSurfaceSizeProperty
-// Type: Size
-// Description: Set this property to specify a preferred size in pixels of the render surface.
-// The render surface size width and height must be greater than 0.
-// If this property is set, then the render surface size is fixed.
-// The render surface will then be scaled to the window dimensions.
-// If this property is missing, a default behavior will be provided.
-// The default behavior uses the window size if a CoreWindow is specified or
-// the size of the SwapChainPanel control if one is specified.
-const wchar_t EGLRenderSurfaceSizeProperty[] = L"EGLRenderSurfaceSizeProperty";
-// Property: EGLRenderResolutionScaleProperty
-// Type: Single
-// Description: Use this to specify a preferred scale for the render surface compared to the window.
-// For example, if the window is 800x480, and:
-// - scale is set to 0.5f then the surface will be 400x240
-// - scale is set to 1.2f then the surface will be 960x576
-// If the window resizes or rotates then the surface will resize accordingly.
-// EGLRenderResolutionScaleProperty and EGLRenderSurfaceSizeProperty cannot both be set.
-// The scale factor should be > 0.0f.
-const wchar_t EGLRenderResolutionScaleProperty[] = L"EGLRenderResolutionScaleProperty";